The grand war

The coming war for civilization.

We all know it’s coming. We can smell it in the wind. A great calamity approaches sure as the sun shall rise in the morning, and all will make a choice in what they believe, who they are, and where they will stand. Every man woman and child will be called to defend their right to exist, or fall to the wayside of history, generations of struggle ending in failure through self defeat. Mark my words, this century will be one of great change, rebirth, death and extinction. These governments will be put to the test, of historical importance, every city and state will be tested, every people and nation. None will be left unscathed, and all will acknowledge the natural forces of the universe and it’s supreme authority over our lives, failure to do otherwise will mean extinction.

So what is coming you ask? Economic collapse, the fall of governments, the rise of ethnic warfare, racial civil war, and finally Hitler’s revenge. Through these struggles a new man will be born from the fiery hells and blood soaked streets, the liberal paradox will be overthrown, the failure of democracy, all will be plain to see. The grand experiment will finally bare it’s fruit and The republic will fall. Racialism, will prevail and humanity will be set back on course towards it’s glorious future. Those who stand with us and fight will live forever as God’s, and those who do not will die like dogs, no matter the age, gender or perceived notions of brotherhood, the enemy will be sought out, found, and put to the sword. Our only mercy will be to dispatch THEM to the next realm post haste.

Do not fear death. If you’ve lived a full life to the extent possible, then death Is merely the sweet release from our earthly bonds. Fear nothing, fight for everything, life is war, war is life. Honor the sacred gene pool, and give your enemies hell, but thank the God’s we have enemies to fight, for they give us purpose, drive, they motivate us to be better, to become God’s ourselves.

I say to my brothers in arms, make ready for our time is coming.

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