Letter to the black man

The black man

People are missing the point entirely, not all blacks are bad, maybe most blacks have a deep seated hatred for whites, maybe some blacks are capable of intelligent thought and creativity, maybe. That’s all besides the point, how we got to where we are today is important for the historians, not so much for the young girl raped by a pack of rabid negroid males, not so important for the white family being murdered in the night because another Negro needed drug money and they just happen to be home at the time of his burglary.  This site is here to inform and change the thinking of intelligent people to rationalize the final solution, for the black question plaguing white civilization. Simple as this my black friends, we are not concerned with trying to be your friends, don’t you get it, we don’t want to live near you, work with you, or co exist in the same continent with you. We don’t like our elites and liberal brothers codling your every need, I don’t want my tax money going to feed and house your people. Now, I don’t hate you, I don’t want you to sit in a gas chamber, but I do want you to go home. No arguing about what great things you did for my people, or that you can change given enough wealth and blood, sorry, you had your chance, go home. Period.

We have grown tired of the low level race war our nation and its people have suffered under over the last century, we are willing to suffer the loss of all your people, have and will contribute to our people, we will suffer through the intangible benefits your people provide to our civilization. It is for the betterment of all, that all parties agree to separate and go their own way, meaning you back to africa, and allow my brothers and sisters to live in peace. We affirm no responsibility over your people, no debts, no reparations, no rightful birthright for your people to inject themselves into the lives of my people.

We are a free, sovereign, unique people, who have the universal right, granted to us by the laws of nature, to exist as a unique and sovereign people, to self governance, to be separate, to live as we choose to live and decide our own destiny without interference or coercion from external threats and or enemies. We reserve the right to defend ourselves and our prosperity, and to achieve self sufficiency devoid of free trade and globalism.

The time has come for all people to be free, and live as they choose to live.

3 thoughts on “Letter to the black man

  1. Simple as that. No arguments, no what if’s, no blame, just leave.

    Now I know some of you would say no to that request and that’s fine, another time and place, another group of parasites also said no, and they were also given a chance to leave.

    When some choose to stay, they paid the ultimate price, as many of you will as well, I’m sure, and that’s fine with me.

  2. I have an idea instead of paying to ship them all the way to africa let’s dump them on mexico.Mexico has been dumping their trash on us for the last 175 years let’s give them a dose of their own medicine

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