What is “Political Correctness”?

William S. Lind

Most Americans look back on the 1950s as a good time. Our homes were safe, to the point where many people did not bother to lock their doors. Public schools were generally excellent, and their problems were things like talking in class and running in the halls. Most men treated women like ladies, and most ladies devoted their time and effort to making good homes, rearing their children well and helping their communities through volunteer work. Children grew up in two–parent households, and the mother was there to meet the child when he came home from school. Entertainment was something the whole family could enjoy.

What happened?

If a man from America of the 1950s were suddenly introduced into America in the 2000s, he would hardly recognize it as the same country. He would be in immediate danger of getting mugged, carjacked or worse, because he would not have learned to live in constant fear. He would not know that he shouldn’t go into certain parts of the city, that his car must not only be locked but equipped with an alarm, that he dare not go to sleep at night without locking the windows and bolting the doors – and setting the electronic security system.

If he brought his family with him, he and his wife would probably cheerfully pack their children off to the nearest public school. When the children came home in the afternoon and told them they had to go through a metal detector to get in the building, had been given some funny white powder by another kid and learned that homosexuality is normal and good, the parents would be uncomprehending.

In the office, the man might light up a cigarette, drop a reference to the “little lady,” and say he was happy to see the firm employing some Negroes in important positions. Any of those acts would earn a swift reprimand, and together they might get him fired.

When she went into the city to shop, the wife would put on a nice suit, hat, and possibly gloves. She would not understand why people stared, and mocked.

And when the whole family sat down after dinner and turned on the television, they would not understand how pornography from some sleazy, blank-fronted “Adults Only” kiosk had gotten on their set.

Were they able, our 1950s family would head back to the 1950s as fast as they could, with a gripping horror story to tell. Their story would be of a nation that had decayed and degenerated at a fantastic pace, moving in less than a half a century from the greatest country on earth to a Third World nation, overrun by crime, noise, drugs and dirt. The fall of Rome was graceful by comparison.

Why did it happen?

Over the last forty years, America has been conquered by the same force that earlier took over Russia, China, Germany and Italy. That force is ideology. Here, as elsewhere, ideology has inflicted enormous damage on the traditional culture it came to dominate, fracturing it everywhere and sweeping much of it away. In its place came fear, and ruin. Russia will take a generation or more to recover from Communism, if it ever can.

The ideology that has taken over America goes most commonly by the name of “Political Correctness.” Some people see it as a joke. It is not. It is deadly serious. It seeks to alter virtually all the rules, formal and informal, that govern relations among people and institutions. It wants to change behavior, thought, even the words we use. To a significant extent, it already has. Whoever or whatever controls language also controls thought. Who dares to speak of “ladies” now?

Just what is “Political Correctness?” Political Correctness is in fact cultural Marxism – Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms. The effort to translate Marxism from economics into culture did not begin with the student rebellion of the 1960s. It goes back at least to the 1920s and the writings of the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci. In 1923, in Germany, a group of Marxists founded an institute devoted to making the transition, the Institute of Social Research (later known as the Frankfurt School). One of its founders, George Lukacs, stated its purpose as answering the question, “Who shall save us from Western Civilization?” The Frankfurt School gained profound influence in American universities after many of its leading lights fled to the United States in the 1930s to escape National Socialism in Germany.

The Frankfurt School blended Marx with Freud, and later influences (some Fascist as well as Marxist) added linguistics to create “Critical Theory” and “deconstruction.” These in turn greatly influenced education theory, and through institutions of higher education gave birth to what we now call “Political Correctness.” The lineage is clear, and it is traceable right back to Karl Marx.

The parallels between the old, economic Marxism and cultural Marxism are evident. Cultural Marxism, or Political Correctness, shares with classical Marxism the vision of a “classless society,” i.e., a society not merely of equal opportunity, but equal condition. Since that vision contradicts human nature – because people are different, they end up unequal, regardless of the starting point – society will not accord with it unless forced. So, under both variants of Marxism, it is forced. This is the first major parallel between classical and cultural Marxism: both are totalitarian ideologies. The totalitarian nature of Political Correctness can be seen on campuses where “PC” has taken over the college: freedom of speech, of the press, and even of thought are all eliminated.

The second major parallel is that both classical, economic Marxism and cultural Marxism have single-factor explanations of history. Classical Marxism argues that all of history was determined by ownership of the means of production. Cultural Marxism says that history is wholly explained by which groups – defined by sex, race, and sexual normality or abnormality – have power over which other groups.

The third parallel is that both varieties of Marxism declare certain groups virtuous and others evil a priori, that is, without regard for the actual behavior of individuals. Classical Marxism defines workers and peasants as virtuous and the bourgeoisie (the middle class) and other owners of capital as evil. Cultural Marxism defines blacks, Hispanics, Feminist women, homosexuals and some additional minority groups as virtuous and white men as evil. (Cultural Marxism does not recognize the existence of non-Feminist women, and defines blacks who reject Political Correctness as whites).

The fourth parallel is in means: expropriation. Economic Marxists, where they obtained power, expropriated the property of the bourgeoisie and handed it to the state, as the “representative” of the workers and the peasants. Cultural Marxists, when they gain power (including through our own government), lay penalties on white men and others who disagree with them and give privileges to the groups they favor. Affirmative action is an example.

Finally, both varieties of Marxists employ a method of analysis designed to show the correctness of their ideology in every situation. For classical Marxists, the analysis is economic. For cultural Marxists, the analysis is linguistic: deconstruction. Deconstruction “proves” that any “text,” past or present, illustrates the oppression of blacks, women, homosexuals, etc. by reading that meaning into words of the text (regardless of their actual meaning). Both methods are, of course, phony analyses that twist the evidence to fit preordained conclusions, but they lend a ‘scientific” air to the ideology.

These parallels are neither remarkable nor coincidental. They exist because Political Correctness is directly derived from classical Marxism, and is in fact a variant of Marxism. Through most of the history of Marxism, cultural Marxists were “read out” of the movement by classical, economic Marxists. Today, with economic Marxism dead, cultural Marxism has filled its shoes. The medium has changed, but the message is the same: a society of radical egalitarianism enforced by the power of the state.

Political Correctness now looms over American society like a colossus. It has taken over both political parties – recent Republican conventions were choreographed according to its dictates, while cultural conservatives were shown the door – and is enforced by many laws and government regulations. It controls the most powerful element in our culture, the entertainment industry. It dominates both public and higher education: many a college campus is a small, ivy-covered North Korea. It has even captured the higher clergy in many Christian churches. Anyone in the Establishment who departs from its dictates swiftly ceases to be a member of the Establishment.

The remainder of this short book will explore the subject of Political Correctness further: its history, its method of analysis (deconstruction), and the means by which it has attained its influence, especially through education.

But one more question must be addressed at the outset, the most vital question: how can Americans combat Political Correctness and retake their society from the cultural Marxists?

It is not sufficient just to criticize Political Correctness. It tolerates a certain amount of criticism., even gentle mocking. It does so through no genuine tolerance for other points of view, but in order to disarm its opponents, to let itself seem less menacing than it is. The cultural Marxists do not yet have total power, and they are too wise to appear totalitarian until their victory is assured.

Rather, those who would defeat cultural Marxism must defy it. They must use words it forbids, and refuse to use the words it mandates; remember, sex is better than gender. They must shout from the housetops the realities it seeks to suppress, such as the facts that violent crime is disproportionately committed by blacks and that most cases of AIDS are voluntary, i.e., acquired from immoral sexual acts. They must refuse to turn their children over to public schools.

Above all, those who would defy Political Correctness must behave according to the old rules of our culture, not the new rules the cultural Marxists lay down. Ladies should be wives and homemakers, not cops or soldiers, and men should still hold doors open for ladies. Children should not be born out of wedlock. Open homosexuality should be shunned. Jurors should not accept race as an excuse for murder.

Defiance spreads. When other Americans see one person defy Political Correctness and survive – and you still can, for now – they are emboldened. They are tempted to defy it, too, and some do. The ripples from a single act of defiance, of one instance of walking up to the clay idol and breaking off its nose, can range far. There is nothing the Politically Correct fear more than open defiance, and for good reason; it is their chief vulnerability. That should lead cultural conservatives to defy cultural Marxism at every turn.

While the hour is late, the battle is not decided. Very few Americans realize that Political Correctness is in fact Marxism in a different set of clothes. As that realization spreads, defiance will spread with it. At present, Political Correctness prospers by disguising itself. Through defiance, and through education on our own part (which should be part of every act of defiance), we can strip away its camouflage and reveal the Marxism beneath the window-dressing of “sensitivity,” “tolerance,” and “multi-culturalism.”

Who dares, wins.

Chapter II

The Historical Roots of “Political Correctness”

Raymond V. Raehn

America is today dominated by an alien system of beliefs, attitudes and values that we have come to know as “Political Correctness.” Political Correctness seeks to impose a uniformity of thought and behavior on all Americans and is therefore totalitarian in nature. Its roots lie in a version of Marxism which seeks a radical inversion of the traditional culture in order to create a social revolution.

Social revolution has a long history, conceivably going as far back as Plato’s Republic. But it was the French Revolution of 1789 that inspired Karl Marx to develop his theories in the nineteenth century. In the twentieth century, the success of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia set off a wave of optimistic expectation among the Marxist forces in Europe and America that the new proletarian world of equality was finally coming into being. Russia, as the first communist nation in the world, would lead the revolutionary forces to victory.

The Marxist revolutionary forces in Europe leaped at this opportunity. Following the end of World War I, there was a Communist “Spartacist” uprising in Berlin, Germany led by Rosa Luxemburg; the creation of a “Soviet” in Bavaria led by Kurt Eisner; and a Hungarian communist republic established by Bela Kun in 1919. At the time, there was great concern that all of Europe might fall under the banner of Bolshevism. This sense of impeding doom was given vivid life by Trotsky’s Red Army invasion of Poland in 1919.

However, the Red Army was defeated by Polish forces at the battle of the Vistula in 1920. The Spartacist, Bavarian Soviet and Bela Kun governments all failed to gain widespread support from the workers and after a brief time they were all overthrown. These events created a quandary for the Marxist revolutionaries in Europe. Under Marxist economic theory, the oppressed workers were supposed to be the beneficiaries of a social revolution that would place them on top of the power structure. When these revolutionary opportunities presented themselves, however, the workers did not respond. The Marxist revolutionaries did not blame their theory for these failures. They blamed the workers.

One group of Marxist intellectuals resolved their quandary by an analysis that focused on society’s cultural “superstructure” rather than on the economic substructures as Marx did. The Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci and Hungarian Marxist Georg Lukacs contributed the most to this new cultural Marxism.

Antonio Gramsci worked for the Communist International during 1923-24 in Moscow and Vienna. He was later imprisoned in one of Mussolini’s jails where he wrote his famous “Prison Notebooks.” Among Marxists, Gramsci is noted for his theory of cultural hegemony as the means to class dominance. In his view, a new “Communist man” had to be created before any political revolution was possible. This led to a focus on the efforts of intellectuals in the fields of education and culture. Gramsci envisioned a long march through the society’s institutions, including the government, the judiciary, the military, the schools and the media. He also concluded that so long as the workers had a Christian soul, they would not respond to revolutionary appeals.

Georg Lukacs was the son a wealthy Hungarian banker. Lukacs began his political life as an agent of the Communist International. His book History and Class Consciousness gained him recognition as the leading Marxist theorist since Karl Marx. Lukacs believed that for a new Marxist culture to emerge, the existing culture must be destroyed. He said, “I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution to the cultural contradictions of the epoch,” and, “Such a worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.”

When he became Deputy Commissar for Culture in the Bolshevik Bela Kun regime in Hungary in 1919, Lukacs launched what became known as “Cultural Terrorism.” As part of this terrorism he instituted a radical sex education program in Hungarian schools. Hungarian children were instructed in free love, sexual intercourse, the archaic nature of middle-class family codes, the out-datedness of monogamy, and the irrelevance of religion, which deprives man of all pleasures. Women, too, were called to rebel against the sexual mores of the time. Lukacs’s campaign of “Cultural Terrorism” was a precursor to what Political Correctness would later bring to American schools.

In 1923, Lukacs and other Marxist intellectuals associated with the Communist Party of Germany founded the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University in Frankfurt, Germany. The Institute, which became known as the Frankfurt School, was modeled after the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow. In 1933, when Nazis came to power in Germany, the members of the Frankfurt School fled. Most came to the United States.

The members of the Frankfurt School conducted numerous studies on the beliefs, attitudes and values they believed lay behind the rise of National Socialism in Germany. The Frankfurt School’s studies combined Marxist analysis with Freudian psychoanalysis to criticize the bases of Western culture, including Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy, hierarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethnocentrism, convention and conservatism. These criticisms, known collectively as Critical Theory, were reflected in such works of the Frankfurt School as Erich Fromm’s Escape from Freedom and The Dogma of Christ, Wilhelm’s Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism and Theodor Adorno’s The Authoritarian Personality.

The Authoritarian Personality, published in 1950, substantially influenced American psychologists and social scientists. The book was premised on one basic idea, that the presence in a society of Christianity, capitalism, and the patriarchal-authoritarian family created a character prone to racial prejudice and German fascism. The Authoritarian Personality became a handbook for a national campaign against any kind of prejudice or discrimination on the theory that if these evils were not eradicated, another Holocaust might occur on the American continent. This campaign, in turn, provided a basis for Political Correctness.

Critical Theory incorporated sub-theories which were intended to chip away at specific elements of the existing culture, including “matriarchal theory,” “androgyny theory,” “personality theory,” “authority theory,” “family theory,” “sexuality theory,” “racial theory,” “legal theory,” and “literary theory.” Put into practice, these theories were to be used to overthrow the prevailing social order and usher in social revolution.

