Transformers- Dark side of the moon, short story, it sucked!

Worst movie this year, so far, I thought cars 2 would get the title of worst movie so far, with its anti-oil bull shit, but for sheer incompetence and a story that makes no sense whatsoever, transformers beat cars 2 by a wide margin in this race to the crap hole. I couldn’t keep count on all the liberal stereotypes of the various characters, the lack of personality other than your “average” black male playing the role of special forces, or working for NASA, and various other roles they don’t fill in real life made the movie drift far from reality and into the politically correct wonderland that many of the liberal Jewish writers of hollywood inhabit, but you have to give them credit for trying to provide roles in fantasy that reality fails to provide due to human bio diversity. The liberal catch lines followed from each character, advanced alien A.I.’s included, as if they lacked comprehensive think processor you would think an advanced alien A.I. would have.

The movie starts out with the new hottie white girl establishing the moral high ground, and the moronic white dude receiving a presidential medal of freedom from the great one, lord obama himself, (Relection commercial?) although we didn’t get to see his face, not having a job or a car that works, he searches for a job in a post egyptian sand adventures. The implied gay calamity in the work place bathroom didn’t help push the movie industry to new intellectual heights, the only asian characters being thrown from an office window followed by a chase scene between the main character and a robotic bird through an office building made no sense why not just fly away robotic bird? Indoors is no place for a large robotic bird, don’t worry the white dude miraculously escapes. Let’s cut to the chase, the movie didn’t make any sense, characters from the last film (two ghetto transformers) no where to be seen. Megatrons seemingly idiotic move to save semi truck robot because the white hottie psychological mind warp him, dooms the decepticons. Go watch the movie, and give hollywood permission to continue making these shitty movies! I could go on and on, this movie sucked big time.

9 thoughts on “Transformers- Dark side of the moon, short story, it sucked!

  1. are you serious Transformers are super heroes. They come from comic books, they are not real how did you get that twisted.How did you make a race issue out of super heroes.

  2. Hey … your comments are really appreciated but I believe your being a little too critical.

    The movie was a technical delight, it had the best stunts, graphics and special effects that I’ve seen in a long, long time.

    C’mon … take it for what it is suppose to be a “Comic Book” brought to the screen in 3D.

    Personally, I think you should be critical within context, this was not suppose to be LORD OF THE RINGS.

    Great Summer Block Buster.


  3. one armed prime kills megatron. Bullshit as always. The movie was disappointing. 6 vs umm what few hundred and autobots still won. Make movies with sense. Bad guys can and should win at times. Worthless Micheal bay

  4. I liked it. I think you are expecting a bit too much reality from a movie about alien robot beings. You should watch Water for Elephants or something like that. If you’ve seen the cartoons, a lot of what you moan about is a part of the 80s cartoon – such as the simplified catch lines and simplified plots. I don’t mind that, but I do hate the new annoying characters, (the Scot, the little ones, the two ones you call ‘ghetto’ from the last one whose names I’m trying to forget – they all sucked).

  5. They ruined Transformers! This is not Transformers…get some writers in there that grew up with generation one. The story sucks so bad, but, nice to see Buzz Aldrin for a brief moment. I can write a better script than this.

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