Shoot them Where they Stand

What do we do if and when the liberal communist left attempts a french style revolution to enact communist agenda in the United States?

We fight back you idiots!

We shoot them where they stand!

Take no prisoners, and mow them over with hot lead!

If you fail to stomp these animals down, then you deserve what is coming!

Pictures from Gateway Pundit

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Commenter Multitude thoughtfully says; “Individual conservatives need to begin factoring this into their primary decision-making process. To elect a Perry will have an effect of placing a Nixon into the White House during Vietnam protests; it is perceptually as bad as branding themselves as “another 8 years!” Romney will represent the globalists well, continuing Obama’s allegiance in principal but aligning with a different globalist faction that has slightly more interest in a U.S. representation (vs. the faction Obama represents that benefits from a destruction of U.S. economic hegemony).

The establishment Republican party has no connection with the people and will rightfully be seen as a vote for more corrupt reappropriation of public wealth for their cronies, before the goodies run out and the exploitation is ended by the death of the nation.

Do we want to be associated with more of this rape of the nation? Or will conservatives elect a primary candidate who will stand apart and attack the institution? The latter allows us to present the nation with a choice: Legal revolution via political means from within, via the tea party option, or illegal revolution from outside via violent means via the OWS and progressive national and union workers socialists option.”

Locust says: conservationism has failed us, this so called republic has very little time left to go, be ready.

One thought on “Shoot them Where they Stand

  1. Violence can save white people if they really have a soul. Probably a soul is created when white people have to struggle for survival. Promoting the white genocide meme is probably more powerful than guns and ammo and it requires struggle going face-to-face with anti-whites.

    AFRICA FOR AFRICANS, ASIA FOR ASIANS, AND WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYONE, I believe is the best message we can promote.

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