To achieve this, the Critical Theorists of the Frankfurt School recognized that traditional beliefs and the existing social structure would have to be destroyed and then replaced. The patriarchal social structure would be replaced with matriarchy; the belief that men and women are different and properly have different roles would be replaced with androgyny; and the belief that heterosexuality is normal would be replaced with the belief that homosexuality is equally “normal.”

As a grand scheme intended to deny the intrinsic worth of white, heterosexual males, the Critical Theorists of the Frankfurt School opened the door to the racial and sexual antagonisms of the Trotskyites. Leon Trotsky believed that oppressed blacks could be the vanguard of a communist revolution in North America. He denounced white workers who were prejudiced against blacks and instructed them to unite with the blacks in revolution. Trotsky’s ideas were adopted by many of the student leaders of the 1960s counterculture movement, who attempted to elevate black revolutionaries to positions of leadership in their movement.

The student revolutionaries were also strongly influenced by the ideas of Herbert Marcuse, another member of the Frankfurt School. Marcuse preached the “Great Refusal,” a rejection of all basic Western concepts, sexual liberation and the merits of feminist and black revolution. His primary thesis was that university students, ghetto blacks, the alienated, the asocial, and the Third World could take the place of the proletariat in the Communist revolution. In his book An Essay on Liberation, Marcuse proclaimed his goals of a radical transvaluation of values; the relaxation of taboos; cultural subversion; Critical Theory; and a linguistic rebellion that would amount to a methodical reversal of meaning. As for racial conflict, Marcuse wrote that white men are guilty and that blacks are the most natural force of rebellion.

Marcuse may be the most important member of the Frankfurt School in terms of the origins of Political Correctness, because he was the critical link to the counterculture of the 1960s. His objective was clear: “One can rightfully speak of a cultural revolution, since the protest is directed toward the whole cultural establishment, including morality of existing society…” His means was liberating the powerful, primeval force of sex from its civilized restraints, a message preached in his book, Eros and Civilization, published in 1955. Marcuse became one of the main gurus of the 1960s adolescent sexual rebellion; he himself coined the expression, “make love, not war.” With that role, the chain of Marxist influence via the Frankfurt School was completed: from Lukacs’ service as Deputy Commissar for Culture in the Bolshevik Hungarian government in 1919 to American students burning the flag and taking over college administration buildings in the 1960s. Today, many of these same colleges are bastions of Political Correctness, and the former student radicals have become the faculties.

One of the most important contributors to Political Correctness was Betty Friedan. Through her book The Feminine Mystique, Friedantied Feminism to Abraham Maslow’s theory of self-actualization. Maslow was a social psychologist who in his early years did research on female dominance and sexuality. Maslow was a friend of Herbert Marcuse at Brandeis University and had met Erich Fromm in 1936. He was strongly impressed by Fromm’s Frankfurt School ideology. He wrote an article, “The Authoritarian Character Structure,” published in 1944, that reflected the personality theory of Critical Theory. Maslow was also impressed with the work of Wilhelm Reich, who was another Frankfurt School originator of personality theory.

The significance of the historical roots of Political Correctness cannot be fully appreciated unless Betty Friedan’s revolution in sex roles is viewed for what it really was – a manifestation of the social revolutionary process begun by Karl Marx. Friedan’s reliance on Abraham Maslow’s reflection of Frankfurt School ideology is only one indicator. Other indicators include the correspondence of Friedan’s revolution in sex roles with Georg Lukacs’ annihilation of old values and the creation of new ones, and with Herbert Marcuse’s transvaluation of values. But the idea of transforming a patriarchy into a matriarchy – which is what a sex-role inversion is designed to do – can be connected directly to Friedrich Engels book The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State. First published in 1884, this book popularized the now-accepted feminist belief that deep-rooted discrimination against the oppressed female sex was a function of patriarchy. The belief that matriarchy was the solution to patriarchy flows from Marx’s comments in The German Ideology, published in 1845. In this work Marx advanced the idea that wives and children were the first property of the patriarchal male. The Frankfurt School’s matriarchal theory and its near-relation, androgyny theory, both originated from these sources.

When addressing the general public, advocates of Political Correctness – or cultural Marxism, to give it its true name – present their beliefs attractively. It’s all just a matter of being “sensitive” to other people, they say. They use words such as “tolerance” and “diversity,” asking, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

The reality is different. Political Correctness is not at all about “being nice,” unless one thinks gulags are nice places. Political Correctness is Marxism, with all that implies: loss of freedom of expression, thought control, inversion of the traditional social order, and, ultimately, a totalitarian state. If anything, the cultural Marxism created by the Frankfurt School is more horrifying than the old, economic Marxism that ruined Russia. At least the economic Marxists did not exalt sexual perversion and attempt to create a matriarchy, as the Frankfurt School and its descendants have done.

This short essay has sought to show one critical linkage, that between classical Marxism and the ingredients of the “cultural revolution” that broke out in America in the 1960s. The appendices to this paper offer a “wiring diagram” which may make the trail easier to follow, along with a more detailed look at some of the main actors. Of course, the action does not stop in the ‘60s; the workings of the Frankfurt School are yet very much with us, especially in the field of education. That topic, and other present-day effects of Frankfurt School thinking, will be the subjects of other chapters in this book.


Georg Lukacs

• He began his political life as a Kremlin agent of the Communist International.

• His History and Class-Consciousness gained him recognition as the leading Marxist theorist since Karl Marx.

• In 1919 he became the Deputy Commissar for Culture in the Bolshevik Bela Kun Regime in Hungary. He instigated what become known as “Cultural Terrorism.”

• Cultural Terrorism was a precursor of what was to happen in American schools.

• He launched an “explosive” sex education program. Special lectures were organized in Hungarian schools and literature was printed and distributed to instruct children about free love, the nature of sexual intercourse, the archaic nature of the bourgeois family codes, the outdatedness of monogamy, and the irrelevance of religion, which deprives man of all pleasure. Children were urged to reject and deride paternal authority and the authority of the Church, and to ignore precepts of morality. They were easily and spontaneously turned into delinquents with whom only the police could cope. This call to rebellion addressed to Hungarian children was matched by a call to rebellion addressed to Hungarian women.

• In rejecting the idea that Bolshevism spelled the destruction of civilization and culture, Lukacs stated: “Such a worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.”

• Lukacs’ state of mind was expressed in his own words:

o “All the social forces I had hated since my youth, and which I aimed in spirit to annihilate, now came together to unleash the First Global War.”

o “I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution to the cultural contradictions of the speech.”

o “The question is: Who will free us from the yoke of Western Civilization?”

o “Any political movement capable of bringing Bolshevism to the West would have to be ‘Demonic’.”

o “The abandonment of the soul’s uniqueness solves the problem of ‘unleashing’ the diabolic forces lurking in all the violence which is needed to create revolution.”

• Lukacs’ state of mind was typical of those who represented the forces of Revolutionary Marxism.

• At a secret meeting in Germany in 1923, Lukacs proposed the concept of inducing “Cultural Pessimism” in order to increase the state of hopelessness and alienation in the people of the West as a necessary prerequisite for revolution.

• This meeting led to the founding of the Institute for Social Research at Frankfurt University in Germany in 1923 – an organization of Marxist and Communist-oriented psychologists, sociologists and other intellectuals that came to be known as the Frankfurt School, which devoted itself to implementing Georg Lukacs’s program.

Antonio Gramsci

• He was an Italian Marxist on an intellectual par with Georg Lukacs who arrived by analysis at the same conclusions as Lukacs and the Frankfurt School regarding the critical importance of intellectuals in fomenting revolution in the West.

• He had traveled to the Soviet Union after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and made some accurate observations that caused him to conclude that a Bolshevik-style uprising could not be brought about by Western workers due to the nature of their Christian souls.

• Antonio Gramsci became the leader of the Italian Communist Party, which earned him a place in one of Mussolini’s jails in the 1930s, where he wrote Prison Notebooks and other documents.

• These works became available in English to Americans.

• His advice to the intellectuals was to begin a long march through the educational and cultural institutions of the nation in order to create a new Soviet man before there could be a successful political revolution.

• This reflected his observations in the Soviet Union that its leaders could not create such a new Soviet man after the Bolshevik Revolution.

• This blueprint for mind and character change made Gramsci a hero of Revolutionary Marxism in American education and paved the way for creation of the New American Child in the schools by the education cartel.

• The essential nature of Antonio Gramsci’s revolutionary strategy is reflected in Charles A. Reich’s The Greening of America: “There is a revolution coming. It will not be like revolutions in the past. It will originate with the individual and the culture, and it will change the political structure as its final act. It will not require violence to succeed, and it cannot be successfully resisted by violence. This is revolution of the New Generation.”

Wilhelm Reich

• In his 1933 book entitled The Mass Psychology of Fascism, he explained that the Frankfurt School departed from the Marxist sociology that set “Bourgeois” against “Proletariat.” Instead, the battle would be between “reactionary” and “revolutionary” characters.

• He also wrote a book entitled The Sexual Revolution which was a precursor of what was to come in the 1960s.

• His “sex-economic” sociology was an effort to harmonize Freud’s psychology with Marx’s economic theory.

• Reich’s theory was expressed in his words: “The authoritarian family is the authoritarian state in miniature. Man’s authoritarian character structure is basically produced by the embedding of sexual inhibitions and fear in the living substance of sexual impulses. Familial imperialism is ideologically reproduced in national imperialism…the authoritarian family…is a factory where reactionary ideology and reactionary structures are produced.”

• Wilhelm Reich’s theory, when coupled with Georg Lukacs’ sex education in Hungary, can be seen as the source for the American education cartel’s insistence on sex education from kindergarten onwards and its complete negation of the paternal family, external authority, and the traditional character structure.

• Reich’s theory encompassed other assertions that seem to have permeated American education:

o The organized religious mysticism of Christianity was an element of the authoritarian family that led to Fascism.

o The patriarchal power in and outside of man was to be dethroned.

o Revolutionary sexual politics would mean the complete collapse of authoritarian ideology.

o Birth control was revolutionary ideology.

o Man was fundamentally a sexual animal.

• Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism was in its ninth printing as of 1991 and is available in most college bookstores.

Erich Fromm

• Like Wilhelm Reich, Fromm was a social psychologist of the Frankfurt School who came to America in the 1930s.

• His book Escape from Freedom, published in 1941, is an ideological companion to Wilhelm Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism.

• Fromm asserted that early capitalism created a social order that resulted in Calvin’s Theory of Predestination, which reflected the principle of the basic inequality of men which was revived in Nazi ideology.

• He asserted the authoritarian character experiences only domination or submission and “differences, whether sex or race, to him are necessarily of superiority or inferiority.”

• He asserted that “Positive Freedom” implies the principle that there is no higher power than the unique individual self; that man is the center and purpose of life; that the growth and realization of man’s individuality is an end that can be subordinated to purposes which are supposed to have a greater dignity.

• Fromm made the real meaning of this “Positive Freedom” clear in another of his many books – The Dogma of Christ – wherein he describes a revolutionary character such as himself as the man who has emancipated himself from the ties of blood and soil, from his mother and father, and from special loyalties to state, race, party or religion.

• Fromm makes his revolutionary intent very clear in The Dogma of Christ…”We might define revolution in a psychological sense, saying that a revolution is a political movement led by people with revolutionary characters, and attracting people with revolutionary characters.”

Herbert Marcuse

• Like Wilhelm Reich and Erich Fromm, Marcuse was an intellectual of the Frankfurt School who came to America in the 1930s.

• He has often been described as a Marxist philosopher, but he was in fact a full-blooded social revolutionary who contemplated the disintegration of American society just as Karl Marx and Georg Lukacs contemplated the disintegration of German society: “One can rightfully speak of a cultural revolution, since the protest is directed toward the whole cultural establishment, including the morality of existing society…there is one thing we can say with complete assurance: the traditional idea of revolution and the traditional strategy of revolution has ended. These ideas are old-fashioned…What we must undertake is a type of diffuse and dispersed disintegration of the system.”

• Marcuse published Eros and Civilization in 1955, which became the founding document of the 1960s counterculture and brought the Frankfurt School into the colleges and universities of America.

• He asserted that the only way to escape the one-dimensionality of modern industrial society was to liberate the erotic side of man, the sensuous instinct, in rebellion against “technological rationality.”

• This erotic liberation was to take the form of the “Great Refusal,” a total rejection of the capitalist monster and its entire works, including technological reason and ritual-authoritarian language.

• He provided the needed intellectual justifications for adolescent sexual rebellion and the slogan “Make Love, Not War.”

• His theory included the belief that the Women’s Liberation Movement was to be the most important component of the opposition, and potentially the most radical.

• His revolutionary efforts would blossom into a full-scale war by revolutionary Marxism against the European white male in the schools and colleges.

Theodor Adorno

• He was another Marxist revolutionary and a member of the Frankfurt School who came to America in the 1930s.

• Along with others, Adorno authored The Authoritarian Personality, which was published in 1950.

• Adorno’s book was inspired by the same kind of theoretical assertions revealed in the works of Wilhelm Reich, Erich Fromm, and Herbert Marcuse based on analytical studies of German society that were begun in 1923.

• The basic theme was the same. There was such a thing as an authoritarian character that was the opposite of the desired revolutionary character. This authoritarian character was a product of capitalism, Christianity, conservatism, the patriarchal family and sexual repression. In Germany, this combination induced prejudice, anti-Semitism and fascism according to Frankfurt School theory.

