Make England England Again

If you’re curious what a nation looks like when its ruling globohomo white elite, intent on destroying the social fabric by importing nonwhite agents of chaos, deliberately execute a campaign of intimidation against the non-elite white citizens, look no further than England, the birthplace of a toxic multikult dystopia formerly known as White Civilization. Via:

England is done, vol. 3927716:

British man leaves a bacon sandwich outside a mosque and is sentenced to a year in prison. He’s promptly murdered in his cell.

Muslim living in the UK sexually abuses 11-year-old girl during ‘Koran lessons’ and receives no jail time because ‘his family needs him’.

These kinds of events are pretexts for insurrection and war. If that’s what the Globohomoists want, then they’re doing a fine job accelerating the arrival of the day of reckoning.

Another piece of evidence of whats to come:

Image result for death of england, politics

Related image

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