Are You Getting Prepared?

Are You Getting Prepared?

On 6/10 I wrote an update to my “Ten ThingsTicker in which I pointed out that the current medical system – and in particular Medicare and Medicaid, are not possibly sustainable.  I said specifically:

  • Remember the first rules from Zombieland.  No, not “double tap.”  CardioIf you’re a couch potato you need to fix this right now.  Google up “Couch to 5k” if you need a way to get started.  If you can’t jog a couple of miles non-stop you’re not in acceptable physical shape.  The simple fact of the matter is that most of us are “sedentary” in our work nowdays and I’m willing to bet that 75% of those over 30 could not jog one ten-minute mile if it became necessary.  Well, if things get dicey and you have only your feet at that instant in time to reach safety with the question becomes this: Are you going to make it or have a heart attack?  One mile is simply not that far and fixing this problem can be done in eight weeks with nothing more than a pair of running shoes and 20 minutes three times a week.  Do it, and do it now.  This is not just about outrunning a bad situation; it’s also about reducing your risk of dying when, not if, the “medical safety net” you’re accustomed to today disappears.  I believe it will.  As such a minimum level of physical fitness is no longer optional unless you would like to make a date with St. Peter.

I’m going to challenge everyone reading this: Whatever your excuse is for not taking care of this, stop lying to yourself – it’s an excuse.

If I, an “old fart” (and pushing 50) can do this, so can you.  If you’re not, it’s because you don’t want to.

Facts are facts.  Here are facts – this is 4/27 of this year, when I decided I wasn’t going to be an “old fat bastard” any more – that I was going to drop the “fat” part (the “old” part I can’t fix and “bastard” is a fact whether I like it or not.)

And this is the result of this morning’s jog:

You can choose folks.  Your choices are a pair of running shoes or an attempt to continue to play with the medical system, which is going to wind up looking and feeling exactly like this:

Screwjob by genesis

If you can’t run for whatever reason, you can find a means of physical exertion you can do.  Swimming is extremely low-impact and accessible to nearly everyone  Yes, that means a gym membership (where there’s a pool.)  If running doesn’t suit you, biking might (I do both.)  If biking and running don’t suit you, walking could do the job.  Oh, and if you’re like most Americans, cut 500 calories a day from your diet.  Using something like Myfitnesspal (free app for Android phones) makes it easy – log everything that goes in the piehole and you’ll quickly realize how fast it all adds up and goes straight to your waistline.

Come to grips with your own mortality, however you are best comfortable with doing so.  Change what you can, and accept what you cannot change.  That we all get older and begin dying from the day we’re born onward we cannot change.

How we go from the first point to the second is only partly under our control, but ceding that control to a nanny government that now threatens parents with arrest because their kid rides his or her bike to school is an outrage.  That’s not government with the consent of the governed, it’s a declaration that you’re living in a de-facto prison – one that is now desperately clawing at the cliff-edge as Leviathan has borrowed and spent itself into a corner and is biting off your legs to sustain itself.

Cornered animals are extremely dangerous, but as the edifices of alleged “safety” (which have been used to buy your vote and thus acquiescence) collapse, you will be forced to deal with the fact that these promises and expectations have always been utter crap and impossible to sustain.

You can either be prepared for this transition, accept it and enjoy your journey from birth to death, or you will find yourself a wide-eyed deer in the headlights of oncoming reality.

Incidentally, that’s a train.

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