• It so happened that most Americans were products of capitalism, Christianity, conservatism, the patriarchal family, and sexual repression in their youth. So Theodor Adorno and other members of the Frankfurt School had a golden opportunity to execute Georg Lukacs’ and Antonio Gramsci’s program for creating social revolution in America instead of Germany.

• They would posit the existence of authoritarian personalities among Americans with tendencies toward prejudice, and then exploit this to force the “scientifically planned re-education” of Americans with the excuse that it was being done in order to eradicate prejudice.

• This scientifically-planned re-education would become the master plan for the transformation of America’s system of fundamental values into their opposite revolutionary values in American education so that school children would become replicas of the Frankfurt School revolutionary characters and thus create the New American Child.

• This can be confirmed by noting that The Authoritarian Personality is the key source of the affective domain of Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives of 1964, which guided the education cartel thereafter.

Chapter III

Political Correctness in Higher Education

T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.

On a growing number of university campuses the freedom to articulate and discuss ideas – a principle that has been the cornerstone of higher education since the time of Socrates – is eroding at an alarming rate. Consider just one increasing trend: hundreds (sometimes thousands) of copies of conservative student newspapers have been either stolen or publicly burned by student radicals. In many cases these acts have taken place with the tacit support of faculty and administrators. The perpetrators are rarely disciplined.

While it would be easy to dismiss such demonstrations of tolerance as student pranks, these incidents are the surface manifestations of a more pervasive and insidious trend – a trend that has as its goal the destruction of the liberal arts tradition that has helped create and sustain Western civilization.

Though some pundits have claimed that the prevalence of the ideological intolerance known as political correctness has been exaggerated, the opposite is closer to the truth. Political correctness has become so deeply ingrained in American higher education that many campuses are now dominated by an atmosphere of uncertainty and apprehension. An increasing number of dedicated students and faculty members now live in fear that their intellectual pursuit of truth will offend the Grand Inquisitors of political correctness.

The techniques of political correctness are now well known: attacks on the curriculum in the name of “multiculturalism,” the imposition of restrictive and vaguely-worded “speech codes,” and mandatory “sensitivity training” courses for freshman that are little more than systematic efforts at ideological indoctrination. But the influence of political correctness has spread in other disturbing ways. Consider a few recent incidents from the university battlefield.

• At Amherst College in Massachusetts, a homosexual student group covered the university’s sidewalks with graffiti, including the slogan “Queer by Divine Right,” which was scrawled in front of the campus chapel on Good Friday. When the Amherst Spectator, a conservative student newspaper, criticized these chalkings as promoting “hatred and division,” student protestors publicly burned copies of the paper.

• When the Cornell Review, another conservative student newspaper, published a parody of the course descriptions from Cornell’s heavily-politicized Africana Department, campus militants blocked traffic at the center of the campus for several hours and burned stolen copies of the Review in a metal trash can. The militants went on to demand that the university provide “racial sensitivity” classes for incoming freshman, a campus speech code, and more money for segregated minority programs such as a blacks-only dormitory.

• Students who participate in ROTC programs have told friends and family that they are afraid to show up for class wearing their uniform because their grades have been arbitrarily marked down by faculty members who are hostile to the military.

• In the wake of a rash of sexual harassment charges that have been filed by extreme feminists against their alleged enemies, some professors have begun to take out insurance policies to protect themselves from the crushing financial burden of malicious and frivolous lawsuits.

• A faculty questionnaire at the University of Massachusetts asks professors what “contribution to multi-culturalism” they have made. The questionnaire is then used in making decisions about tenure and promotion.

It is worth remembering that for every dramatic and well-publicized example of political correctness, there are innumerable instances where it is more subtle, but just as real.

The Origins of Political Correctness in Higher Education

While the ideology of political correctness is hardly restricted to our campuses, there is no doubt it originated there. The intellectual roots of this phenomenon stretch back over centuries. Ultimately, the origins of PC can be traced to the rise of modern ideology and its quest for power. In contrast to the classical and Judeo-Christian traditions, which stressed man’s need to understand the moral order and conform himself to it, modern ideologies have sought to dominate and control the world. In the twentieth century these ideologies gained political power in Communist states.

But in the West, ideology has not been able to make such a direct assault on our traditions of ordered liberty. Rather, radical intellectuals have sought to undermine the foundations of knowledge itself, concentrating their efforts on the transformation of the university.

The turning point in the academy came in the 1960s, when militant students launched a guerilla attack on the traditions of Western culture and the liberal arts. Seeing that they could not gain lasting power through demonstrations alone, many of these militants opted to remain “in the system,” going on to become professors themselves. This generation of “tenured radicals” (to use Roger Kimball’s phrase) has now become the establishment in the vast majority of our institutions of higher learning. As university presidents, deans, and department chairmen, they have set about hiring other ideologues in their own image and have instigated the repressive policies we know as political correctness. These politicized academics will be extremely difficult to dislodge from their current positions of power.

Ideology vs. Liberal Education

The stakes in this war of ideas are high, for they include the very concept of freedom itself. Americans have always understood the intimate and vital connection between liberal education and political liberty. That is why political correctness is nothing less than a death blow aimed at the heart of our republic.

In his seminal book The Idea of a University, Cardinal John Henry Newman defined the “liberal arts” as a pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. By way of contrast, he defined the “servile arts” as those modes of study that serve only specific, immediate ends. The liberal arts are liberating, Newman argued, because they enable men to discover the underlying principles that guide us toward wisdom and virtue.

Were he alive today, Newman would view political correctness as “servile” because its purpose is to advance a political agenda to a position of national power. Militant professors in increasing numbers are shamelessly turning their podiums into pulpits, abandoning the search for objective truth and setting about the task of indoctrinating their students.

The Devastated Curriculum

The proponents of political correctness have concentrated their efforts on the core of a liberal education, the curriculum. Their efforts will radically alter what new generations of Americans will learn. In this battle the handmaiden of political correctness has been the “multicultural” movement. A number of critics have rightly pointed out that multiculturalism is more than an argument for courses that concentrate on groups that at one time were disadvantaged or oppressed. Rather, multiculturalism involves the systematic restructuring of the curriculum so as to hinder students from learning about the Western tradition. Since the ulterior motive behind political correctness is an attempt to restructure American society along egalitarian lines, it is imperative for its proponents to instill in the minds of students a thoroughgoing cultural relativism.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the politically correct assault on the curriculum is that it has occurred at many of America’s elite universities. Take, for example, the case of Stanford University, an institution that has long played a leadership role in American higher education. Stanford eliminated its long-standing Western civilization requirement in 1988 and replaced it with a multicultural program known as “Cultures, Ideas, and Values.” Under this new program freshmen at Stanford can just as easily study Marxist revolutionaries in Central America as they can Plato, Shakespeare, or Newton.

Stanford has also led the movement away from serious study of history. Students at Stanford, like students at all but one of the other top 50 universities in the United States, are not required to take a single course in history. Instead, they are offered a choice of courses under the heading of “American Cultures.” According to one recent graduate at Stanford, it is impossible to fulfill the “American Cultures” requirement by studying Protestantism, Irish Americans, or the American West, while courses that do fulfill the requirement include “Film and Literature: US-Mexico Border Representations” and “Contemporary Ethnic Drama.” Stanford students must also take courses in “World Cultures” and “Gender Studies” that include “Chicana Expressive Culture” and “Misogyny and Feminism in the Renaissance.”

Because elite institutions such as Stanford set an example for the rest of American higher education, other universities eagerly adopt these devastating assaults on the curriculum. This “trickle-down” effect will have a long-lasting impact on the way future generations of Americans will be educated.

Intolerance and the Assault on Freedom

The two pillars that have traditionally sustained the liberal arts are academic freedom and freedom of speech. Without the freedom to pursue the truth and to write and speak freely, authentic scholarship is impossible. But both of these fundamental freedoms have been routinely abrogated by the establishment of speech codes, “sensitivity” classes, and a general atmosphere of fear and intimidation on campus.

For example, younger professors who have not received tenure must not only be careful of what they say, but of what they publish. Ideological university administrators in the 1990s have created an environment dominated by suspicion that is far more intense than anything spawned by anti-Communist Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s.

The most tragic victims of this age of political correctness are the students. The traditional goal of a liberal arts education – acculturation, whereby students absorb the inherited wisdom of the past – has been set aside. Increasingly, a university education today seems to involve rote learning of political opinions. When all is said and done, political correctness substitutes smug feelings of righteousness for the traditional habits of critical thinking. One distinguished scholar recently lamented that “higher education is increasingly about acquiring attitudes and opinions that one puts on like a uniform.”

Because the academy is a relatively isolated world, it can allow politicized administrators to turn the campus into a laboratory for experiments in social transformation. When critics of political correctness have compared the atmosphere on campus to that of a totalitarian state, liberal pundits have been quick to denounce them as hysterical. Few of these pundits have any first-hand experience of daily life on campus.

The Movement for Academic Reform

Despite the institutional power of the campus radicals, forces are at work seeking to spur authentic academic reform. The academic reform movement relies on the principles of accountability, communication, and a commitment to authentic scholarship. One force of academic reform is a growing demand among parents for greater accountability from colleges and universities. At a time when studies show that students are paying more and learning less than ever before, parents in increasing numbers are becoming discriminating consumers.

Another force is independent student newspapers whose journalists publicize the antics of political correctness on campus. In the past, campus radicals thrived unchallenged in the enclosed world of the university, but their actions are no longer going undetected. The advent of conservative student newspapers on dozens of campuses has forced campus militants into the open where they are most vulnerable to the scrutiny of an exasperated public.

Two years ago, those who fund the Collegiate Network asked the Intercollegiate Studies Institute to take over the administration of their program to support and enhance responsible student journalism. The Collegiate Network contributes seed money, practical help, and intellectual guidance to the 60 conservative student newspapers which provide alternative forums of discussion at many of the nations most elite (and closed-minded) universities.

These alternative papers have identified abuses at all levels of academic life and engaged in investigative journalism that has been remarkably fair and accurate. Perhaps the most well-known “scoop” came from Yale University’s alternative paper, Light & Truth, a publication supported by the Collegiate Network. The editors of Light & Truth discovered that the $20 million gift of alumnus Lee Bass was not being used for its intended purpose of supporting an integrated course in Western civilization. Their report broke open the scandal, which ended when Yale returned Mr. Bass’s money. The subsequent furor cost Yale a great deal more than Mr. Bass’s $20 million – both in monetary terms and in the loss of confidence of many Yale donors that the current administration can be trusted.

Not all the scandals uncovered by alternative campus papers are of this magnitude, but there are innumerable abuses that can be exposed by investigative student journalism. The law school at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, banned representatives of the U.S. military from setting up recruiting tables there, despite receiving federal tax dollars from the Defense Department. An article about this outrageous assault on freedom that ran in both the student-run Carolina Review and in the national student newspaper published by ISI, CAMPUS, raised a hue and cry on and off campus. North Carolina legislators took immediate action and passed a bill prohibiting taxpayer-supported schools from discriminating against the military when prospective employers come to the university.

At the University of Wisconsin, Madison, the UWM Times, a conservative student newspaper, revealed that a university administrator had been soliciting signatures for local Democrat candidates for public office, in direct violation of a state law forbidding university employees from engaging in political campaigning. The university refused to reprimand the administrator in question – perhaps because the chancellor himself violated both the state law and his own directive by signing one of the petitions while at work. The story was picked up by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and the abuse was brought to an end.

Now that alternative newspapers and organizations dedicated to academic reform are spreading the word, the larger communities that surround our institutions of higher education are getting more involved in serious academic reform. For example, the National Association of Scholars is encouraging university trustees to take a more active and vocal role in opposing the excesses of political correctness. Efforts of this type must be expanded and intensified.

In the long run, the most direct method of defeating the inquisitors of political correctness is simply to stand up to them. Individual acts of defiance often entail serious risks: students can face star-chamber proceedings that are humiliating and demoralizing while faculty can lose their bids to receive tenure. But every act of resistance causes a ripple, encouraging others to stand up to ideological intimidation. With the support of a significant number of parents, donors, and alumni, these Davids may yet slay the Goliaths who tower over them.

The Fire of True-Learning

Perhaps the strongest force for true academic reform is that which seeks to defeat the ideological depredations of political correctness by winning the war of ideas. The best students have a questioning intelligence that cannot be satisfied with political slogans. When such students have access to serious scholarship they respond with enthusiasm. Even today acculturation still takes place under the mentorship of outstanding scholars at various institutions around the country. Moreover, some colleges and universities continue to swim against the ideological tides of our time.

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), in conjunction with the Templeton Foundation, has identified the best professors, departments, colleges, and textbooks in American higher education today. This program, the Templeton Honor Rolls for Education in a Free Society, celebrates excellence and serves as a guide for parents and students contemplating the daunting choice of which college or university to attend. By singling out the best in higher education, the Templeton Honor Rolls also encourage donors to reward universities that preserve the traditions of the free society.

Prospective college students, their parents, and donors can also benefit from a comprehensive guide to 100 of the top institutions of higher learning in America published by the ISI. The guide contains substantial, essay-length treatments of all 100 institutions, including 80 elite schools that were selected on the basis of competitive admissions standards and 20 schools that ISI particularly recommends for their commitment to a liberal arts education. The ISI college guide warns students about the ideological dangers on the campuses and steers them in the direction of the best professors and departments. As best-selling author William J. Bennett wrote of this project, “All too often, Americans treat colleges and universities with a deference that prevents them from asking hard questions and demanding real results. But if there was ever to be a genuine, long-lasting education reform, parents and students will have to become shrewder and better-informed consumers of education. The ISI guide is a powerful tool in this effort.”

