Darkness Falls Across the Land, the Midnight Hour is Close at Hand

Darkness Falls Across the Land, the Midnight Hour is Close at Hand


Somewhere in China, deep within a secret military installation, senior officers of the People’s Liberation Army are meeting with members of the intelligence community for a routine briefing, when one young, ambitious officer presents data  that allows those in attendance to grasp that that this will truly be the ‘Chinese Century’.

Three points separate highest Blacks and lowest white earners

Having compiled numbers that show the startling amount of money, time, and effort that the educators and political leaders in America have spent trying to close the racial gap in learning, this young member of Chinese intelligence – who studied at the University of California on a scholarship provided by American tax-payers – believes the US will bankrupt itself before it admits racial differences in intelligence, which could ultimately avert its decline and fall.

Addressing his audience of some of the most important people in China, he reads from a study:

For both blacks and whites, family income is one of the best predictors of a student’s SAT score. Students from families with high incomes tend to score higher. Students from low-income families on average have low SAT scores. Because the median black family income in the United States is about 60 percent of the median family income of whites, one would immediately seize upon this economic statistic to explain the average 200-point gap between blacks and whites on the standard SAT scoring curve.
But income differences explain only part of the racial gap in SAT scores. For black and white students from families with incomes of more than $200,000 in 2008, there still remains a huge 149-point gap in SAT scores. Even more startling is the fact that in 2008 black students from families with incomes of more than $200,000 scored lower on the SAT test than did students from white families with incomes between $20,000 and $40,000.

The room falls silent, until a small chuckle can be heard in the back. Someone clears their throat, but it’s too late; the entire room breaks out into laughter.

“And they still believe Detroit collapsed because of politics,” the young intelligence officer states, wiping back tears from laughing so hard.

Almost instantaneously, the room’s occupants revert back to their stoic nature.

“There will be no war between the United States and China,” this young officer boldly proclaims, “because the United States will exhaust its monetary supply and resources by waging war against nature in the vain hopes of eradicating the racial gap in learning.”

“All we have to do is be patient, while they wait for Superman to save the day.”

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