understanding class warfare from whoisjohngalt.com

One thought on “understanding class warfare from whoisjohngalt.com

  1. Are you shitting me. It took me a while but i finally found this bull shit arugment again.

    I must say, as a liberal, that whoever it is claiming have an explanation on class warfare, would do a whole lot better if they werent claiming to be a fictional character from a fictional book. This whole debate is over 4 points in the tax code that only apply to the richest 1 percent of all americans. This rate will go from 35% to 39.6%. Oh fuck me, im gonna loose everything over this four percent. Any and Everything else said or being said is bull shit. 1952 91% tax, 1975 75%tax, 1979 69% this period is usually refered to as the golden age. I was born in 1986, 28% tax. And i gotta tell ya, the world i inherited from the previous generation is some fucked up shit. People preach the falsehood of supply-side economics. Well since 1980, wages for workers have went down, prices on health care and housinghave sored upward, and the more fortunate among us have incorporated an indifference that leaves a feeling of raw hatred in anyone exposed to it. Yes i hate the rich. The rich do not create jobs. Consumer demand creates jobs. Tax cuts for the rich does not create consumer demand, therefore rich people do not create jobs. Basic economics-you dont know shit about it. Thats why you shut down whoisjongalt.com. Because you know im right and your full of shit. Thats why you censored me on whoisjongalt.com. Because you hate any free speech that disagrees with you. In short you are the very problem you claim to hate. Eliteism is its own punishment. Soon you will get whats coming to you. I just hope im within sight of it so i can watch. Feel free to contact me. You have my email

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