One of Edmund Burke’s most famous sayings is that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” For generations, Americans have treated higher education with awe – a token of their faith in the liberating power of the liberal arts. But in the face of political correctness, it is time for the American public to temper its respect with a critical sensibility, and to undertake a more direct effort to call academia to account. It is time for good men and women to demand that American higher education live up to its best traditions and eschew the tyranny of political correctness.

Perhaps no aspect of Political Correctness is more prominent in American life today than feminist ideology. Is feminism, like the rest of Political Correctness, based on the cultural Marxism imported from Germany in the 1930s? While feminism’s history in America certainly extends longer than sixty years, its flowering in recent decades has been interwoven with the unfolding social revolution carried forward by cultural Marxists.

Where do we see radical feminism ascendant? It is on television, where nearly every major offering has a female “power figure” and the plots and characters emphasize inferiority of the male and superiority of the female. It is in the military, where expanding opportunity for women, even in combat positions, has been accompanied by double standards and then lowered standards, as well as by a decline in enlistment of young men, while “warriors” in the services are leaving in droves. It is in government-mandated employment preferences and practices that benefit women and use “sexual harassment” charges to keep men in line. It is in colleges where women’s gender studies proliferate and “affirmative action” is applied in admissions and employment. It is in other employment, public and private, where in addition to affirmative action, “sensitivity training” is given unprecedented time and attention. It is in public schools, where “self awareness” and “self-esteem” are increasingly promoted while academic learning declines. And sadly, we see that “a woman’s right to choose” leads many fellow Americans, including many with stewardship of public law and culture, to believe it is “the right thing to do” to allow the most helpless to be put to death.

While it is the theme of this essay that the radical feminist movement is embraced by present day Political Correctness ideology, derived from cultural Marxism, feminism as such does have earlier roots. Feminism was conceived and birthed in America in the 1830s, in the generation experiencing the first stage of the industrial revolution. Women, who for centuries had shared the challenges of surviving in an agrarian life, were becoming part of a middle-class gentry with more time and energy to spend writing newspaper articles and novels for their “sisters.” The initial stages of the feminization of American culture had started.

These feminists, radical in their time, became a staple of the idealistic Transcendentalists, who included Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and many radical Unitarian ministers of the day. They were also abolitionists, bent on destroying slavery and Southern culture as well. Spurred by the rhetoric of Harriet Beecher Stowe (author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin), Julia Ward Howe (author of the words to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”), and Margaret Fuller (the first radical feminist newspaper columnist), the men and women of this idealist Transcendentalist generation propelled our nation toward Civil War.

Who were these Transcendentalist idealists, and why should we be reminded of them today? They were the precursors of today’s idealistic Boomer generation. While we cannot draw a continuous link between the Transcendentalists and today’s Boomers, their characteristics are very similar. We may glimpse where the elite Boomers are leading us by reviewing the history of the Transcendentalists and their causes.

The Transcendentalists supported abolition of slavery, women’s rights, temperance, pacifism (but not in the anti-slavery cause), and other causes which we now observe in New Age popular culture. They moved on into spiritualism (talking with the dead), Eastern mysticism and phrenology (discerning personality by the shape of one’s skull). They would be right at home in today’s New Age milieu. Luther George Williams points out, referring to women’s groups and civil rights groups, that

Freed slaves secured the vote only after the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments (ratified in 1870), but women fared worse. They did not receive the vote until the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920. However, the substantial political victories that these groups achieved (during the Civil War period) guaranteed that they would remain allies. Today, their political organizations dominate every aspect of society, politics and education in America – including the military.

Indeed, the present-day radical feminist assault on VMI and the Citadel has a political parallel to the Transcendentalist activism of the Civil War period. This current assault is in part a continuation of a century-old effort to destroy Southern culture.

In contrast to today’s radical feminists, social feminists of the 1890s and early 20th century were of a less totalitarian character. They stood for women’s suffrage but also advocated the strengthening of the family.

Today, the feminization of American culture, moving rapidly since the 1960s continues to intensify. Radical feminists demand that women be allowed to “choose” entry to the infantry, artillery, special forces and combat engineering positions in the Army and Marine Corps. These demands follow the feminization of combat aviation in the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Army since 1993.

The feminization of American politics was advanced in the 1996 presidential election, when parties produced “feminized” conventions featuring soft, emotional, Oprah Winfrey-type orations and sentimental film clips of the presidential candidates. Both candidates were portrayed as soft, gentle, emotion-driven creatures sufficiently in touch with their feelings that all women across America would feel “comfortable” in their care. With 60 million female votes at stake, both parties pandered to America’s “feminine” side.

There is no doubt in the media that the “man of today” is expected to be a touchy-feely subspecies who bows to the radical feminist agenda. He is a staple of Hollywood, the television network sitcoms and movies, and the political pundits of talk shows. The feminization is becoming so noticeable that newspapers and magazines are picking up on it. For example, the Washington Times and National Review magazine combined to tell us that “behind the breezy celebration of ‘guy stuff’ in today’s men’s magazine lurks a crisis of confidence. What does it mean to be masculine in the 90s?” It is revealed that today’s men’s magazines (Esquire, GQ, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Journal, Details, Maxim, Men’s Perspective)”are all geared to a new feminized man….” Some examples? The old masculine attitude toward personal appearance is disappearing. If memory serves, our fathers’ acts of personal upkeep were mostly limited to shaving and putting on a tie. According to Lowry:

[I]t’s hard to imagine [them] interested in articles on ‘A Flat Belly for the Beach’ (Verge), or the three new men’s fragrances for the fall season (GQ), or even ‘The New Fall Suit’ (Esquire). But somewhere along the line men became less concerned with being strong and silent, and more worried about making themselves pretty.

Indeed the feminization of American culture is nearly completed. And the last bastion of male domination, the U.S. military, is under assault.

If this “feminization” trend were driven only by radical feminists seeking to pull down a perceived male-dominated hierarchy, there would be more hope that the cycles of history would move America toward a stable accommodation between men and women. But the drive is deeper, and it will not be satisfied by any accommodation. The radical feminists have embraced and been embraced by the wider and deeper movement of cultural Marxism. For dedicated Marxists, the strategy is to attack at every point where an apparent disparity leaves a potential constituency of “oppressed” persons – in this case women, who are the largest of all constituencies. Cultural Marxists, men and women, are making the most of it, and the theory developed by the Frankfurt School provides the ideology.

The Frankfurt School theorized that the authoritarian personality is a product of the patriarchal family. This idea is in turn directly connected to Engels’s The Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State, which promotes matriarchy. Furthermore, it was Karl Marx who wrote in The Communist Manifesto about the radical notion of a “community of women.” He also, in 1845, wrote disparagingly in his The German Ideology of the idea that the family was the basic unit of society.

The concept of the “authoritarian personality” is not just to be interpreted as a model for the conduct of warfare against prejudice as such. It is a handbook for psychological warfare against the American male, to render him unwilling to defend traditional beliefs and values. In other words, the aim was to emasculate him. Undoubtedly the Institute for Social Research at Frankfurt University meant this, as it used the term “psychological techniques for changing personality.”

The “authoritarian personality,” studied in the 1940s and 1950s by American followers of the Frankfurt School, prepared the way for such psychological warfare against the male gender role. The aim was promoted by Herbert Marcuse and others under the guise of “women’s liberation” and in the New Left movement in the 1960s. Evidence that psychological techniques for changing personality are intended to focus in particular on the emasculation of the American male has also been provided by Abraham Maslow, founder of “third force humanist psychology” and promoter of psychotherapeutic techniques in public school classrooms. He wrote that “the next step in personal evolution is a transcendence of both masculinity and femininity to general humanness.”

Cultural Marxist stalwarts apparently know exactly what they want to do and how they plan to do it. They have actually already succeeded in accomplishing much of their agenda.

How did this situation come about in American universities? Gertrude Himmelfarb has observed that it slipped past traditional academics almost unobserved until it was too late. It occurred so “quietly” that when they “looked up”, postmodernism was upon them with a vengeance. “They were surrounded by such a tidal wave of faddish multicultural subjects such as radical feminism, deconstructed relativism as history and other courses” which undermine the perpetuation of Western civilization. Indeed, this tidal wave slipped by just as Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School had envisioned – a quiet revolution that could not be resisted by force.

The Frankfurt School had devised the concept of designating the opponents of the Marxist cultural revolution as “authoritarian characters.” According to available accounts:

There was a meeting of American scholars at a conference on religious and racial prejudice in 1944. Over the next five years, a Frankfurt School team under the direction of Max Horkheimer conducted in-depth social and psychological profiles of Americans under a project entitled “Studies of Prejudice.” One of the results was a book entitled “The Authoritarian Personality” by Theodor Adorno, et al, that summarized one of the largest public opinion surveys ever undertaken in the United States. It was published in 1950, and conformed to the original Critical Theory in every respect. As a document which testified to the belief system of the Frankfurt School revolutionaries it was essentially anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-nationalist, anti-patriot, anti conservative, antihereditarian, anti-ethnocentric, anti-masculine, anti-tradition, and anti-morality. All of these are elements in critical theory.

“Cultural Marxism,” as preached by the Frankfurt School alumni in the U.S., is being implemented by the elite Boomers. This has laid the foundation for and spurred the widely popular and destructive concepts of “affirmative action,” “multiculturalism” and “diversity.” One can’t escape these terms today. They have grown from the study of anti-Semitism and discrimination by the Institute for Social Research during the 1940s and the systematic infusion of the language of “discrimination,” “civil rights,” ‘women’s rights,” and other “minority rights” into American culture.

According to Raehn:

Critical Theory as applied mass psychology has led to the deconstruction of gender in the American culture. Following Critical Theory, the distinction between masculinity and femininity will disappear. The traditional roles of the mothers and fathers are to be dissolved so that patriarchy will be ended. Children are not to be raised according to their biological genders and gender roles according to their biological differences. This reflects the Frankfurt School rationale for the disintegration of the traditional family.

Thus, one of the basic tenets of Critical Theory was the necessity to break down the traditional family. The Frankfurt School scholars preached:

Even a partial breakdown of parental authority in the family might tend to increase the readiness of a coming generation to accept social change.

The transformation of American culture envisioned by the cultural Marxists goes further than pursuing gender equality. Embodied in their agenda is “matriarchal theory,” under which they purpose to transform American culture to be female-dominated. This is a direct throwback to Wilhelm Reich, a Frankfurt School member who considered matriarchal theory in psychoanalytic terms. In 1933, he wrote in “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” that matriarchy was the only genuine family type of “natural society.”

Erich Fromm, another charter member of the Institute, was one of the most active advocates of matriarchal theory. Fromm was especially taken with the idea that all love and altruistic feelings were ultimately derived from the maternal love necessitated by the extended period of human pregnancy and postnatal care:

Love thus was not dependent on sexuality, as Freud had supposed. In fact, sex was more often tied to hatred and destruction. Masculinity and femininity were not reflections of “essential” sexual differences, as the romantics had thought. They were derived instead from differences in life functions, which were in part socially determined.

This dogma was a precedent for today’s radical feminist pronouncements appearing in newspapers and in TV programs, including TV newscasts. For its promoters, male and female roles result from cultural indoctrination – an indoctrination carried out by the male patriarchy to the detriment of women.

Indeed, cultural Marxism has, in the 1990s, melded with radical feminism in the elite Boomer generation, that throwback to the dangerous Transcendentalists of the early 19th century. A cauldron of discontent is forming in our nation, a discontent which has the potential to dismantle American civilization.

Destructive criticism of primary elements of American culture inspired the 1960s counter-culture revolution. Idealistic Boomers coming of age strove to transform the prevailing culture into its opposites, in the spirit of social revolution. Now the elite Boomers are in positions of power, and they are working to destroy the nation’s historic institutions. They aim to destroy as well the heritage we call “Western Civilization.”

Richard Bernstein has written in his book on multiculturalism, “the Marxist revolutionary process for the past several decades in America has centered on race and sex warfare rather than class warfare” as in earlier times. This reflects a scheme more total than economics to restructure American society. As the social revolutionaries readily proclaim, their purpose is to destroy the hegemony of white males. To accomplish this, all barriers to the introduction of more women and minorities throughout the “power structure” are to be brought down by all means available. Laws and lawsuits, intimidation, and demonizing of white males as racists and sexists are pursued through the mass media and the universities. The psycho–dynamic of the revolutionary process aims for psychic disempowerment – decapitation – of those who oppose.

Steve Forbes has emphasized:

This country’s founders recognized three primal values in the Declaration of Independence, and they ranked them properly: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Forbes observes that if the order of these fundamental human rights is switched – with happiness before liberty or liberty before life – we come to moral chaos and social anarchy.

This very condition is what Judge Robert Bork describes as “modern liberalism.” He defines its characteristics as “‘radical egalitarianism’ (equality of outcomes rather than of opportunities) and ‘radical individualism’ (the drastic reduction of limits to personal gratification).”

Judge Bork also identifies radical feminism as “the most destructive and fanatical” element of this modern liberalism. He further describes radical feminism as “totalitarian in spirit.”

Most Americans do not realize that they, through their institutions, are being led by social revolutionaries who think in terms of the continuing destruction of the existing social order in order to create a new one. The revolutionaries are New Age Elite Boomers. They now control the public institutions in the United States. Their “quiet” revolution, beginning with the counter-culture revolution of their youth, is nearing completion. A key, or even a dominant element because purportedly it represents that largest political and social constituency among their potential followers, is feminism. The Marxist movement in its “quiet” cultural latter-day phase is seemingly sweeping all before it. With its sway over the media, fully in the grip of feminism, it is hard to discern the stirrings of a counter-culture. Are the elite Boomers, the New Totalitarians, the most dangerous generation in America’s history? William Strauss and Neil Howe suggest so, in their book Generations: The History of America’s Future – 1584 – 2069. James Kurth writes:

The United States itself has become a great power that opposes much of what was once thought of as Western Civilization, especially its cultural achievements and its social arrangements. The major American elites – those in power in politics, business, the media, and academia – now use American power, especially the “soft power” of information, communications, and popular entertainment, to displace Western Civilization not only in America but also in Europe.

