The New Age

The oldest maxim of western thought, “whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” For now the west faces its own worst enemy, the enemy of the west, is the west itself, we are our own worst enemy.

The status quo working diligently to maintain the system of debt, public spending, entitlements, and policing necessary to maintain public order. After all what keeps society from falling apart? Laws? I’d laugh if that wasn’t so funny. Social customs of order, our heritage, a live and let live policy? Even funnier. No its the threat of deadly force if you get caught stepping out of line by our local militarized police force.

We are society maintained through force, not by laws, and customs, or social norms, these do not exist in a multicultural paradise full of parasites , predators, with a sprinkle of producers.

Bear witness to the final stages of our terminal decline, the western world is clearly dying, certainly this is our current state of affairs, a popular culture centered around the promotion of Amerikan Negroid customs and life style, a nation bent on its own destruction, for never has existed a stable African nation, not for very long.

A majority population of cowards, who refuse acknowledge the existence of human biological diversity, and embrace the lowest common denominator, deserve nothing less then its own destruction for its weakness.

A nation of white male cowards, to be exact, our enemies laugh behind our backs. They laugh at your pent up rage, and cold indifference to our population replacement, they laugh at you when they screw our women and you turn the other cheek like the good little christian that you claim to be. They laugh at your bloated bodies, and the garbage you stuff down your throats. They laugh at the you when our women, pull the strings in your household and make you dance like a puppet, dance puppet dance. Your total inability to defend yourself and/or your family, your contempt for your kinsmen, your lack of values and moral clarity. You are pathetic, they don’t respect you, they respect only that which they fear, and you they are not afraid of in the least. You represent a dying race, they represent the future.

They will take your daughters and plant their seed, guaranteeing you have no future. They will take your job, and education, regulating you to second class status in the nation of our forefathers. They will hold power, control over your destiny, and government, granting their race more privileges and special entitlements, while your race will pay the cost for such benefits.

What have these enemies given our race? Nothing. No technology, no enlightenment, nothing, they are worse then useless, they are a tick, a burden, lying snakes, pestilent rodents, worse then parasites, they trick the host into destroying themselves through perceived guilt for past transgressions.

They know if the tables were turned, they would have no problem fighting you to the death for what they now inflict on our people. Yet most of you do nothing.

Weakness is a sin. Compassion for our enemies is treason. Mercy for your racial enemy is intolerable.

Those of you in the older generation, prepare or get out of our way, your inability to assist our people in this coming battle is well known, you perceive a collapse to be a detriment to your own selfish needs, the future be damned. I say on to you, die quickly traitorous scum. You who would sacrifice the future of your grand children so as to live comfortably for a few short years, I wish only ill will upon you. Your last duty is to honor your kinsmen with you death, removing the barrier to our advancement. Be honorable men and end your miserables existence, you have prolonged our and your suffering by your inaction, complicating our rebirth due to your selfish entitlements. I wish for the seed of courage to sprout a single root in your mind, and give you the will to do what must be done. If you are in good health and the will to lead, then join us!

Embrace strength. Be who you are. We are white devils. Ask for courage, ask for a sound mind, and a fit body, push your body to its limits, unity is our strength, diversity our weakness.

How should we treat our 3rd world parasites I ask you?

Expel them from our nations, by force, using every weapon at our disposal. Evacuate our people from occupied lands, NUKE enemy occupied cities, los angeles, atlanta, bomb them, burn them, vaporize the population centers. We must send the world a message that we are willing to destroy everything to regain control of our destiny, geneva convention be damned! No better message then the destruction of our own cities occupied by the enemy.

Why would you want to save such a city? What is there that cannot be replaced else where? Nothing is special in such cities, even Washington D.C. you would say the monuments? They can be rebuilt, larger, grander, elsewhere. The industries? And what would those be? The land? In a nation as large as our own, we can build a new city elsewhere, terraform the lands as we have done, and rebuild.

These cities offer nothing but death for us, the cost of retrofitting/repairing a city which has outlived is usefulness, and not able to accommodate a population which must embrace arcology, such a city will drag a region into the swamp of destitute.

We must begin a new. The old world must burn. The old way of life must be replaced. A new civilization, new nations, a new way of life. Democracy has failed, the people have failed, our consumerist materialist societies have failed.

We must learn what is important in life, the family, your kinsmen, your inner destiny, your purpose. These thing we cherish today have no value, they are replaceable, the only thing you leave behind once you leave this earth, that is of any value, is your BLOOD! Your children, if you have none, you have betrayed countless generations before you, you betray your kinsmen, your nation, you have failed in the single duty nature has entrusted you with.

Our current way of life has poisoned our family structure, no good fruit can come from such a tree as ours, the end of all things is a new beginning for our people. The weak shall be wiped away in the cleaning infernos of the collapse, the strong will be made stronger, from the ashes we will rise like a phoenix into the sky. Our enemies will fear us once more, for titans we shall become. Embrace the collapse, do not fear it, make your bodies stronger, expunge weakness, make ready your families and communities, prepare for what is to come.

You will know instinctively when our time has come. Take no prisoners, wipe the enemy out, burn their homes and cities, push them out of our nations. Extend the hand of friendship and family to our brothers and sisters in europe and Russia, for they are our kinsmen, we are one family, one nation, one race, europid men are we.

If you have not prepared, make any and all effort to network with the like minded, sit with them, speak but no more then a few mins, speak clear and without fear and they will know you as their brother in arms. Those with the means to, procure additional much needed tools and supplies. We shall be ready my brothers and sisters, we must be.

Every age must come to an end, our world is a history of the development and progress of our race, this is but the end of one age and the beginning of a new age. Join us.

2 thoughts on “The New Age

  1. Thank you. It was a brilliant article. I can tell you in a few words what is happening in South Africa right now. Whites were disarmed. Our arms were taken back…most importantly most cowards complied and just handed it back without a struggle. We are unable to defend ourselves, while nigger thugs carry AK47’s, rape our women, kill our brothers, etc. Its a low intensity genocide…picking us off one by one. Most cowards are afraid of being called racist should they protect their property or family. We have a marxist black government who happily enjoys the benefits of a capitalist empire until there is no more to leech. A once beautiful and strong country is now turning to ruins just like every other African nation out there. The sad thing is it is our own fault. The country was handed over to them by a few traitors and no one even objected. No one cared and no one did anything to stop it. I have never seen such cowardliness. Be careful America. You are next. Do something about it before it is too late!

    • Genocide is coming to south africa, it just depends on who will be its victim, either way our white racial moment will win. If the blacks wipe the whites out there as they have promised, it will serve as a holy call to arms, an awakening on a grand scale, and our race else where will move to retake their nations from a clear and present threat. If the whites wipe the blacks out, it will be seen as an example for others to follow, they will have become white men without fear, and defend their hones, their honor, and destroyed our racial enemies. Only one outcome is available, nature has written the rules of struggle and conflict, we must only embrace them, and soon my brothers soon.

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