The Bee and the Lamb Part 1, 2 and 3!

The Bee and the Lamb


(Part 1)

by Takuan Seiyo (November 2011)


The bee in its host


On a freezing day in late November 1913, an indigent with a sorrow-etched face and no topcoat was ejected in a wilderness area from a train headed from Estonia to Warsaw. He had no ticket, for he could not afford one. An eighth child of a dirt-poor Estonian peasant, the outcast was on his way to claim the throne of Poland to which he was convinced he was the rightful heir.


Juhan Liiv, for that was the madman’s name, walked back home through the Baltic swamps and woodlands in the sub-zero frost of the harsh northern winter. It took several days (1) and must have been a major ordeal, for he had a weak and sickly constitution. As a great lover of Estonia’s soil and soul, to ease the misery perhaps he was humming a little poem he’d written in 1905 about a bee heading back home: “It Flies Toward the Beehive” (Ta lendab mesipuu poole).


By the time Liiv reached shelter at his brother’s rural house, he was ready to die. Which he did, destitute, lonely and mentally ill, on December 1, 1913.


Hardly anyone knew or cared; since childhood, Liiv’s sensitivity and fragile mental state evoked little more than teasing from his peers. He had had one love, but penury, fragile health and mental imbalance, of which he was aware, forced him to shy away from the woman in order to love her penumbra from afar, in letters and poems.


Born in 1864 in a hut and only two generations removed from serfdom, Juhan Liiv had worked for a while as a provincial journalist, but continuous ill health forced him to retire to a life of solitary brooding and poverty from the time he was 28. He wrote some short stories, of which one was published in his lifetime. By 1894, his schizophrenia led to an internment in an asylum in Tartu. Released uncured, he spent the rest of his life leading a semi-vagrant existence in his remote native area.


His mind could no longer handle the long form, so he wrote short poems. The poems were simple but rhythmic, full of imagery and metaphor from nature. Many were autobiographical, reflecting sadly on his fate, on loss, loneliness and disappointment in love. Others were an expression of love for his country, with titles like “I Saw Estonia Yesterday” and “Who Does Not Remember the Past (is Living Without the Future).”


Liiv’s simplicity and realist imagery were discordant with the prevailing taste. The few who knew of his solitary labor in the woods didn’t care for it. Appreciation started a decade later, when a collection of his poems was published in 1909. But by then, he had already lived his life and was, at least in his head, on his way to assume the throne of Poland on the days when he wasn’t Czar Alexander.


Today, Juhan Liiv lies under a grand obelisk, and his humble birthplace in Alatskivi is a museum. He is considered Estonia’s greatest poet of all time. The young read his lines to their loves, and the hurting find in him a balm for their pains. (2)


The trajectory of Juhan Liiv’s life among the Estonians is not unique. Every people kills its Christs, stones its Cassandras and buries its Mozarts and Vivaldis in pauper graves. Apart from greed, envy and stupidity, frivolity and sheep-like conventionality are a hallmark of the human species. They weighed down the lives of hundreds of the greatest everywhere, including Van Gogh and Gauguin, Shubert, Edgar Allan Poe and James Joyce, whose last words were “Does nobody understand?”


The second lesson of Juhan Liiv’s life is that this is a vale of sorrow by definition, and it’s only the dignity, integrity, gratitude and care with which one traverses one’s particular one-way lane that makes a difference. One cannot grasp anything about this world without serious contemplation of death, loss and decay, and the force that keeps all the nuons and gluons spinning, about which we know little. Yet the West’s culture has divorced itself from such considerations.


For the Left, questions about life’s essential mystery and tragedy are met by fraudulent answers. It’s all about the inequality. One day, Progressive rulers will figure out at last that beauty and charm are distributed far less equally and are a greater blessing than race, gender and money. Woe is that day, for government goons may equalize those with “unearned advantages” by sprinkling them with hydrochloric acid in the name of social justice.


For the Middle-Right, the answer to the vale of sorrows dilemma is to create a system where the most people can dance the macarena on the hood of a zero-down Bimmer with the iPod stuck in the back of the thong just below a large tattoo of Jay-Z. That way rooting pork lies.


For most Conservatives, the answer lies in whatever religious rite they learned when nine years old, with a safe harbor for nonthought in worship of Jesus-the-God not leavened with serious study and contemplation of Jesus-the-man and His times. It entails a formalistic adherence to a syncretic 4th century dogma grounded in unexamined autosuggestion, often entailing surrender masquerading as love and embittered at its dwindling popularity. It does not seem to work well in the 21st century anymore.


Somehow, the West has driven itself to Nowhere Land: part Samuel Butler’s Erewhon, part a lodge of Quakers United for Frantz Fanon. Retracing the route where wrong turns were made is essential, for without it it’s impossible to find the path to the straight and narrow.


The straight and narrow connoted here is far more than a theme for a Sunday sermon. The bumper-sticker idea that “S*** happens” expressed more eruditely in Nassim Taleb’s The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable is inseparable from the awareness that ours is a brief interlude on a tiny marble rotating in infinity by forces we don’t understand, by a design we are silly enough to consider fully revealed to holders of PhDs or priest parchments.


Had the tragic and unpredictable side of life and fate not been so fanatically shunned and suppressed in the West, “best-scenario” fractional bank lending based on fictional collateral could not have taken root. A shaky mountain of smelly derivatives touted AAA by unclean rating services could not have risen. Lying governments would not have been allowed their default mode of eternally rosy monetary expansions of colorful pieces of paper. Progressive elites would not be permitted to experiment with flooding the First World with the Third one while singing Kumbaya and painting a glowing future for all. Americans would not live on credit cards and carry two mortgages.


But we are far from done with Juhan Liiv. The third lesson of his life is that with all the misery and neglect that befell him, he never blamed others for his travails. He was modest about his talent, critical about his output and mercilessly honest about his condition, referring to himself often as “lunatic.” What a contrast to our times: a chronicle of the triumphant losers screaming at the altar of victimhood while the erstwhile winners – the normal, smarter, more creative, harder working and more dynamic — march in self-flagellants’ processions murmuring apologies for the imputed sins of their ancestors.


The ultimate lessons are in Juhan Liiv’s legacy as expressed by the Estonian people.  His poems have been set to music and are sung by the many choirs that seem to be one of Estonia’s natural resources. The lines about a bee flying home that Liiv may have hummed while stumbling semi-frozen through the bogs and backwoods are now sung by choirs of 25,000 in Estonia’s celebrated song festivals. Here is my favorite rendition:


These are the words (3):


Ta lendab mesipuu poole            It flies toward the beehive


Ta lendab lillest lillesse,              It flies from blossom to blossom,
ja lendab mesipuu poole;            and flies toward the beehive;
ja tõuseb kõuepilv ülesse –         And a thundercloud rises to the sky,


ta lendab mesipuu poole.            it flies toward the beehive.


Ja langevad teele tuhanded;        And thousands fall on the road;
veel koju jõuavad tuhanded        Thousands more reach home
ja viivad vaeva ja hoole               and remove the worry and care,
ja lendavad mesipuu poole!         and fly toward the beehive.


Nii hing, oh hing, sa raskel a’al    Soul, oh soul, at difficult times –
kuis õhkad sa isamaa poole;        how you long for the fatherland.
kas kodu sa, kas võõral maal –     If at home, if on foreign soil –
kuis ihkad sa isamaa poole!         how you long for the fatherland!


Ja puhugu vastu sull’ surmatuul   And if death’s wind blow against you,
ja lennaku vastu sull’ surmakuul: and if death’s bullet fly against you,
sa unustad surma ja hoole           You forget death and care,
ning tõttad isamaa poole!             and hurry toward the fatherland.


This is a deeply affecting song for one who can perceive the difference between lucky Anglosphere countries, blessed by their natural barriers from raptor nations yet throwing away their identity, and victims of geography like tiny Estonia that have been crushed for one thousand years between the Rus and the Teuton and never ceased fighting to maintain their identity.


Only in a nation that has suffered cruel oppression but remained ethnically monolithic will you find such huge, young crowds singing the word isamaa – fatherland, my country – with a sincerity that the hip-hopping Hollander or Amerikka–cursing Bostoner would find incomprehensible. Besides isamaa, the whole song, ostensibly about a bee and a beehive, is about love of country, of home.


Consider another Estonian song that excites the feelings, Isamaa ilu hoieldes (“Loving the Beauty of the Fatherland”). This one moves the emotions not through its lyricism and soaring harmonies, but its raw strength and unusual chord progressions — and the thousands singing in unison, as though moved by one spirit.


Isamaa ilu hoieldes was created in the 1980s by two remarkable talents: the poet Jüri Leesment and the composer Alo Mattiisen. Their resistance songs fuelled the ’87–‘91 Singing Revolution that spread from Estonia to Latvia and Lithuania, and succeeded in shaking off the yoke of a vastly stronger Soviet oppressor. This is the credo it expresses:


If you believe in yourself, in the wisdom of the old and the strength of the young; if you believe in the solidarity of your people, and in the soil and birch groves and swallows of home – then you get a better life.

If you believe in dreams and lies, if you bow to the ruling masters and to money interests, if you are swayed by the words of your rulers and your opponents, or weaken due to the scolds of the blind and the bites of the base and greedy – then you get nothing (4).


It’s quite the goose-bump experience to hear 25,000 people singing this refrain:


Isamaa ilu hoieldes.                  Loving the beauty of the fatherland                     
Vaenlase vastu võideldes:         Fighting against the enemy,
pane tähele, pane tähele,          Pay attention, pay attention,
pane tähele, pane tähele,          Pay attention, pay attention.


Pay attention. Can a crowd of 150,000 unblessed by Wonderful Diversity and animated by 25,000 singing in unison of their ancestral land and spirit have a strength in sameness quite unlike the dar al-harb of 2010 Rotterdam and Birmingham or the Zimbabwe-in-training at America’s “most diverse” cities, such as Oakland, CA (5) or Camden, NJ?


“Diversity” is actually a good thing. You may rest assured that the milk-bread-and-salted fish Estonian would like to have a Thai restaurant or two in his town. In February, fatherland is not much on his mind, but Bali or Rio is.


Diversity, however, is like hot Tabasco sauce. You add a few drops to your mashed potatoes, you have improved them. But keep pouring it in, and at 10% Tabasco your starchy purée becomes hard to digest. At 35% — which is the United States now — you will need an ambulance and a stomach pump. A California-style mash that’s 58% Tabasco will kill you.


The Strength-in-Diversity meme is based on the dispando ad absurdum principle — expansion onto the absurd. Because a little diversity is good for you, a 58% majority of sub-90 IQ colonizers from 180 Third World countries is good for you too. William “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton has had peak experiences of a different kind when speaking of the day in 2042 (est.) when Whites will no longer be a majority in America. But on that day, America’s final epitaph will have been engraved and its course inexorably set toward a Bosnia folded into Ciudad Juarez with additional entertainment provided by Jamaat al Fuqra.

The lamb in heavenly pastures


Now when the West wallows in self-loathing, in boosting and celebrating the manifestly inferior, when churches are semi-deserted except for Hallelujah farms at the edge of strip malls, when a café au lait pre-programmed Socialist International voice digitizer is still “The One” to the plurality (41%) of Americans, one has to ask why.


There are the Crooks and the Loons, the permanent black and brown wards of the state, Jewish “repair of the world” with unintended consequences, Scandinavian socialism and White-guilt psychosis. But there is one more common and oft-forgotten source.


Here is England’s unofficial national anthem:




And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?
And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among those dark Satanic mills?
Bring me my bow of burning gold:

Bring me my arrows of desire:
Bring me my spear: O clouds, unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire!
I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England’s green and pleasant land.