Will American men, of every race, and more traditionalist women of every age and circumstances – who may well be a silent majority of their sex – rise to challenge Political Correctness? Or will American men continue in voluntary submission toward a future of peonage under a new American matriarchy? Would that be a precursor to a condition of anarchy, and an end to America’s experiment with democracy? It may well be that the fate of American civilization depends on American men steadfastly resisting Politically Correct feminism. Even more, they must resourcefully oppose the wider grip of Political Correctness, the cultural Marxism for which radical feminism is only one avenue of attack.

Winners And Losers


— William Faulkner1

Who won the battles of the 1960s? No one would think to ask that question
about the bloody conflict between North and South that cleaved the nation
during the nineteenth century. As a consequence of the Civil War, the Union
was preserved and chattel slavery abolished, although racial inequality re­
mained a tormenting reality of American life. But the clashes in the United
States a century later were fought primarily on the terrain of cultural poli­
tics: two camps–one composed of left-liberals and radicals, the other of con­
servatives–hotly disputed the morality of their opponents’ values, language,
and behavior and differed sharply and, at times, violently about how to build
a society of individuals at peace with themselves and with the rest of the
world. Since beliefs tend to persevere longer than do rebel armies, the cul­
tural civil war of the 1960s produced no clear victor.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, there remains a lively contest
over the meanings of the 1960s. The battle is joined by Christian conservatives
and homosexual activists, by proponents of English only and defenders of bilin­
gual education, by ardent feminists and defenders of the “traditional” family,
by scholars who view America’s past through the prism of multiculturalism
and gender and those who argue that the thought and achievements of great
national leaders ought to be the main focus of historical study.

In the 1990s, conservatives portrayed Bill and Hillary Clinton as the
champions of a slew of lamentable liberal causes–from abortion rights to
government-funded child care to sexual license. Such commitments, charged
many on the Right, stemmed from a “self-indulgent” attitude that the Clin­
tons had imbibed in the counterculture of the ’60s and George McGovern’s
1972 campaign for president. As Republicans moved toward impeachment,
the first lady responded with dark charges about “a vast right-wing conspir­
acy” to hamstring the agenda of the first Democratic chief executive to be re­
elected since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 09/22/01

Starting after the multiple bombings of the Federal office building in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995, I wrote and then spoke on talk radio about an aborted military coup. Brought home to me, however, was the reality that my fellow Americans had little knowledge or understanding of the masterstroke, the overthrow of government, whether for the good or for evil.
In the past, had we as Americans been clearly informed by the popular press of a putsch, the overthrow of government by violence, by political assassination, such as to benefit domestic or foreign powers? After all, who benefitted from the political assassination of President Abraham Lincoln if not the British and the French who held the means to swoop upon us at the time from their entrenched positions to the south and north of us, in Canada and Mexico. The British wanted to split apart the nation by aggravating the natural friction between the ideas of the North and the South in America. The French were ready to carve up America as well. Since at least the War of 1812, the British had plotted to take back this continent as a puppet colony with so-called “Americans” again as subjects of the British Crown. [To their credit, Czarist Russia at the time of the War Between The States, or as called, the American Civil War, attempted to aid Lincoln with the Czar’s naval fleet coming right offshore the U.S.]
Look what happened in the decades after the murder of Lincoln. President James Garfield was against the British controlling the growing financial power of the U.S. President William McKinley [the Brits hate the Irish] opposed the British trying to strangle the rise of American industrial power. Their political assassination in the years after that of Lincoln, in its simplest explanation, benefitted British attempts to grab back America.
Seldom, if ever, are these events explained in this way.
The Clinton White House with prior knowledge, allowed the Oklahoma bombings to occur, to restore his power following the debacle of the 1994 Congressional elections putting a GOP majority to confront him in Congress. And, with Clinton as a marionette, it aided the Establishment in their continuing propaganda to make common Americans helpless to oppose tyranny by disarming them.
Two days before the Oklahoma bloodshed, on April 17, 1995, a plane-load of top military brass were murdered when their sabotaged plane blew up near Alexander City, Alabama. It was a real life version of “Seven Days in May”. According to federal grand jurors we interviewed, there was an attempt, later blocked, by a grand jury to investigate this aborted coup. It was actually part of a series of events involving twenty four Admirals and Generals, some of the most patriotic flag officers in the history of this Republic. They vowed, under the Uniform Military Code, to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton, for his various acts of treason aiding and abetting sworn enemies of the United States, such as Red China and Iraq. If Clinton had them arrested for mutiny, they were prepared, if not assassinated, to defend themselves with their heavily documented charges of his treachery against the U.S. Constitution and the people of the United States.
Some of the coup plotters, deciding to be out of uniform, took up residence in a Paris suburb. The French CIA, aware of all this, used it to blackmail advantages out of the U.S. government. Such as, to blockade the U.S. Justice Department, itself a highly corrupt entity, from prosecuting some fourteen French nationals, resident in the U.S., who stole U.S. industrial and financial secrets. [The French used similar blackmail threatening to publicize their knowledge of Iran’s complicity in the missile attack on TWA Flight 800. Eight top officials of the French CIA along with some 60 other French nationals died in the plane that had been scheduled for Paris. A top official, however, of the French CIA at the last minute refused to board Flight 800. The Clinton White House had a secret business/peace deal pending with the Teheran oligarchs which the missile disclosures would have wrecked.]
The purpose of several attempts to pull off a coup was NOT to install a junta [pronounced HOON-tah], that is, an evil military dictatorship. Rather, to restore by necessary force the American Republic, which has gone down hill since the overthrow, by the American secret political police, of the U.S. government, by way of the murder in 1963 of President John F. Kennedy.
In the months and years that followed the Alexander City incident, some ten like-minded Admirals, Generals, and other officials and former officials, were assassinated. Such as, Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, the highest naval officer in uniform. Such as General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District. Such as, former Director of Central Intelligence, DCI, William Colby. Our interviews with their family members, relatives, and confidants convinces us of the validity of our reports. The monopoly press wrote off their demise as “airplane accidents”, “suicide”, and “boat accident”.
Some of those hearing me on the radio, wrote to me. I could see rightaway, they had no understanding of the subject. One letter stated simply, “Mr. Skolnick, send me your papers on the koo [sic].” Evidently, this subject is not in the usual U.S. history text books in the usual high schools and colleges.
[As to the Iraqi connection, visit our website stories. Such as “U.S. Government Prior Knowledge of Emergency”, “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh”.]
Because of my analyses of the current emergency, I should, I suppose, expect to be heckled and reviled by some well-meaning but poorly informed fellow Americans. Notwithstanding the pronouncements of the American secret political police, the FBI and CIA, and the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press, and the White House, the plot to destroy the American republic is entirely based WITHIN THIS NATION.
It is obviously good and proper to respect the U.S. flag, perpetuated with the blood of American heroes. On the other hand, it can be a fatal mistake, a nuking of the Bill of Rights, not to recognize scoundrels who wrap themselves in the same flag to cover up their crimes against the American common people.
In its simplest form, the Persian Gulf War was just the falling out of former private business partners. I was the only journalist to be in attendance in 1991, at the hearing of a federal court case in Chicago. My exclusive interviews of the participants confirmed why certain bank records had to be concealed, the subject matter of the litigation. They showed the secret private business partnership in the 1980s of George Herbert Walker Bush, President in 1991, and Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi strongman installed by Bush, starting when Bush was head of the secret police in 1976. [My exclusive highly detailed story ran in a populist newspaper, “Spotlight”, August 19, 1991.]
Profoundly corrupt Chicago federal appeals judges put the case out of court and the file has been scattered to the wind. We apparently are the only ones still having the court file. [Visit our website story, “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh”, for the name and number of the case and details of the judges.]
The Elder Bush during the Gulf War, wanted the American public to falsely believe that putting the head of Saddam Hussein on a platter and delivering it to the White House, would cure every domestic and foreign problem of the U.S. On July 17, 1993, Saddam Hussein murdered some ten of his top military officers who were plotting, he said, to overthrow him. The Clinton White House, with Bill Clinton as a Bush Family crony, had apparently committed treachery in leaking CIA details to Saddam of the plot against him. Working on investigating both Clinton and Bush as to this treasonous leak, was FBI Director William Sessions who was unceremoniously sacked on frivolous charges two days later, all to protect the treachery from being disclosed of Bush/Clinton. The very next day, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., Clinton White House Deputy Counsel, who also knew what had happened, was assassinated and clumsily disguised as a “suicide”. The aborted plot against Saddam did not become even a watered down version of what happened, in the U.S. monopoly press, until November 1, 1993. [See, “U.S. Accused of Betraying Plot To Kill Iraq’s Hussein”, Chicago Tribune, 11/1/93.]
In 1991, the Elder Bush, as President, put some half a million Americans in harm’s way, by way of Bush instigating a fight over Gulf oil properties with his former business partner, Saddam Hussein. Together, in the 1980s, as known to the participants in the lawsuit mentioned, Saddam and Bush, as business partners, split billions of dollars extorted from the oil-soaked weak sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. The same as done by gangsters who would extract “protection money” from shopkeepers and tax-cheating auto dealers.
As a sizeable stockholder of a unit of a French firm, American LaFarge, the Elder Bush was implicated in reportedly supplying the ingredients for poison gas to be manufactured by Iraq, to be used against Iraq’s domestic dissidents, namely, the Kurds, as well as against the Iranians, during the Iran-Iraq War, 1980 to 1988. A Director of American LaFarge, naturally, was Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of the Bush Family pal.
Ten years after 1991, the Elder Bush’s son, as “resident” and “occupant” of the White House, installed under highly suspect means, is going to war AGAINST HIS reputed former business partner, Osama bin Laden. Like father, like son. George W. Bush’s business partner has been a Houston, Texas businessman, James R. Bath. Together, they owned an oil drilling company, Arbusto Energy. [The son, like his father, likes to name his businesses with Spanish names. The Elder Bush named his firm Zapata Petroleum, later, Zapata Offshore, with 600 units worldwide as outposts for the American CIA, starting as early as 1959. The younger Bush’s Arbusto is Spanish for “Bush”.]
By and through James R. Bath, George W. Bush has been a business partner, in the tens of millions of dollars, with Osama bin Laden and his father. As an example, Bath had many millions of dollars of dealings with the Elder bin Laden who was part of the infamous spy/assassination/money laundry scandal of Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI. See the details in “The Outlaw Bank—A Wild Ride Into The Secret Heart of BCCI”, by Jonathan Beaty and S.C. Gwynne, Random House, New York, 1993, pages 227-230.
Notice in our prior story about the Emergency, the details of Osama bin Laden’s secret joint accounts (stemming from the George W. Bush/James R. Bath/bin Laden business partnerships) in the Harris Bank, a unit of Bank of Montreal, owned largely by the Bronfman Family, who have been the owners of the Seagrams booze cartel, and another major owner of the bank being U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald (R., Ill.). The U.S. units of Barclays Bank, United Kingdom, have also sought to conceal such reputed joint accounts of Osama bin Laden/James R. Bath/George W. Bush. Who can believe the White House when they say they would freeze Osama bin Laden’s accounts if they can find them? Also please notice, in my exclusive story about the Elder Bush/Saddam Hussein business partnership, the banks involved were Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, BNL, owned in part by the Vatican, and its bank twin, BCCI. [My exclusive story in “Spotlight”, 8/19/91.]
So, father and son, ten years apart, George Herbert Walker Bush amd George W. Bush, went to war or are going to war against their former business partners. Throughout history, regimes have created an “enemy”, as a straw man, and then sent their armies to fight their “enemy”. This by way of consolidating their power and diverting attention from their domestic problems, and repressing the poorly informed populace.
>From the sarcastic standpoint of those who rule us WITHOUT OUR CONSENT, in violation of the U.S. Constitution, America is becoming too populated for there to be supposedly guaranteed rights. Remember, the Bill of Rights is heavily packed with the word NO. It is a shield against a tyrannical central government. At the hands, however, of a corrupt and venal federal judiciary and a treasonous central government, and a bought off and blackmailed Congress, the Bill of Rights is a worthless, useless piece of paper. The cowardly mass media are mere scriveners, writing down what they are dictated.
Under the disguise of leading a religious “crusade” against the Moslem world, every utterance dripping with the word “terrorist”, are the ruling elites in the process of overthrowing the American Republic?
Who all benefitted from treasonous prior knowledge of the violence against America on September 11, 2001? Are some flag officers in the U.S. military, with full knowledge of all this, opposed to going to a war instigated by the highest circles WITHIN THE UNITED STATES?
More coming. Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 10/7/01

