Tea Party Terrorists

BREAKING…Tea Party Terrorists Kill UN Peacekeepers During Winter Holiday Festival


Tea Party Terrorist kill United Nations Peacekeepers During Winter Holiday Festival

“…United Nations Peacekeepers stationed in Trenton, New Jersey were slaughtered in an attack by Tea Party terrorists who apparently crossed the Delaware river by night.  Early reports indicate 22 of the Peacekeepers were killed and 98 wounded.  The brave Colonel Johann Rall may have been wounded in the attack. It is said that the terrorist group was led by George Washington who calls himself a “General.”

(h/t to a reader for the link)

Please go read this humorous, yet sobering piece, and consider again the single, solitary factor that constitutes the only real difference between a “terrorist” and a “legitimate”, legal “soldier”.


This concept, taken further and refined, gives us another difference: perspective.

Ask yourself, from the perspective of the fictitious writer, which side had the “moral high ground”.

“General” Washington?  British clergy?

What about colonial clergy?  Well, that’s a bit more complicated.  They were split, even within denominations.

The colonists were insurgent criminals until winning the fight legitimized them.  Washington had no more or less more “legal” claim to the title “General” than do any of the various militia leaders around our nation today. 

Their legitimacy, their futures, and their very lives depended on winning.  It was, in my opinion, a fight worth fighting.  Defeat, for any reason, was unacceptable.  Many means were used to secure the final victory, and any more than a cursory study of the war will reveal the often vicious and “becoming your enemy” tactics used by both sides during the fight.  The events in the Hackensack Valley illustrate this well as do many of those in the South.

Let us not forget the men who risked their lives during the First Revolution to steal land from the British Empire, and bring thousands of loyal British subjects -against their will- under the rule of a new government.  Let us not forget the men who left wives and children to shoot, bayonet, club, and dismember their countrymen, as well as various agents of their lawful government, in order to be able to live as they pleased.

I cannot help but mention that I do not think that “Lord of the Rings” analogies and advice are always applicable to real-life ugliness.

It is dishonest and foolish to romanticize, idealize, or demonize any one side in a war, even the one that led to the founding of the united States’ nation.

Let us not delude ourselves any longer.  The fight that is coming will be no different, no less ugly, no less confused, no less conflicted and no less divisive when it comes.  If you are not on the “right” side, you will be demonized.  If you are on the “right” side, you will be demonized.  If your side loses, you will be the bad guy.  This might matter to you if you live through it.

Even so-


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