Jerusalem is the essence of England. King George V said that he preferred it to the official National Anthem, “God Save the King.” It’s the anthem of England’s cricket and Rugby Union teams, and of Team England at the Commonwealth Games. It is sung every year by patriotic audiences of thousands in public venues and concert halls. It has been sung in every English school and college, though with the voluntary dhimmitude of that green and pleasant land now, mentions of Jerusalem are probably discouraged, along with St George’s Cross, cross buns, piggy banks and remembrance of the Nazi Holocaust.


Indeed Jerusalem is beautiful. Set to music by Sir Hubert Parry in 1916, though written by the Jacobin sympathizer William Blake (in 1804) it could belong proudly in any church hymnal. But as a National Anthem? With a vow not to cease fighting “till we have built Jerusalem in England”?


“Jerusalem” is a metaphor for a utopia of universal love and peace. Dark satanic mills are England’s industry in the early peak years of the Industrial Revolution. The various vows and declarations have little to do with love of England, and much to do with a Progressive social justice agenda leavened with Blake’s Swedenborgian nonsense.


That there were many social injustices in the 1800s is one thing.  But that this be an anthem symbolizing England unto 2011 – that’s a different matter.


Jerusalem is a proto-socialist, crypto-multiculti (6) humanist paean. It was adopted early on as a hymn of the British Socialists, the British Suffragettes, the British Labour Party and all other parties besides. When Labour set out in 1945 to dismantle Great Britain for good with cradle-to-grave welfare, tax-funded universal National Health Service and promises of full employment, they called the plan “building a New Jerusalem.”


Jerusalem has a strong association also with Britain’s most disastrous event ever, World War 1. In this too, the song served a utopian purpose. Parry composed the Jerusalem score to help brace the fighting spirit and symbolize what England was fighting for: the best interests of humanity.


Thus did glorious Old England jump into an elective, three-year nightmare that broke its back forever. With lions led by donkeys, 60,000 dead in the first day of fighting, 1 million dead in total and 1.6 million wounded. Singing Jerusalem and marching into machine gun fire under mustard gas clouds for the good of humanity.


No wonder that the British have made such a mess of it. They now stand in line for dwindling council housing and other government goodies behind the culturally enriching immigrants from the 7th century, wear Kevlar vests to school, and suffer an Archbishop of Canterbury who supports sharia and a Crown Prince who proclaims ‘My duty is to save the world’.


The same pathology is stamped on America’s decline. It’s all about the Holy Lamb of God, City upon a Hill (John Winthrop 1630, John Kennedy 1961, Ronald Reagan 1984, 1989), Thousand points of light  (G.H.W Bush, multiple citations) and A kinder, gentler nation (G.H.W. Bush, 1988). It’s not about such humble tasks as maintaining a balanced budget, keeping the value of the dollar, containing the size of the Looter Class, discouraging the dysfunctions of dysfunctional minorities, protecting the free citizen from statist oligarchs, protecting the free market from greedster malefactors, maintaining territorial sovereignty, and preserving the social capital, culture and identity of the nation.


There is no nation, actually. Korea defends Korea’s border and America defends Korea’s border (and Iraq’s and Afghanistan’s too), but it does not defend its own. The Shia in Iraq want to get rid of the Sunnis, and Americans do the shooting. Mexico conceives solutions for its unemployable peons that America implements on its own soil. China builds up its military and America provides the dollars and the technology. Europe rescues European banks, and America does too.


This is not simply “America,” but its Whites. Whites who vote for Black and Hispanic politicians while Blacks vote for Black politicians and Hispanics for the Hispanic ones. Anglos who listen meekly to the recording, “Para español, oprima el numero dos” while calling a bank, utility or government office. White Christians who cultivate Islam, agonize permanently over past injustices, and hand over the keys to the house to all claimants, provided they be non-White and claim victimhood status.


The United States could have become a healthy, rational country after the Civil War if it weren’t for its Progressives. It even had an unofficial national anthem reflecting the same kind of deep connection to the land as Estonia’s songs do. America, written by Samuel Francis Smith in 1832, is a paean to a beautiful land of ancestors, expressing the deepest emotional connection that one may have to one’s country. Moreover, it is sung to the music of “God save the King” and affirms therefore that culturally, the United States is Great Britain’s daughter (7). Its second stanza goes like this:


“My native country, thee,
land of the noble free, thy name I love;
I love thy rocks and rills,
thy woods and templed hills;
my heart with rapture thrills, like that above.”


America must have been deemed obsolete from the time the Progressives took the cultural reins in the 1880s and set out to make of America, Jerusalem. The Progressive creed tunneling under the United States to this day was presaged by the bizarre 19th century duo of the Christian Socialist Bellamy cousins, Edward and Francis. Edward wrote a best-seller in 1888 envisioning America of the year 2000 as a socialist utopia. Francis, a Baptist minister, was known for his sermon “Jesus the Socialist,” for his flag fetishism and the proto-Nazi Bellamy salute that went with it.


No wonder that with the Bellamys setting the tone, and three Progressive presidents (Roosevelt, Wilson, Roosevelt) soon thereafter, America was supplanted. In 1916, America’s most fateful Progressive, Woodrow Wilson, authorized “The Star Spangled Banner” as the new unofficial anthem (8).


Gone is the simplicity and love of ancestral soil. In a “proposition nation” whose politicians bray as though on cue “We are a nation of immigrants” and act as foreign agents and own nest featherers even while serving their sworn national duties, a long poem that one can neither remember nor sing properly is more appropriate. Particularly as it’s about the defense of a once-proud city, Baltimore – now a decrepit, dangerous sore plagued by Afro-American criminality at the bottom, gang warfare in the middle, kleptocracy at the top, and dementia queen Nancy Pelosi as the city’s most famous daughter.


The current U.S. anthem concludes with the lines: “And this be our motto: In God is our trust; And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave; O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.” So true until 1960, now its sounds like naive braggadocio.


God helps only those who help themselves, as Americans once did. Now, 44% of Americans live off the government.


“In God We Trust” could be printed not on one but on both sides of the American dollar, and it still wouldn’t change the Reality that there is little God can do for them who devalued their currency by 95% since 1913 and frittered such devalued dollars on cockamamie social engineering projects, mortgage loan guarantees for the guaranteed deadbeats, building modern China including its military, and bringing democracy and tolerance to the lands of the 7th century. All while exulting in their own goodness and specialness while being cut 35% (and growing) with Third World “diversity.”


Pay attention. Between the humble bee of Juhan Liiv, animated by the pulse of her earthly colony, and the Anglo-Saxon Christian lamb exalting in heavenly pastures (9), the bee is apt to be the long-term survivor. A headline last year read, Obama Wins Unlikely Allies [Evangelical Christian leaders] in Immigration. Another one announced that United Church of Christ, United Methodists and various evangelical groups would be participating in the “One Nation Working Together” rally of the extreme Left in Washington, D.C. on 2 October 2010 — along with such worthy comrades as Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, Human Rights Campaign, National Center for Transgender Equality, Planned Parenthood, and Code Pink.


Perhaps it’s time to revisit Western Christianity itself.

Goody Gullible Gulliver


Looking at the evolution of Christianity in the New World, one sees a blessed and lucky polity with a wholesome and constructive creed that morphed over 100 years ago into the conceit of building “Jerusalem,” with the government as the builder. Leaving aside the pre-WW2 Progressive presidents, since Lyndon Johnson for nearly half a century now the U.S. government has engaged in little more than building what G.H.W. Bush would call in 1988 “a kinder, gentler nation” and his son George W. would boost to a quest for a kinder, gentler world, with dire consequences (10).


For all those years, the U.S. government’s main project was equalizing the unequal and stamping out discrimination where Reality itself (i.e. God) discriminates. It seeded perceived historical victims in positions of power while its world competitors did so with their best and brightest. It opened its borders to the world for the good of the immigrants and to its own detriment. It streamed Islam into a Christian country and grew it there for the sake of “Judeo-Christian values.” It sucked in every manner of barbarian refugee and “refugee” from all over the globe, as long as he had a sob story. It redistributed wealth from the workers to the idlers and, via its trashing of the dollar, from the savers to the spendthrift borrowers. It exported its industry and jobs overseas, and imported the praise and cheap junk of Third World beneficiaries. It fought wars for democracy and freedom elsewhere, and refused to attend to the wars on its borders and in its own minorities-dominated cities. Great Britain immersed itself in the same pathology, though only via the left and center-Christian chutes, without the “greed is good” steroid of America’s unhinged banksters and next-quarter-profit’s maximizers.


For all those years, China was executing a brilliant rise via a clever industrial export and currency manipulation policy. China has cornered the global market in industrial production and, increasingly, in scarce natural resources, not to speak of its military dominance of the Far East — all made possible by U.S.-supplied dollars and technology. America in the meantime has cornered the market on financial air trading, predatory lawsuits, global compassion, and gross reverse-racist self-mutilation for the sake of progressive bondage, painful discipline, and purported approval by Liberation Lamb Jesus.


To save alien Arabs from Sadam Hussein and Pashtuns from the Taliban, America, with main assist from Great Britain, emptied its empty coffers and sent its 19-year-olds to be ripped by IEDs on dusty Muzland lanes. But it was China that got the oil contracts and Iran that gained a new satrapy in Iraq. It’s sharia law and hatred of the infidel that the U.S.-sponsored Afghani government stands for. It’s Al-Qaeda and Muslims Brotherhood that the U.S. empowered by helping Libyan rebels against Qaddafi.


Right along, playing to America’s passion for compassion, Mexico has been implementing a brilliant cultural and territorial reconquista via demographic dumping of tens of millions of its undesirables. Islam was executing a clever expansionist strategy by placing a large fifth column of immigrants in the all-too-willing Anglosphere, and then using Constitutional protections to expand Islam and its influence via symbolic presence (mosques, Ramadan at the White House etc.), Wahhabi bribery of universities and MSM, and intimidation via terrorism and recruitment of violent black criminals to Islam through prison imams on government salary.


Great Britain, to up the ante in the Inter-Anglo Compassion tournament, imports its worst jihadi enemies and gives them council housing and welfare for man, four wives and 16 future-jihad children per family, all out of tender concern for what their Muslim enemies would do to them in their home countries. That those enemies are the sane ones, and it’s Blighty that needs its head examined, apparently is not a popular notion in the ruling precincts of London.


80% of America’s population and 71% of Great Britain’s define themselves as Christian. These Christians, and the politicians they elect, have proved eminently hobbled in their comprehension of Reality’s mechanisms (11). In a geopolitical contest where the one superpower is guided by “What would Jesus do,” its primary enemy is guided by “What would Muhammad do” (Answer: conquest, killing, subjugation), and its main competitor and ascending superpower is guided by the Thirty Six Stratagems — e.g. #10: “Hide a knife behind a smile” — the superpower shall not remain so for long.


Perhaps another look at Estonia is warranted, it being a representative of a class of Eastern European countries humbled and hardened by a long succession of calamities, hence cleansed of the curses of pollyanism, naïveté, hubris, pretensions of exceptionalism, Lamb and Lion aspirations and tortured self-doubts.

From Brothers of the Sword to brothers of the song


Estonia’s history is impossible for a foreign non-specialist to grasp adequately. It’s a 1,000-year chronicle of conquest and subjugation of a small people by a succession of all the bullies in the neighborhood. There were some 40 invasions by the Russians in their various stages, crusades of Western European knights, monks and opportunists, and additional occupations by Denmark, Sweden, various German entities, Lithuania and Poland.


For our purpose here, two aspects will suffice. The one is how Christianity came to Estonia. The other is how Liberty has.


By 1193, when Pope Celestine III announced a Northern Crusade to convert the Baltic peoples to Christianity, they had already lived in the area for 8,000 years and had been preyed upon by the Kievan Rus for centuries. The “Livonian Brothers of the Sword” (Fratres militiae Christi de Livonia) would bring the word of merciful Jesus to these simple polytheist folks by sword and fire at the same time when the Fourth Crusade was sacking Constantinople.


