You are free

You have been free since the moment of your first breath.

You have the highest claim on your life, your labor, and your property.

You are the one who decides how deep your honor goes, and what actions are required to wipe away the tarnish.

You are free.  I am free.

If we choose to be.


And that’s the real kicker. We can posture, we can make the treats, verbal and unspoken.  Shake our guns in the tyrants face, as it were.
We can say “here is my line in the sand.”
This far, and no farther.

We can say we will exercise our natural rights in the face NDAA.

But the thing is, we have to do it.
Can you bear it? Can you follow through.
I ask myself these questions, and I’m confronted by AP’s poem:

      “And to the last pulse in my veins,
        I shall resist.

And it calls me hypocrite. It calls me weak. It calls me vain, arrogant, pampered, weak, and fake.

These are the charges I must face in my own heart of hearts.  I just hope I can sort them in time.

Time to face our daemons is now, while we have that luxury.  Spend some time with yourself.  Find out who you are, what you are for.  Make peace with it and yourself.  Because our time is running short.

– Cato, the American.

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