How to Save the Real America from Black-Run America

How to Save the Real America from Black-Run America (BRA)

Real America is growing increasingly ready for action

Visiting a store dedicated to peddling Christmas decorations 365 days of the year, I had an epiphany. Looking at the miniature Christmas Villages on display, depicting a quintessential Normal Rockwell American town – that seems like a phantasmagoria in our world today where the Federal government deliberately seeks to place refugees or Section 8 Housing in the dwindling number of Whitopias to disrupt the peace and serenity found there – it dawned on me that people display these in their homes for a deliberate, perhaps unconscious reason; this is the America they long for; white picket fences, good neighbors, Christmas carols, safe streets and empty highways, and a future filled with promise instead of the uncertainty we face today.

With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s time we at SBPDL let you know how thankful we are for readers of this site that continue to put up with our war on college football (and sports) and visit here daily. The growth of this site – compared to last year – is mind-blowing, and that’s something we – I’m – thankful for. Doing this site is dangerous, but realizing that there are still millions – tens of millions – of people in this country who long for an earlier time when those Norman Rockwell paintings were an everyday reality, well, a powerful sense of duty and drive to write SBPDL seems almost obligatory.

Lawrence Auster recently published a simple, concise breakdown of what has been dubbed Black-Run America (BRA), and I’d like to re-post it here. In talking about the reluctance by the media to admit that Flash Mobs are actually Mahogany Mobs, he writes:

But the current reality, in which the blackness of blacks is relentlessly pushed into our faces when it advances blacks’ interests or blacks’ collective ego, but is covered up when it does not, is also extremely odd, and yet everyone takes it for granted. No one in mainstream America questions it.”

Because Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) have tied all of their progressive agenda into uplifting Black people from the chains of Jim Crow – interestingly, almost 1/3 of Black males, by their own actions, put those chains back on – Real American’s have been unable to launch an effective counter-measure against these societal changes for more than 50 years.

On this Thanksgiving Eve, as many good people across this land read political manifestos by aspiring Presidential candidates – or fight horrible traffic caused by white people having to flee the Black Undertow and the unnecessary addition of millions of immigrants who concentrate in large cities – let SBPDL supply a small list of action items that, if adopted by the ever-increasing (but reluctant to admit it) white party, could start to roll-back some of the insanity we see in BRA.

1. Restore the right of Restrictive Covenant that will forever end the ability of the Black Undertow to overwhelm cities and counties, forcing real Climate Change.

2. Fight to end Affirmative Action once and for all. It’s that simple. Oh, and end the nonsense known as “Disparate Impact.”

3. Understand that the rest of world is preparing for a post-American future by investing heavily in building what are called “Aerotropolis‘.” Conversely, the failures of Detroit and Birmingham provide the primary answer as to why tourism is down in America (who really wants to see interchangeable American big cities with no culture, save Knockout King played members of Mahogany Mobs hoping to get on WorldStarHipHop?) and showcase why this nation is seen as obsolete in long-term strategies for global trade.

4. Knowing the reality of No. 3, abolish the Department of Education and end the war on the racial gap in educational achievement. Start tracking students at a young age and develop programs that mentor the ‘gifted students’ instead of investing huge sums of money trying to figure out why certain segments of population are disciplinary problems.

5. File an anti-trust suit against ESPN and break up that monopoly.

6. College Athletic Departments are considered “non-profits,” sense they have some sort of convoluted educational mission. Thus, college football head coaches are considered executives of the most lucrative non-profits in America; end this tax-dodge, where millions of boosters continue to provide lavish funding toward.

7. Fight to end Section 8 Housing.

8. A moratorium on all immigration, coupled with actively expelling all illegal aliens (and legal immigrants) who have been found guilty of crimes against Real American’s.

9. Began Project Go Home by working with the states that the Federal government is suing (because they refuse to enforce our immigration laws) to pass tough laws against those who employ illegal aliens. Illegal aliens are leaving Arizona, Georgia, and Alabama, because it is feasible to enforce our laws – that the Department of Justice is suing over! – and the increased financial strain on state and local budgets can be solved.

10. Because more than 50 percent of murders in this country where committed by less than 5 percent of the population in 2010 (yes, Black males, we mean you because “guns don’t kill people, dangerous minorities do”) enact massive racial profiling in major urban areas. Because the majority of those killed by Black people are Black people (because white people and other racial groups do everything possible to avoid living near Black people), this extra policing should work to increase the quality of life for all Black people.

11. Enact the “Castle Law” in every state.

12. Enact term limits immediately for Congress at: only one four year term; for senators, only one six year term.

13. Fight to overturn “Hate Crime” laws.

14. End all “diversity” initiatives in the military and in the Federal government.

15. Break up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Abolish HUD.

16. Re-open The House of Un-American Activities Committee on all DWLs ensconced in academia, the media, corporate America, the Federal government, and Hollywood. Real America deserves better than BRA.

17. Conduct studies as to why public transportation in America works in some cities and doesn’t in others. Once the reality that Black people and their behavior keeps Real American’s from utilizing this sane mode of transportation, consider ways to fix this problem.

18. Put the military on the border. Prepare to wage war on the Mexican drug cartel utilizing Predator Drone strikes. Stabilize Mexico’s government so that the tens of millions of illegal aliens in America can return to a nation in need of their labor.

19. Grant asylum to white South Africans fleeing the tyranny of the African National Congress (ANC). Let them settle in Detroit and other failed, majority Black cities. Declare an “Enterprise Zone” there and in less than one year you’ll have a world class again.

20. Grant asylum to Europeans fleeing the tyranny of a cradle-to-grave ‘nanny state’ that is the European Union, which actively supports the rights of radical Mohammedans over the indigenous population.

There. You won’t see any of these ideas broached in any political manifesto from a 2012 Presidential candidate, but this is how you restore freedom and liberty to America; by rolling back BRA, which makes freedom and liberty available exclusively to Black people and their DWL enablers.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

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