Carl F. Worden

The American news media has published numerous stories by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, all purported to be in-depth studies of the American Militia Movement by their so-called “investigative reporters”. These stories left the readers with no sources to check and no safe way to verify the allegations of racism and anti-Semitism they contained. This was for good reason: Every story by the SPLC and ADL about the Militia Movement was a pack of lies and deliberate distortions. The fact the American news media allowed these stories to be published without independent verification validates its own indictment of what a prostitute it has become. Be that as it may, it is time the American people hear from someone who has been in the Militia Movement since its inception. It is time the American public hears the truth, and unlike the trash published by the SPLC and ADL, every source and statement of fact presented in this article may be independently verified by virtually anyone with access to a telephone, a post office and a library. The events that triggered the spontaneous formation of Militia units throughout the United States carried no trace of racist or anti-Semitic discord.

Rather, these events involved the covered up and protected acts of federal government agents who committed cold blooded murder of American citizens, and the moral outrage of millions of Americans in response to those acts.

There were three major events that triggered a return to the Militia Movement in this country. The first of these events was the Los Angeles riots, which were triggered by the first Rodney King verdict. In that incident, we witnessed for the first time the refusal of the local police to go into areas of Los Angeles for reasons of personal safety. The Mayor ordered that no ammunition be sold to anyone, and California’s 15 day waiting period to purchase firearms prevented the citizens from providing their own defense. Only those citizens who were currently armed with both guns and ammunition were in a position to defend themselves and their property, and defend themselves they did!

After the riots, we observed that no punitive actions were ever taken against those police officers who had violated their sworn oath to “protect and to serve.” We also noted the refusal of any officials to charge the Mayor with violating the citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights to self defense. That incident served as a wake-up call like no other.

Following the L.A. riots, we were horrified by the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents. The deliberate murder of a young mother holding her 10 month old baby by an FBI sniper was probably the most polarizing event to happen in America in this century. Here you had a highly trained FBI sniper who chose to follow orders he knew, or should have known, to be illegal. Those orders called for the snipers to shoot to kill any person at the Weaver cabin who was merely armed. Few Americans know that there were three 2-man FBI sniper teams at Ruby Ridge that eventful day who refused to follow those illegal orders.

FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi testified at the Randy Weaver trial that he shot Randy Weaver as he was approaching a shed located near his cabin. After firing the first shot, Horiuchi claimed he had time to work the bolt of his rifle, aim and fire a shot at Kevin Harris as he ran back toward the cabin. As Harris reached the cabin door, Horiuchi fired, striking Vickie Weaver in the face as she stood in the doorway holding her infant in her arms. The bullet exited Vickie’s head and wounded Kevin Harris as he dashed into the cabin behind her.

We have good reason to believe Horiuchi’s story was a lie. Colonel Bo Gritz was able to personally observe the wounds to all three victims when he was allowed into the Weaver cabin to negotiate a surrender. Gritz, who is the most highly decorated Green Beret to have served in combat in Viet Nam, testified in the Senate Ruby Ridge Hearings that Weaver had been wounded with a .223 caliber weapon. He went on to testify that Vickie Weaver had been shot with a 7.62 caliber weapon. Gritz was supremely qualified to make such a statement, having observed hundreds of wounds in Viet Nam.

FBI sniper teams are made up of two men. One carries a .223 semi-automatic and the other carries a 7.62 caliber sniper rifle. The evidence shows that Horiuchi directed his spotter to fire his .223 at Weaver while he trained his 7.62 sniper rifle on the doorway to shoot Harris as he retreated to the cabin door. Horiuchi testified that the curtains of the cabin door were closed, preventing him from seeing Vickie. However, the cabin door was entered into evidence by Weaver defense attorney Gerry Spence and proved Horiuchi’s testimony to be a lie. There was a hole through the glass that never went through the curtains, because the curtains were drawn open. The judge hearing the case harshly criticized both the prosecution and the FBI for this deliberate misstatement of the facts.

