The Final Flight of the NASA Shuttle Program

The Final Flight of the NASA Shuttle Program – Atlantis’ Last Voyage

We could of been on Mars, but we had to fund Black-Run America (BRA). In minutes the space shuttle Atlantis will launch, ending 30 years of that program. As that shuttle enters into space, leaving earth behind, all the hopes and dreams of continued exploration will fade into the history books.

The ‘unbordered’ world from space. Why is that one continent in the middle so dark?

As Huntsville, Alabama – the city that once was home to some of NASA’s top minds- descends into chaos at the hands of its Black population, the replicas of rockets around the town are a reminder of all that we have lost. The cacophony of Black people complaining about the failure of the racial gap in education to close is a reminder of all that we have gained.

Here, from The Huntsville Times, is a story that illustrates something insane about modern Americans:

While some astronauts are waxing nostalgic about the final flight of the space shuttle program planned for today, UAB’s resident astronaut says ending the program could be a boon for science. 

Larry DeLucas, who spent two weeks in orbit on space shuttle Columbia in 1992, is optimistic about the future of commercial rockets, which he thinks can carry experiments and researchers into space more cheaply and safely than the shuttle. NASA is shuttering the shuttle after 30 years, and private companies and other countries will now carry crews and cargo to the International Space Station. 

“I don’t think it’ll stop us from doing anything,” he said. “I think it’s going to be a new way to explore space.”

As he does, he’ll think of two moments he remembers most fondly from his own shuttle journey. One was when the crystals his experiments were based on finally started to grow; he was too excited to sleep that night, he said. The other was seeing Kuwait’s oil fields burn in the aftermath of the first Gulf War as he looked down at the unbordered globe backed by millions of stars. 

“You know that there’s wars going on, but you look down and there’s no lines and everybody’s together,” he said. “I don’t know how to describe the feeling I had. That feeling made me realize how we’re all connected.”

Unbordered globe backed by millions of stars? No lines and everybody’s together? We’re all connected? When you look at this unbordered world from space, you can see the illumination from major metropolitan areas that show how ‘unbordered’ the world is and you get a perfect picture of human acheivement courtesy of being among those stars.

Instead of continuing to forge ahead ‘for all mankind’ and explore the heavens, we must watch as major American cities enact emergency curfews – normally reserved for wartime or natural disaster – to keep Black people from burning them down.

We could have been on Mars, but we had to fund Black-Run America. Always remember that as you look up at the stars on a dark night and see them shining back at you.

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