The New Eternal City

City in the image of Man. The Omega God.

A synthesis of religion, arcology, racial unity, and our common Imperian destiny.

The New City our religion, god manifested in matter, the son-God of Europid man.

A city of cities, a testament to the glory of our people and the creative gift bestowed upon our race by our great creator. The fulfillment of our Earthly divine purpose, the great urban effect, our god manifested in structural and spiritual form.

The Omega Seed:

The function of arcology is to facilitate the breakthrough of the racial spiritual essence to new levels of individuality and community, by unifying the people of europa in a common sense of purpose and fulfillment.

The structure itself is matter becoming spirit. Matter is therefore, not to be cast aside, but spiritualized, to inspire our race to new levels of greatness, to enshrine a cosmic vision and fulfill the unification of physicality, time, and space, manifested in pure spirit of our people through arcology.

We seek a new community, not centered around consumption, indifference, and alienation, but individual fulfillment. Such individual fulfillment would be in a community not only of other human beings, but our kinsmen, also of the multitude of living forms in which the fulfillment of each supported the fulfillment of all others. Out society is to be transformed, transcended, life would have meaning, purpose, we would be as one people. The barrier between life and death would find new externalized meaning, community life would elevate the individual to untold heights, only those who are ready to lose their lives find them. Honor and courage to excel to new levels of organization and complexity.

The Spirit:

The warrior spirit must pervade the vanguard of our kinsmen, the selfish reality we currently face cannot be overcome through internal laws or self help books, but thorough pain and suffering. Each of us will be called upon and stand to be counted, stand on our own two feet to wage war against the darkness, or fall to our knees and die as cowards. Either choice is a victory for our racial brethren, for great revolutions require great sacrifice. A true spiritual awakening, blessed by the sacrifice of the weak, arrogant and ignorant. A down payment of blood for our transcendence into the spiritual realm.

The racial spirit requires renewal, a cycle of highs and lows, ever present, a continuous renewal and decay, of rebirth and death, life transcended into a new beginning. To cling to the security of what one is and has and to seek to satisfy the desires that express that stage and mode of being leads to stagnation and decay, as we are now witnessing in the terminal stage of our civilization. Life and vigor come from unforeseen novelty achieved by the urban effect and community of arcology. The grand appeal to our inner eye, our accomplishment and a temple to our race, a home for the common man of Europa.

Our Destiny:

Even now as we face oblivion, an absolute destruction of our soul, we stand at the edge of rebirth or eternal damnation, the vision presents itself, the blinding light, the roar of the flames, the chasm below burns hot, its flames lick at our feet, burning away our flesh, the chosen few walk into the flames unafraid of what lays beyond its borders. Brothers i say we must embrace the eternal cleansing fire of hell if we are to be reborn as pure souls, the universe demands it. What purity can be gained from the present order? None. All are guilt as charged, face the collapse of our great cities, our nations, the resulting storm of death and destruction, face it with peace and calm as in the eye of the storm passes over your body, stand and know who you are, embrace your own souls, deny not your own inner beings and walk new paths of internal peace, content with life eternal, free of materialist thought and self grandiose. Face down our enemies with balance, the eternal balance of inner peace and outwardly force, a recognition of the external thinking of our collective destiny, leave the unclean to their fates, embrace your destiny as demigods. Our human venture has just begun, unity awaits us in our time to come.

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