The FBI sniper rifle is topped with a ten power scope. Horiuchi was positioned 200 yards from the cabin. At that distance, the scope reveals a sight picture of a human face that would appear if you observed a person with a naked eye at only 20 yards. Horiuchi didn’t have time to fire both shots accurately with a bolt action rifle. Further, Horiuchi had been briefed to know there were two older Weaver children inside the cabin with Vickie when he fired, supposedly at the running Harris. At best, Horiuchi acted with criminal reckless ness and misconduct, resulting in the death of the unarmed Vickie Weaver. At worst, Horiuchi was prepared to shoot Vickie Weaver and Harris with one shot as Harris dashed into the cabin. In either case, Horiuchi violated established constitutional constraints and should be charged with murder in the first degree.

As you probably know, the Jury acquitted both Weaver and Harris of murder on the basis of self defense. Weaver settled with the government for 3.1 million of our tax dollars. The local district attorney has since charged Horiuchi only with involuntary manslaughter. FBI Director Louis Freeh has pledged to use our tax dollars to defend Horiuchi.

The Waco incident also served to polarize us. I suggest you obtain a copy of the video entitled “Waco, Rules of Engagement” to fully grasp what really happened when 19 little children were gassed and then burned to death along with over 60 adults. The FBI’s own Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) footage taken from the air will prove to you that the FBI intended to kill every man, woman and child in the church. As has become commonplace, the mainstream media never presented the public with the true facts surrounding the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents, but I can tell you that every Militia member knows these facts very well. Further, as these facts are being revealed to more and more Americans through the Internet and other non-mainstream forms of publication, the Militias are growing in membership exponentially. To date, only one FBI agent has been imprisoned for obstruction of justice in the Weaver case, and that sentence was only 18 months. No prosecutions have taken place in the Waco incident. Both cases were triggered by one common event: A federal agent or agents, had been killed by those the FBI later slaughtered. Perhaps the FBI wanted to send a clear message that such behavior, even in the act of self defense, would not be tolerated. The unintended consequence was the massive formation of citizen Militias all across the nation.

You see, those of us who quietly began forming Militias in 1993 did not know others all over the country were doing the same thing and for the exact same reasons. We were both astonished and pleased with this discovery. The federal government was both astonished and alarmed — and they tried to stop us.

As a financial consultant, I subscribe to a number of financial newsletters. One of those letters is Strategic Investment, located in Virginia. Former CIA Director William Colby worked for Strategic Investment before his highly suspicious death. The March 19, 1995 issue of Strategic Investment carried an alert that federal agents were set to raid all known Militia members in the early morning hours of March 25, 1995. The alert further stated that heavy (Illegal) weapons were to be planted on the property of certain Militia members and that the media was prepared to issue negative press releases immediately after the raids were completed. As an Intelligence Officer, it is my job to prove such information to be false, but failing that, I must pass the information on to higher levels. I had heard rumors of these raids prior to the SI story, but when SI published the alert I immediately knew the information to be true.

Financial publications survive only on their credibility and accuracy. I suspected that Bill Colby was the source of the information, having maintained his intelligence contacts after he left the CIA under President Johnson. I knew Bill Colby was a strict constitutionalist. It was Bill Colby who blew the whistle that the CIA was spying on student demonstrators during the Viet Nam War in the United States in violation of its charter. Bill Colby would have recognized the blatant civil rights violation being planned by Janet Reno against the Militias and would have given the alert.

