Doomsday Approaches

Collapse of Amerika Sooner then you think.

Doomsday Approaches:

(graphic courtesy of The Cliffs of Insanity)

…Finally, one more time because I get the very strong sense that most people in this country simply aren’t comprehending the financial situation: NO FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT that is based on “paper”, “contracts”, “notes” or “promises” is safe.

Zeros and ones on computer servers are NON-EXISTENT ENTITIES that, up until this point, have been deemed by society to have value and meaning based upon the full faith and credit of the United States government and the financial system as a whole. We now know that the United States Government is completely DEVOID of faith OR credit, is totally insolvent, and is populated by the scum of the known universe. The same pretty much goes for the financial system. Moving your stock holdings from one portfolio profile to another, or from stocks to bonds, or even from stocks to cash is not really accomplishing the objective, which is to become as far removed from promise-based instruments as possible (emphasis added – WRSA).

If and when the big poop hits the big fan, the only things that will have any value whatsoever are things that you can physically stand in front of with a long gun and defend. And I’m dead serious. You can’t physically defend zeroes and ones on a computer server. You can’t even defend those pieces of paper that say “Federal Reserve Note” across the top, because the government can render those worthless without having to physically confiscate them simply by printing trillions more of them . . . which they already have done and are getting ready to do any day now.

Long guns (Not handguns, people. You don’t fight wars with pistols.), ammunition, freeze-dried food or MREs, water, water, water, fuel, medications, more guns, more ammo, more water, barter currencies (silver coinage), wealth-storing currencies (gold), more guns and more ammo – these things you can physically defend.

Therefore, they are REAL ASSETS…

Ann Barnhardt


Here’s a little sci-fi scenario that has a greater probability.

What if productive, intelligent people were forced from their indifference and culture of tolerance due to a survival threat from the hordes of useless parasites? What if they industrialized the removal of these drains on their means of subsistence and the very futures of their children?

The subservience that the would be masters seek in their populations does not always produce a docile, numb populace of forelock tugging serfs. The process can take a wrong turn, and produce a logical, calculating organic machine that is no longer bound by the restraints of humanity, charity or empathy.

They are idiot children, playing with razor blades. Blood must flow in this scenario. The leftist, self-righteous greens will get their wish.

Sort of.

– commenter LFMayor at this Belmont Club post

PLA Declares War on Georgetown




Think about why the ChiComs did this.

Remember that the printing press that Turbo Tim and The Ben Bernank are using is actively devaluing the ChiCom asset holdings as they also destroy American purchasing power.

Do you think the Chinese Communist government, history’s greatest mass murderers, will take that financial raping without consequence to the perpetrators?

Do you think war between the anemic USA and the PRC can be avoided?

Can your wives and daughters shoot well, with both sidearms and longarms?

If not, why not?

Tempus fugit.


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