Media censoring racially motivated near fatal gang rape.

Confirmed: Media censoring racially motivated near fatal gang rape.

The brutal attack in Chicago was perpetrated by blacks against a white victim. Several dozen local news stories have been published by local media. Every single one censor the race of the victim and perpetrator.

An 18 year old white female from Highland Park was denied entry to a concert in Chicago because she forgot her id. Within minutes, a wolfpack of black thugs pounced on her as she waited for a ride home by herself.

For the next thirty minutes she was brutally gang raped and beaten by six to eight black thugs. She was beaten into a coma and nearly died. The perps placed her bloody, naked body back on the sidewalk. Security guards for the concert venue saw some of the perps and apprehended three. They turned them over to the Chicago PD. Despite having the victim’s blood on their clothes, they were released after questioning.

Police believe this girl was alone for just a few minutes before the wolfpack attacked her. The thugs simply wanted to do horrible things to a white female victim.

The media is CENSORING this story and putting the public at greater risk. It is up to readers of to get the word out.

One thought on “Media censoring racially motivated near fatal gang rape.

  1. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his stooge Gary McCarthy have had a history of covering
    up Black racist crime. The “Hate Crime” nature of this rape and beating by these black thugs
    in addition to the upsurge of Black violence on white victims in Chicago, North suburbs
    and other locations must be a result of a percolating Black racist hatred in the Black
    community encouraged, aided and abetted by the racist policies of Barack Obama and
    Eric Holder, On the urban level of Chicago officialdom, and politically correct acceptance
    by suburban jurisdictions.At some point this will explode into open conflict.


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