The Militias immediately went on red alert. Militia leaders were told not to sleep at home the evening of March 24, 1995. My wife and I stayed at a hotel that evening, and I have the receipt to prove it. The alert was sent to every radio talk show and was being bandied about nationally — but again, not in the mainstream media. Our long haul truck drivers were set to report any unusual government or military convoys or traffic to regional centers and our air traffic controllers were set to report any unusual military or government air traffic. In the night and early morning hours of March 24th and 25th, respectively, we were fully prepared to repel those raids with force of arms. Just six hours before the raids were set to begin, Janet Reno canceled them. The element of surprise had clearly been lost. It was a subterranean drama that was never published in the mainstream media. Even today, the general public remains largely unaware just how close this country came to erupting into a bloody civil war had those raids gone on as planned. Less than one month later, the bomb went off in Oklahoma City. With no evidence whatsoever to back them, the government issued statements that the Militias were suspected in that bombing. Prior to April 19, 1995, there was no general mention of the Militia Movement in the mainstream media. Following the bombing we were front page news, and none of it positive.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League trotted out so-called Militia “experts” who had supposedly been studying the Militia Movement for quite some time. They reported that the Militias were made up of racists, anti-Semitics and any other negative connotation they could imagine. The press happily joined them, at one point suggesting that a street gang involved in a drive-by shooting was a Militia group! They further vilified the movement to suggest all white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups were Militias. The government did its job very, very well. Not long afterward, Bill Colby’s canoe was found overturned in the river near his home. The oar and life preserver he always wore never turned up. Colby’s body was discovered in the river a few days later. An autopsy report oddly suggested he either had a heart attack or stroke that caused him to fall overboard and drown — as if an autopsy could not differentiate which cause of death did him in. You might want to contact Strategic Investment and ask how they feel about the death of Bill Colby, a true American hero.

In the years since, a number of arrests have been made of Militia members, usually involving explosives, illegal weapons and conspiracy. Most Militia members did not know that entrapment is legal if it can be shown that the person entrapped had an inclination to commit the crime he is charged with. FBI and BATF operatives have successfully penetrated a number of Militia groups, gained their confidence, and then solicited the members to purchase illegal explosives and illegal weapons from them! Thus, they have successfully created a criminal, and then have proceeded to arrest and prosecute their creation. Want proof? Use your common sense. In the real world, like in Northern Ireland, you hear of many, many acts of terrorism followed by a few arrests. In the U.S., you hear of many arrests, but no committed acts of terrorism by Militia members. Hmm, beginning to smell a rat? Not even the FBI is that good — or even that lucky. Every one of those “timely” arrests was a product created and orchestrated entirely by the FBI/BATF, with the cooperation of some very gullible Militia members. We’ve gotten a whole lot smarter since then. Trust me: If the Militias are ever forced into combat mode, the FBI and BATF will be overwhelmed and neutralized in short order. That is not a boast: They have no idea just how vulnerable they and their families are.

In the past 30 years we have witnessed the military defeat of the two most powerful nations on earth. I speak of the defeat of America in Viet Nam and the defeat of the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan by people a whole lot less well equipped and trained than we are. Anyone who thinks we’re stupid enough to go toe-to-toe with our own military is wrong. In an urban guerrilla war, the enemy comes under hit and run attacks. The guerrillas strike where there is little opposition and retreat when there is an enemy prepared to repel them. The enemy is forced to live in armed encampments just to be able to sleep at night. Their quality of life is destroyed. They cannot go to the grocery store, the theater or a ball game without constant fear of instant death. They never know who might suddenly appear and vanish again after delivering a lethal blow. Can we win? You bet we can win. But what would we win? Would we be successful in returning America to constitutional rule? Personally, I doubt it. This country would probably be destroyed and splintered into many regions governed by who knows what kind of leaders. I can state unequivocally for every man and woman in the Militias that we don’t want that.

So what would it take to cause the Militias to disperse? It will take a return to pure constitutional rule, real constitutional rule. It will require the vigorous prosecution of any federal or other person who violates the civil rights of the citizens under color of authority. Our government used to be like that. If one of their people did something wrong, they would clean their own house. Now, they provide 24 hour security to an FBI agent who knowingly violated constitutional constraints and murdered a young woman armed only with her 10 month old baby. Now they issue lie after lie to support their murderous actions, get caught at it, and are seldom prosecuted. They have adopted an “us against them” attitude. Our country never used to be like that. We want it back, and we are willing to fight if necessary to prevent any more injustices at the hands of what can only be described as jack booted government thugs.