A hundred years later, the Livonian Brothers had allied with the Order of the Teutonic Knights [“the Order”], Danes and Germans had moved in as the overlord class that enserfed the local tribes, but the uprisings by serfs and stubborn pagans would continue well into the 14th century. By the time it succumbed to the superior force of the Augustinian monks in chainmail and their allied knights, Estonia’s autochthon population was half of what it had been recently.


No sources in English are readily available about the rule of Latvia and Estonia by the Brothers of the Sword. However, the “Christian” ministrations of the Order in neighboring territories provide a basis for extrapolation.


The Prussians, whose lands would become the main stronghold of the Order, had been exterminated already by the 14th century. Thus did the word “Prussian” come to connote “German.” The Livs of Latvia and Estonia were luckier: about 400 remain with us today, though the Livs’ extermination is partly attributable to 20th century Soviets.


In 1308, singing “Jesu Christo Salvator Mundi” the Teutonic Knights seized the Polish city of Gdańsk (Danzig) and slaughtered 10,000 of its inhabitants. In their 1327 plundering raids on the region then known as Polonia Maior, the Order terrorized the people by burning down their villages and murdering women and children. There was much more of this.


Eventually, the creeping holocaust against the last remaining pagans, the Lithuanians, drove their prince Jogaila to convert his people to Christianity and form a protective alliance with Catholic Poland by marrying its queen. Under his command, the Polish-Lithuanian (12) army defeated the Teutonic Knights in the Battle of Grunwald on July 15, 1410. That victory has averted a Christ-impostoring genocide of so wide a scope that its recent 600th anniversary was attended by the presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus, Czech Republic and Slovakia. 


For Estonia, final relief from the Order would take another 25 years, but 550 more years of oppression were to follow. By the time the latest invaders — the Soviets — were done with it, Estonia had again lost ¼ of its population to mass murder, deportations to Siberia, harsh prison, confiscation of farms and forced starvation. All that in the brief span of Soviet occupation in 1940-41 and reoccupation in 1944 -1991, separated by three years of harsh German Nazi rule.


The Estonians never gave up. To fight the hated Soviets, at least 70,000 joined various units of Hitler’s army after German occupation in 1941 (13). When the Soviets reconquered the country in 1944, 30,000 Estonians took to the forest and resisted the Bolsheviks to the last man, for 30 years.


What the Soviets did not accomplish by mass murder, they tried by demographic and cultural means. They diluted the autochthon population by resettling Russian colonizers to Estonia and giving them special privileges. By 1990, 40% of the population of what was now Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic was Russian, and Russian had become a required second language, slowly supplanting the first. 


For a nation of $1.3 million to withstand all that, brave the Russian bear with nothing more than song and solidarity, and emerge with freedom and an intact national identity after 1000 years of foreign occupation (14) was a miracle.


There is a threefold lesson that Estonia’s history offers for the West. The first is that this is a vale of sorrow for whole nations like it is for individuals. Nations that have been spared travails such as befell Eastern Europe ought to feel grateful and protective of the advantages that good fortune has granted them. Instead, Western Anglophonic countries have frittered away their unique blessings such as defensible borders, cultural cohesiveness and monolingualism to pursue extreme utopian fantasies, as though it could be done with impunity. History however is not linear but circular. The wheel turns fastest for them who ignore its working.


The second and third lessons of Estonia’s history are that Christianity needs to be ransomed from its manglers on the Left, the Right and the doctrinaire middle before it can be resurrected as a widespread  spiritual force that the West needs so badly. To consider that properly we have to return to the Western context.

Toward a greater mugging onto eternity


Christianity is now at the far left end of a historic amplitude that started with the pendulum at the opposite end on July 6, 1415. On that day, Jan Hus was burned at the stake for stiff-necked heresy just a month after the deceased John Wycliffe had been condemned for a similar reason to exhumation and burning, along with his books. From that far end of Church fanaticism, a counter momentum started that generated the Hussite Wars and other internecine Christian slaughter that would tear up Europe for the next 300 years. In the realm of ideas, the arc of the pendulum went from abusive Church absolutism to the Reformation, back to Counter-Reformation, on to Enlightenment, Jacobinism, Marxism-Socialism, and the current religion of life-as-entertainment, consumption, pretentious stupidity, celebratory baseness, sloth and dhimmitude to the nonwhite and non-Christian.


Independently thinking clergymen started the reckoning with the excesses of institutional Christianity at least since mid-14th century. Even the Enlightenment had clergymen linchpins like Denis Diderot and Adam Ferguson. The Euro-peoples’ faith tried to find a golden balance, but the inertial Church hierarchy resisted too hard for too long. So much kinetic energy had built up, that when the pendulum finally smashed through the resistance, it swept far past the zone of equilibrium into liberalism, relativism, and loss of the faith and the faithful.


Nostra Aetate came in 1965 to proclaim religious liberalism in a grand measure half of which would have been far more useful 200 years earlier. What remains of serious practicing Christendom seems to be occupied mainly by the Christian Left. That is the “What would Jesus do” movement, presaged in Blake’s Jerusalem. It rides on the purist momentum started in 1415, pushing Christianity’s pendulum farther into the realm of neutered self-liquidation in reaction to its former fanatical absolutism.


“Does the Catholic Church have a future?” asks J. Peter Nixon in Only the Saints Can Save Us,”  the title answering the question. The author notes the dissonance between the official claim of following “one who embraced poverty, chastity, and obedience to the will of God,” and the modern summum bonum of material comfort, sexual fulfillment, and freedom from societal obligations. This hypocrisy has repelled many, particularly the young.


“The liberal path of greater rapprochement between Church and culture has not proven successful for those denominations that have tried it,” writes Nixon. But what the author offers differs little from the formula of B. H. Obama or any Euro-socialist. He sees the future of the Church in a common return to saintly life “that make(s) no sense unless Jesus Christ is who we believe Him to be.”


There is a double problem with this perception of Christ and Christianity: its ontology and its epistemology. Just skimming the summary surface of the epistemology as per the current state of New Testament studies is good for 50,000 words; we can but touch upon it here so that at least the deluded ontology get a more comprehensive treatment.


(The Bee and the Lamb continues.)




(1) By some accounts, two weeks.


(2) I pieced such details of Juhan Liiv’s life and work as appear here from a short Wikipedia entry, which is practically the only relevant item available in English, and a slim hodgepodge of not always mutually consistent items posted on the Internet in French, Polish and German. Also, by partially deciphering a few Estonian items with the help of a dictionary and a partly shared cultural frame of reference, as Estonia was a part of my native country, Poland, for 70 years in the 16th – 17th centuries and had a similar experience of fighting German, Russian and other invaders for the last 1000 years.  


(3) As I don’t speak Estonian, the translation was puzzle-work, taking the readily available Estonian text, hunting all over the Web for partial translations by Estonian bloggers, piecing those together and then cleaning up their English. Peep Sarapik composed the beautiful choral score.


(4) English-language translation by an Estonian blogger may not be 100% accurate, but it’s the only one available.


(5) Oakland is third from the top of crime rankings of the cities of the extra-Mexico North American landmass — crimes in such volume that the police no longer respond to complaints of burglary, theft, embezzlement, extortion and vandalism. It’s the home of Huey Newton and the Black Panthers, of Discovery Channel’s Gang Wars, and of Afro-American Cultural Marxist saboteurs like Barbara Lee and Ron Dellums and institutions like Ella Baker Center …  the list is very long.


(6) Both Swedenborg and Blake considered Blacks more advanced spiritually than Whites.


(7) Unfortunately, no good choir performances of this song are available on YouTube. This  is the least objectionable one.


(8) U.S. Congress wrote it into law in 1931.


(9) The same attitude is common among other Northwest European Protestants.


(10) B.H. Obama does not belong in the same category, even though his socialist policies exceed those of his predecessors. Obama is executing a strategic plan on behalf of his people: the Afro-Americans first and the postcolonial populations second.  Obama’s white predecessors for 50 years had only utopian, mushy notions largely anchored in their Christian faith and oblivious to their own race’s, nation’s or civilization’s interests.  


(11) American Jews are even more hobbled this way, for largely similar reasons. A similar attitude is quite common among Nordic Protestants.


(12) There were other Slav volunteers, including the great Czech Jan Žižka who would later become the commander of the Hussite forces.


(13) 30,000 had been impressed in 1941 into the Soviet Army. Estonia got it from both sides.

(14) To be exact, Estonia had won its independence in 1920 — it had to fight for it against both the USSR and Germany — but lost it again in 1940.

Takuan Seiyo was born behind the Iron Curtain to two survivors of the Holocausts, only one of whom and which was Jewish. He emigrated to the U.S. in the mid-60s, got four university degrees while living hand to mouth, and made his career in the electronic MSM. In 2005, after many years of witnessing the staggered collapse of his beloved California, he left to live in the Far East. Returning to the U.S. frequently in search of a new place to call home, in 2006 Mr. Seiyo started writing after a long wait in a snaking TSA security check line, behind Tom Wolfe.

The Bee and the Lamb

(Part 2)

by Takuan Seiyo (December 2011)
Toward a greater mugging onto eternity (continued )

A societal prescription of living a saintly life in the Jesus mode welcomes the looting of everything the West has and is by the great masses of the Third World with two feet already in the door. It cannot fend off global jihad, North Korea or China. It skirts modern economic reality in which wealth is the reward of productive competition, and capital has no religion but flows to where the returns are highest. What Nixon and other sincere Christians prescribe is self-liquidation with a beatific smile.

A case to ponder is George Price, the subject of The Price of Altruism: George Price and the Search for the Origins of Kindness. A genius, Price dedicated the latter portion of his life to explaining acts of kindness and altruism within the ostensibly contrary framework of Darwin’s evolutionary principles. He even wrote the Price Equation that explained it mathematically – a feat no one before him had managed.

In 1970, Price, a sworn atheist like most Darwinians, had a religious experience. He became obsessed with the New Testament and decided to follow Jesus. He opened his house to the homeless and, to help them, gave away most of his possessions. What he didn’t give away, they stole as he was watching. Finally, he was evicted from his rented place. In 1975, the 53 year old Price – homeless, destitute and ill –committed suicide.

The United States and Great Britain are already partially evicted from their respective homes by self-inflicted alien hordes, and are now destitute and ill too. While the socialist paternity of this syndrome receives much coverage on the Right, the Christian maternity has been a matter of discreet silence.

The most destructive U.S. Senator in modern history, Ted Kennedy, was an observant Catholic who wrote in his autobiography, “My faith, and the love of following its rituals, has always been my foundation and my inspiration.” His first Senate speech was to endorse the 1964 Civil Rights Act – a law that not only freed Blacks from unjust discrimination but replaced the concept of equal opportunity with government-enforced equal outcomes for unequals, hence a bleak future for all in a Parallel Universe la-la land.

Ted Kennedy was also the motor of the 1965 Immigration Act. He reviled its critics as “un-American” bigots evincing “hate of our heritage.” The quick 1964/65 one-two punch combination ensured that America would have a Third World population to go with its soft-in-the-head ideology. Yet Kennedy is lionized profusely to this day, including in Catholic media.

Three times in recent memory, committed Anglo-Christian presidents drove America to a staggered ruin in the service of their religious precepts, and three times similarly oriented prime ministers so drove Great Britain. Recounting the full list of woes inflicted on America by Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter and on Great Britain by Attlee, Blair and Brown is beyond the scope of this work. The former being well known to the American reader, and the semi-forgotten Clement Attlee (1) requiring too much exposition, we’ll omit them here.

Tony Blair, who set Great Britain onto its path of dhimmified dissolution, is a committed Christian who has spoken of the importance of his faith in his life almost as much as his soul mate in the White House has. Gordon Brown, the most delusional prime minister in post-Attlee British history, is a “Presbyterian from cradle” who has flaunted his Christian vision in politics. But since the fantastic damage wreaked by George W. Bush alone would fill a thick book, a small W sample will do for our purpose here.