Let a candid and vigilant populace consider my pleas and contentions. We ordinary Americans are being led, step by step, down the road to a dictatorship more evil and all-pervasive than that of the late Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party of the German aristocracy.
The high-level treason that afflicts us cannot be cured or delayed by the alleged “U.S. Government” as now constituted. Within our borders, traitors to the U.S. Constitution and to the Bill of Rights, and to the American common people, cannot be prosecuted. Without the consent of us, the governed, they are in charge, have been in charge, and will remain in charge, to the bitter collapse of our organic law. With complete impunity, they turn over our most profound industrial, financial, and MILITARY secrets, to sworn enemies of the United States of America, such as to Red China and Iraq [the Bush Family and Bill Clinton have done that].
It is a dire reality that my well-meaning country-men must now ponder and understand, or fail to do so at their peril.
The overthrow of the American Republic began at least at the time of the political assassination of John F. Kennedy. In violation of their own rules and procedures, the U.S. Secret Service, on behalf of the ruling plutocrats, utterly refused, failed, and neglected to protect Kennedy as President. They knowingly took him in an open car around a hair-pin turn into the target sights of paid assassins, firing by military-style triangulation. No Secret Service agent, contrary to their rules, was there on foot, on duty, to examine and monitor the dangerous slowing down of the Presidential vehicle. With flimsy excuses, several reputedly venal and for-sale reporters were right there, available in the murder zone, to be later rewarded for false reports, opening the way for their promotion to highly-lucrative TV network status, such as Dan Rather, later CBS Network anchor face, and Robert MacNeil, later PBS co-anchor and co-owner of his own network program with Jim Lehrer. Rather was standing in the shadows of the triple underpass bridge, a few feet from one of the concealed shooters. Rather was the only one on the planet to be able to verify that JFK had been mortally wounded as the Presidential motorcade passed right under Rather’s view. MacNeil was in the Book Depository Building and was in a position to see Lee Harvey Oswald and give false data. [According to an FBI document of 11/29/63, the Elder Bush, already then in the CIA, was part of an apparent cover up of the assassination of JFK.]
If they survived, there were numerous eyewitnesses and reliable sources that could have contradicted the false declarations of reporters such as Dan Rather and Robert MacNeil, on behalf of the ruling elite, that a “lone assassin” murdered our President. In the wake of the bloody deed in Dallas, November 22, 1963, some 200 eyewitnesses and sources were themselves murdered, snuffing out their possible testimony, their demise a horror-filled death warrant warning to others available to testify.
On behalf of the growing American dictatorship of almost near faceless satraps, a five-person tyranny of the U.S. Supreme Court, sitting as if a junta, with serious conflicts of interest, installed George W. Bush as the “occupant” and “resident” of the American White House. This done, contrary to basic case law precedents and in violation of the Bill of Rights, it being a near-midnight-deadline ancient-style edict, “obey our command or be banished from the kingdom”.
So even if the complicit members of the American aristocracy were somehow to be apprehended, which historically is highly doubtful, they would suffer no punishment. The federal prosecutors are selected on the basis of being blackmailable and with the implicit understanding that they would go against primarily small fish, no one of any great importance. Even if traitors were put in custody, federal grand juries and U.S. District Court trial juries are carefully screened to eliminate independent-minded persons. The American Gestapo, the FBI, constituting part of the nation’s secret political police, in most federal districts, select the pool from which grand jurors are selected, and hand-pick the venire, likewise the pool, from which trial jurors are chosen. In Chicago, for example, the supposedly all-seeing FBI selected a known gangster to sit on a federal grand jury for a number of months, corrupting and perverting the process, and he being supposedly part of investigating fellow mobsters. [The Chicago U.S. District Court case of U.S. versus Robert Girardi, not adequately reported by the monopoly press. A watered down story appeared in the Chicago Tribune, January 21, 1994, “Ex-U.S. Grand Jury Member Indicted In Leaking of Information”.]
In its simplest explanation, we went to war in 1991 because George Herbert Walker Bush, then President, was disgruntled against his former private business partner, Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi strongman. [Visit our website story for details, “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh”.] Hussein was installed in the 1970s, in part at the time the Elder Bush was head of America’s secret police. Some ten years after 1991, we went to war again because the former head of the secret police’s son, George W. Bush, is disgruntled against HIS former business partners, the Bin Laden Family and their family member Osama bin Laden, falsely described as being on the outs with his family. Osama was, like Saddam Hussein, created by the American CiA, with the connivance of former Director of Central Intelligence, the Elder Bush, as Vice President and later as President, to engage in a war with the Soviet Union. The Soviets were worn out by this. This led, in part, to the downfall of the Soviet Union and the Moscow government. Also helping destroy the Soviet Union, to make them now a “friend” of the United States, was the CIA-orchestrated attack on the Russian ruble, which undermined the Soviet’s financial validity. [See the book, “Thieves World” by Claire Sterling, Simon & Shuster, New York, 1994. Also, our website story, “Marc Rich and others Fingered By A Letter”.]
Over the centuries, Afghanistan has been the graveyard of invaders. No prior army ever previously has succeeded against the tunnels, the mountains, the terrain. The American CIA has been instrumental, in the past, in helping the Afghans finance their way of life with growing poppies and being the supplier of upwards of sixty per cent of the heroin to Europe. With a large supply of heroin parked outside Afghanistan, the Afghans are in the works to flood heroin throughout the world AT HALF THE GOING PRICE. The Afghans resisted Unocal and others of the oil cartel, tied to the Bush Family, in putting a natural gas/oil pipeline through Afghanistan to Pakistan and to Red China. The Afghanis, in the view of the cartel, have been demanding too large a per centage as their cut for allowing the pipeline project to proceed. Hence, the oil monopoly needs to overthrow the Kabul government, install their own government, and proceed with the pipeline project. [A situation somewhat similar to the British Counter-Intelligence joint effort with CIA, in 1953, to overthrow the Iran elected government and arbitrarily restore, as a CIA puppet, the Shah to the Peacock Throne. When the Shah became difficult, in 1979 the CIA overthrew him, and installed a British Counter-Intelligence agent, Ayotollah Khomeini, to rule. George Bush worked a treasonous deal in 1980, to delay the release of 52 U.S. hostages, held by Iran, so as to make Jimmy Carter, running for re-election, appear to be a wimp. This benefitted the Reagan/Bush election campaign. The hostages were released at the very moment Reagan/Bush were inaugurated in January, 1981. This treachery by George Herbert Walker Bush was dubbed part of “The October Surprise”.]
British royalty put the Elder Bush into the oil business. [See, for example, “The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush” by Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaiken.] For laundering the proceeds of dope trafficking, oil deals, and weapons smuggling, the Bush Family has a joint account with the Queen of England in her private bank, Coutts Bank London. Through that joint account, hundreds of billions of illicit dollars are washed. [See our website series, “Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush” and the Bush Family’s 25 secret worldwide accounts, together with the secret federal reserve wire transfer records that can be brought up on your screen from our website, showing the hundreds of billions of dollars.]
For almost 40 years, our group, the Citizen’s Committee to Clean Up the Courts, has successfully time and again fingered corrupt members of the state and federal judiciary. Our firm policy always has been to NEVER divulge eyewitnesses and sources, since the government is incapable of protecting them. As the Chairman/Founder of the group, I take the responsibility of confronting the judges to their face and have suffered the consequences repeatedly over the decades. The corrupt judges have demanded I divulge methods of investigation, witnesses, and sources, and when I refuse, invoking our policy, they have time and again put me, wheelchair and all, in prison, for contempt of court, a nebulous power that seems to be inherent in their black robes of office. Most every such judge, having falsely jailed me, later was sent to jail for bribery. An identified crook on the bench is no longer useful. No decent bagman will further bother to bribe them (a funny contradiction of terms). A crooked judge is thrown away like an old shoe, no longer capable of doing as told.
I have always tried to be fair even to known corrupt judges. I have made it our policy, that I or a close associate in my presence, asks the targeted judge to confess his crimes. I explain that this will save the taxpayers expense in getting rid of the judge by having to put him or her on trial and after conviction, sending them away. [The biggest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history, touched off by us, is now the subject of a book, “Illinois Justice” by Kenneth Manaster, published September, 2001, by University of Chicago Press. The cover of the book with my picture on it is on the website, http://www.rense.com Click on my name on the side where it shows columnists.]
Will George Herbert Walker Bush confess his prior knowledge of the violence occurring on September 11, 2001? Will he admit that HE was running the country from in or near the White House on that tragic day? What provision, if any, of the U.S. Constitution, empowers the Elder Bush to have such a power? Will the Elder Bush confess openly his private business partnership which went sour with Saddam Hussein, being part of an unpublicized lawsuit in Chicago? [See our website series, “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh”, giving the name and number of the litigation and other details.My exclusive details were in a populist paper, Spotlight, August 19, 1991.]
Will his son, George W. Bush, confess his private business partnerships with the bin Laden Family, including Osama bin Laden who is not that much on the outs with his family reportedly receiving tens of millions of dollars from them secretly? Will George W. Bush confess that he and HIS family have a huge financial interest with the oil cartel which wants to overthrow the Kabul government so the Afghanistan oil and natural gas pipeline project can proceed? Does the secret political police really know who all the hi-jackers were? Did they not use fake identification? Knowledgeable sources contend the violence of September 11, 2001, was part of a bloody internal struggle within the hierarchy in the United States. That it was done through surrogates that may not have known their handlers and patrons in the American aristocracy.
More coming. Stay tuned

by Sherman H. Skolnick 10/12/01

Invoking War Power-like authority, the Younger Bush White House ordered the suppression of certain news under the disguise of plugging up leaks of so-called “military secrets”. The details.
For a number of years the State of Michigan, through Michigan State University, owned and operated the Michigan Biologic Products Institute. They had the exclusive contract with the Department of Defense to, among other things, develop and produce an anthrax vaccine.
A strange and mysterious group, in 1998, bought out the state-owned Institute, calling themselves BIOPORT CORPORATION, and the Department of Defense became its only customer.
“The takeover itself is considered suspicious by some. ‘The company acquired the Michigan Biologic Products Institute for the express purpose of taking over and acquiring a lucrative military contract’, said a bio-warfare expert who asked not to be named and accused company officials of ‘WAR PROFITEERING'”. (Emphasis added.)
“Why Anthrax Vaccine is Scarce” by Kristen Philipkoski, WIREDNEWS, on-line 10/10/2001. The story went on to state “The FDA [Food and Drug Administration] repeatedly flunked BioPort in inspections in 1999 and 2000 because of contamination and suspicious changes made to expiration dates. The agency has barred the company from releasing any of the vaccine as a result.” The story went on to assert that as to the company that an audit by the Pentagon’s inspector general in April 2000 that BioPort had spent several million dollars inappropriately, and paid out unsubstantiated consulting costs.
WIREDNEWS further stated, “The anthrax vaccine was the subject of controversy even before it was in such high demand. Approximately 400 soldiers faced reprimands rather than take the vaccine because of side effects that some said were severe.”
The Board of Directors of BioPort included Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr., former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former chairman of the President’s FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE ADVISORY BOARD. Crowe is a member of the conspiratorial COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, CFR, and chairman of the New World Order group, Senior Advisory Board for GLOBAL OPTIONS. That group included five other CFR members such as the former Director of Central Intelligence, R. James Woolsey. The administrations of Jimmy Carter, the Elder Bush, Bill Clinton, and the Younger Bush were and are absolutely riddled with CFR overlords.
The stockholders of BioPort Corporation reportedly include the following
===The CARLYLE GROUP that includes former cabinet members of the Elder Bush White House and other oil monopolists, such as James A. Baker 3rd, once Secretary of State. Some contend that Baker in part handled the 40 million dollars of secret dope loot that was used to corrupt and influence DEMOCRATS in Florida to stop the ballot recount even before the U.S. Supreme Court “Gang of Five” got into the picture and installed George W. Bush as the “occupant” and “resident” of the White House. The 40 million dollars was reportedly dope trafficking funds from U.S./Colombia Medellin Dope Cartel Co-Founder Carlos Lehder. According to outspoken drug enforcement current and former officials, Lehder is the private business partner of the Bush Family. Although extradited to the U.S., prosecuted and sent to a 55-year term in U.S. prison, Lehder has disappeared from the Federal Prison System. Uncovering these details was Chandra Levy. (Visit our website story, “The Chandra Levy Affair”, Part Two. Also see my various stories on the Year 2000 Presidential election.) The Carlos Lehder matter could put members of the Bush Family in long federal prison terms.
The Carlyle Group, headquartered in the nation’s capital, specializes in seizing control of shaky aerospace and defense contractors and then strong-arming, some say blackmailing, contracts out of the Department of Defense. An investor in the Carlyle Group has been George Herbert Walker Bush. The Elder Bush has been a paid consultant to the Bin Laden Group, helping them with his CIA links. Bush helped create Osama bin Laden as an American CIA bought and paid for alleged “terrorist”, originally dubbed a “freedom fighter” to wear out the Soviets in their prolonged war, 1979-1989, in Afghanistan. The monopoly press falsely states that Osama is on the outs with his family, yet his family reportedly funnels tens of millions of dollars to Osama through banks such as Algemene Bank Nederland, now called ABN-AMRO, in part through their American flagship, Chicago-based La Salle National Bank.[We have identified La Salle as also having secret accounts for bribing state and federal judges.] To evade having their own secrets coming out linked to Osama, the Younger Bush White House flatly refuses to freeze Osama’s numerous accounts, wire-transfers, and such through ABN-AMRO.
The Carlyle Group, in turn, is owned and supervised by a worldwide reputed money laundry for World Government, the BLACKSTONE GROUP.
===Another stockholder of BioPort Corp., is the Bin Laden Group, some 24 family members of which were whisked out of the U.S., on “safety” reasons by the secret political police, the FBI, following the September 11, 2001 events. Through the National Commerce Bank of Saudi, the Bin Laden Group reportedly also funnels large sums to Osama directly and as go-betweens of Saudi moneybags who are anti-American and support Osama bin Laden.
===BioPort Corporation Board Chairman and CEO and a sizeable stockholder, directly and as nominee for Saudi and other Mid-East interests, many reportedly supportive of Osama bin Laden, is FUAD EL-HIBRI.
Under the disguise of invoking national emergency provisions, George W. Bush has ordered National Guard sentries to guard the BioPort facility in Lansing, Michigan. Bush has ordered, under pretext of “national security”, that employees and officials of BioPort are forbidden to discuss with reporters, commentators, and researchers, the nature of the ownership of BioPort Corporation. This was done to preclude details of this private corporation from being publicly disclosed. This presidential edict was quietly put through just prior to the beginning of bombing by the U.S. of Afghanistan. Despite this clamp-down on disclosure, some very patriotic employees of BioPort have informed independent-minded commentators of the reputed ownership and operations details of BioPort Corporation.
As part of an apparent blackmail effort against the Younger Bush White House, the Washington Post began inquiring into some of the ownership and other details mentioned herein about BioPort. Targeted to shut up by George W. Bush, has been, in particular, Post official Bob Woodward. Having no background in journalism, his stories about Watergate and such were handed to him on a silver platter by the espionage community to depose Nixon, for treason, without resorting to political assassination. Woodward’s espionage background is mentioned in the book “Silent Coup”—see my website story, “The Late Grand Dragon of the Washington Post”.
To unsuccessfully try to block the mass media from heckling him about Watergate, Nixon threatened to prosecute some of the major news outlets for Anti-Trust violations. Similarly, the Younger Bush White House, to deter the press whores from asking real questions about anthrax vaccine and BioPort, is also raising behind the scenes threats to prosecute the six major communications empires for monopoly violations.
Being basically blackmailers, the monopoly press is really not ready to scandalize the Bush Family on matters mentioned here and in related stories. The British press, however, has expressed an interest into inquiring into BioPort. After all, the Brits relish the idea of wrecking the war-mongering, often criminal American presidency as a way to destroy the American Republic. Since the War of 1812, the Brits have vowed to somehow take back this Continent as puppet colonies and to have so-called “Americans” as mere docile subjects of the British Crown.
[One of the private details the Younger Bush White House is prepared to use to shut up Bob Woodward on the BioPort and the Anthrax Commissars matter is a subject most usually not to be made into a scandal subject. To some it is either a forbidden topic or laughable. Woodward’s first wife, once a secretary to a long-time White House press correspondent, was reportedly divorcd from Woodward because Woodward had a vicious private disposition. Snickering commentators from grocery tabloid magazines might call such a husband a “wife-beater”. Whether or not Bob Woodward is privately brutal, he is most certainly a fraudulent “reporter” easy for George W. Bush to pull on Bob Woodward’s chain.]
===Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., reportedly participates in BioPort’s affairs. [Cynics wonder about the firm’s convenient address, 3500 N. Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd., Lansing, Michigan 48906; Phone [(517) 327-1500, FAX (517) 327-1501.] In any case, accidental or not, convenient. An accomplished reputed blackmailer and shake-down artist, the Reverend strong-armed his way apparently into the strange anthrax deal. Since private citizens are forbidden by federal statute from negotiating U.S. FOREIGN POLICY, someone in the White House perhaps reminded Jesse to stay out of the Afghanistan matter where he tried to stick in his nose. Getting a piece of the action is part of Jesse’s expertise. [Visit our website story, “The Jesse Jackson Affair.]
Poking into the Anthrax Commissars, such as Carlyle Group, the Blackstone Group, the Bush Family, Admiral Crowe and others, might open up many prior tragedies. Before the forming of BioPort, a supposed anthrax vaccine or substance was forced upon the U.S. Military (not the brass) in the Persian Gulf War. Some claim that such a purported “vaccine” did not have FDA approval when given and is, at least in part, responsible for the Gulf War Syndrome. In a full-scale battlefield war, the Military expects twenty per cent casualties. Some 15 thousand GI’s died prematurely after the Gulf War ended, and some 85 thousand more are very sick, some terminally so, together with their wives, their childen, even their dogs and cats. Of the 500 thousand that served in that war, that means the U.S. has been afflicted with 100 thousand casualties, which the Defense Department covers up or denies, just as if the Gulf War had been a set-piece, typical war of yesteryear.
At the time of this story, we common Americans are beset with statements by the Washington dictators that an anthrax “terror” attack is coming. Are the matters as simple as using uncontrollable fear to just promoting the business of the Anthrax Commissars, including the Bush Family?
More coming. Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 10/22/01

