Sleeping Dragons Rise

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I Am Back

I was away and now I return.

I will be devoting more time to writing and this blog.  There are many new things I will be sharing.

There are times when a man must step away.  Back into the darkness.  He doesn’t need a reason to explain.  Even to those whom he cares for.  They should know that a man of such type rides along a perilous path.  A path that inexorably unleashes upon him the entirety of terror in the world and within his own soul.

Something which the masses have epileptic seizures in their scramble to forget.

Fate has for us a markedly differing experience from that of the doomed and stupid.  The whining lambs huddle together within their beloved prison cells while the colors of the rainbow seduce their faggot eyes.  Meekly bleating their song of suicide.  As the useless eater cries to hear the echoes of his own weakness, the Savage Man has his eyes fixated upon the swirling darkness gathering over crimson lakes.  His own Heart of Darkness.

Sleeping Dragons Rise

This is a call.

A song of fury from ages gone.  A part of you but not just you.  Deeply connected through the river of life.


Does it rise in you like embers heating?  Does it crash in waves against unbroken shores?

This is a call.

There is something in you so beautiful so terrible.  Something of value above all things.  A blood that gave life to your ancestors long dead.  Whose failures and triumphs echo still in rivers of red.

Stop for a moment and contemplate what this means.

Pause and give thought to who you are.

The blood of your ancestors was shed so that you can stand here today.  Their struggle to survive in a world that might as well be a bloody crucible deserves your utmost respect.  There is a reason your self declared masters do not wish for you to imbibe it’s power.  They would rather you drink the blood of a weakling and crucify your SELF upon his request.  You see, your self and your blood are connected through oceans of time and genes that mapped out your entire being.  You are more than just you.


Take The Boat

They would rather you do ANYTHING than take the boat down that river.

You know the river of which I speak.

There is power within you that remains untouched.  Limitless and electric surging through synapses and rushing rivers of bright plasma screaming through vast expanses of time.  All of this within you pulsating out the furious beat of one man’s life.  One man and yet an army of Avengers within you.  Hear them call within you. There is no limit to the great and terrible things you can do if only you respect the blood.

Your blood. 

Hallow it within your heart so deep.  Listen to it rage with vitality and power.

Shed it not for sheep unworthy but cleave it happily for you and yours. 

With no fear, remorse or regret shed the blood of all your enemies.  With a smile watch their life and line drain back into the earth.  Forgotten forever as new songs of glory and remembrance ring out in your name.

The True Resurrection of the Dead

Dead men call out from within your very bones from tombs long buried.  You must resurrect them inside your heart.  The journey down your heart of darkness begins by turning inwards.  From this point you must silence yourself and listen.  You must listen so deeply to the cries of the dead.  Listen to the echos running through your blood.

The dead have a gift they’ve been longing to give you.  That is the gift of memory.  Memory of the blood.

This could be the most powerful thing you ever understand.  Consider the effort expelled in the modern world by alien forces which tirelessly attack or subvert this idea.  That is how you know of it’s power.  Conversely a man’s power can be judged by the effort and the power of his enemies who oppose him.

Consider this deeply.  There is more yet to come.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.
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Become who you were always meant to be, honor, courage, and a burning rage. WIPE THE ENEMY OUT, DESTROY THEM!!!

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