Why will Amerika fall?

Why will Amerika fall?

Its black people stupid. America since the 1960’s has been on this course of national collapse when we decided that those who are not equal to us, will be made equal to us, no matter the cost. The United States has been importing domestic parasites for more then two generations, and black people started it all (with their Jew masters). We have created a system that feeds itself, blacks are poor, we need more government employees (who also happen to be black) to help them, spend more money than we have on blacks, and cost of living goes up, making it hard for poor people (blacks and Latinos, and increasingly whites) to maintain a higher quality of life, and the cycle repeats itself to infinity, and therefore we need to spend more and more money.

Now blacks, are making more and more demands on a system that is crippled to offset that decline in standard of living due to our dying economy. We are reaching a point where more demands are being made to augment programs specifically created to help advance black people, where the government must hire more and more of them, (approx 20% of federal employees are now black, some departments its upwards of 80%) Obama hiring freeze on whites is proof of the existence of this cycle.

They will continue to make demands and these demands will be satisfied by cowardly whites to delay the coming social unrest/collapse of Amerika.

Why can’t we keep lowering standards, and increase our speeding forever? Because the non white industrial nations don’t give a flying fuck about the black man and his genetic issues, they will not tolerate Amerika’s spending spree and will force us to stop spending through inflation/deflation or austerity measures, probably both. The artificial black middle class (without direct/indirect government money) will collapse into violence. The cities will burn, and the US government will fall, allowing the new alternative right to come into power.

Simple as that.

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