South Park. A glimmer of hope for White Amerika?

A glimmer of hope for White Amerika?
Entertainment Weekly’s Poor Review of the newest South Park, and my rebuttal.

“South Park deployed Cartman as a symbol of the “1%” that the Occupy Wall Street movement is protesting in an episode that wasn’t all that funny because it was so uncharacteristically obvious. No, wait — South Park is frequently at its best when it is most ferociously obvious; this was merely obvious obvious. 

The setup: The South Park school was punished by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition for its low national average — an average lowered by the obese Cartman, said to have, among other things, the “cholesterol level of a 70-year-old man.” Thus, the battle cry arose: The 99% of the school had to suffer (i.e., endure more phys ed classes) because of Cartman. Mr. 1% objected that this was “clearly President Obama’s fault.” But the media frenzy was on. With a mere two students protesting, the movement — depending on what TV reporter was talking, it was an “Occupy Red Robin” burger outlet or an “Occupy the Rest Room” demonstration — was over-covered by camera crews. And scores of police officers battling “full-on class warfare” that obviously didn’t exist.

With the humor pointing in all directions — at the defensiveness of the 1%, the hectoring of the 99%, and the gullibility of the media — there wasn’t much to laugh at. “We’re paying for your big fat!” Cartman was told. “People voted for Obama, so now they have to take it out on me!” was one of Cartman’s responses.”-Entertainment Weekly

Firstly, I don’t think they are giving the episode credit by just saying it was all over the place. They did what they usually do, which is saying “You know what? Both sides are wrong.” Personally, I thought it was really funny. They just showed us all the Occupy protests in a nutshell—saying the media and police are the ones turning it into such a big deal, and that the protesters don’t really know what they are protesting anymore, though they did at first. I liked it, but I get it if someone else doesn’t.

But more importantly than that—they… aren’t bringing up any of the parts of the episode that mattered. They can go ahead and say the Occupy part of the episode wasn’t funny, but they are totally ignoring what I thought was the interesting part of the episode, and what I’m sure Matt & Trey thought was the cool part of the show, which was the epic tale of Cartman’s stuffed animals being murdered. That was fucking awesome, and it was so interesting to see that side of Cartman, especially for long time fans of the show. It shows that not only is he a manipulative sociopath, but he is also delusional—he is fucking INSANE. He is insane, and seeing that part of him was so sad. This episode changes his character. I think that is a bit more… important than the Occupy part.

“It’s not often that South Park goes off on a rant that seems flimsy, but Cartman’s other major complaint this evening — “These days, black people are somehow incapable of doing anything wrong” — was contradicted by Cartman himself, who’d blamed Obama for doing something wrong to him.” -Entertainment Weekly.

Wow, the reviewer here totally missed the point of that whole thing. Cartman says that everyone is afraid to blame Obama because he is black. This would mean that Cartman feels he has a better insight to the situation, which is why he is able to blame black people—his realization is that no one else will. Cartman is talking about everyone else. I can’t believe the reviewer didn’t get that, it seems so obvious. I mean, you can choose to agree or disagree with a point he’s making, but don’t lie and say he contradicted himself when he clearly didn’t.

“So let’s just chalk this one up to a mildly amusing off-week for the show. And one very funny, mean joke about Maria Shriver.”

Again, they are totally IGNORING the whole Cartman bit. That was so intense and so awesome and so strangely heartbreaking…. I don’t get how they are just like “YEAH THE OCCUPY PART WASN’T FUNNY, ANYWAY—” and move on. Also, I didn’t even remember the Maria Shriver joke. They clearly watched the episode wrong if that’s what they took from it.

Locust: My take the most interesting part in the whole episode that everyone should pay attention to was the segment where “cartman” stated, “These days, black people are somehow incapable of doing anything wrong”

I agree with bro-dway statement that Cartman says that everyone is afraid to blame Obama because he is black, why? Because that’s the truth. Fox News, Conservative talk radio, all of them, they talk about his policies yes, and his policies are socialist and push Amerika in the direction of the great liberal Utopia, but none of this is the point. I brought this up because we have slowly seen white popular culture, and south park is a part of white culture, slowly move away from the rest of the black dominated Amerikan culture. The people in general (white people, the only true Americans) do not like the state of the nation. It has been going in the wrong direction for decades, but publicly the majority has not been able to clarify what exactly is wrong with the nation.  Our massive national debt, yes. Decaying inner cities, yes. Failing public school system, again yes. Violent street gangs, drugs, and street crime, all part of the problem, but not the heart of the problem.

No one says why white moved out of the cities to the suburbs, but everyone privately admits it, its to get away from black and increasingly brown people.

Very few talk about how failing schools, violent street gangs, drugs, crime, public entitlements like EBT, section 8, food stamps, just to name a few, are all derived from the same attempt by white people in Amerika to co exist with the Africa in our midst, and the mini Mexico’s that have popped up everywhere.

Political correctness, Affirmative action, civil rights legislation, even the word racist, all tools of war being waged against the the historic white majority of America. What about our massive public debt, it is the end result of runaway public spending nation wide, if you live in a major city, head on down to the county and city offices, even the federal buildings, and what do you see? Blacks who were hired by a city, state and federal government to support the artificial black middle class.

All of these things are tied together in what “stuff black people don’t like blog” calls “Black Run America”. The south park episode hopefully is just the beginning, the people need to wake up soon, its too late to save Amerika, now we must save as many of our own people as possible, be ready to defend our homes from whatever may come, and everyone knows what that is.

What does all this say? In short Whites are waking up, its taken them decades, but calling someone racists has lost a lot of its power. And making fun of political correctness and other racial taboo’s, is a move in the right direction.

Time is short, I hope you are ready.

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