Neo-Nazi White South Africans Force Helpless Black Laborer into Coffin


Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2017

South Africa under Black rule.

During the nineteenth century, South Africa was a successful and prosperous Black nation.

Its infrastructure was advanced and well-maintained, its streets were clean and attractive, hard-working Black farmers produced an excess of wholesome produce, and crime was such an alien notion that the Blacks didn’t even have a word for it.

Unfortunately, the twentieth century was far less kind to the “Jewel of Africa.”

Desperate to escape the impoverished hellhole of Europe, White people began immigrating en masse to the flourishing Black utopia to take advantage of its wealth, climate and job opportunities – and the Black Africans, forever disposed to pathological altruism, let them in.

Big mistake.

Within a single generation, the White population – now the majority – usurped South Africa’s government through terrorism and transformed the country into a destitute White Supremacist stronghold.

Black farmers were slaughtered like cattle in their rural homesteads, apartheid (meaning “skin-hatred”) became the law of the land, and Ben Klassen became the country’s patron saint.

South Africa under White rule.

Today, decades after Whites seized control of South Africa, small pockets of native Blacks remain in the country – but they’re being murdered at such a devastating rate that Genocide Watch places them at stage six on its “Ten Stages of Genocide.”

Here is a recent example of what Blacks in South Africa deal with on a daily basis.

Daily Mail:

A black South African labourer forced into a coffin allegedly by two white farmers said Wednesday that he pleaded for his life as they threatened to pour petrol over him.

Victor Mlotshwa gave evidence at the trial of Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Jackson, who face kidnap, assault and attempted murder charges over the incident.

A 20-second video clip appears to show the accused forcing Mlotshwa, 27, into the wooden coffin and trying to push down the lid last year in the eastern province of Mpumalanga.

The men were arrested after the footage, which was apparently shot on a mobile phone by one of the assailants, spread rapidly on the internet.

“One of them said they should pour petrol into the coffin,” Mlotshwa told the court, according to the News24 website.

“I was so scared, shivering and crying. I was under the impression that they wanted to kill me.

“I was pleading with them. It was only my one hand which was outside the coffin.”

The video triggered outrage in South Africa where racism and racially motivated violence remain major social problems.

Victor Mlotshwa, the Black South African brutally tortured by two vicious White racialists.

I don’t know what it is about these Whites.

Why bother immigrating to South Africa if they’re just going to transform it into the same violent Third World basket case from whence they fled?

South Africa under Black rule had it all. If Whites simply kept their heads down and knew their places, they’d still be living in a safe, prosperous nation to this day.

But that’s not neo-Nazi enough for them, is it?

Encumbered by a low IQ and a genetic inclination to hate non-Whites simply because of the color of their epidermis, Whites leave nothing but ruination and misery in their wake.

South Africa provides the clearest example of this destructive tendency, but it’s not the only one.

Detroit under Black rule.

Detroit under White rule.

Haiti under Black rule.

Haiti under White rule.

Zimbabwe under Black rule.

Zimbabwe (now renamed “Rhodesia”) under White rule.

Honestly, reports like these make me wonder if the Jews are right to claim that White people need to be exterminated for the good of mankind.


Locust says, Just in case you haven’t figured it out, replace the word black with white, and you’ll get it.

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