State of Emergency Declared in New Orleans Due to Flooding

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2017

New Orleans is a mess.

It just doesn’t work to allow black people to run modern American cities.

Everything simply stops functioning the way it is supposed to function.

And yes, I know the Mayor is white, but he’s a liberal cuck who allowed the entirety of the cities services to be taken over by the Negro race. So the flood drains don’t work. No one else has this issue. The only other cities with these types of issues are other run by blacks, such as the various cities in Michigan.


Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards on Thursday declared a state of emergency for New Orleans in the event the state must help the city deal with flooding in the coming weeks.

Edwards issued the order during a midday news conference with New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. He said the declaration is retroactive, running from Aug. 5 to Sept. 3.


Is that normal?

A retroactive declaration of state of emergency?

Like: “we’ve been in a state of emergency for a week now – but I’m just getting around to telling you.”

“If we get the heavier expected rainfall, time will be of the essence,” Edwards said. “We are working well together. Obviously this is a serious situation, but it is not something to be panicked about.”

The governor issued the order after a fire at a Sewerage and Water Board plant impeded the city’s ability to handle floods.

Earlier Thursday, several top city officials in New Orleans lost their jobs after a historic rainstorm caused the city to flood, despite promises the city’s pumping system could handle such a deluge.

Isn’t it racist to fire them over that?

If it wasn’t for slavery, they would know how to make a pump system work.

Right guys?


It was slavery that made it so they can’t set up a functional pump system.

“This is unacceptable on every level,” New Orleans resident Naaman Stewart said at a city council hearing. “If we flood like this in a typical New Orleans summer rainstorm, what’s gonna happen in a hurricane? What’s gonna happen in a tropical depression?”

As part of the emergency declaration, the state is sending 14 2-megawatt generators to New Orleans through the end of hurricane season.

“We’re going to make sure we have everything in place so people are safe. This is not a time to panic,” Landrieu said.

I’m sure the blacks are panicking.

They can’t swim.

Though I imagine they’re also excited at the looting prospects.

They still gather round to tell stories of the Katria floods. When looting was taken to a height never before known to the blacks.

There is nothing on earth that the blacks love more than a good “loot holiday.”

Based on what I’ve read, there probably will be a hurricane later this month.

If you live in New Orleans, I would move.

Or at least stock up on food and ammo and get ready for a warzone.

One thought on “State of Emergency Declared in New Orleans Due to Flooding

  1. Not only do they loot during natural disasters, but I read an article where there was a car accident and a negro went up to the car and it looked like he was approaching the vehicle to render aid to the unconscious woman, but he wound up going through her purse that was sitting on the passenger side seat, stole money and credit cards and then he stole the watch and rings right off of her arm! The poor woman was unconscious from the accident and he robbed her! I’ve also read that during hurricane Katrina, there were dead people who had drowned and those disgusting negros were caught taking jewelry and wallets right off of the dead bodies! Those are some sick savage, barbaric beasts!

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