Obama quietly preparing military for “civil unrest.”

Obama quietly preparing military for “civil unrest.”

Obama wants 20,000 US troops to police US streets.

Stepping up on you…

A couple of items from Kerodin at III Percent Patriots:

SWAT is coming for your milk
(No. Seriously! This is becoming a regular habit for the food thugs – Curtis).

Bill reports that in Texas LEO is taking pictures during traffic stops…

And a couple of items courtesy Raiders News Network:

Facial recognition identifies your social security number

Mobile biometrics to hit US streets

Food, Control And The Growing Police State

In Secret, Senate Panel May Re-Up Vast Surveillance Dragnet

A Mind-Blowing Look At Today’s Mind-Controlled, Mind-Reading Technologies

And a reader sent this one in the comments: Fast-flying stun-gunning robocopter

Seriously folks, this crap is just getting out of hand. Lets take a look at technology. Instead of doing something good with it … they are using it against us … for our … safety.

And what business is it of the government if I/you buy or sell raw milk, cheese, back yard eggs and etc.?

If you have not seen the movie Minority Report, I encourage you to … because with today’s technology, that IS where we are going. And your government is, for the most part, subsidizing this research in technology. Just browse around the DARPA website.

And it is even going as far as messing around with your DNA. See the link to Raiders News Network above.

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