The Great Deluge

War is a natural force of nature, it is neither good nor evil, its cleansing effects make boys into men, its only requirement is that you do not fail to act, in that family, race, and way of life must be defended.

Warrior monks we must be.

The warrior is merely a disciple in the art of warfare, studying its natural currents and flows like the rage of a flash flood, its torrential river of change sculpting the landscape, moving boulders, carving out valleys, up rooting long held trees and casting all aside in a new path, or even reaffirming older more ancient paths. Barriers only serve to make the deluge greater in strength and ferocity, eventually it will pick away at the base of such barriers, removing its weak unnatural foundation, wiping away to such an extent that nothing of the barrier shall remain.

You see history flows like a river in time, societies and nations themselves function like streams and rivers feeding themselves new ideas and information, leading resources and energy into pools that serve to give them character and/or value, or moral failure in stagnate pools waters devoid of oxygen. But war is not a stream, its energy is to great, its force even shorter lived. It is not a river, but like a river it changes the landscape sometimes with unpredictable effects, no a deluge or flash flood it is, sometimes without warning, always with great effects, always destroying everything in its path that is weak.

In this coming conflict it has been foretold of our great victory, we have already won, now we must wade through the coming deluge creating new roots if we are to survive. A new civilization is needed, new ideas, new paths.

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