Left-wing London police authority orders cops to stop neighborhood watches.

Left-wing London police authority orders cops to stop neighborhood watches.


The same people who ordered law enforcement to stand down and watch rioters burn and loot for days, is now ordering police to disperse neighborhood watches.

Hundreds of police officers are being diverted from fighting the riots to harass law abiding citizens. The police authority is calling all efforts by local citizens to defend private property “vigilantism.” Members of the English Defense League and the British National Party are being especially threatened with arrest if they attempt to stop rioters from committing crimes.

In one London Suburb, a group described as 60 white men aged 20-60 filled public benches in a business district and began chanting pro British slogans. The effort was apparently organized by the English Defense League. The group said they were there to keep thugs from committing arson and looting in the area. Rather than thank the men, the police authority diverted 300 street cops to drive the good Samaritans out.

The Radical left-wing British Parliament member Clive Efford condemned the EDL for starting a neighborhood watch in the area.

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UK Mail: Murder of three Pakistani men by blacks was racially motivated.

The horrific attack in Birmingham that left three central Asian men dead and several others maimed, was indeed racially motivated.

From UK Mail Online…

It would have been so easy to demand ‘an eye for an eye’ and risk a race war on the riot-torn streets.

But with immense dignity, Tariq Jahan, whose 21-year-old son was mown down and killed in an apparently racist murder in Birmingham, appealed for calm yesterday.

Haroon Jahan was one of three young Muslims who died after they were thrown into the air ‘like tennis balls’ when they were hit by a car which mounted the pavement at 50mph while they were trying to protect local shops from looters on Tuesday night.

The shocking killings, the worst incident in four nights of rioting across Britain, left the city a tinderbox after it was confirmed that the man arrested on suspicion of murdering the Asians is black.

Locals claimed that Afro-Caribbean gangs had been prowling the area, setting light to cars and shouting at Muslims ‘you will burn’ just before the alleged murders.

As racial tensions rose to boiling point with some Muslims calling for ‘retribution’, 45-year-old Mr Jahan – who desperately tried to revive his dying son – urged people not to seek revenge.

Locust says:

London police ordered to stop neighborhood watches, what do you expect?

“The same left wing anti-white people who ordered law enforcement to stand down and watch rioters burn and loot for days, is now ordering police to disperse neighborhood watches” Shocking! Who would have guessed!

Hundreds of police have been taken from the front lines fighting the riots to harass law abiding citizens, calling any act of white self defenses an act of vigilantism.

The english defense league and british nationalist party are being especially targeted with arrest if they attempt to stop rioters. The left wing british parliament condemned all efforts by the EDL or BNP to defend London.

EDL and BNP calling riots in London, the sack of London as the city continues to burn and thousands of non-whites loot the city.

90% of british support any action to stop the sacking and burning of the capital, next election is coming soon.

In this next election, thousands of images and hundreds of hours of video is available to any nationalist party that wants to use the sack and burn to open peoples eyes to the threat from the 3rd world. I wonder who the people will vote for? What that means for other western governments? Time will only tell.

We think this sack and burn is another event that will go down in the history books as another failure by the establishment governments of the west, more evidence of the complicity in our civilizational wide destruction, more proof we are right. Not an end, for this is just beginning, europe will suffer so long as the egalitarians control the demon beast Amerika. Once the national katrina hits Amerika, Europe will be free. Our cities will burn, hundreds of thousands killed in blood sacrifice to our ascension to power. When the dust settles everyone will stand on one side or the other, we will have the minds and ears of the people, they will instinctively know what must be done to retake Amerika from the flies and their pets.

From the ashes of a corrupt country a new nation will be born. We don’t want to take the non white cities or states, we want to cover the exits with machine guns, turn the water and power off, and burn it down, simple strategy simple solution, those that are left, some can go home with nothing but the cloths on their backs. The others must pay for they have done.

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