CNN Calls for Deep State Assassination of Trump and Means It This Time

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2017

It’s a short clip, but it sums up CNN’s new mission statement. They are trying to meme a JFK-style assassination of Trump and get the public to accept it on a subconscious level as the death of a tyrant.

They are even trying to attack this from the Caesar angle:

Remember the Caesar in the park play that the lefties put on where Donald Trump gets killed by minorities, women and a gay man?

Now, the FBI is conducting pre-dawn raids on his campaign staff and openly agitating for impeachment. But when they say “impeachment” I suspect what they really want is his bloody head mounted on a pike.

So if Trump is Caesar, the beloved champion of the people and they are the hated aristocrats of Rome, importing slave labor to work their estates and deny Roman farmers land and work, then what do they think will happen if they kill Trump?

Have they thought this through or can liberals really not work through basic logic and analogy? What will happen if the man that more than half the country voted for is kicked out or killed?

Civil war of course.

While I do not want the kikes and the Deep State to pull off an assassination of Trump, I understand that we need to be ready. No one should be surprised if an attempt is made. They have all but openly revealed their hand. I hope that Trump has a team of people that he can trust, even though I doubt that he does.

Lads, I pray that Trump will never have to say, “Et tu, Kushner?”

Just like Caesar though, his greatest strength lies in the fact that the volk love him, while ZOG and the shabbos don’t. Anglin is right, its time for Trump to get serious. Anyone who openly called for the assassination of King Nigger would have been arrested and the network would have had to apologize profusely. So why wait? Better to strike first.

Take the gloves off, Mr. President. Declare martial law. Arrest the Deep State traitors and send a message to the lying media. The common White man will love you for it.



Locus says, if they kill our president, the gloves come off, it will be civil war, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am ready.

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