We Must Exterminate the Left.

Every great civilization or empire that has fallen at the hands of or been conquered by outsiders had first grown weak and corrupt from an internal decay. And it is a matter of fact—in all cases—that whatever one may wish to call the outward manifestations of this decay, its inner spirit is—in every case—identical to the spirit of liberalism that currently hovers over the cosmopolitan epicenters of Europe and America.

All great civilizations were disrupted by cumulative influxes of immigrants—resultant of either a lack of vigilance concerning immigration or a lax, liberal attitude towards such immigration—which resulted in supplantment of the native culture, language, and people by foreigners, their foreign language, and their alien culture.
Atheism, assault on tradition, tolerance, pacifism, open borders—these are the patterns that we find surrounding the victims who now adorn the graveyard of empires. It may sound simplistic to assert that civilizations simply grow weak and rot, but that is exactly what happens—and liberalism is the visible sign of that weakness and rot. Liberalism and its tenets are antithetical to life, growth, expansion, success, victory, and exaltation. We now know what kills both peoples and nations. We now hold the keys to both death and Hell.

We must expunge the disease of communist liberalism that currently infects our civilization. Any other course of action shall merely invite our own ruin—and thus we would follow all those who have come before us
America is sick! The disease of liberalism that has long since rendered Europe corrupt and stagnant has been slowly spreading to the New World. And now, the United States stands as a great nation suffering from a chronic and terrible ailment. Liberalism is what we know it as—but that is a misleading term created by its adherents. Make no mistake, modern American liberals are nothing more than life-hating communists; and the two terms, liberals and communists, should be used interchangeably. They may not be Cold War Russian communists. They may not be North Korean Militant communists. No, they may not even be akin to the modern Chinese communists whose specific brand of leftism resembles consumerism and capitalism more and more each day. No, the communism that these modern American liberals represent is a home grown, leftist, liberal, progressive, statist, environmentalist, cosmopolitan communism—a cancerous infection, malignant in nature, that is destroying our country from the inside out. Contemporary persons who concern themselves with political correctness, as well as those who split hairs over small nuances, may scoff at the accusation that liberals are communists and vice versa; but communism and liberalism are both destructive towards a culture. They only differ in the speed in which they seek to dismantle that culture. While communists seek to radically alter their society in a short revolution, liberals seek to radically alter their society in a slow, progressive evolution or series of changes. Thus, the endgames of both communists and liberals are identical, and because of this fact they should be regarded as equal and identical threats to the American people and our American culture: the time has come to call a spade a spade and a commie a commie. These communist must not only be opposed, they must be hunted down and exterminated.

Across the somber landscape, disintegration and implosion define every aspect of United States’ policy, foreign and domestic. All actions seem irrational and at times suicidal. The American dream turns to dust as foreigners and immigrants—who should be at our mercy—proceed to engorge themselves greedily upon the would-be inheritance of our very own American children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and beyond. America was once preeminent amongst the nations of the world, and everyone loved her. Now, in another generation or two—and if the current trends continue—she will be dead last amongst the great powers. Foreigners increasingly loathe America, and an increasing number of Americans hate her as well. How long will we allow this travesty to go unchallenged, how long do we wait to do what each of us knows what MUST be done, what has been ordained  by god and nature, the left must be exterminated, and just in case you misunderstood me, i am calling for the physical liquidation of the left, its followers, its adherents, their philosophers and its leadership, no survivors.

2 thoughts on “We Must Exterminate the Left.

  1. Its not enough that we protest, and talk to our elected officials, or talk on the radio about this or that solution, talk my brothers is cheap. You give me enough words and I’ll talk you until your ears bleed, what we need is iron men of action, we need sacrifice, we need courge and honor, and the will to take up arms, and physically destroy the enemies of our people. THE TIME FOR TALK HAS ENDED. There is Nothing else to be said to our communist enemies and their followers. THE TIME HAS COME FOR SEARCH AND DESTROY WITH ABSOLUTE HATRED FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE.

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