Why Have White Pride?


Why NOT have White pride? All other races have this feeling.. Whites are supposed to forgo this, we go from having a love of our family (hopefully) to having a love of Humanity as a whole – anything in between this is seen as “racism” owing to political correctness and cultural Marxism. A lack of love or pride in ones own people and their achievements & culture means a total apathy or even worse a hatred toward it – NO other group will accept this – are Whites so special to have more foresight?

Locust: Our Time is coming, prepare for it, be ready to defend your homes and people against the darkness.

One thought on “Why Have White Pride?

  1. To be white and proud there must be a white culture. White culture comes from white people spending most of their time with other white people and acting white.

    White people working together in harmony is white pride in action. We need to eliminate the alienation between white people that seems to possess most white people.

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