Anti-White Vice Mayor Fights to Erase Whites from History

Another Example of the on-going white genocide in America.

Wes Bellamy Pushes For The Removal of Confederate Monuments

Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, initiated the controversy with his push to cleanse Charlottesville of Southern and Confederate monuments. This is an attack on Southern identity. It quickly resonated as a statewide issue in Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial primary.

You think this is not happening elsewhere and this is just an isolated incident from one black vice mayor?  Wrong!

Unite The Right! August 12 – Charlottesville, VA at Lee Park

When you gonna wake up white man? Your civilization is being disassembled, and your people are targeted for extermination.
Image result for black sun
Its not gonna end until we violently make it clear we have a right to exist.

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