The “religiously-informed” centrist website “First Things” misses Bush because of his affection for America, lack of hate for his opponents, no haranguing of the people, and a manifest belief that Americans are inherently decent and heroic. This was a comment from “Bill”:

“I believe George W. Bush loved God. I can’t think of anything that explains his patience, forbearance and love of us. I recall the way he met with every fallen soldier’s family to thank them and grieve with them and did it out of the spotlight [snip]. He came to a point in his life where he chose to serve God rather than himself and recognized and accepted his complete dependence on God [snip]. The Left despised the sight of Pres. Bush. I love him.”

Genuinely decent and Christian man though George W. Bush is, it appears not to register with millions of his kindred fans that he ruined the United States. In his eight years in the White House, Bush started and did not finish two ruinous wars to bestow freedom, democracy, tolerance and $3 trillion in American taxpayer’s wasted treasure on unwilling and unable Mohammedans. Instead of acting on the real causes of 9/11 terror –Islam and Muslims’ access to the United States, and the corrupted functioning of PC-mad CIA and FBI — he just threw enormous gobs of money at the problem, and voided hard-won civil liberties of a complacent sheeple.

Bush sanctioned the building of a giant new bureaucracy, DHS [Number of employees: 200,000+, Primary mission: Diversity]. During his tenure, the funding for homeland security increased from $19.5 billion to $70 billion (2). Much of that for salaries to people who confiscate the toothpaste of retired octogenarian Scots-Irish Lt. Generals and conduct breast milk interrogations of Evangelical Marines’ wives at America’s 450 commercial airports while hosting receptions to celebrate Ramadan. In addition to the direct costs, indirect costs of this to the economy have been over $4 billion a year.

Veto pen permanently glued to his pocket, Bush enlarged the size and cost of the government more than any president had since Lyndon Johnson (by some reckoning since FDR). He was responsible for an 83% increase in federal spending and added $1.55 trillion to the federal debt while lowering taxes too, as though America could walk on water and hoist canons at the same time. By 2009, his “compassionate” Medicare drug benefit initiative alone was piling over $60 billion a year onto the federal deficit.

Unsustainable expenditures were anchored in W’s faith-based (a prominent Bushism) delusions. He pushed the “minority homeownership” agenda, thus contributing to the subprime mortgage crisis and collapse of the U.S. financial system. Perhaps the clearest indication of the crazed “faith-based” mindset is in the speech Bush gave in June 2002 at a black church in Atlanta. Excerpts:

“We’ve got a problem here in America [snip]. Too many American families, too many minorities do not own a home. There is a home ownership gap in America. The difference between Anglo America and African American and Hispanic home ownership is too big. [snip] By the year 2010, we must increase minority home owners by at least 5.5 million. [snip]

The single greatest barrier to first time homeownership is a high downpayment. [snip] That’s why I propose and urge Congress to fully fund the American Dream Downpayment Fund. This will use money, taxpayers’ money to help a qualified, low income buyer make a downpayment. [snip] That’s why I’ve challenged the industry leaders [snip] to [snip] achieve a more secure America, by achieving the goal of 5.5 million new minority home owners.

[Snip] Fannie May and Freddie Mac [etc.] will increase their commitment to minority markets by more than $440 billion. [snip] They will purchase more loans made by banks after Americans, Hispanics and other minorities, which will encourage homeownership. Freddie Mac will launch 25 initiatives to eliminate homeownership barriers. [snip] Consumers with poor credit will be able to get a mortgage with an interest rate that automatically goes down after a period of consistent payments. Fannie Mae will establish 100 partnerships with faith-based organizations that will [snip] increase homeownership for their congregations. I love the partnership.”

It’s impossible for a non-Looter American to read this impassively, knowing that Bush’s beloved Fannie and Freddie instruments of “racial justice” are a black hole that cost the U.S. taxpayer $141 billion so far, and no end is in sight as they have $5.6 trillion in combined liabilities. Every quarter, this dynamic duo loses an 11-figure sum of U.S. taxpayer’s dollars and demands (and gets) more. In the first quarter of 2011 alone, Fannie lost $8.7 billion and Freddie lost close to $1 billion.

Bush’s penultimate line in that speech was, “To me, that something greater than yourself is to love a neighbor like you’d like to be loved yourself. In order to change America and to make sure the great American Dream shines in every community, we must unleash the compassion and kindness of the greatest nation on the face of the earth.” His love-thy-Mexican-neighbor agitation for illegal aliens’ amnesty was permanently at fever pitch even as contemporaneous studies and plain common sense warned of dire consequences (3).

It’s not surprising therefore that when B. Hussein Obama was preparing to push America’s creaky hull for reasons laid down by Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers et al. down the skid ramp built by G.W. Bush, it was de rigueur that he announce, I felt I heard God’s spirit beckoning me.” He elaborated further, 20 months after his effort at converting America into a Black Liberation Jerusalem had begun: “The precepts of Jesus Christ spoke to me.

Christianity has turned into Origen Christianity involving self-castration. The intersection of this suicidal code with politics transpires almost daily. Memorably so when U.S. Senate Democratic candidate (and now Senator) Chris Coons promised to bring Yale University Divinity School’s values to the Senate. To check what values they might be, let us peek at YDS’s course roster/ reading list. Here are some of the offerings of the divine curriculum:

Rel 668 – Race, Tribe, Hue, representative required reading: Prejudice and Christian Beginnings edited by Laura Nasrallah.  Nasrallah’s web page at the Harvard Divinity School informs of her special interest in “issues of colonialism, gender, status, and power.” Another mandatory book bears the juicy title Postcolonial Feminist Interpretation of the Bible, by Dube.

Rel 715 – Intro to Christian Ethics II, representative required reading:  God of the Oppressed by James Cone. Cone is the Black Liberation theologian whose Jesus-is-Black, Destroy-Whitey proposition and other assorted Marxist Negrophile gobbledygook have won him a distinguished professorship at New York’s Union Theological Seminary and fame as a fount of inspiration for Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s spiritual mentor.

Rel 740 – Martin Luther King Jr.: Religious and Civil Rights. More James Cone and other ultra-progressive, Whitey- flagellating stuff.

Rel 749 – Feminist/Womanist/Gendered Theologies, representative required reading: Mujerista Theology by Ada Maria Asisi-Diaz. The book wraps Marxism, radical feminism and postcolonial anti-White radicalism into one neat “Christian” package.

Rel 786 – Queer Worship, representative book: Queer Globalizations by Malave.

Rel 834 – James Baldwin: Religious Writer And Social Critic. Comment unnecessary but remember: this is a divinity school.

Rel 882 – Cultural Diversity, Islam, Women, and Globalization. Comment unnecessary but remember: this is a Christian divinity school.

Rel 881 – Religious Dimensions of the Middle East Peace Process. “Islam light” Muslim apologetics with books by Muslim academics Abdul Aziz Said and Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

Rel 922 – Just Hospitality, representative required reading: Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire. City Journal’s Sol Stern described this book as “a utopian political tract calling for the overthrow of capitalist hegemony and the creation of classless societies.”

Something happened to turn Christianity of all stripes into the equivalent of computer malware. You click on Transcendence, Marxism enters between the synapses. You click on Redemption, self-termination code seeps into the security holes of your Operating System. You click on Meaning of Life, you get infiltrated by putrid postcolonial masculinity-hating GLBT anti-White pop-up poop. You log on to Savior, you find Stuxnet.

It’s time to check the condition of the firewall. Something is wrong.

Between Jhvh, Jesus, Janus and Jutta (4)

As they graze in the postmodern world among the Mega-Looters, Massive Crooks, Multiculti Loons, Mendacious Marxists, Militant Muslims, Metamorphosed KGBsters, Mao-Confucian Capitalists, Pierced Polymorphic Perverts, Barbarians with iPads, Programmed Consumer Clones and Corporate Drones, the confused ontology of Christianity’s Holy Lamb practitioners (they of Blake’s Jerusalem) is perhaps exceeded only by their disoriented epistemology.

For practicing Christians, if Jesus Christ is who we believe Him to be, we must follow what the Evangelists – i.e. fallible, unknown and unknowable 1st century Middle-Eastern Jews and Seleucid Greeks with private agendas, character warps and consciousness leaks specific to their time and place wrote 30-80 years after His crucifixion. If we go another 250 years forward, i.e. the first ecumenical council, in Nicaea, the actual Jesus who lived and died has receded much farther, and the fallible, invented agendas of the religious politicians arrogating His name have multiplied manyfold. The origination and therefore divine origin problems of the much older Old Testament are even greater (5).

Superior brains have engaged in this issue at least since Thomas Jefferson and, before him, Isaac Newton. By now, supercomputer algorithms and the most sophisticated methods of textual and historiographic analysis have been brought to bear too. None of this seems to have penetrated into the skulls of church leaders, let alone their dwindling flock, even though a plausible case can be made that even if God did not actually appear to Moses, Jesus was not actually God, and Mary was not actually a virgin [for that you need to understand what the Hebrew word alma means], God had still chosen them and operated through them. And that God may not wear a toga and a white beard but manifest as a conscious homeostatic loop immanent in every particle in the Universe and vibrating it in a beautiful music of the celestial spheres too slow for us to apprehend as each beat lasts 500 years.

Moreover, no revisionism can take off one iota from the magnificence of the Bible –surely the greatest literary creation and most inspired, probably even God inspired, moral document in all of history. But that’s inspired, not dictated. And inspired into ancient, unknown writers, with all their human warps.

A semantic symptom of the mental fog in the Anglosphere is the constant reference to “our Judeo-Christian” heritage, values, civilization and so on. It’s a false meme. The Jewish inheritance embedded in Christianity is an indispensable moral and theistic foundation stone of Western Civilization, but together they make for only two of five, the other ones being Greek, Roman and pre-Christian Northern European.

That there are major Roman elements in our culture anyone with one semester of law school, Romance languages, Civil Engineering or Government 101 will attest to readily. The Roman ideals of virtue, manliness and patriarchal order sustained Western society until the mid-20th century.

As to the Greeks, the great German classical scholar Werner Jaeger called our civilization Hellenocentric. The Greek form of ennobling, acculturative education, paideia, was once the forming template for a ruling elite as recently as Victorian England and pre-1930s proto-WASP America. Paideia is now a quaint word and forgotten concept, which is why we no longer have a Praetorian Guard. We are ruled by moronic clowns or clever pillagers, and know no better.

A minor recent media event involving the word paideia allows a glimpse of the confusion of history and values in the source of “Judeo-Christianity” itself: Judaism. It was a television interview with Barbara Lerner-Spectre, the founder of Paideia Institute in Sweden dedicated to the revival of European Jewish culture. The name is a singularly maladroit appropriation, for if there is something that paideia is not, it is Jewish culture.

Paideia, per Werner Jaeger’s magnum opus (translated by Gilbert Highet as Paideia: The Ideals of Greek Culture) was the educational process shaping Greek youngsters into worthy carriers of liberty, noble character, martial valor and love of beauty. Thus raised, a free Greek man was to be Kalos kagathos, handsome and brave. The same ideal may be found in the chivalry code and training of medieval European knights and in the samurai code of bushido.

The paideia ideal was resurrected again in the school that the father of French equitation, Antoine de Pluvinel, opened in Paris in 1594 for sons of the highborn. It was ostensibly an académie for teaching horsemanship, but Pluvinel has a place in the pantheon of Classical Humanists not only because of his gentle methods of handling the horse but because his school imparted also the arts of fencing, painting and music-making, proper attire and comportment, good manners, mathematics, classical and modern languages, poetry, literature and history. Some form of that survived well into the 20th century in the British public schools and their American equivalents, and in the Swiss private schools for the rich.