If you think for one moment we enjoy having to prepare, supply and train to defend ourselves from this monstrosity of a government, you are mistaken. The formation of the Militias is only a symptom of what has become of our nation. We would much rather go back to our old life, when we did not fear our government, and when we enjoyed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We didn’t start this: Those who quietly overturned our nation into a socialist, unconstitutional nightmare did. You see, we don’t want to overthrow the government of the United States: That has already happened. We want it back.

By the way, I am a Christian Jew and my American wife is of Mexican decent. Nothing in the Militia Movement ever had anything to do with racism or anti-Semitism. That was pure fiction created by the government to make it more palatable to the public for the government to kill us. They did the same thing to the Weavers in Idaho and the Branch Davidians in Waco, just before they killed them. I rest my case.

Carl F. Worden
Liaison & Intelligence Officer
Southern Oregon Militia


  1. Hi Carl,

    If “Every source and statement of fact presented in this article may be independently verified by virtually anyone with access to a telephone, a post office and a library,” why didn’t the investigative journalists take the time to do so? We all know they are spread way too thin but that doesn’t give them the free pass to start writing fiction.


  2. “In the past 30 years we have witnessed the military defeat of the two most powerful nations on earth. I speak of the defeat of America in Viet Nam and the defeat of the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan by people a whole lot less well equipped and trained than we are.”

    The comunist block helped Vietnam, the USA and rich muslim world helped Afghanistan …who gonna help u?

    • The United States for the last 50 years was not fighting wars, as wars should be fought. It was filling the pockets of globalist (capitalist+communist) there was no cold war, only a mock boxing match between the international manipulators who control both ideologies, all the while amassing ever increasing wealth and power for those same special interest, the same group who controls the majority of the global media, the same group who own the banks and hedge funds, the same groups who now seek to use Amerikan military power to enforce their will on the rest of humanity.

    • Just so you remember, the US was not defeated militarily in Vietnam, that was impossible, but all military measures we won that war. But the war was not won on the battlefield was it? The media played an even greater role in that conflict, the liberal socialist elites took public opinion and turned it against the military, didn’t they? But you know that wont work this time, not in the war coming to the home front, its hard to convince people everything is alright when all they have to do is step outside their front door to see that its not. Our time is coming, the very system people like you support and defend has ensured our victory. How foolish were you to think that all people are the same when they clearly are not, you have ignored Darwinian evolution, and social biology to your own detriment, and you will pay for it with blood.

  3. First at all , i didn´t said “the defeat of America in Viet Nam ” it´s just a cut& past form the article here wrote by that Carl F. Worden a “Christian Jew” with an “American wife of Mexican decent” (by the way i didn´t know you have such a friend , a jew with a mexican wife , as i see you also enjoy “diversitiy”), but I agree , the USA was defeated, not in the battlefield for sure but it had to retreat from Vietnan , that´s why we say it was defeated…
    About that “war coming to the home front” , forget it, will never happen, you put all your faith in that event because you are a westerner, as a westerner you are prone to believe in the “The world for the masess ” myth , that myth began in the Roman Empire and was modernized in the 19 th century when God finnaly died:

    that´s the main structure of the myth :

    1) We live in a world ruled by evildoers …

    Christianism: The Roman Empire

    Marxism: Capitalism

    2) the establisment have to be totally annihilated …

    Christianism: Apocalypsis,Armagedon

    Marxism: Revolution

    3) for a New World to come …

    Christianism: Parousia (Second coming of Jesus)

    Marxism: Socialism

    4) where hierarchy will be put in the reverse order.

    Christianism: Matthew 20:16 “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

    Marxism: Dictatorship of the proletariat

    in your mind you reproduce much of that myth, what was the Roman Empire for Christians and Capitalism for Marxist
    is Liberlism for u , you also believe in the Apocalypsis/Revolution and a New World to come (“We offer the world greater freedom than they now enjoy, not just for whites but ALL people”), but believe me , we are not in Rome 470 AD nor in Russia 1917 and u r not chrsitians nor comunist , theye were much well organized and united ….

