The Mask Continues To Come Off

The enemy continues to reveal themselves at their own risk, as always is true, as it was in the past, so it shall be now, they always overreach and push too far in their holy war against our race. This time, their will be NO Where for them to flee, no where to hide, and no white nation will intercede and protect these parasites of man.

The mask is not only coming off, it’s being enshrined in a Holohoax museum as we speak. The powers that be who dominate the white peoples of the world are openly singling out pro-white activists and organizations as the sole and special objects of their hate. A number of pro-white groups across the political spectrum attempted to hold a public assembly on public grounds in Charlottesville on Aug. 12. These law-abiding citizens exercising their First Amendment rights to assembly, speech, and petitioning the government were physically assaulted by the Virginia State Police and communist scum. They have since been blamed for events which no pro-white group orchestrated, coordinated, or ordered.

The myth of Internet freedom died soon thereafter when, for the first time, CloudFlare arbitrarily banned The Daily Stormer on the basis of its content. Tor, which hosts child porn and Islamic terrorist groups, thought that opposing white genocide was just beyond the pale, and similarly banned the Stormer. (Its proprietor keeps working diligently to keep it alive online — at the time of this writing, it was up here and here.) Keep in mind, much of what goes on at the Stormer is over-the-top trolling. But this is no time to virtue signal and nitpick. There are countless websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, and millions of ordinary people who engage in over-the-top, politically incorrect and/or banal insults on a daily basis. Should they all be banned from public discourse and society? No. To do that would be to destroy freedom of speech in practice, if not in law. Will they be banned by the private companies that maintain the Internet? No — because they are willing to tolerate anything except for the one group that threatens their power.

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