The traditional Jewish form of acculturative education, on the other hand, has focused since ancient times on mastery of the canon of the Torah and its exegesis in the Talmud, Mishnah and Gemara. It has served over the centuries to preserve the legacy of Judaism. As a side effect, it’s probably the core reason for the 12-15 points that separate the mean IQ of Ashkenazi Jews from that of their neighbor white Christians. For traditional Jewish education was akin to attending law school from the age of five.

The curriculum, still mandatory in Orthodox Judaism, encompasses 613 Torah commandments (mitzvot) from Jhvh, seven more added by later rabbis, positive and negative injunctions, attenuating and nullifying circumstances, precedents of rabbinical jurisprudence and opinion, plus endless canonical arguments interpreting all those in dozens of volumes. What it does not do is teach valor, appreciation of beauty, and nobility of character. It also does not anymore, except on the esoteric margins like the Kabbalah, carry a direct experience of the transcendent God.

Less than 50% of Western Jews have any attachment to their religion now. The imperative of loving God evolved for most into an imperative of doing good. A wholesome spiritual precept was eventually perverted by “progressivism” into a leftist egalitarian and West-deconstructing ideology. Western Jews’ major cultural group trait now is secular activism to make the world a “better” place by supporting parties and policies that carry out the redistribution of power and wealth from the achievers to the slackers, from Whites to the not-so, and from the First World to the Third. As though there were no unintended consequences.

And so we arrive at a Judaic Paideia that’s not just confused in what it is and what it cannot be, but actively peddles repellent monstrosities. In the interview, Ms. Lerner-Spectre, complete with the facial and mental ticks of Nancy Pelosi, said this:

“There is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because [snip] Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we [Paideia?] are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

It’s the exact opposite. Europe will not survive Lerner-Spectre’s and her “Paideia’s” ministrations. Packaged into her lunacy with an astonishing lack of awareness is the probability of a future civil war in Europe and a holocaust for the remnants of Europe’s Jewry. Were she to succeed, the 1.5 million European Jews would face the violent hostility of soon-to-be 80 million European Muslims. Moreover, the Jews will have earned the implacable hatred of many millions of Europeans who would be blaming them, collectively, for their vaunted “leading role” in foisting the multiculti Islamo-African disaster on their continent.

We have here a people widely hailed for its outstanding mental powers yet courting self-extinction with the persistence of imbeciles. Huang Po, the 9th century Chinese Zen master, perhaps had such a syndrome in mind when he said, “The wise reject what they think, not what they see. The foolish reject what they see, not what they think.”

Alas, all mainstream Christianity is hitched to the same wagon. Volumes could be written about this, but we can adduce here just a few examples:

A little-known root of the “Building Jerusalem” progressive Christian madness may be found in this March 16, 1942 TIME Magazine report about a resolution of 30+ Protestant denominations in favor of one world government, a “democratically controlled” world bank, worldwide freedom of immigration, strong limitations on national sovereignty, international control of all militaries, and so on.

As to the Southern Baptist Church, the blog keeps noting that it is now part of the “Treason Lobby.” For Lutherans, to hop an ocean, one might read an article whose headline, if I wrote it, would read “Swedish Lesbian Loon Bishop Driving Nails Into Her Country’s Outstretched Hands” — though it reads differently in Danish (English translation at Gates of Vienna).

Elsewhere in the Christian asylum, the Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori , the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, wrote a missive entitled We must join immigration dialogue,” replete with fraudulent bromides likeour biblical tradition” and misapplied quotes from Isaiah in support of a mad dogma that’s destroying the United States and all western and quasi-Christian countries.

The Roman Catholic Church is no better. A section of the Vatican is called “Justice and Peace” as though it were a division in Eric Holder’s Afrocentric Latino Reconquista Department of Justice. To see how far the American RCC will go to line up behind any alien Catholic no questions asked, and against the polity of the American people, one might delve into this account of Cardinal Mahoney’s Los Angeles.

One cannot help but think of Nietzsche’s thesis that Christianity was a Trojan horse wheeled into the Roman Empire by Paul in order to destroy it. Indeed for a long time now, proto-Nazi thinkers have homed in on this idea. Those particularly afflicted by the Jew-hate virus, from Hitler through Julius Evola to Revilo Oliver to current White Supremacist groups proclaim that Christianity is a harmful Jewish import that the West had better discard, or die the death of eunuchs. The proposed replacement is usually some version of the Nazi formula: a synthesis of Rome and Nordic paganism.

But things are not so simple. As comforting as such magic serums may seem, life in pre-Christian Europe was short, brutal and dehumanizing in the extreme, even in the evolved Greek and Roman cultures.

The classical scholar Sara Ruden has delved into original Greek and Latin texts to describe in her Paul Among the People the 1st century world to which Paul brought his message of divine love and moral restraints. Slaves were considered on a par with dogs. Slave boys served for anal sex in a widespread and explicitly sadistic practice with dehumanizing intent. Babies were a disposable commodity, often killed by exposure. Commoners and slaves were subject to barbaric punishments, crucifixion by no means the cruelest one.

Paul’s counsel of meekness and forbearance has to be seen in the context of the congenital impulsiveness of that era’s people, with emotion channeled instantaneously into violence begetting further violence. Hatred and revenge were matters of pride and approbation. Stabbing, strangling and poisoning were normal ways of resolving disputes.

Paul’s railing about sorcery may seem fanatical in our age of pandering to “authentic” primitivism, until one has Ruden as a guide to what sorcery meant in the Greco-Roman context. She brings up the Roman poet Horace’s description of a small boy buried up to his neck and left to starve to death while staring at food, so that his liver and bone marrow imbue with his frenzied longing, to better serve as an aphrodisiac.

The Christian message, distilled from Judaism but dispensing with the latter’s myriad rules, offered a way from barbaric brutality and enslavement to human dignity and freedom. Life in a post-Christian West brought to pre-Christian norms would remove the “civil” from “civilization.” Moreover, it was Christian inspiration that built this culture, so magnificent that it’s still coasting supreme on the strength of past glory, even though for much of the past 100 years it has done little more than smear feces on itself, science excepted.

The Mystical Nativity, Sandro Boticelli, 1501

But rescue is not to be found at the other pole, either. The kind of traditionalism that yearns for a pre-Enlightenment golden Church past that never was is playing a similar make-believe game. It’s a losing proposition to return to princely status for bishops, trials for cats and pigs as agents of Satan, burning witches, impaling Jews and mowing down other Christians because they cross themselves differently, as is the denial that this was once the Christian practice, from which only the Enlightenment rescued us. Here, a look at Estonia may again provide food for the Anglophone’s thought.

The second lesson of Estonia’s history is that a people can reconcile with their complex and far from unsullied history and tradition without the compulsive picking at wounds and other Reality-distorting rubbish that characterizes the West’s Hamletian moral and spiritual contortions.

Yes, the Christianizing process was brutal and full of ulterior motives. But the Baltic tribes themselves were no pure and noble innocents. The Estonians, Livs, Letts, Semgallians, Curonians, Lithuanians et al. were raiders, pillagers, slavers and killers – of each other. They were human predators glorifying plunder. Their pagan religion sustained this dog-eat-dog ethos. Their sacred groves saw human sacrifices and infanticide. All this had once been common across Northern Europe, but in the Baltics it persisted through the 13th century (6).

Masochistic falsification of history (7) for the sake of moral cleansing and the “building of Jerusalem” so prized particularly in the Anglosphere voids the wisdom that comes from understanding the truth. Wearing sackcloth year round because of what remote white predecessors did to the Igbo, Iroquois or Inca is terminal idiocy inverting the lessons of history into a scourge for self-flagellation. Eastern Europeans (and all non-Western peoples) don’t make a big fuss about wrong turns they have taken in the past.

Estonians do not allow that disaffected minorities or utopian moralists beat society into submission with tales of Estonian Reds who fought for Stalin’s evil or Estonian Waffen SS volunteers who fought for Hitler. That pre-empts the white Mea Culpa cult, now decimating the West. As to Christianity, Estonia has gratefully taken all the good it can offer, without dwelling much on how it was imposed.

The Church, Lutheran since 1524, was of relatively little importance, except for its major contribution to basic education. But with the revival of Estonian nationalism in late 19th century, it had become what the scholar Andrew R. Hart called “a pillar of the civil religion of Estonia” (8). The Lutheran Church helped to revive the Estonian language by holding services in Estonian, promoted Estonian culture and dispensed charity. With Sovietisation, church membership became a component of national resistance. After a Lutheran service, Hart relays, people would leave to lay flowers at the graves of patriots who died fighting the Russians.

The Lutheran Church still functions as Estonia’s cultural anchor, even though 80% of the population claims no church membership. But there is another anchor too, of pronounced pre-Christian, indigenous Estonian provenance. This shows most clearly also in the other Baltic countries: all remote from Rome and Christianized last (9).

Polytheistic, nature-based folklore builds up social capital and connectedness to the land, and through it to Reality. Love of the land harks back to the creed of sacred oaks, divine waterfalls and power rocks. Reality is encoded in myths, proverbs, folk tales and old aphorisms. Both are crucial antidotes against utopian stupidity in the manner of Western secular Body Snatchers or self-erasure through Christian Holy Lamb world repair.

That is the third lesson from Estonia. Elements of its pagan past that thrive to this day have cemented the national spirit and identity. The distinctive folk costumes one sees at Estonia’s song festivals date to pre-Christian times. Some costume parts, such as the wide, woven belts, have magic properties per ancient legends. The singing tradition itself, the wreaths on women’s heads and on men’s shoulders go back to pre-history.

Christmas, a happy and important day like elsewhere, is heir to ancient winter solstice celebrations. It has retained its original pagan name – joulud (i.e. Yuletide). Jaanipäev (St. John’s Day), the second most important day of the year, is a thinly disguised pagan fest of summer solstice. Leaping through large bonfires to burn lingering bad spirits is clearly not to be found in the Catechism.

Nor are the many myths and legends. The myth of the travelling forests is instructive: when people are mean, greedy and cruel, the forest leaves them and travels elsewhere. In a country that’s 50% forest even now, that’s significant. All that and much more preserved from the immemorial past defines what it is to be Estonian.

The buried and forgotten pagan layer is the fifth part of the Euro peoples’ spiritual DNA. One who considers the trees of his native land holy will not turn them over to the custody of imported Mexican tax-eaters or hateful Somali “refugees.” One who beholds the glory of God also in the magnificence of nature will not become atheist turned off to Christianity just because he’s been taught in school about the Inquisition.

European neo-paganism has been sullied by the Nazis. Its current volkish resurrectors orbit around crypto-Rosenbergs (10) like Duke, MacDonald and Sunic, which doesn’t help. But a wholesome extraction of what was touching and beautiful in the native animist religions of the Northern Europeans would add a dose of immunity to Anglo-Saxon Christians and other Christian Whites currently in a self-cancelling pursuit of the Lamb and oblivious to all the bees buzzing about.

For Americans, who don’t have the rootedness of a hundred preceding generations living in the same land, it behooves to pay attention to Chief Seattle’s speech, describing the land where they do now have tenure of several generations:

Every part of this soil is sacred in the estimation of my people. Every hillside, every valley, every plain and grove, has been hallowed by some sad or happy event in days long vanished. Even the rocks, which seem to be dumb and dead as the swelter in the sun along the silent shore, thrill with memories of stirring events connected with the lives of my people, and the very dust upon which you now stand responds more lovingly to their footsteps than yours, because it is rich with the blood of our ancestors, and our bare feet are conscious of the sympathetic touch. Our departed braves, fond mothers, glad, happy hearted maidens, and even the little children who lived here and rejoiced here for a brief season, will love these somber solitudes and at eventide they greet shadowy returning spirits.”

