Why Save Amerika?

As each day goes by I hear the same thing from many people whom I have the pleasure of sharing my life with, spouting the same dribble day in and at out, stating that America is worth saving, can’t we all just get along. Let’s contemplate these idea’s for a moment. To those of you who believe I want america to collapse, I most assuredly agree with that statement. I do want this nation to fall, and if for any other reason, then to weed out the enemy within.

A collapse of western economies will end the liberal western democracies, the resulting global disorder will allow the rise of ultra nationalist groups to power within what remains of the west, what happens from then on, history speaks for itself.

I have grown up in the Amerika of today, something is horribly wrong with this nation, people don’t make rational choices, the parasite population is rapidly depleting the resources of the nation, a collapse of the system is all but unavoidable.

Only the weak want to save this nation, I say let it fall!

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