Who Are We?

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The peoples of the Western Nations are the strongest people in the world! We have fought the greatest of wars and have always triumphed over evil. Now the time is approaching when together we will unite the free loving nations of Earth and stand against the darkness that threatens to engulf us all. We must stay vigilant and never give in. the Politically correct would have us surrender our right to life, they would allow the Muslim insurrection to dominate us all, they would allow the masses of the Earths poor overwhelm our industrialized nations, I say we stand and fight, we go on the offensive and destroy those who would destroy us! The other civilizations want war, the Sinic (Chinese’s), Latin, Islamic, they all want War lets give it to them! The west is strong and will always remain so.
57% of Mexican in the US believe the Southwest belongs to Mexico. 66% of Mexican in Mexico see the US as an Enemy nation, that is not a small minority of enemies.

Locust Clan:

I could not help but notice that America, at least in the southwest has become something akin to a large Wal-Mart. The border remains as porous as a sponge, people entering and leaving as they please, overcrowded lines in ever checkout station, and most of all everything is for sale at dirt cheap prices. The graveyards of our fallen soldiers in aisle one, the constitution in aisle two, our education system in aisle three, get their quick they-re nearly sold out, and the birthright of our children in aisle four. An endless mega mart of America, the sellers think nothing of the end result of their sales, they look to the bottom line, family oriented façade that stands for nothing, they may wave an American flag here or there, but its meaning is lost unto them. The dizzying bombardment of advertisements shaped by multicultural perversion, celebrated by the ignorant masses of self-defecating parasites. Draining all surrounding communities of life, spreading the wholesale destruction of existence. Clearing the aisle with the sponge and mop of political correctness, and whitewashing everything with hypocritical progressive hot air. The customers, in true parasitic fashion, like the busy little ants they are, scurry about from aisle to aisle engorging their progressively obsess mass with the blood of True Americans, with little thought of the victim in each transgression. As in every superstore there are no regulations concerning cart-driving behavior, similar to the off road-raging streets of Tijuana. The dirty looks and gross anti-Americanism around every corner. Trickery and deceit lure each victim further down the aisle of no return, leaving each victim bankrupt and devoid self-identity. No identity, no soul, no value, and no origin, everything is made somewhere else, usually in China. Each sector designated a specialty, although this promotes organization, it also promotes separation akin to separate but unequal turn of the century hell holes in the Deep South. Deep in the backwater aisle, crime and thievery are rampant, absolute disregard for order; these parasites at will take what they can to far-off backwater aisle and engorge themselves with the fruits of their contempt for capitalism. Almost daily sales celebrating this holiday and that, no mention of historical reference or name or dates, just exploitation of the soul of history. Their children are taught at birth the pecking order, each one jealous of the others cart. Massive parking lots, overhead lighting and long walks through the noise and oblivion of hell itself, only to be run down by an obese parasite scampering into a parking space. Everyone knows the value of the dollar, don’t ask whose face is on it or why, just spend uncontrollably, bleed your accounts, trim your belts, and fatten your faces. Like a continued plague of locusts, for each parasite leaving, two more are entering promoting the growth of further superstores, like a cancer it spreads throughout the body nation, killing vital organs of healthcare and education, and cutting of circulation to the political brain, depriving it of oxygenation and nourishment it badly needs for continued function. Each parasite has little if no effect on the body, but 12-25 million (illegal aliens) that’s a different story.

Locust:  This blog is a documentary of the death of America, its eventual bloody collapse. The rise of European Western nationalism, like a Phoenix a new civilization will rise from the ashes of the west.

This time the World.

What is to come….

One thought on “Who Are We?

  1. Hailsa!! Guten Tag.It is always repulsive when we read our own language when in reference to such obvious facts; Such as those mentioned above. When I read about these obvious points of view; I am always reminded of how thinks were in my childhood .WHAT A VAST DIFFERENCE IT IS TODAY. Even when you are in a location which exsisted thirty years ago;The expierence one has in the same places today is something you had to go to Vietnam in order to expierence then.Well said Thank’s for pointing out your viewpoints on this.More later;Auf Wiedersehen.ludweig

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