But here too, one must exercise the same intellectual rigor as is called for in reading and interpreting the Bible. First, we cannot know what Chief Seattle actually said. The date of his speech in 1854 is disputed; he spoke in the Lushootseed language that only one of the assembled understood and live-interpreted into Chinook. A third person interpreted the Chinook into English. Yet a fourth person, Dr. Henry A. Smith, took partial notes of the English version from which years later he reconstructed Seattle’s speech. Another version has Seattle speaking in the Duwamish language, which Dr. Smith – who may have only been a “Doctor” – allegedly understood and was able to capture on the fly in his English notes.

Henry Smith published his version of Seattle’s speech in 1887, with a 30+ year delay. No other record of the speech was made. Smith’s original notes and his manuscript have not been found. Besides, one who would let his brain dissolve in an uncritical noble savage myth ought to remember that the tribes of the Pacific Northwest, like all Indian tribes, lived in a state of constant internecine warfare. Chief Seattle himself kept Indian slaves captured at war.

If such ambiguities exist about an event on American soil witnessed 155 years ago by men living within recent memory, it’s no wonder that people with high brain wattage, though born Christian, cannot accept the alleged inerrancy of descriptions of events by unknown non-witnesses to Christ’s life and death 2000 years ago in a foreign land that very few now living know anything about. They do accept the prescriptions, but only to the extent that they coalesce with a Socialist agenda that is the chief refuge of those who no longer perceive God’s presence in this world.

To turn Christianity into a branch office of the Swedish Social Democratic Workers’ Party, which is the universal case now, is blasphemy of the highest order. And to validate that via unverifiable reports of walking on water or out of a sealed tomb is a sorry myopia with regard to the true miracle that even the littlest bee evinces.

But all that is an issue for another day. This being December, it behooves us to close by remembering Christmas. Here is the opening of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Christmas Oratorio:

Jauchzet, frohlocket! auf, preiset die Tage,         Shout for joy, exult, rise, glorify the day,

Rühmet, was heute der Höchste getan!               Praise what today the Highest has done!
Lasset das Zagen, verbannet die Klage,              Let go of hesitation, banish lamentation,
Stimmet voll Jauchzen und Fröhlichkeit an!          Sing with joy and exaltation!

Dienet dem Höchsten mit herrlichen Chören,       Serve the highest with magnificent choirs,
Laßt uns den Namen des Herrschers verehren!   Let us honor the name of our ruler!

Bach signed all his scores SDG, for Soli Deo Gloria, to show where all those notes were coming from and going to. But they came from his privileged genes too: 80 Bachs before and after J.S. have been musicians.

God abhors equality and does not grant equal opportunity or outcome, except to share in His grace. The multitudes of Christian and Jewish repairers of His works ought to remember that. Humility and gratitude are in order, not the catastrophic arrogance of reengineering man and society.


(1) Clement Attlee, Churchill’s successor as prime minster, was the original Christianity-inspired destroyer who during his long career had wrought more damage than either Blair or Brown. Although referring to himself as agnostic, Attlee grew up in a religious home, with a brother who was a devout Christian Socialist and pacifist, and a sister who was a missionary.

(2) Applying Strategic Risk Management to Allocating Resources for Homeland Security: A Case Example of Port Security   Veronique de Rugy

(3) The costs were analyzed among others here, with a $2.5 trillion net deficit projected in retirement costs alone.

(4) Jhvh is the unpronounceable Hebrew name of the Biblical God. Jutta is the name of the queen goddess of birds in Estonian mythology.

(5) At this point, the wrath of Catholic and Orthodox believers usually explodes in postings of abusive comments, and Evangelical love manifests in a plea to repent and find salvation by faith alone. Prospective commenters unfamiliar with at least one and a half of the three original Bible-related languages and with the work of at least two major contemporary Biblical academic sleuths of outstanding intellect and integrity, say Bart Ehrman and Randel Helms, are kindly requested to go away and study before opining. They are reminded that if one accepts Christoph Luxemberg’s thesis that the Koran is a forged pastiche, one is a hypocrite who refuses to employ similar analytical methods to Christianity’s holy books and dogmas.

(6) This brief summary is based on Victims of the Baltic Crusade  William L. Urban, Journal of Baltic Studies, 1998, and on A History of Pagan Europe, Prudence Jones and Nigel Pennick, Routledge, 1997.

(7) For instance, about the “unique white evil” of slavery while black-on-black slavery was widely practiced in Africa, and Arab instigation of the slave trade, including enslaving white captives was far wider and more cruel than anything white slavers’ ever perpetrated and lasted three times as long.

(8) Andrew R. Hart, “The Role of the Lutheran Church in Estonian Nationalism,” Religion in Eastern Europe, 13, No.3. June 1993, pp. 6-12

(9) Where polytheistic traces are weaker, as they are in the Anglosphere, the Greek and Roman heritage is of double importance, for it brings with it the yang elements needed to balance the yin of Judeo-Christianity.

(10) That’s Alfred Rosenberg, not your friendly Jewish dentist. Rosenberg, incidentally an Estonian German, was one of Hitler’s chief theorists of the “spiritual” foundation of Nazism, based on “religion of the blood.” He was tried at Nuremberg and hanged for war crimes.

(11) For a peek into the relevant scholarship see “Thus Spoke Chief Seattle: The Story of An Undocumented Speech,” Jerry L. Clark, Prologue Magazine, Spring 1985, Vol. 18, No. 1.

The Bee and the Lamb

Part 3

by Takuan Seiyo (January 2012)

Pendulum in the dark (continued – part 1, part 2)

We concluded the last installment with a video of the opening of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Christmas Oratorio. It was Yuletide alright but there was a broader reason.

The venue is the glorious Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) in Dresden. The superb orchestra, Staatskapelle Dresden, is the world’s oldest (over 450 years), and still one of the very best. The magnificent choir is sane “diversity” like 50 years ago: men and women, native Germans with a few European immigrants and one Oriental woman, undoubtedly chosen on merit. Protestants, Catholics, atheists and agnostics in a Lutheran church singing a glorious composition by a Lutheran genius, parts of which, later recycled, he had composed in homage to two Saxon Catholic-convert princes. The conductor, among the world’s finest, is Vladimir Jurowski, a German immigrant of Russian-Jewish origin.

To appreciate how unusual all this is, one must reach back in history and retrace evolutionary threads. Dresden is the capital of Saxony. Saxons wrested this territory from the indigenous pagan Slavs, who had lived there since times immemorial. Dresden’s name was once Sorbian, Drežďany. The Saxons, pagan too, lived in constant strife with Christianizing armies from the West, until subdued and forcibly converted after eighteen bloody wars (772-804 AD) with Charlemagne.

Dresden Castle was from mid-16th century the seat of the Wettin rulers of Saxony. But in Martin Luther’s time, their seat was still 75 miles away, in Wittenberg. The Reformation was the combined work of Luther’s brain and the Wettins’ shield. As of 1546, for 102 years Saxony and other German principalities would become a battlefield between Catholics and Protestants, each killing, plundering, starving and inflicting plagues on the other by the hundred thousands, allegedly for Jesus, and wiping out one third of Germany’s population in the process.

As to Jews, Jurowski, standing in that church, would have been seized by the crowd in 1349 and burned at the stake along with other Dresden Jews for the presumed poisoning of wells. In 1449, 1549 or 1649 he could not have been there at all, for Jews had been expelled and proscribed until the early 1700s. In 1882, he would have witnessed in Dresden the First International Anti-Jewish Congress, and in 1936 he’d have been stripped of all his civic rights, even a right to own a pet, and eventually exterminated. Much of this got its propulsive force from the special brand of German national antisemitism that Martin Luther defined in 1543 in his On the Jews and Their Lies, and Hitler’s deputies professed to implement as per the Good Doctor’s prescription (1).

Dresden, a glory of Baroque architecture, culture and 18th century industry, paid a heavy price for such evil. The 1945 Allied bombing killed tens of thousands of its people and turned it to ruins, including its Frauenkirche. The population that survived the bombs suffered calamities at the hands of the Russian occupying forces. After that came the grey, numbing oppression of the communists; Dresden is, after all, where Vladimir Putin’s star rose at the KGB.

It’s knowing all this that makes the ecumenical assembly at the Frauenkirche so prized, for it’s a vivid manifestation of how far Germany has travelled from its previous crimes, follies and tragedies. But the many can no longer gauge this path, for what was until the 50s the intellectual capital imparted by Western society to the average high school graduate has been adulterated, devalued and falsified in the same way that fiat dollars or French francs have been.

It’s no longer possible even for most Western university graduates to discern such twists and turns in a long skein, that make history, human action, accumulated wisdom and standards of beauty and excellence intelligible. All has been traduced in the name of suppressing nationalism and Christianity in Europe, and faking the putative equality of white, black and brown cultures and aptitude for intellectual achievement in the United States.

Where there has been no input of relevant data, the synapses die off, illumination ceases and darkness descends. Surely a different Dark Age than its predecessor, but then history occurs first as tragedy, then as farce, and then comes around as tragedy again. One who still has the lantern however, knows, for he sees, that Germany has again travelled much too far: so far that it’s on lethal quicksand one more time.

A country in which demented Green Marxist twerps like Joschka Fischer and Daniel Cohn-Bendit can become powerful and respected politicians, and a gobbledygook-spouting postmodernist Marxist tautologist like Jürgen Habermas can become the No. 1 public intellectual, is in a very bad predicament and doesn’t even know it. Underneath the prosperous, benevolent facade lies Germany that has done away with itself, as per Thilo Sarrazin’s famous book’s title (2).

A country whose very rulers of Dresden once commanded armies against invading Turks, now has four million Turks living in it, plus at least as many legal and illegal Pakistanis, Afghans, Bosnians, Arabs, Iranians, and black Africans. Their fertility rate is double and triple that of Germans, and their euphemistically called “youths” are already grooming the indigenous Eloi for the future their descendants will inherit.

Again, the wheel is turning. This is how Germans received B. Hussein Obama in 2008. And this is how they received Adolph Hitler in 1935. It’s the same, brainwashed zeitgeist-for-imbeciles, with evil consequences, and it’s everywhere. “We are the hollow men/ We are the stuffed men/ Leaning Together/ Headpiece filled with Straw/ Alas!” wrote T.S. Eliot in “The Hollow Men.”

The present foolishness is thematically the polar opposite of the past one, which for broken-brain men— easily five sixths of mankind — wraps all the goodness in opposition to the former that held all the badness. In the mirror of history however, reflected in the circular cosmology of the East, these are two quantum twins: a quark and an anti-quark. The future evil consequences of Hitler were as plainly visible in 1935 as were in 1985 the future evil consequences of the Western peoples’ doing away with themselves. Yet the crowds just boogie to each successive Pied Piper of Hamelin.

The Spanish writer Sebastián Vivar Rodríguez limned the paradox of the Eurabian gambit in his lament Europa murió en Auschwitz”: what have we done, importing 20 million Muslim to Europe to make up for the murder of 6 million Jews. As though self-dissolution by primitive, Christian-and-Jew-hating Muslims can expiate for past acceptance, even approval, of the Nazi slaughter of the Jewish kin of Heine, Freud, Zweig, Mahler, Mendelssohn, Modigliani, Wittgenstein, Einstein, Teller, Salk, Bohr, von Neumann, von Mises, Levi Strauss, Samuel Goldwyn, Peter, Paul and Jesus.

The Holocaust and Europe’s guilt over the fate of its Jews is central to understanding how “racism” has become the dirtiest word in white man’s vocabulary and “fascism” lurks behind any social truth the left doesn’t like. Though superficially different, America’s self-destruction since the mid-60s operates by the same mechanism of expiation for the wrongs of slavery, Jim Crow and sexism that can do nothing for the long-dead victims but debauches their descendants and destroys the future of their country.

