Admitting America Is A Real Country, With Actual Interests, Is Too Extreme For Left Wing

MSNBC Censors Pat Buchanan From Talking About New Book

Admitting America Is A Real Country, With Actual Interests, Is Too Extreme For Left Wing News Apparatchiks

By Paul Harkes

Pat Buchanan is not allowed on MSNBC to talk about his New York Times Best Selling book “Suicide of a Superpower” (read William Houston’s review here).  Pat used to host his own talk show on MSNBC, but apparently he’s wadded too far across rubicon of respectability.

So what’s the reason for the censorship?

According to an MSNBC executive, this phrase is apparently too controversial for the politically correct dinner party masquerading as a news entity known as MSNBC “America was born a Western Christian republic but is being transformed into a multiracial, multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic stew of a nation that has no successful precedent in the history of the world.”

Admitting America is an actual country, and that its populous has interests outside of being whored out to the benefit of the interests of the elite, is too scandalous for the polite conversation of insincere platitudes that MSNBC likes to pass off as progressive news coverage.

Of course, the usual rabble of left wing ethnic activist groups are doing the expected thing, which is militantly enforcing the rules of the system to their logical conclusion.  These groups who aren’t even worht mentioning by name are bringing forth a petition Pat be fired from the network.  I give it a few weeks before MSNBC caves, and runs an hour long special apologizing for ever even allowing such a monster to air such sinister views.  Just think of the children…

Although unfortunate, this is to be expected.  As with all things, there is a lesson to be learned from every situation, particularly regarding respectability from the mainstream media elites.  Never moderate your message in the hopes that you will be accepted.

Even Pat Buchanan, an old Washington DC media  insider who dares to care about the interests of Middle America enough to write books defending them, is not safe from the rules of the ruling class. If Pat is not beyond the censorship , then why do normal conservative types constantly sacrifice their own “extremists” (as determined by the left) in order to appease a God so clearly not on their side?

Maybe this is the wake up call the right needs to understand that the left hates your for who you are, not what you believe.

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