The Italian Election Must be Recalled – Negroes are Scared!

Diversity Macht Frei
March 8, 2018

Due to the excellent showing of Lega Nord (an authentic anti-immigrant party based in North Italy but whose message has resonated throughout the pensinsula) and the right-wing coalition in general, The Guardian is in full on panic mode; unwittingly, they show us what a racket this migrant business has become:

The TV anchor was rattling off Italy’s general election results in the early hours of Monday morning and Zak could not fall asleep. He had been restless and sick with worry for weeks, ever since a neo-fascist had shot six Africans in the city of Macerata and the leaders of rightwing parties had vowed to kick 600,000 migrants out of the country if elected.

Zak, 17, comes from the Gambia and lives in a community for minors in Catenanuova, in the heart of Sicily. He made the perilous sea crossing from Libya in a wooden boat and has been waiting for months for a decision on his refugee status.

Who asked this person to make the perilous sea crossing? How do we even know what he’s said is true? No one is vetting these people after all.

He bears the scars of torture from eight months of beatings in Libya. His father is Gambian, his mother Senegalese. In Senegal he had been forced to attend Islamic schools. Feeling deprived of his liberty, he had decided to flee.

But wait, I thought Islam was wonderful and all who questioned its inherent greatness were ignorant “islamophobes”?

As the hours went by on Monday, his worst nightmare became a reality: an anti-immigrant coalition of rightwing parties took 37% of the vote. It was not enough to govern, but it gives them a powerful hand in the coalition horse-trading that has already begun. Zak now fears he will never get his papers and that he will soon be deported.

“I followed the Italian election campaign very carefully, and almost all the parties, especially those on the right like the League, blame us for their economic problems and threaten to deport us,” Zak said. “In Sicily, youth unemployment is at 57% but nobody speaks about that. The politicians say the main problem is migrants and Italian people believe it.”

This quote from a future Nobel Prize winner, this irreplaceable cultural enricher, highlights once again the disconnect between the negro mind and logical thought. Why does he not stop and ask himself “The politicians say the main problem is migrants; is he right? Are migrants net drains on the economy,  neutral, or a net benefit?”

The programme [to make migrants/asylum seekers work for little or no pay] has already been tested over the past months in the northern town of Belluno, but in a country where youth unemployment is around 40 percent, many regional councils are bristling at the plan, saying they should be giving jobs to their own citizens…

It will [also] provide a total of €100 million ($107 million) to municipalities accepting to increase their share of migrants.

In what alternate reality would a country with 40% youth unemployment and reduced tax receipts but which can somehow find €100million for useless dead weights be unjustified in blaming those dead weights for exacerbating the already bad situation? We do see, once again, that it is corporations who benefit most from letting in hordes of third worlders. They get free labour and more young consumers who purchase goods with taxpayer money.

The Guardian would have us believe that the Italian economy is irrelevant to people’s animosity and that it’s just racism that makes them wish to see these invaders repelled yet their own article contradicts the strong economy myth:

With negotiations to form a government expected to last weeks or even months, the Italian right is not likely to be legislating any time soon. Some experts say there is another obstacle to a crackdown on migrants: a lack of money. Deportations have already cost Italian taxpayers millions of euros.

“In fact, neither Italy nor Europe have the economic and political force to send migrants home,” said Alberto Biondo, a member of Borderline Sicily, an association that works to defend the rights of migrants.

“Don’t bother resisting your displacement, you have neither the political force nor money to send the hordes back from whence they came so why are we even having this conversation?”

Agata Ronsivalle, a volunteer Italian teacher in a migrant reception centre, said: “The fear produced by the propaganda of the Italian right among migrants, especially minors, is unforgivable. It is not right. They’re just boys and they’re scaring them to death.”

Agata Ronisvalle (maybe she’s into bestiality?) was perhaps misquoted and meant “miners”, e.g. folk from the diamond and gold mines of South Africa? The people featured in the Guardian article are minors in a purely legal sense (one of them was even 21). The age of consent in Italy is 14 and yet a 17yo is considered a minor? Perhaps the law of majority has a sub-clause that determines if you’re a sub-Saharan with an IQ of 65-70 you have the mental capacity of a real minor?

Last week Gabriella Nobile, the adoptive mother of two African children, wrote an open letter addressed to Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, saying her seven-year-old daughter had burst into tears when she heard of the rightwing party’s plans for deportations. The League, formerly the Northern League, took 18% of the vote on Sunday.

Either this lady is lying about her “woke child” or she’s an irresponsible parent who sat her kid down and calmly said to her, apropos of nothing, “Well honey, it looks like big bad men who are now in charge will be coming here to take you back to Africa”.

See if you can spot the genuine lying liberal parents from the parodies:

Zak, the Gambian refugee, said: “I understand the suffering of this woman because I understand her children’s fears. Now, when they see migrants or black men, people seem scared. They do not know that I am the one who does not sleep at night. They do not understand that the only one to be terrified right now, in Italy, is me.”

People are “scared” of black men because black men are disproportionately violent thugs and criminals (see here). And it’s nothing to do with their skin colour, the skin colour is merely a symptom, a coincidence; it’s their behaviour and attitude that makes us leery of allowing them to stay here in great numbers. Even if they were model citizens, maybe we just want the right to self-determination?

NO means NO!

But the scared young minorities have spoken, it’s clear we need to forego democratic elections entirely because more often than not the results are beyond the pale. Why do we even give those who willingly engage in wrongthink despite careful programming throughout their public school careers the right to vote?

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