Fifty (in some aspects 100) years of the Long March of “Progressive” education has molded young brains with a thoroughness that Hitler and Stalin would have appreciated. Both stressed the importance of shaping and controlling the malleable minds of the young. By now, all Westerners under-60 have been raised in an intellectual environment permeated with fanciful utopian-socialist propaganda, subversive lies, self-hating psychoses, fraudulent racial myths, and inverse reality dogmas. Again, the template was set up early, and reinforced annually since; here is a sample from 1946:

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas….We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents, our Sunday and day school teachers, our politicians, our priests….The reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of old people, these are the belated objectives…for charting the changes in human behavior.” (3)

This brainwashing has been total, in the manner of the Nazi Gleichschaltung (“coordination of all aspects of life”). The young woman entering YWCA for a workout after a day of PC mind-bending in high school will find a banner above the entrance reading “Eliminating racism, empowering women.” If she is in England, the “C” for “Christian” being an embarrassment to the Body Snatchers in charge, this won’t even be YWCA anymore but “Platform 51.” Before she has left the building she will be urged to join a forum to “share” her “feelings, opinions and thoughts about race relations, diversity and immigration in a non defensive, non critical environment.” Eventually, she is hired to mouth mad malarkey on MSNBC.

When I buy a Kuhl brand shirt, it comes with a tag that reads “High Road for Human Rights Education Project.” Where was Kuhl with its message when we needed it, in 1512? By now they are just tweaking sinister chips installed in the brains of future serfs.

When I go to church on Sunday, I find that “Thou shalt not commit adultery” is now written as “Accept our sexuality and use it wisely according to God’s will.” People who rewrite Moses this way know zip about God’s will. Where was their tolerance when the Church routinely incinerated sodomites? It’s always much too much, much too late, and just compounding the earlier insanity via mirror image insanity.

In Berlin, large events and edifices thrust Jewish themes at the visitor, from festivals of synagogue music to the 5-acre Holocaust Memorial, to the Jewish Museum where one walks on screaming iron faces. Where was Germany when real people’s faces were screaming 70 years ago? Rather than the lavish honoring of millions murdered who should not have been, a Memorial that could do more good now is for the screaming faces of autochthon dhimmi Germans 70 years from now. That screaming can still be averted, for the writing is on the wall, now (4).

The constant thread visible in 350 years of the kulturkamf since the Enlightenment is that each side resolutely ignores its own stupidity, fanaticism, greed and lust for power that causes the cosmic pendulum to swing away from it to the far reaches of the opposite camp’s stupidity, fanaticism, greed and lust for power. The struggle between the Right and Left, egalitarian and elitist, religious and secular versions of what it means to be a human and how society ought to function resembles a typical jury trial that starts from a lying “Not Guilty” plea and ends with that party winning that bested the other at manipulating a group of emotive rubes.

Just as Germany is assuming Europe’s leadership in a drive to a fiscal union, post-nationalism, forfeiture of liberty, abolition of ethnic self-determination, multiculti diversity, Islamization and antifascism,” the pendulum is swinging back to the opposite zone of darkness where moldy lies of a different kind propagate. Much of it transpires in Dresden, as Saxony, being former commie-land, did not go through the denazification process. In 2004, it gave 9.2% of its votes to the German Neo-Nazi NPD party.

Thousands of Nazi admirers march periodically in Dresden for the usual causes: the vileness of Jews particularly in Israel and America, Holocaust denial or the unjust victimhood of Germany in World War II. And they, like Third Position parties and American “White Nationalists” weld such evil drivel in one package with legitimate grievances against the ruling Snatchers’ gradual dilution, circumvention and dispossession of the White ethny, the dilapidation of BRA (Black-Run-America) and MAFRE (Muslim-and-Female-run-Europe), the sickness of the GLBT cult, radical feminism, liberal judicial tyranny, reign of hedonism, and so on. No other political agency has the courage to raise the latter topics, for the Western ruling elites did their own welding of racial, gender and cultural truth to the lies of blanket race or gender contempt as one taboo “racism and misogynism” package.

And so we careen from one tainted formula to its poisoned antidote. Over time, to each vast falsehood there comes an opposite falsehood that sweeps its predecessor away. To each massive injustice there is an upending backlash, for the judge of history and destiny cannot be fooled but temporarily. Hence regenerating the West must start from what appears superficially as a utopian quest for truth. Truth not because it validates one belief or another, but because it stands sovereign.
Sea of malaise

The West is now at a critical juncture not seen at least since 1920s, and in some respects, since the 1st century AD when the End of Times seemed imminent. Every component and institution of the ruling elite, every value it promotes and enforces, in every Western country, seems hypocritical, malignant, the whole thing reeling toward the ash-heap of history.

Vampire banksters captured the political process and skimmed off exorbitant riches while hoisting society onto leveraged stilts of fictitious debt, layers upon layers of it with over $700 trillion – ten times planet Earth’s Gross National Product – in derivative paper alone. Corrupt politicians transferred the banksters’ bad bets and the EU socialists’ soured gambles onto the account books of Western taxpayers, i.e. the little people. Central banks are “printing” to provide the wherewithal for this economic malpractice. This erodes the net worth of the West’s middle class, particularly the prudent savers, fixed income retirees, hundreds of millions of people who played by the rules in order to find out at the end that there are no rules, not even laws. Laws are for the little people; the Jamie Dimons and John Corzines do what they want with impunity.

The vaunted globalization has merely built channels for global contagion by biological and financial viruses. Transfer of wealth from the North to the South and of technology from the West to the East was accompanied by a transfer of population in the reverse direction: perhaps the worst deal any civilization has made in history. Both prongs of this deal have built up external and internal enemies with nothing to show for it but more zeroes in the bank accounts of corporate CEOs, larger power bases for socialist politicians, minarets piercing Western skies like missiles on launching pads, and missiles on launching pads piercing Eastern skies like minarets. NATO is in Afghanistan, and Afghanistan is in Stockholm, Leeds and Boston. To evade admitting responsibility for this tide of ominous dysfunction, the rulers have instituted a regime of harassment of native White populations in the name of “security” and “tolerance” instead of dealing with the real sources of insecurity and intolerability.

Things are reverting to their intrinsic value. Recently, thieves sawed off and stole a bronze sculpture by Barbara Hepworth that stood in Dulwich Park, in London. The sculpture was valued at £500,000. It will fetch under £1,000 when melted. But £1,000 can still buy lots of matches and toilet paper for barter against flour and sugar in the coming intrinsic value economy.

The young ones — pierced, tattooed and pansexual — have 500 channels of garbage to sift at will on every manner of electronic device imaginable. Their brains plugged into bud earphones pile-driving inchoate shrieks in Ebonics, their fingers picking busily at tiny keyboards to exchange Sarc 1 messages with equally apped morons, they are the Children of Hamelin ripe for plucking by any pied piper. The old ones, who remember what being civilized; American, French or Dutch; man, woman or child meant and how products not made in China felt, are dying off.

Conservatives blame much of this on the rise of secularism, abandonment of the Church and its teachings, the sexual revolution and its subversion of the family. The more embittered New Right blames it on the Joos: Marx but not Engels; Freud but not Jung; Adorno, not Gramsci; Goldman Sachs, not JP Morgan.

The remnants of the fanatics of yore, largely Catholic or Orthodox, know just where we have gone wrong. “Remove all Zionists from any government position,” writes one such savant in a comment at the Economic Policy Journal. “Place crucifixes on all schoolrooms hospitals, government offices. Re-introduce the Inquisition to assure all government employees, teachers, lawyers, military personnel, politicians and anyone having to do with public well being are True Christians meaning Catholic. Then and only then will we have a just and fair government under God. Not under Satan as it is now. Sancta María, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatóribus.”

To which I can only apply the words of my favorite True Christian, friend of Popes and Professor of Christian Theology, Fr. Józef Tischner: “Religion is for the wise. And if someone is stupid, he should not use religion to disguise his stupidity” (5).

Another precept, now widely accessible due to one of the few advantages of the global village, comes from the 17th century samurai warrior and Zen teacher, Suzuki Shosan:

“Be aware of yourself and know yourself. No matter how much you have learned and how much you know, if you don’t know yourself, you don’t know anything. Indeed, if you don’t know yourself you cannot know anything.”

Alas, save for a few monastic mystics and skewed secular methods like psychoanalysis, the Western tradition no longer contains tools for self-introspection. It has designated religious dogma as the vessel into which to pour and hopefully transmute one’s inner effluvia. Few succeed, except by turning into Christ’s Lambs destined for shearing or slaughter.

Republican pundits who parade America’s religiosity as a warranty of a better future than what awaits Europe’s heathen-socialists, are sadly misguided. The 76% Christian and still 66% white America voted an Afro-socialist, Muslim facilitator “community organizer” into office as U.S. President. It’s a demos scarfing cupcakes by the half-dozen and gobbling MSM junk food brands like Lilo and J-Lo, Kim and Snookie, Usher and Kanye. Even if one looks at the most hope-inspiring “religious-conservative patriot” segment, it’s they who made a meth-sniffing, male-hooker patronizing super-salesman with a glued-on smile into pastor of the largest church in America, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, and spiritual godfather of the U.S. Air Force Academy. That’s just a scratch of the surface of a massive feel-good industry rife with charlatans of every stripe. It’s beyond pathetic.

Christianity is in the vital marrow of the West. The aggressive secularism of Western Europe and its Amen Corner among America’s leftists has not led to a better future on a wiser path. It has turned into another gnostic religion, a Peace-Justice-and-Tolerance cult that has been ramming its Moloch of Equality into the intractable throat of Reality. It’s already certain who has won this battle; the only doubt is when Reality will assess the full measure of its victor’s ransom, and how devastating it will be.

It would do much good to bring Christianity back as a strong source of vitality, unity and prevalence. For this, we need to examine why it’s no longer a source of vitality and prevalence, for a source of unity it has rarely been anyway. We will set up our lantern in rarely accessed territory, to yield a new view.
Whose Christianity?

The West is suffering from yin toxemia.  Yin – one of the two eternal opposing forces that make up the dynamic structure of all things in Creation — is the female principle: passive, light and airy, acidic, expansive, yielding, and cold like water. Yin is the essence of liberalism, multiculturalism, lunatic (yin connotes the moon) “inclusiveness” that refuses to discriminate (i.e. to discern). It is pacifist rules of engagement in combat, pregnant lesbian sailors on submarines, deference to invading barbarians, prostration before Islam, capitulation to lawfare, compassion toward stone-cold killers, welfare for wastrels etc. In an arrogant and stubbornly denied pattern, every popular Western political and cultural trend and trend-setter is pouring more yin of this kind into a society already suffering from a yin overdose, squirting more accelerant onto concentrated acid.

All this is an automatic response to the excesses of the Third Reich, before that, World War I, and before that, the Roman and Holy Roman Empire. In the 1914 – 1945 period, Western civilization had waded into such excesses of yang that it developed a toxemia opposite to its present one. Yang stands for maleness, hardness, force, dominance, heaviness, constriction, action, fire. The West had not seen such intoxication with yang as under Hitler, and just before him, in the mud fields of Belgium and France, since Roman times.

By the year 30 AD, Western civilization had been compacting into a pure yang package since Alexander, i.e. for 370 years. It had poisoned itself with mayhem, pathological brutality and inhumanity. The Judeans had experienced it so intensely under the rule of their Seleucid Greeks and then Roman conquerors, that it led to massive insurrections against the Greeks under Judas Maccabeus in the 160s BC, three wars against the Romans in the years 66 – 135 AD, and multiple, bloody insurrections against the ruling Sadducean elite in between.

Judaism itself had hardened into a misogynistic-patriarchal, racist cult uniting extreme religious fanaticism with the obsessive formalism of burnt offerings at the Temple. The theocratic elite attending to the Temple lived well from the half shekel tax imposed on every Jewish male. Furthermore, the last kings of Judah, heirs to the Hasmonean dynasty and High Priests themselves, were tyrants whose cruel oppression led to frequent civil revolts and reprisal massacres. Alexander Yannai (103 BC -76 BC), for instance, crucified 800 Pharisee opponents on a single occasion while holding a lavish banquet.

