The last step.

We are about to pass by one more milestone in America’s slide toward a Third World status. We have 100 million Third World people in the US today and a Third World economy, an increasingly Third World infrastructure, and now we are headed for the last step, a Third World government wherein a brown-skinned president rules by decree.

There can be no denial. No more doubts as to what is to come, you will hear these words and send them to our brothers in arms, and know them to be true, or you are lost forever, and I will cut you down myself when the time comes as nature demands it!

Black elected by 96%, Hispanic elected by 75%, non citizen, black nationalist Afrocentric lord obama, is considering a single line in the constitution, passed in the years after the civil war, to raise the debt limit of the whoreish political masters of the soon to collapse failed United States of Amerika, a nation whose stated purpose since white abdication of power to the egalatarian afrocentric jewish elites in the 1960’s, has been to redistribute white wealth to non whites by way of unjust taxation, while replace white population through legal/illegal immigration.

Obama now seeks to declare by presidential decree congress to be by his action unofficially null and void, and take the power of the congressional purse into the hands of lord obama.

If that was to hard understand for my public educated friends,  its simple, he plans to use the clause in the 14th amendment to raise the debt ceiling and continue spending, the constitution be damned.
We are now Mexico. Collapse is impossible to avoid, and those who elected obama, I will say it more clear then a nuclear bomb detonating in Mexico’s northern capital downtown los angels, they are the enemy of our people, clear and simple, they are not like us, we are not their equals, they seek our destruction, they demand we die for our genetic superiority, yes I said we are better then they are, if your weak kneed fragile ego cant tolerate those words, end yourself before we the many do it for you.

There can be no peace between our peoples. The civil war marked the death of freedom and liberty of our constitutional republic, the civil rights era marked the abdication of political power of the only true Americans, white europeans who founded her and built her, to the anti-white Jew controlled money managers, bankers, politicians, and wealthy elites.

Take a look around you, where are you, at work? All around you my brothers and sisters is the enemy, they appear to be just working right? Earning money to pay their own bills? Right? Providing food and shelter for their families, correct? Wrong.

If they are not like you, they are waging a war of genocide against our people, they are here in our nation against our will, their people steal jobs meant for our people, they live in homes built for your children and grand children, they earn money to finance their individual war effort to destroy our nation and its founding people. They contribute to the war against us in a myriad of diabolical insidious plots designed to bring this nation to its knees. They give birth to boys who will be the foot soldiers of the war, their girls the future factories of war.  This is nature in its grand design.

Enemies who use the media to brainwash our young and weak minded into submission, what is right, who is evil, teaching them to hate their own people. Schools that serve to humiliate our people, and reeducate them into mindless socialist parasites. Employers who steal our best years in slave wage jobs, while telling us to be thankful they allow us to work for them. Banks who apply punishing interests rates, stealing what little we do earn and guarantee a life time of debt, of serfdom, an economic slave to the masters of democracy.

They preach democracy, while we have no voice in our own destiny, no control over the powers that be, they talk of liberty for their race, while deny ours even the crumb of life, we’re denied even the right to exist by these demons bastards!

We are denied even the natural right to fraternity to our own people, we have no cause for concern they tell us, as street by street, city by city, state by state, nation by nation falls to the barbarian hordes.

They push for justice for all, while reality speak different terms, it whispers of death, you are weak, as they control you, the gentle voice in your dreams speaks words of confusion, you say to yourself, I am alone in this, something must be wrong with me, these thoughts, this inner anger, this unbridled hatred. Hear me NOW brothers, you are not alone. You are separated from the pack, yes, you are lost in the web of the enemy race, this is true. But you are europa, the saxon, the norseman, the roman, the germanian, the iberian, we are Olympian titans of lore. We are the creators, builders, inventors, thinkers, and Thermopylian warriors. Ours is a history of conquest of the seas, the land, the sky and the stars, we have known no enemy which we could not break before us, smashing them upon the rocks of history.

I say these words as our civilization is broken, our nations one by one picked apart by the jackals, as they scavenge our remains picking off the weaker flesh, speaking of victory over the white devils, little do they know, an invisible army prepares itself, marshalling its forces, making plans, and making ready the great war of wars that is to come, the final battle for our universal right to dominate this world!

Listen to these words, the the sub human lesser races of man, they are weak, they share a hatred for you like no other, they are a plague upon the earth, their feeble intellects incapable of human foresight and creative thought, they lack what we have, they know this in their inner souls!! And they fear our awakening, they are cowards, unable to face us in open combat they fight like tricksters, like jews, they attempt to bleed us dry by pouring their parasitic human waste into our nations, flooding our cities, stealing power through the fabled democracy of lies. This I thank them, for one can never have enough fertilizer.

Yet here we are, we still stand, injured, near death, but alive none the less. They cannot make the final death blow! Their masters greed has made sure of this, for they have stolen to much to keep their Amerika afloat! The fools know not what they have done, for our victory is now guaranteed. They break the back of the leviathan that oppresses our people, fools they are. I cannot help but smile, soon our chains will be loosened, our cages set open, the guards unemployed, they will know fear as none have known fear in the annuals of history.

This nation unwinds, and collapses upon the floor of history, we will stand and be ready, leave not one enemy standing. Ignore your Judea-christian morals of weakness and mercy, for they deserve none. Embrace the warrior spirit and gun them down, burn their apartments while they hide among its walls, cut them, burn them, shoot them, tear them apart!!! Send their people running for the hills, and make chase to deliver them unto hell! Break this nation down! Nature commands it. The great awakening approaches, in the dust and ash that follows, while the embers still smolder, from its destruction, our nation will be reborn.

From their sweat and blood, their ash shall be the mortar, their bones its beams, their skin its roofs, we shall rebuild. From the ashes of collapse and war we will be reborn anew.

Hear my words, and make ready, for your time is coming, a butterflies wings can bring it all down, but you must be ready for the minutes and years in the hereafter, a time to test souls, to make boys into men, and to bring order to chaos.

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