4 Old Cartoons Explain The World

4 Old Cartoons Explain The World

1. The Bankers/Wall Street own the False Left Right Paradigm:


2. The Tyranny of and by the False Left Right Paradigm funnels substantially ALL tax revenue to the Bankers/Wall Street:

3. The Tyranny of and by the False Left Right Paradigm incurs incredible amounts of deficits to enslave future generations to pay interest to the Bankers/Wall Street; under the guise of funding basic (unnecessary) bureaucratic services:

4. The sum total is you are a debt/tax slave to the Rothschilds:

2 thoughts on “4 Old Cartoons Explain The World

  1. the bankers with wall street make collecting money through you’r local goverment easy.raise intrest rates beyond peoples means and you have people who live on the fringes of life with there families.our goverment and the people that have been there since 1969 has embolden themselves with the help of the old generation that dose not believe in change.in order to take back our goverment,we must take back what the banks and wall street took from us.people not money made this mess and strong vigilent people with forsight can take back what our elected officials have stolen.freedom costs,and what will it take befor the cost comes down?

    • Simple solution to a complex problem. When faced with a multi layered complex problem, where temporary solutions only add to the complexity and never solve the underlying issue which is structural. The only true answer is to tear it all down and build a new system. Will people suffer? Of course, revolutions require sacrifice, not only time and energy but blood. In the face of collapse, it not about if sacrifice is needed but when and who. The why’s we already know, the where’s is our own nations. As for when, very soon, the who, is everyone, some more then others, but everyone none the less.

      We have lived beyond what is capable, we have given more then what is currently possible, now the system must collapse, we have no choice, only be ready when the time comes to defend yourself, your family, and your people.

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