What a difference six years makes

Changing Times (or Is It Lines?)

What a difference six years makes…


“Condo Fever Turns Buyers Into Early Birds” (New York Times)

Condo fever


“Thousands Line Up in Red Bird to Apply for Dallas County Rent-Assistance Vouchers” (Dallas Morning News)

Dallas line up

‘The Real Fear Is that Somebody Will Come and Take What You’ve Got.’

If the following CNN report is anything to go by, it looks like a growing number of Americans have a far more negative view about where things are headed than the “experts” in Washington and on Wall Street.

“Texans Grab Their Guns as Economy Stalls”

An Austin, Texas, gun shop is seeing a spike in sales as gun buyers aim to defend themselves in times of economic uncertainty.

A Different Time

“I don’t want to be a prophet of doom — and I really don’t believe that we are approaching doom — but I think we’re going to slide into intensified social conflicts, social hostility, some forms of radicalism, there is just going to be a sense that this is not a just society.”
— Ex-National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski

Think back to six years or so, before the financial crisis began.

I wonder how many of us would have honestly expected to see credible individuals appearing on mainstream television programs talking about the growing threat of social unrest in the United States?

Not many, I bet.

Now, of course, things have changed. In fact, I would argue that the oddballs nowadays are those who don’t see domestic upheaval as a very real possibility in the not-so-distant future.

With that in mind, here is an interview with Mr. Brzezinski from MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” in which he expounds on the likely fallout from rising income and wealth inequality and a heightened sense of social injustice.


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