Behind Enemy Lines at Charlottesville

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Behind Enemy Lines at Charlottesville: Reaching Levels of Degeneracy That Shouldn’t Even be Possible

Patrick Slattery
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2017

On Saturday, August 12, I ventured behind enemy lines in Charlottesville on special assignment from the Daily Stormer. What I found was a weird mix of black racism, white self-delusion, degeneracy and cuckoldry which, frankly, the world has never before seen the likes of.

I am new to photo journalism, and not particularly well suited to it, so I apologize for poor angles and composition and for missing so much of what was going on around me. The “intolerance will not be tolerated” banner could be the basis for great memes about these people’s complete lack of any sense of irony.

After having aided in the logistics of securing transportation for our people leaving MacIntyre Park, I returned to the Lee Square vicinity around 2PM.

“War is a good thing, because it is honest, it admits the central fact of human nature… A nation (race) too long at peace becomes a sort of gigantic old maid.”

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