Is White Genocide Right?

Is White Genocide Right?

It’s time to look at the bigger picture

Is White Genocide Right? The Descent of Man

In my previous article I dared to ask the rhetorical question of whether Black genocide was something that should be contemplated. The question was asked to draw attention to the abuse of Whites in South Africa documented by the blog Boer Genocide, which contends that the country is in the early stages of a genocidal campaign that aims to eradicate the White population of South Africa.

A few facts: Since the ANC took power in 1994 approximately 800,000 Whites out of a population of 5.2 million have fled the country, while in rural areas several thousand Boers have been slaughtered on their farms, often with the kind of mutilation that would be precluded by strictly economic motives. Meanwhile the government pursues measures like racist employment legislation, increasing gun control, and the raising of special militias that have a creepily genocidal bent to them.

But all this talk of genocide has got me thinking again. Just possibly, the proponents of White genocide and the thugs who are carrying out its preliminary actions actually have a point after all; a point that is a lot bigger and wiser than the point they actually have in their heads, which is probably just a tangled ball of savage inferiority, mixed with hatred, greed, and lust.

The greater point that those blooded hands and yellowed, hate-rimmed eyes unwittingly carry is that the existence of the White race in its present form is a curse upon this planet and that until that curse is removed either bodily or spiritually the entire human race is condemned to be dragged down in an increasingly dysgenic spiral that will feed its barbarism and savagery.

We could sit here till doomsday totting up Whitey’s enormous lead in the civilizational stakes, and come to the mistaken conclusion that the White race is an unmitigated blessing, but the important thing is not how big and fast your car is but in which direction it is headed. White civilization may be driving a high performance luxury car, but it is headed straight towards a cliff. Meanwhile the other races and civilizations, in their jeeps, jalopies or, in the case of the Africans, tricycles made out of tin cans, are at least trying to head in the right direction, one that the greater universe all around us, in its deep, profound, impersonal way, approves of.

Life in South Africa may gradually be reverting to the mean of the rest of Africa, but at least that mean is a Darwinian one. In other words, at its very base it is a progressive one, where weakness and stupidity are gradually, drop by bloody drop, grain by grain, penalized and leeched out of the system, however inefficiently. Left alone and with enough time, natural processes in Africa should raise up a better race, civilization, and culture than the ones currently there.

But, wherever the White race extends its hand of influence, these healthy tendencies, which sometimes take on extremely ugly forms, are curtailed in a thousand little ways, whether through charity, aid, medicine, ‘democracy,’ human rights, the imposition of false war or false peace, or other forms of social, political, and economic interference.

With Whitey on the scene feeding the improvident and lazy and putting local farmers out of business in the process, doing deals with the corrupt, fattening the parasites, paying off the guilt merchants, and curing self-inflicted ailments, a dysgenia is created in which the African, or any other group that comes under their baleful benevolence, has a much reduced chance of developing the kind of self-reliance and positive individual and group traits that lead to progress.

Whitey, living by these same dysgenic standards in his own shrinking lands and being a soft touch for everyone else, has perhaps harmed his own chances even more, but there is a resilience in the race that may overcome this handicap and allow it to continue spreading its dysgenic miasma far and wide for centuries and even milennia to come.

So, imagine if you will a world without Whites. Such a world would also lack bleeding heart liberalism and dog-eyed posters of starvlings that can only live through White charity. Without the White man to carry it, the White man’s burden would very quickly have to learn to stand on its own two feet or die. To us in the pampered West this all sounds terribly cruel, but unthinking, over-sentimentalized negation of cruelty, of the kind that we Whites love to indulge in, destroys ultimate hope.

Understandably, White nationalists, in their human weakness, feel a similar sentimental attachment to their race, flawed as it is, as I do myself. But, by doing so, aren’t we just taking a narrow, short-termist, even tribalistically selfish view of the greater good of humanity? Surely one of the differences between us and the idiots of ‘The Left’ is that they think in mere years or decades, while we think in terms of millennia or even billions of years.

If the White race, besotted with universal notions of equality, human rights, philanthropism, cake for everyone, and race guilt for itself, is a barrier to the long-term progress of the entire human race, then surely a strong case can be made for the removal of that race not only from South Africa but from the entire world. The only alternative is to cure it of its unhealthy tendencies that threaten the rest of humanity, something that may or may not be possible.

What’s starting to happen in South Africa is certainly not pretty, but maybe it is part of a much greater plan that only generations, millions of years hence, will properly understand.

2 thoughts on “Is White Genocide Right?

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