Because of war-time-like mass media censorship in the U.S., few, if any, dissenting views on Afghanistan are reported by what some call the monopoly press. Some in key places, in fact, do oppose the policies of George Herbert Walker Bush as to the Mid-East. Although his son is the current “occupant” and “resident” of the White House, the Elder Bush, as the puppet of the American aristocracy and the oil cartel, appears to be giving the orders.
The Bush family are certainly well aware that if something goes wrong, they are all subject, suddenly and with scandal commotions, to be thrown away into history’s junk-pile. Among those who oppose their policies are some sixty U.S. Admirals and Generals. They do not simply go along with the Establishment parade, awaiting their military retirement and their pensions. [More about them later.]
A growing number of thinking people are becoming aware that the whole September 11, 2001, violence is just another step in making common Americans docile, to the point that the U.S. Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, could easily, bit by bit, be suspended and the American Republic ENDED.
>From the Establishment’s standpoint, an ideal happening is that the American commonfolk, beset with orchestrated fear and terror, will absolutely DEMAND that the American organic law be scrapped in favor of SECURITY. Some of the steps
{1] To consolidate the American secret political police under a Homeland Security Chief to serve at the right hand of the “president” installed himself by highly questionable and controversial means. Not everyone has forgotten December, 2000. The ideas behind this, both mentioned and unmentioned, are similar to the Nazi Gestapo and the Soviet KGB.
[For a federal official to dare mention the word GESTAPO is a removal or death warrant. Some years ago a more-independent-minded California U.S. District Judge, a latino, was hearing evidence in his court as to the bad practices of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, INS, and the FBI. After considering the evidence thus elicited, the Judge dared pronounce from the bench that these agencies are the American Gestapo. When I first read it in some newspaper, I said ought-aw, he is a goner. Shortly thereafter, the INJUSTICE Department tried in vain to send the Judge to prison on frivolous and foolish charges that he had a distant cousin, a mafioso. Scarred and battle-worn, the Judge beat back the muzzling efforts, an unsung hero.]
Tom Ridge, the new American Gestapo Chief, head of Homeland Security, is tightly aligned with Charles Zogby and his cousin, James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, considered by some a militant pro-Arab lobby. Is this part of a route to manipulate Mid-East affairs, enriching and empowering the oil cartel, by putting Arabs against Israelis, and vice versa? Some think so. The British, after all, installed the State of Israel to act as an irritant against the oil-soaked Moslem nations surrounding the tiny nation. Thus keeping such nations perpetually off-balance and subject to Anglo-American oil financial control.
[2] The liars and whores of the press continue to escalate the terror scenario against the often poorly informed people. Stories scream out at us, ANTHRAX! soon to be followed by hollaring SMALL POX! BUBONIC PLAGUE! BOTULISM! To their credit, some scientists, not those acceptable as paid consultants to the newsfakers, point out the difficulties in using anthrax against large numbers of people all at one time.
The pharmaceutical monopolies, set to heavily profit, see this as a great opportunity. For some time, they have been promoting their prescription-required nostrums on the television, to have those with vague aches and pains disregard medicinal side-effects, and bombard their doctors with demands for such supposed cure-all pills and capsules.
One magazine head-lined it, “PRIMETIME PUSHERS—Freed from federal restrictions, pharmaceutical companies are flooding television with ads for prescription drugs. What does it mean for our health care when serious medicine is marketed like soap?” Mother Jones Magazine, March/April, 2001.
As the article stated in another headline, “Direct-to-consumer advertising has paid off for the drug companies, often turning solid earners into blockbuster drugs”. The highly political and corrupt U.S. Food and Death Administration, FDA, has turned loose the airwaves with these pill and capsule factories.
The drug companies, financially interlocked with the television networks, and their affiliates, are set to promote their expensive remedies for anthrax, and such, just like soap-drugs they already push on us. The drug factories violently oppose those who could produce the same so-called remedies as generic drugs. Also, some contend there are simpler, less expensive, already known ways to combat these poisons.
[3] So far, the monopoly press studiously avoids discussing prior knowledge of the Bush White House and others, as to the September 11, 2001, violence. To brainwash youngsters with little knowledge of the debacle at Pearl Harbor, Mickey Mouse came out with a movie omitting the prior knowledge of the Roosevelt White House in allowing us to slip into a World War, first with Japan, and then Germany, now fully documented. We had to go to war with Japan first, so that Germany, who did not want to fight a huge population, industrial giant like the U.S., would feel compelled to Declare War on us pursuant to their Axis pact with Japan. Pushing the U.S. falsely into World War Two was to save Great Britain without the means to fight off Hitler on their own.
Will it take another sixty years from 2001, until Americans, if they still have their Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution intact, to accept the prior knowledge of the 911 disaster? Needed to be done LET THOSE KNOWING ABOUT PRIOR KNOWLEDGE BE HEARD NATIONWIDE uncensored.
[4] Demonizing rhe CIA-created devil, Osama bin Laden, is the entire focus of the Establishment. America will have permanent happiness and prosperity, they claim, if only Osama’s head could be delivered on a platter to the oil-soaked Bush White House. In a similar vein, the Elder Bush White House asserted the same, 1990-1991, in demonizing his former private business partner,Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi strongman originally installed by the American CIA. Like Daddy Bush, George W. Bush has declared war on HIS former private business partner, Osama bin Laden.
[For more details, visit earlier parts of this website series as well as related stories, such as “The Chandra Levy Affair, Part Two” and “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh”.]
[5] A growing number of better-informed folks understand that the entire Afghanistan Affair revolves around major oil companies, tied to the Bush Family, for some years now planning a natural gas/oil pipeline through Afghanistan to Pakistan, Red China, and elsewhere. The Kabul government apparently demanded too high a cut of the action, thus interfering with the pipeline plan. Remedy? Simple. Find an excuse, to try to overthrow by force the Kabul government and replace it with one that will NOT question the pipeline deal.
Is the oil-soaked, war-mongering, monopoly press, shackled and hand-cuffed as they are to the American aristocracy, prepared to finger the Bush Family as tied to the oil cartel and their Afghanistan pipeline plans?
What the sixty very brave, very patriotic U.S. Admirals and Generals will do (out of some 600 flag officers), while understanding this treason and dissenting from current policies, remains to be seen. Contained in some of our prior stories are the details of the 24 flag officers, as authorized by the Uniform Military Code, who vowed to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton for documented charges of treason. As we have written in exclusive prior stories, if Clinton arrested them for mutiny, if they were not assassinated, they intended to defend themselves with documents of his treason with Red China and Iraq jointly with the Elder Bush.
Ten of those original 24 flag officers have been assassinated. Some of their names are in a prior part of this series. What will come of the current 60 such flag officers who apparently oppose George W. Bush? History will tell.
A very high, non-U.S. military officer, extremely well-informed, contends that the U.S. is facing a land-war military disaster in Afghanistan. Obviously, if true, it could bring down the American Central Government and with it the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. The 60 American flag officers agree, and assert that a coup d’etat, for the good and not for evil,is absolutely necessary to save the American Republic.
The source asserts that several battalions of Ranger-like U.S. forces were on the ground in Afghanistan. They relied, he contends, on the assistance of the supposed opposition to the Taliban, namely, the Northern Alliance, which either steered them into a trap or knowingly withdrew their guidance at a key moment. Some 250 to 400 U.S. Military was thus slaughtered, according to the well-positioned source. So far, this has not been confirmed by other sources, foreign or domestic. If so, the cover up, the body bags, will not be returned to the U.S., for six months, if ever.
If true, it raises the entire question of land-invasion of Afghanistan as being the fore-runner of possible U.S. Military disaster. A nation that loses a war, soon has their government overthrown, often by evil-doers. The criminal-element that took over the Moscow government after the humiliating Soviet defeat in Afghanistan should be clear to most people. By the way, as we have pointed out, the Russian mafiya operates in the United States, like the Red Chinese Secret Police, with complete impunity and immunity from the FBI/CIA. The Russian criminals, such as in Chicago, operate the Red Light District and circulate, without restraint, superior quality counterfeit U.S. and other currencies, as well as using stolen credit cards and identities. Most of the Russian mafiya in the U.S. are former KGB officers adept at their ways, and the FBI is frightened of them.
Busy with themselves and their families, and worried about their jobs, the ordinary Americans have to be repeatedly reminded of history. With its terrain, secret tunnels developed over centures, and mountains, Afghanistan has always been the graveyard of invaders.
Will the American Republic be saved? More coming. Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 11/4/01