Into that yang world came Jesus (6). His message of love, forgiveness and concern for the meek and poor was the perfect dose of yin to cure yang toxemia and move society toward a more wholesome equilibrium. Moreover, according to multiple textual and historical indications, Jesus was an apocalyptic prophet predicting the destruction of the world in his disciples’ lifetime (7). Paul, the Apostles, all 1st century Christians, believed fervently in the imminence of the apocalypse (8).

The extreme yin ethos embedded in Christian teachings is fit for a world that’s about to end, a world in which a carpenter lives with his family in a perpetually dark, one room hovel, has one garment but many masters of life and death in Jerusalem, Caesarea and Rome, and the punishment for “seditious speech” may be the flaying of the flesh with hot iron combs. It is hardly fit for the world 20 centuries later, which is at the highest peak of soft and decadent yin – among Christians and Jews only – in history.

However, to admit that Jesus was an apocalyptic prophet is to admit that his prophecy failed (9). That was and remains impossible relative to a cosmic entity that the Nicene Creed defines (in the redacted 381 AD version) as “The only-begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all worlds, Light of Light, very God of very God, begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father.” And so Christians continue with a map of Judea drafted in the 1st century and behaving as though it shows the terrain of the world in the 21st century. This is exacerbated by leftist reinterpreters of Christianity like New Testament scholar Marcus Borg (and others in the “Jesus Seminar”), who push a vision of Jesus as a charismatic leftist radical, working for social change. Si se puede, said a latter-day impostor in this vein, “We are the one we have been waiting for.”

Those who oppose the West’s cultural, demographic and economic self-disembowelment often want to go back to the old-time religion. But the momentum for the turn of the wheel had come from the old-time religion. Past wars, conformist oppression, persecutions, obscurantism, sexual repression, excessive prudery and other madness were fuelled by the Church animating the State. Even America, at its beginnings, was a theocracy established by victims of European theocracy. The inevitable counterstroke started with the Reformation and the Enlightenment, and continues to this day.

The seeds of a plant prone to withering were sown early. Fanatical Greek Christian theologians (e.g. Marcion, John Chrysostom) grafted onto the nascent religion the endemic Seleucid hatred of Jews, with suitable redacting of the Gospels and twisting of the meaning of the Hebrew Bible (which continues to this day, e.g. by the Christian Identity people). Eventually, they severed Jesus, Mary and the Apostles from their Jewishness, and the New Testament from the Old. Then came the North African Church Fathers like Augustine, Cyprian and Tertullian, with their own brand of fanaticism unknown among contemporaneous Greek or Roman pagans and Northern animists. Appropriately, Cyprian coined Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus (Outside the church there is no salvation), as though he had any clue or right to opine on the salvation of Karelians or Koreans, animists or Taoists.

Early Church Fathers kneaded Paul’s ideas plus imported pagan Greek notions into a Neo-Platonian creed about Jesus, whereas the creed of Jesus as relayed in the canonical Gospels was a radically reformed and non-Trinitarian Judaism. Jesus’ creed was expressed with greater fidelity in the Arian version of Christianity, then ascendant and common among the European aristocracy but banned at the Nicene Council in 325 AD.

Arius, like Jesus and Jeremiah before him, like Socrates, Cato the Younger, Cicero, Joan of Arc, William Wallace, Jan Hus, Jacques de Molay, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Churchill in the 1945 election or Goldwater in the 1964 election, Van Gogh or Juhan Liiv, Galileo then or James Watson recently, fell victim to the human aversion to carriers of the true, the pure and the beautiful.

The fanaticism and the Platonism created two voids. First, by severing Christianity’s link to its Judaic roots embedded in historical experience, the Church swathed its flock in a shroud of absolutist theology detached from Reality and pragmatic wisdom. Second, by wiping out Europe’s indigenous religions along with their practitioners, the Church cleaved the White (and later, non-white) peoples from their empirically-based folk ways and from Nature’s wisdom itself. Had that connection been preserved, as it is in Shinto and to a lesser degree in Baltic cultures like Estonia’s, the peoples of the West would not have fallen so easily for materialism, nihilism, postmodernism, multiculturalism, do-goodism, GLBTism and other daft isms — all shadow plays in Plato’s cave in the brains of solipsists cut off from ways of experiential knowing.


Japanese Shinto tomoe                                Old Celtic triskele

For the next 1600 years, the best brains in Europe would struggle to rationalize Christianity, pare it down to its ethical core and reframe Jesus’ divinity and its theology in a way that would purge the dross and put an end to internecine Christian slaughter. A small sample of the better recognized names would include John Wycliffe, Jan Hus and Matthew Tindal among the prestigious theologians; Erasmus, Grotius, Hobbes, Bacon and Voltaire among the intellectuals; Chaucer, Boccaccio, Goethe and Schiller among writers of genius; Mozart and Beethoven among musicians; Keppler, Leibnitz, Newton among scientists and mathematicians; Frederick II (1220s), Rudolf II (1610s) and James I (1610s) among kings and emperors.

The quest for the historical Jesus started by mid-18th century, when historiographic and text analysis methods had progressed far enough, and the threat of auto-da-fe no longer thwarted freedom of thinking. More recently, great artists attempted to restore humaneness to this most influential and noblest human who ever lived, whatever his supernatural dimensions. Nikos Kazantsakis wrote The Last Temptation of Christ, promptly condemned by the Church of Greece and proscribed by the Roman Catholic Church; Jose Saramago wrote The Gospel According to Jesus Christ that brought him censure from the Portuguese parliament; Robert Graves (with Joshua Podro) wrote, among his 140 books, The Nazarene Gospel Restored, that engendered two libel lawsuits; Luis Buñuel made The Milky Way, perhaps the most profound theological film ever, pro-Christ but contra-Church.

By the 1950s, even revisionism was no longer sufficient to keep the better brains within the Christian fold. Scientists and jurists, cardiologists and novelists, engineers and philosophers have left the Church, any church, in droves. Empirical science could no longer sustain supernatural claims. Moreover, the intellectual left had trained its canons on all the follies and missteps of Christianity past, while omitting its blessings and benefits. The Christian community at large kept fighting the science instead of admitting its validity but challenging its exclusive claim on truth. Rather than owning up to past missteps but showing the much greater balance of positives, it kept skirting the crimes and denying the missteps (10). This brought further erosion, and eventual capitulation of the different denominations and their slide into do-good, activist-leftist movements.

Christianity proper is now mainly the province of Christians in name only, or obscurantist yokels, fanatical chauvinist-nationalists of the sort that didn’t do well by Orthodox Czarist Russia or Opus Dei Spain, or people who, however bright and educated, could not withstand the internal work of resolving the pains and fears of their lives and sought refuge in irrationality instead. Christianity’s political expression is weak or ineffectual, for most of the smart people have defected to the opposition. Christian America ran toward the diversionary smoke screen of Family Values when, behind its back, its cashbox was being emptied and its sovereignty hobbled. It was up in arms about Bill Clinton’s cigar when its military secrets were being sold to PR China.

Yet, to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, one of the greatest and smartest skeptics of them all, we now see what men are without religion, and it’s more wicked than what they were with it. Indeed, the greatest gathering of superior brains and character ever– a gathering of such unlikely uniqueness that it alone can sustain faith in God – was that of America’s Founding Fathers. All Christian, but of a kind more masculine and traditional, yet more radical and enlightened than what avails now.

In what they believed and were there is, embedded, a key to a better future.

“The Prayer at Valley Forge,” Arnold Friberg, 1976



(1) On the connection between Luther and Hitler see, inter alia, Richard Steigmann-Gall, The Holy Reich: Nazi Conceptions of Christianity, 1919-1945, Cambridge University Press 2003, pp. 136 -139.

(2) To sample the dumb braying that Sarrazin’s book unleashed among Germany’s bien pensant, see this analysis of Sarrazin’s critique by Germany’s No. 1 intellectual Jürgen Habermas.

(3) Brock Chisholm (Canadian general, psychiatrist, Head of World Health Organization), Psychiatry (February, 1946), pp. 7, 9-10, 16, 18.

(4) E.g., see this interview with a suit-and-tie wearing Jordanian politician who says, “When we declare Jihad against… the German State, for refusing to allow Islam to spread to the People of Germany… We give them a choice: either to convert to Islam – or to pay the Jizya and submit to the Laws of Islam.”

(5) I wrote more about Fr. Tischner here.

(6) Jesus was not the only bringer of yin among the Jews. The Pharisees were far more balanced and benign than their Sadducean opponents were. Then there were the Essenes; precursors of later Christian monks. The Jewish Christian church, i.e. the Nazarenes and Ebionites, was very much in this vein too.

(7) The comments made here with respect to the Bible, Jesus and the Apostles, church dogma etc. are based on the author’s own reading of the primary sources in their primary languages and –not quite the same—in translation, and thinking about it all for decades, plus reading books by experts.  While such experts comprise hundreds of major authors and thousands of erudite books mainly in German and English written over 300 years, for the sake of parsimony the interested reader will find ample validation for the opinions expressed here in two widely available, modern works:

For the New Testament: Bart D. Ehrman, The New Testament; A Historical Introduction to Early Christian Writings, Oxford University Press, 2004.

For the Old Testament: Randel McCraw Helms, The Bible Against Itself, Millenium Press, 2006 [I have not read other works by McCraw Helms and cannot endorse them].

(8) Albert Schweitzer, who among his many talents and accomplishments had a PhD in theology, made this case in his 1899 Quest of the Historical Jesus.

(9) Every phrase on a topic like this has centuries of rift, thousands of published pages and tens of thousands of dead “heretics” imbedded in it. The whole apocalyptic prophecy business started in earnest with Daniel in the 160s BC, continued with Ezra (2nd Esdras) in 90s AD and with several other non-canonical Jewish and Christian books of that era, and, most importantly, Revelation. In each case, the apocalyptic author tries to wiggle out of the dilemma of the previous apocalypt’s failed prediction by reinterpreting it as set to occur at a later time. Mark, writing 35 years after the Crucifixion but before the 70 AD destruction of the Temple, quotes Jesus as predicting the End of Time in that generation. Matthew and Luke, writing 20 years after Mark, and John, 10 years later yet, all put pen to vellum after the destruction of the Temple and the crushing of Judea. But the world still exists and Son-of-Man didn’t come. Each therefore puts different words in Jesus’ mouth to extend the apocalyptic time frame and therefore the prophecy’s credibility. See, inter alia, McCraw Helms, ibid, pp. 66 -79, 153 -165.

(10) The Second Vatican Council (1962 -65) did express its regret over past errors and iniquities, particularly with regard to Jews and the Orthodox Church, but skirting the graphic details and omitting much else besides. Commendably, it admitted that “many elements of sanctification and of truth are found outside its visible confines” and placed emphasis on interfaith dialogue. But by then, so much damage had been done over 1900 years that a goodly portion of the faithful was unable to purge accreted sediments. Among the Vatican II rejecters are the Society of St. Pius X with its Holocaust-denying Bishop Williamson, and dozens of Sedevantist organizations (e.g. here and here). All those are unable to breathe without the mother milk of Jew-hatred, Protestant-bashing and fanatically exclusive claims on capital T Truth. On the other hand, the Vatican needlessly replaced the Tridentine Mass and various liturgical elements. Its new ecumenism has a character of too much making up for too late, particularly with respect to decidedly unecumenical Islam. Mainstream Protestant Churches have engaged in other forms of Mea-Culpism, primarily with respect to past race and sexual orientation “discrimination.”


Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan. The concluding chapter of this multipart essay will appear next month.

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  1. it admitted that “many elements of sanctification and of truth are found outside its visible confines” and placed emphasis on interfaith dialogue. But by then, so much damage had been done over 1900 years that a goodly portion of the faithful was unable to purge accreted sediments.

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