White Genocide Continues in South Africa

Another South African farmer has been reported killed after three gunmen attacked his homestead — part of a sustained campaign of violence across the country. The alleged attack took place in Potchefstroom in the North West province, according to Times Live. The elderly victim was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics from the private … Continue reading

South Africa Shall Be the Template for European Genocide

Dan Roodt discusses the end of European culture in South Africa as a model for cultural genocide for all European nations. Mandated. Assured. Engineered. The UN and its NGO arms will attempt a wholesale elimination of European cultural foundations globally while they insinuate their long term goal of racial leverage against Western democracies for world … Continue reading

SPLC mocks white victims of Genocide in South Africa.

SPLC mocks white victims of Genocide in South Africa. http://cofcc.org/ Don’t worry, says SPLC, black people are only killing whites because they want to steal from them. It’s not hatred or genocide. The dead guy is a victim of a love crime! SPLC posts absurd and hate filled rebuttal to the numerous protests against South … Continue reading

Genocide in South Africa

Genocide in South Africa A genocide is taking place in South Africa. It is no less a silent genocide, one in which the world’s mainstream media will not even mention. We are currently in communication with some informants from South Africa and will post this information detailing the deadly situation and what you can do to … Continue reading

Another Day, Another Chimpout in South Africa Over Land Confiscation

Roy Batty Daily Stormer April 18, 2018 I’m not sure what to make of the South African situation. People are talking about how Whites are going to be genocided there in a land grab by the new black-run government that’s marginally more anti-White than the one before it. I think there is a lot of … Continue reading

Diversity Reveals Its Endgame In South Africa – Prepare Accordingly

by Brett Stevens We know that diversity cannot work. Any group that wishes to survive will only be happy when its standards, genetics, values, and customs are on top above all other groups. It may take that further and realize that with the presence of any other group, it risks destruction by outbreeding, so all … Continue reading


A taboo has been broken and a silence – a close runner-up to the silence of the grave – has been shattered by  respected journalist, Paul Toohey, writing in the Sunday Telegraph of March  11, “A white minority in South Africa is being murdered and tortured – as families in Australia wait helplessly”. Could it be … Continue reading

The Endgame – Full White Genocide documentary

Maybe you just heard someone say “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide or “Anti-Racism” is just a code word for Anti-White. Or perhaps you just finished watching one of our Animations and listening to the “War on Whites”.  When it comes to bringing awareness to White Genocide.  There are only a couple websites … Continue reading

South African Parliament Votes To Take Land From White People Without Compensation

By David G. Brown Members of the South African parliament have overwhelmingly voted to take land from white people—without any compensation. Best of all, they have produced virtually no plan as to how this will be achieved, leading to speculation that any expropriation is going to resemble the terrible violence that occurred against white farmers … Continue reading

South Africa Nearing the Point of No Return

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, 20 February 2018 For those ostensibly interested in building a multiracial democracy, the recent history of Zimbabwe should be a warning, not a model. However, South Africa appears poised to follow its northern neighbor’s disastrous policies of land confiscation and white scapegoating, accelerating the former First World nation’s decline. International observers … Continue reading

South Africa: Civil War – Race War

South Africa: Civil War | Simon Roche and ((((((Stefan Molyneux)))))) As South Africa President Jacob Zuma is forced from power, a growing water crisis is overtaking South Africa and escalating threats of white land confiscation without compensation have increased racial tensions to disconcerting levels. Simon Roche joins ((((((((((((Stefan Molyneux)))))))))))) to discuss the on the ground … Continue reading

Cuck-o-licks Celebrate White Genocide

October 12, 2017 Quintus Sertorius History abounds with examples of duplicitous jewish liars, scam artists, and con men. The rich jewish heritage of fraudsters immediately brings to mind the likes of Bernie Madoff, Scott Rothstein, Lou Pearlman, and the eponymous founder of the pyramid scheme Charles Ponzi. The exploits of these kosher criminals, even when … Continue reading

Neo-Nazi White South Africans Force Helpless Black Laborer into Coffin

https://www.dailystormer.com/neo-nazi-white-south-africans-force-helpless-black-laborer-into-coffin/   Michael Byron Daily Stormer August 3, 2017 South Africa under Black rule. During the nineteenth century, South Africa was a successful and prosperous Black nation. Its infrastructure was advanced and well-maintained, its streets were clean and attractive, hard-working Black farmers produced an excess of wholesome produce, and crime was such an alien notion … Continue reading