World Population Hits 7 Billion; White Nations at Risk of Extinction

World Population Hits 7 Billion; White Nations at Risk of Extinction

by James Buchanan

The population of the world just reached 7 billion. The Guardian newspaper reports: “The United Nations will warn this week that the world’s population could more than double to 15 billion by the end of this century, putting a catastrophic strain on the planet’s resources unless urgent action is taken to curb growth rates.”

“That figure is likely to shock many experts as it is far higher than many current estimates. A previous UN estimate had expected the world to have more than 10 billion people by 2100… The new figure is contained in a landmark study by the United Nations Population Fund (Unfpa) that will be released this week. The report –The State of World Population 2011 – is being compiled to mark the expected moment this month when somewhere on Earth a person will be born who will take the current world population over the 7 billion mark, and will be released simultaneously in cities across the globe.”

It should be noted that White people are capable of slowing down their population growth without starvation or plagues while the rest of the world apparently cannot. White people also respect environmental laws while Chinese manufacturers seem inclined to coat everything with lead paint.

Most White people will not have children unless they have some success in their lives that gives them hope that they will be able to afford to raise children. This has led to a negative population growth in many White nations because liberals keep flooding White nations with Third World people. This has created a destructive feedback loop in which White people keep having less children due in large part to the problems and taxes that come from invaders from the Third World. Liberal politicians then ignore all these problems and bring in even more illegal aliens, making all these problems worse and further reducing the White birth rate.

The Guardian notes “The Earth has now doubled in population since the 1960s, boosted by high birthrates in Africa, Asia and Latin America as the spread of medicine and better healthcare has seen the mortality rate for young children decline.”

All demographic changes since the 1960s have been a disaster for the White race. We’ve gone from being 90 percent of the US in 1960 to just 66 percent today in the space of two generations. The nations of western Europe have gone from 100 percent White to similar race-mixed proportions, thanks to the efforts of liberals and Zionists, who have been the biggest supporters of non-White immigration into White nations.

White people need to wake up to this problem and fight it. We no longer have the luxury of ignoring it. Just look at the state of California with its non-White majority and its huge illegal alien population. White tax-payers are being burdened to the breaking point with ever-increasing taxes and fees to pay for all the non-Whites.

As recently as the 1980s, students attending the UC (University of California) system only had to pay token tuition fees because the tax revenue from the “Golden State” was more than enough to supply quality higher education for the children of California. Over the last three decades, the tax burden from millions of Third World poor has wiped out the California budget. The previously almost-free UC system now charges almost as much tuition as private colleges. The liberals running the UC school system have allowed in more and more Asians, Arabs and even illegal aliens.

The state government of California mercilessly punishes businesses with increasing taxes and regulations, driving many businesses out of the state. A non-White majority has meant higher taxes, less government services for Whites (like a subsidized university system), hopelessly crowded freeways and a prison system so over-crowded that the courts are ordering a mass release.

All White people should be 100 percent aware that a non-White invasion means life will become much worse for them and their children. If we want to recover the prosperity of the 1960s, we need to change the demographics of America and Europe back to the same demographics as the 1960s, which would be a much more White population.

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