    • Funny. Posts on this site come from a wide variety of people, most of them white. You send us the article or something you wrote. Someone reviews it, and then it gets posted. Of course ALL comments are posted except for the spam, we hate spam.

      We don’t care what ethnicity you claim to be if you speak the truth, if we disagree with you, but make a valid argument, then we will still post it.

      You on the other hand have no argument then pointing to a past that you completely don’t understand. The primary force that destroyed ROME was the emergence of christianity.

      We don’t believe in utopia nor the end of the world. We believe the world repeats its self in cycles, and Amerika is repeating the same mistakes that Rome did, and it will fall just as Rome fell. A new civilization from the ashes of the western world is what will rise to take its place. A civilization destroyed by diversity, multiculturalism, immigration, globalism, will be anything but those things.

      But you keep ignoring it, keep denying it, we don’t care really, its just fun to watch you wiggle around.

    • As for the end of the world. Answer this if you dare:

      What will happen when the sovereign debt crisis comes to Amerika and the government can no longer spend money to keep the economy from total collapse?

    • Or do the laws of economics not apply? They apply to greece, Spain, france, italy, and every other nation just not the United States. If that’s your answer, you are a fool!

      • “The primary force that destroyed ROME was the emergence of christianity”. – Totally agree, Rome was “diversity” and “multiculturalism” if u don´t see it it´s just U dont undertand anythinig about ROME (for a glimpse in what i say, please read Acts 19 about the riot in Ephesus , this was truly “pax romana” , diversity under the law) , chrisitianity was the oposite , as Iraneus of Lyon in the II century AD said: “This faith was THE SAME in all the world,men professed it with one soul and one heart,for tough there were diferent languages in the world yet the power of the faith was ONE AND THE SAME, the churches in Germania had no other faith or tradition than those in Hispania or Galia or Egypt or Lybia”, this way the Jew God become the European God, Jews history, fables and myths became European history, fables and myths and were repeated generation after generation , the European multiculturalism turned into that Jewish ONE AND THE SAME faith.
        So what made Roman great was diversitiy , what made it fall was uniform of tought, no the other way around.

  4. Hi, Carl! My name is Eddie Correa, just read your post or blog, sorry im kinda new to this stuff. It was real educational, Ive been thinking bout joining a militia, Im Mexican American (legal citizen) I agree this country has been tooken over, Its only right for the people to take it back. Do you know if there are any militia groups in California, Im from Los Angeles. Any info would be great!!!! THANK YOU!!

  5. That’s very interesting. Why is it that Jews always have to tell you that they are jews! As if being a Jew has some magic moral supremacy. Try reading the”culture of critique” by professor Kevin MacDonald and the dispossessed majority by Willmott Robertson. Senator JOE McCarthy and Hoover new exactly who the commie trash we’re here in America. They happen to belong to the same group as the ruling national socialist class of deutchland, the bolshevik Lenin garbage of Russia, and the left elites here in the USA . Same goes for France and Spain.

  6. The problem in America has been for a long time the parasitic Jew and their hatred for White Christian society.This is no conspiracy, its a fact.Two of there organizations among many are the scum at the ADL and SPLC.These kikes control much of the world’s banks and money supply.The media.Big Pharma.Hollywood. And unfortunately control our military to a certain point and our govt. And there are many gentile prostitutes bought and paid for by these Zionist kikes.They support and push for gay marriage, open immigration, race riots,hatred of whites,plundering our treasury,and sending our gentile soldiers to fight and die for their Jewish planned wars.Thru out history they have moved into other countries and preyed upon them like vampires and parasites do.Destroying some,but always being kicked out of every country. The United States is the only country that so far hasn’t expelled these diseased creatures.Read what famous men have said about these arrogant bastards.I pray to God that the White race finds a great leader that can unite all of us.No matter our personal differences. I fear our loved ones who come after us will curse us if we don’t do something soon to stop this evil that is rampaging thru our land.God Bless the White Race.

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