Obligations Of Obedience

Obligations Of Obedience

As our country continues its transition from liberty toward tyranny, we are going to have to face questions that have, traditionally, been alien to Americans. These questions will concern the extent of our loyalties, the demands for our obedience, and the extent to which we will honor these demands.

Like all Americans who have served in our military, upon induction I swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. And, I have always understood that this oath has no expiration date. By implication, this oath also requires me to support and defend the government of the United States of America. For years, I have accepted this implication. However, given the current direction of our government, I now amend my commitment to support, defend and obey the U.S. Government to be binding only to the extent that that same government acts is strict accordance with the Constitution, as written.

Stated differently, I have never sworn any oath nor do I acknowledge any loyalty to any arbitrary rule or to any “government”, legitimate or otherwise. Two basic principles are essential to the successful operation of a constitutional republic – as America was intended to be:

The first is that all citizens of the republic are governed with and by their own consent, freely given. What we usually call “government by the consent of the governed”.

The second is that those who make and enforce the laws of the republic are chosen by their fellow citizens and that, despite their election or appointment to an office of authority, they remain fellow citizens, as fully subject to the laws of the republic as those who have not been elected or appointed. That is, in a functional republic, no one is above the law, regardless of office, employment or wealth.

I hereby assert that the republic known as the United States of America no longer qualifies as a valid and functional constitutional republic. I further assert that its government no longer operates as demanded by its constitution and that it no longer operates with the consent of a majority of its citizens.

According to our original founding document, the Declaration of Independence, people are prone to tolerate abuses by governments so long as those abuses are tolerable. And, once such abuses become intolerable, it is up to the citizens to abolish the abusive government and establish an new one better suited to the protection of their natural rights.

I hereby assert that the government of the United States of America now operates in a fashion that poses a direct threat to individual life, liberty and property. I further assert that, in posing such an ever-increasing threat, it has now passed the threshold of tolerance and that the time has come for the people to band together for a renewed Declaration of Independence.

Rulers, Makers, Takers and Useful Idiots
The current state of our nation divides us into three principal groups:

A Ruling Class of elites who, to a large extent, directed the activities of the “elected” officials who supposedly work for the electorate. This Ruling Class is based, primarily on an international financial cartel.
The Makers who produce (and consume) the goods, services and overall wealth of the nation , including the wealth that ends up in the hands of the financial cartel.
The Takers who consume far more than they produce (it, indeed, they produce at all).
The Useful Idiots who live in a totally artificial world and who know little or nothing about the real world of the Makers. Because of their detachment from reality, these Useful Idiots are prone to support emotion-driven ideas that have no rational basis. This group is made up primarily of those who operate in the realm of subjectivity (usually entertainers of various types including many so-called journalists) – a realm where definite conclusions are rarely possible – as opposed the the realm of objectivity where results can be known and measured.

The news media and their allegedly honest polls would have us believe that a large percentage of our population (mostly Takers and Useful Idiots) actually prefers to live under a dictatorship. I don’t believe this. What I do believe is that a large percentage of our population have allowed themselves to be convinced that government can give them (or someone else) something that they did not earn. Well, lately it sure must seem that way to many of us because all the Takers need do is hold out their hands, moan and whine a bit (with supporting moaning and whining from the Useful Idiots), and, voila, some politician promises them any and every thing they could possibly want or need.

For the Ruling Class

All I can tell you is that you will be destroyed. Your kind always are although, like the mythical phoenix, your replacements will inevitably arise again, proving yet again Lord Acton’s maxim. We could spend pages exploring your existence and its root causes but that is fodder for another rant.

For the Takers

I now want to speak directly to the Takers – those of you who live off the labor of your fellow citizens: What you fail to consider is that government does not produce anything. So, anything the Ruling Class (via their puppet government) has to give to you must first have been taken from someone else.

