Unattended child viciously attacked in China.

Another Example of the Yellow peoples hatred of the White race.

Unattended child viciously attacked in China.

This video was taken on July 19th, 2011. While white nations around the world roll out the red carpet for foreigners, this is how white people are treated everywhere else. A young boy is viciously attacked and taunted on a busy street. His main attacker yells “go home white boy” in Mandarin.

The child is possibly a member of one of several Eurasian minority groups in Eastern China.

The child may be a member of the Uyghur minority. There are 8 million in China. They range from Turkic looking to very fair skinned. The Chinese government has historically treated minority groups harshly. In many cases their neighborhoods have been forcibly integrated with Han Chinese in hopes of breeding them out.

Locust says: As with ALL other races, the Asian race, or the yellow race, they are the racial enemy of the white race. Spare them no mercy when the time comes. Does this sound like hate, well, thank you, i was hoping it would. To love your own family, and by extension your kinsmen, then you must hate those that would hurt and or kill your family, to not hate them is unnatural, and immoral. Only the weak suicidal white liberals fail to understand this simple fact, hate is universal, either you are hating them or you are not, but they are hating you no matter what.

One thought on “Unattended child viciously attacked in China.

  1. This is horrible. Not for one minute am i approving of there actions.

    But “rest of racial races are enemys of the white race” that is a ridiculous accusation. You are clearly white supremacist. You are the reason why there is such racial hatred amongst the world. We are all human.

    Secondly the video is from North korea. not china. Take into account North korea is essentially at war with the US. So north korean propaganda have brainwashed the locals.

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