How White Guilt Is Killing Our Race

By Phillip Marlowe

While ruminating on this topic, there was this one scene in a movie that kept springing to mind, but I couldn’t remember the title. I saw it a few years ago starring Aidan Quinn, this White actor guy who women seemed to dig a lot. It was called “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” and I finally found it after looking up Quinn’s movie work.

The movie was but another example of the ongoing White Guilt campaign, instigated by the stinking Jews to turn us Whites on the path to racial genocide. Just another Hollywood brainwashing movie on how us evil Whitey treated non-Whites way back during the 19th century. We’ve seen ever increasing such movies in the last few years.

Christian White America at the time really just didn’t know what to do about Indians on the course of forging this great country — especially since so many Whites fell victim to their crazed scalping over the years. And you really can’t have a civilization with roads, trains and fancy shopping malls while others are out there living the wild life. Hippie communes, maybe.

And it’s not like I didn’t appreciate the Indian’s woodland dealy. Oh man, did I. When I was a kid, I read the book “The Light in the Forest” and wanted be an Indian. Hell, men had it damn good in Indian tribes. All they ever did was hunt and fish all day while going around half naked, occasionally tripping out on peyote and howling at the moon. Most had multiple wives, too, who did all the cooking and real labor back in camp. It was fantastic — for us guys, at least. Women should love White civilization — big time.

Anyway, the character Quinn portrayed in the White Guilt movie is US Senator Henry Dawes, who set up government programs to help the Indians become farmers instead of free range savages. One of his favorite Indian success stories is this young guy (Charles Eastman, played by Adam Beach) who gets all bollixed up about his warlike Sioux tribe knuckling under White civilization and crap. He comes out of a meeting with government honchos in Washington DC depressed about it, so he gives his big mentor bud Dawes a ration of hell for what Whitey had done to his peeps.

Quinn/Dawes stands there looking stabbed in the back after all his hard work helping these people out and ending the US-Indian conflict peaceably. The look on his face is confusion and guilt — us Whiteys really are so terrible!

There’s something else in the equation. There are some things in life where you only get two different directions. Like Capitalism versus Communism. As I’ve said: The thing with the 19th century America was the formation of civilization versus living the savage life of nature — which necessarily means a whole lot of things that would preclude me writing this and you even reading it today. Look around bozos: We would be living like Niggers in Somalia without the White race.

Sure, there’s gray areas. Like quantum physics, there’s always gray areas. But you can only have gray areas for so long before things get seriously screwy.

Now, I’m not saying us Whiteys have been perfect little angels and crap. Sure, we massacred a few injuns back then, without a doubt. They massacred us (oh yes they did) and tortured quite a few Whites. Hell, torture was one of the few nightly entertainments Indian tribes had. One of the first guys off the boat at Jamestown got his ass tortured to death by Big Chief Powhatan or one of his minions.

What I’m trying to lead up to, is that us Whites are letting ourselves get screwed over. Big time. They are people out there who hate us and get CARTE BLANCHE in the media, while we’re just sitting around twiddling our thumbs (American lingo for sitting on our asses) while they get away with saying and doing anything — including educating our kids with White guilt and turning them faggot.

General George Crook, badass Injun Fighter respected by the Injuns.

There’s this quote by a real badass General during the Indian wars that has big connotations for what they are doing to us Whites these days. Let me see if I can find it. Ah, George Crook, the Gray Fox, famed Indian Fighter. Read it carefully and think!

“…to polish a diamond, there is nothing like it’s own dust. It’s the same with these fellows. Nothing breaks them up like turning their own people against them…It’s not merely a question of catching them better with Indians, but of a broader and more enduring aim — their disintegration.”

That’s exactly what the Mofos have been doing to us: Disintegrating our race — but gradually and quietly by using mass media to brainwash us, so we suddenly won’t get all riled up before it’s too late. Crook also said:

When once an Indian sees that his food is secure, he does not care what the chief or any one else says.

Which you can say about a lot of Whites today, too, sorry to say.

Watch this video about the situation. And yes, the play “To Kill a Mockingbird” writer, ((((((Aaron Sorkin)))))) and producer Scott Rudin shown at the start are Jews!

White people fully deserve to speak out in our race’s defense.

The White-haters realize what they are doing. Yes, indeed they do. This is why you got them trying to get us to believe there isn’t any White race to begin with. Totally insane, I know.

They also work to intimidate us with social taboos they’ve promulgated over the years (the PC crap) so we keep our mouths shut — even among ourselves. It’s worked pretty well for them for decades. But now it’s reached the end. White Guilt efforts have panned out because of the Internet, plus (I believe) it’s reached peak saturation point. The boomerang is about to spring!

In desperation they are trying to get us arrested for speaking out. Already, they are working to ruin the lives of any racially awakened Whites.

When I went to Charlottesville on the second day of the Alt-Right meet-up in support of the Robert E. Lee statue, I remember seeing this guy in his white suit and revolutionary war tri-cornered hat. I saw him right around the time he was maced by the traitorous police and can vouch he was doing nothing at all violent. This is such a crying shame.

Did you hear the story about that guy, Andrew Dodson, who went to Charlottesville to march in solidarity with his brethren? Some Jewy-looking creep named Logan James Smith doxxed him in the national media-promoted twitter account “Yes You’re a Racist” and a Jew journalist, ((((((Jacob Rosenberg)))))), put his face in his local Arkansas paper like he was some sort of evil criminal. He lost his job and friends. I read the other day he committed suicide because of it.

Already they are arresting Whites in Great Britain, Germany and Sweden for saying the least thing negative about immigration, Muslim terrorism and other races on the Internet and in public. Hell, you get Trump calling the murderous street gang MS-13 “animals” and the damned liberals go haywire! The media even blatantly lied by dropping out the MS-13 part to make people think he said immigrants in general.

You can see how they now feel free to openly discriminate against Whites everywhere in the media. White guys are always the butt of jokes in TV commercials. Like that Allstate commercial they’ve been running the heck out of lately where the wife says to the White husband at the fridge “we got money back on our car insurance this year, too bad your gym membership doesn’t do that, too” and pokes him in the flab. He meekly replies “hilarious.”

They have to have someone to laugh about in certain plot lines, so they use White guys. They already got all of us White people too scared to say crap about anything these days.

The husband in that Allstate commercial should have said “shut your fat face, bitch.” Either way, the creeps behind all this White destruction, win. Hell, they are now brainwashing idiot White parents to believe children as young as three years-old should get to choose their own sex — kids not even yet in school!

Folks: We’re now living in White-hating, Jew-created CLOWNWORLD these days.

Yep, us Whites need to start raising Cain. Serious, biblical level Cain.

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