But, says you, why should you worry, they only take it from the “evil rich”. Well, I ask, just who are these “evil rich”? Might they simply be your fellow citizens who just happened to be more productive than you? Might they be the very ones who are producing the things you require for your continued existence? Things like food, shelter, clothing, medical care, etc.? And, after these “evil rich” have been drained, their enterprises destroyed, then what? Let me tell you what. Those “evil rich” will have been changed into Takers, just like you. So, what happens after all the “evil rich” have been converted to Takers – what then? Well, we all know what “then” – only “then” will occur long before all the rich have been drained.

What will happen is that the dictatorship established by the Ruling Class, in order to get the production it must have in order to continue, will enslave all the Takers. Yes, even you. Does it still sound like a promise of a perpetual good life? Did they not explain to you that, in becoming a Taker, you were trading your precious liberty for a future as a slave?

Maybe you let yourself become convinced that you were somehow enslaving the “evil rich”? After all, they expend an ever-increasing amount of their effort working for your benefit. Is that not the very definition of slavery – to be forced to toil for the benefit of another? Let me clarity things for you. You haven’t enslaved anyone because you lack the means to do so. What you have done is helped created a surrogate slave master to do the enslaving for you. This surrogate slave master is the puppet government operated by (and for) the Ruling Class. And, let me assure you, they are “equality opportunity” slave masters. For sure, like any plunderer, they will strike first where the plunder is richest. But, as they plunder our wealth, they destroy the means of replacing that wealth. As the means of replacing wealth diminishes, more people must be enslaved to make up the difference.

The Ruling Class must think you are stupid not to have seen through their long-term plan for you. Indeed, for us all. Might it be time for you to quit believing in fairy tales, start looking at the situation realistically, and begin taking some responsibility for your own future?

For the Makers

Just as you are called on to produce the goods and services we all depend on, likewise, if we are to be saved, you will called on to be the saviors. To this end, I urge all of you to arm yourselves, just as we were urged to do by our Founders. However, I do not advocate the use of such arms for anything other than defense. Our basic response to further predations on the part of our now illegitimate government should be simply to say NO. To refuse, individually and in groups, to submit to further demands for the fruits of our labor or for the surrender of any of our property, including arms. I make this recommendation on the realistic understanding that isolated groups of fed-up citizens stand no chance in pitched battles with government thugs. However, the lack of our production can surely starve the beast.

If they come for your arms, simply say NO, even though they will probably arrest you.

If the come to demand tribute (in the form of taxes), simply say NO, even though they will probably arrest you.

Remember, there are very definite limits to the number of us the government thugs can arrest and imprison. Plus, the more they attempt to do so, the greater damage to the production that they require from us. Also remember that the start of mass arrests will do much to help convince our more timid fellow citizens that the time to stand up for our rights is upon us.

If, however, they come to do you physical harm, defend yourself, your family and your property in any fashion you can.

I can hear many of you thinking that I am probably crazy, that the situation is not nearly this bad, and that, even if it were, what I propose would never work. My response is that, yes, I may well be crazy, that the situation is even worse than I make it seem, and, while what I propose might not work, on the other hand, it just might.

However intimidating it may sound to you, consider the consequence of continuing to do nothing.

For All

Whether you are a Maker or a Taker, please think about this.

For sure, the coming dictatorship does promise one thing than many of you might think is good – equality. The only problem is that we will all be equally enslaved.

We still have a chance to survive. But the odds against us increase with each passing day. With each day that we do not stand up enmasse and demand a return to the constitutional government of a fully functional republic, the odds of success diminish. Failing that, there is then a lesser chance that a dedicated group of patriots might actually prevail in a civil war and eventually restore our liberty. But, neither of those is the path we are currently on.

And, please, don’t any of you try to tell me again that you are just “too busy” to be concerned about your own liberty and that of your offspring. The people at Valley Forge also had other things to do, other places to be. So did those on the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima. So did those who spent so much time founding this nation that they neglected their own fortunes, and, for the most part, lost them in the process.

Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask instead what you MUST do for yourself.

Troy L Robinson


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