I Didn’t Ask For It

I didn’t ask for social security. Never asked for medicare. The thought of welfare never crossed my mind even in my poorest days. I never asked for an interstate highway system. Or for air traffic controllers. Never wanted a standing army. Or the FBI. CIA. Or any of those three letter agencies that were formed before I was even born.

The Department of Energy came to be when I was a toddler. The DHS when I was a young man with babies of my own. I watched those planes crash into the twin towers on live TV, but I never thought a DHS was the logical outcome from that event. Or the “Patriot” Act. I was never consulted. Never asked for my consent. Yet the majority of Americans expect me to fork over my hard earned money for these things, and many others which I never asked for or benefited from in any big way.

Yet they will look me straight in the eye and tell me I live in the land of the free. I do not live in the land of the free, I live in the land of the FEE. Money is extorted from me for things I don’t want, need, or use. Things which I find abhorrent. Things I have absolutely no use or desire for. But I am labelled “unpatriotic” because I don’t want to fork over my money for things I don’t want or need. I can be imprisoned for “failing” to fork over that money for things I don’t want or need.

I’ve said this many times over, in different ways. None of them effective. This will no doubt be equally ineffective. I will be attacked by people telling me I “benefit” from these things and should just shut the fuck up and pay. Really? I should pay for wars which I do not support? I should pay for an interstate highway system I can’t afford to use? I should pay for strangers’ retirement and healthcare? I should pay for groceries for crack whores and their tribe of illegitimate crack babies? I should subsidize failed businesses? I should give foreign aid to people half way across the globe who would sooner kill me than spit in my face? I should pay for “minorities” to go to school to take the jobs denied me due to “affirmative action?” I should subsidize products I neither use or want? I could go on…

I never asked for any of this, yet I am expected to pay for it. I am forced to pay for it. In the land of the free fee. Well I pledge no allegiance to a batch of thieves. The flag is an abomination now. Amerika ™ bears no resemblance to the land of promise and Freedom it once was. It was long gone well before my Grandparents were born. So I’m supposed to be financially responsible for idiotic decisions made decades before my birth? I’m supposed to pass these travesties on to my children? I don’t fuckin’ think so…

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