What If We Lose?

If We Lose

If we do nothing and things continue as they have been, life for whites will be hell. Everything here is already supported by those who seek our destruction, laws and the legal framework is already in place and that which is not will be within your life time if we do nothing. This is your future if we lose.

We will live in a country where merely being white is grounds for some form of castigation, without due process.  We will live in a country where being white and being male, will mean you lose all rights, all property, and all ability to defend yout right to exist. Soon nationwide in cities where black crime is already epidemic, you will see the same thing we see today in detriot, collapse, urban blight, endemic crime and ethnic cleansing of whites, and only the privileged class will be safe behind their armed guards and gated communities. 

A nation where police are mandated to create positive community relations with racial groups incompatible with western civilization. Where affirmative action is expanded to all areas of life, government will be openly hostile to whites, officials will publicaly call for our genocide, while they erase our history, tear down our monuments and feed the hatred non-whites have for whites. Every perceived injustice will be blamed on whites, every non-white failure blamed on whites, all the while white men are expected to pay for our own genocide through our tax dollars.

If we lose, we will live in a country where it is illegal to arrest blacks and other non-whites.
Eventually it will be illegal to call yourself a white man, while every other group will celebrate their existence yours will be publically hated. Your children will be indoctrinated in Marxists thought, and any deviation from the worship of the state will be a crime. Any word uttered not state approved will be punishable by death. 

You will have no property of your own, not your homes, not your car, not even yourself. Your wives and girlfriends will be expected to have sex with other men. Sexual degeneracy will be promoted, your children will be sexualized and taught at a young age to hate themselves and embrace deviance. 

Your entire life will be controlled and monitored, everything you say and do will be used against you, and punishable by death. Non-whites will be exalted and promoted in every instance, they’ll benefit and grow fat off of your hard work, while you and your family will live in squalor, a state of permanent poverty, no upward mobility for the white man.

You will not be allowed to go to school beyond state indoctrination, unless your are already part of the privileged few. Your communities will be constant war zones where blacks are allowed to express themselves and burn and rape as the see fit. America will be a 3rs world nation, and whites will be slated for state sponsored genocide, and your descendents will believe in their own minds, this is a good thing.

When Are We Going To Fight Them?!!! This ends ONLY ONE way.

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