We were the first, earlier in this series, to mention that the Bush White House flatly refused to freeze up accounts of so-called “terrorists” such as Osama bin Laden in ABN-AMRO, the Dutch bank octopus, operating in 15 major U.S. cities, including Chicago. Why? Simply put, because the secret accounts implicated the Bush Family jointly with the so-called “terrorists”.
Freezing those accounts in the billions of dollars would inevitably lead to disclosures of the huge financial tie-in between the Bush Family and the worldwide bin Laden Group business cartel and their relative Osama bin Laden. Although demonized as the head “terrorist” of the world, Osama reportedly does get huge sums, clandestinely transferred, through members of the Saudi Royal Family who are secretly, some openly, anti-American. The reputed transit point? Algemene Bank Nederland, known as ABN-AMRO. And, not everyone accepts as a fact that Osama has been cut off from heavy funding of his family members, 24 top ones having resided in the U.S. until a few days after the September 11, 2001 violence.
The Bush Family is tied financially to the Carlyle Group which, in turn, has had Daddy Bush as a heavily paid consultant to the bin Laden Group, and ultimately, to Osama, once described by Daddy and the American CIA as a “freedom fighter” when Osama carried out the Bush/CIA agenda to drive the Soviets into humiliation by stalemating them in the Afghan-Soviet War, 1979-1989. That led, in part, to the downfall of the Soviet Union, to breakaway provinces, also by way of the CIA-orchestrated attack on the Soviet Ruble currency.
The oil cartel, headed by Unocal and others, tied to the Bush Family, have instigated the whole war with Afghanistan because the Taliban/Kabul government interfered with letting the natural gas/oil pipeline through Afghanistan and then, as planned, on to Pakistan as a link to energy-hungry India, Red China, and Japan.
In its simplest form, Osama and the Taliban wanted a bigger cut than they were offered by the oil consortium. Some of the huge joint secret accounts at ABN-AMRO linking the Bush Family to bin Laden Group and Osama bin Laden are reportedly tied to the Unocal oil consortium. Key officials of Taliban, now demonized, were honored guests in Texas by Unocal when George W. Bush was Governor. Details are tucked away in a Chicago Tribune story, 10/21/2001, “University helped U.S. Reach Out to Taliban”.
[For background, visit all the previous parts of this series and related items.]
My story referring to the Bush White House flatly refusing to freeze up so-called “terrorist” accounts at ABN-AMRO, touched off a furor by being replicated on other websites worldwide. Result? The more independent-minded Internal Affairs unit of the U.S. Treasury Department, finally ordered the freeze up of those accounts, leading to an analysis of who and what and where. [The same unit investigated the 25 worldwide secret accounts of the Bush Family, used for laundering billions and billions of dollars of illicit funds from dope trafficking and such. See the secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, transfers authorized by the secret code of Alan Greenspan, attached to our website series “Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush”. Experts examining the records proclaim they are authentic.]
Years ago, the late currency expert, Franz Pik, said that sooner or later, every nation gets into a crunch and has to renounce and repudiate their paper securities. Such as their bonded debt issued by or for their Treasury. Is the U.S. next? Partly a consequence of a White House treason scandal?
U.S. tax collection income has dropped drastically, recession-style. Through their purported fiscal agent, the Federal Reserve (NOT a U.S. government entity but a private, some say conspiratorial, central bank), the U.S. Treasury may have to repudiate ALL U.S. Treasury securities—an unthinkable calamity.
Nevertheless, the Treasury is proceeding toward that wreckage. They have announced, about the time of the ABN-AMRO freeze-up, that they will no longer issue long-term U.S. Bonds, called 30-year Treasury Bonds. When the present ones come due, they will not be, as in the past, subject to optional roll-over into another long-term issue. Senior citizens, pension funds, and banks and such, that rely on the coupon interest of such bonds will be cut off.
U.S. Treasury securities are part of the capital structure of banks. Several money center banks have capital way below—some below zero—the minimum approximately three cents of the fractional reserve dollar required by federal regulators. Included in this insolvent category is Bank of America, owned principally nowadays by the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, and the older group of owners being the French Rothschilds and the Jesuits. Also apparently insolvent is Bank One, formerly known as First National Bank of Chicago, dominated by the Rockefellers. [See the background of the Rockefeller Banks and the human body parts business and other bloody work, in our website series, “The Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES”.]
Another apparently insolvent bank octopus is First Union. It is little-known that it is tied to the scandal-ridden Lippo Group, ethnic Chinese and the Red Chinese Secret Police. Do you remember First Union’s surrealistic television ads showing a weird blizzard of papers and people flying down Wall Street, and then one of them falls down and like a mannequin, disintegrates? [Sort of like what happened in Lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001?]
By stopping the issuance of 30-year Bonds, the Treasury has only temporarily boosted the price, on the market of such bonds, thus artificially, for the moment, pumping up such failing banks as to their capital structure.
Will they next renounce and repudiate U.S. Treasury securities, such as Bills, which are short-term, and Notes, which are mid-term, like five year maturity? By halting the issuance of U.S. Treasury long-term bonds, the U.S. government is going to have to squeeze big oney out of their former enemy, Germany, to finance the U.S. recession-created debt. The budget surplus has apparently disappeared in a puff of financial smoke.
As some historians point out, a nation that loses a war soon is swept into the junk-pile and overthrown. Do we have to be reminded that we could not conquer Viet Nam, populated by a fiercely historic people. We were the ones that lost the war and departed, some say humiliated.
Outspoken activist Dick Gregory once mentioned that it cost the U.S. half a million dollars for every Viet Namese we slaughtered. It would have been cheaper, he claimed, to pay them all to leave their country and the U.S. pave it over with green cement, to match the jungle.
Some contend a perverted, certifiably crazy, satanic-dominated element in the American aristocracy has created the terror syndrome now gripping America and falsely blamed by the press whores on Moslems. If this is some kind of latter day religious crusade, supposedly “Christians” versus Moslems, have the Establishment pundits forgotten the bloody history of such movements?
Some rightfully contend that the anthrax, courtesy of the U.S. aristocracy, is actually supplied from U.S.Military and other government storage. And others assert, with scientific supporting details, that the supposedly suicide commercial planes of the 911 tragedy, were actually computer-controlled from the ground and the supposed on-board “kamikaze” Moslems thought it was just a routine hostage flight, not a suicide mission. [As to the ground-based computers used to over-ride the airplane on-board computers, put the term GLOBAL HAWK into a web search engine.]
The White House and the U.S. government may be swept away in treachery at the highest level stemming from disclosures resulting from freezing up so-called “terrorist” accounts in banks like ABN-AMRO. Also tied in, the Red Chinese Secret Police, the Chicago markets, such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange reportedly handling so-called “terrorist” funds and put options with prior knowledge of the 911 violence.
The foreign press relishes attacking the highly-vulnerable Bush Family administration implicated in oil-soaked and dope-linked laundering. Siding supposedly with the Northern Alliance, the White House would like to avoid mentioning that this supposed dissident group in Afghanistan are in charge of the vast dope trafficking to Europe. U.S. soldiers are going to die to safeguard major dope traffickers?
Are common Americans facing a financial crisis brought on by disclosures of treachery and the so-called U.S. Dollar no longer backed and supported, directly or indirectly, by U.S. Treasury securities? And after U.S. Treasury Bonds are scrapped, is the next to be thrown away, being the organic law, the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution?
All this is a study of the American Establishment and their treason.
Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 4/7/02

Seldom are we reminded. Certainly not by the monopoly press. That those who rule us, do so ONLY with our consent. Without a line-up of tanks in the streets, without a declaration of martial law, this basic premise of the American Republic has been overthrown.
By installing THEIR CHOICE to sit on the throne of power, a five-person military-style junta has nullified the Social Compact, the bedrock of America’s organic Law, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, in Bush versus Gore, December, 2000, arrogantly proclaimed that Americans have no fundamental right to VOTE for President of the United States of America. Rather, he haughtily announces, we only have the limited right to pick Presidential Electors who, in turn, declare who is to be the occupant and resident of the Oval Office. Left out is that this procedure has become an automatic lever. With only the rarest exception, the Electors select the presidential ballot candidate to which they are pledged. Few voters are ever able to name or identify the “Presidential Electors”, or where, if any place, the “Electoral College” meets in the December following a presidential election.
In a time warp, Scalia, part of what some call “The Gang of Five”, may well have sat on Hitler’s Supreme Court and himself, later, brought to Justice by the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. Considered by knowledgeable sorts as a sinister creature of Rockefeller’s University of Chicago Law School, where he was a professor, Scalia as judge has failed to reveal in his mandatory annual financial disclosure that he represents the billion dollar stock portfolio of that oil-soaked edifice of the ruling class.
And America’s press whores, having become as infamous as those of the Third Reich, are not about to tell us there has developed a split in the American Aristocracy. [First, read “Captive Press in the Third Reich”, by Oron J. Hale, paperback, 1964. Then, notice the frightening similarity in “The Media Monopoly With a New Preface on the Internet and Telecommunications Cartels”, by Ben H. Bagdikian et al., paperback, 2000. A press dictatorship, then as now.]
1. To divert attention from an expected financial meltdown, with George W. Bush as their agent, this faction intends to conduct, or is conducting, a “War Against Terrorism”. Yet, a growing body of evidence shows there was prior knowledge, at the highest level, of Black Tuesday, September 11, 2001. AND, that the “Arabs”, if any, were not principal players. This faction, if allowed, permitted, and condoned, to do as they wish, would bomb, blast, and attack, Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, among others on their list of “enemies”.
2. What worries this faction is not Baghdad’s ability, or not, to launch diabolical weapons, if any, against the U.S. subject to massive retaliation. Rather, Iraq has incriminating documents, available to be disclosed to world opinion, proving the Bush Crime Family had been a private business partner with Iraqi strongman, Saddam Hussein, jointly conducting a huge financial shakedown, extracting in the 1980s a trillion dollars from the weak, oil-soaked sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. And that the Persian Gulf conflict and War, 1990-1991, was simply a falling out of private business partners. The result of the War being some one hundred thousand U.S. casualties, in the form of strange illnesses, called Gulf War Syndrome of ex-GIs. Fifteen thousand of our military, not previously sick, died shortly after the end of the short conflict. Eighty Five Thousand are deathly sick, together with their wives, even their childen, and yes, even their dogs and cats. In public statements, the American Establishment has been, as to this, in total denial.
[An unpublicized federal suit in Chicago dealt with the bank records of the secret partnership between the Bush Family and Saddam Hussein. See our website item “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh” as to the records of Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro, BNL, Italy’s largest bank, owned in part by the Vatican. Keep this in mind as to details of Section Two of the American Ruling Class.]
3. As historically true, dictators, or would-be dictators, cover up their financial failings by instigating wars. On occasion, they secretly create “enemies”, such as by the American CIA, and then proceed to rally the nation to demonize and attack “them”. Such as the Bush Crime Family while in business with the bin Laden Family including Osama who is NOT on the outs with his family. [Visit our website details about the Carlyle Group and others.] In plain terms, Hitler-types seek to cover up their evil by wrapping themselves in the flag and having the captive instruments of communications play “patriotic” war music. SECTION TWO OF THE RULING CLASS
4. How doyou stop an occupant of the Oval Office that your faction opposes? Someone, for example,that you secretly whisper or otherwise, and accuse, of being a “Communist” stooge, or soft on the Moscow regime? Well, you can, just after high noon, conduct a public execution, by military-style triangulating firing, blowing out his brains in an open car, part of a Presidential motorcade. And then, quickly blaming it all on a “lone assassin”, a CIA-created patsy. There has sprung up since Dallas, November 22, 1963, about two hundred assassination researchers in North America (of which this writer is one). Their eagle-eyed scrutiny quickly flushes out dirty bloody business disguised as the work of “lone nuts”.
So the Texas-style JFK scenario does not work so well anymore.
5. Another sure-fire way is to take advantage of cracks in the financial wonderworks of a would-be dictator. That is, begin to publicly confront him and his gang with a series of financial horrors to which he is directly linked and by which his circle is financed.
6. George W. Bush and Richard Cheney, are directly linked to a whole series of financial scandals. Until he ran for Vice President, Cheney was CEO of Halliburton, the worldwide oil machinery octopus. Through their Dresser Industries unit, they supplied such items to Iraq, aiding them to unlawfully break the embargo. The Dresser unit has been controlled by Daddy Bush. In simple terms, they committed treason. They gave aid and comfort to someone they now contend (although previously their secret private business partner) is a sworn “enemy” of the United States. Could they defend themselves by showing that with their aid and connivance, the American CIA created and nurtured Saddam as a convenient “enemy”? That is, that the Baghdad strongman has been created by agents of a section of the American ruling class?
7. George Bush the Younger is directly implicated in the dirty work of Enron. Their four thousand offshore “partnerships”, kept off the books and more or less “secret”, laundered the proceeds of illicit dealings—dope trafficking, gold smuggling, weapons shipments to “terrorists”—-done by the Bush Crime Family. [For documented links to the Bush Family’s 25 secret worldwide accounts, see our website series, “Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush”. Included there is the document, the Federal Reserve secret wire transfer, under the code of Fed Chief Greenspan, showing ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS laundered through the Bush Crime Family’s joint account with the Queen of England at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. Recently, the Queen ordered a top official of her private bank to become an official of the Bush Family-linked Carlyle Group where Daddy Bush has been a paid consultant to the bin Laden Family, including Osama who is NOT on the outs with his family. “The Queen has a new bank manager, following the departure of Andrew Fisher, chief executive of Coutts, TO THE CARLYLE GROUP, the US private equity firm.” Financial Times of London, December 19, 2001 (emphasis added.)
As to Enron being closely aligned with the Federal Reserve A Knight-Ridder newspaper chain story, breaking ranks with censorship of the monopoly press, had a story from their Washington Bureau, datelined Houston, headlined “Enron scandal touches Fed; Central Bank asked to save documents”. March 7, 2002. Notice this “Both Kenneth Lay and Jeff Skilling, former Enron chief executives, met with Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and other staff members over the past two years, AND SKILLING SERVED AS A DIRECTOR FOR A FEDERAL RESERVE BRANCH BANK IN HOUSTON”. (Emphasis added.) [See related details in our website Enron series. The Knight-Ridder chain story tends to in part corroborate our story about the Fed secretly siphoning off huge Enron funds to temporarily support the Dow Jones 30 Industrials as a psychological barometer.]
8. The second section of the Ruling Class consists, among others, of the French Rothschilds who for over two centuries have been the traditional bankers for the Vatican. And the Holy See is in a position, as a major owner of BNL (mentioned earlier), to have the documents of the secret partnership between the Bush Family and Saddam Hussein.
9. Little-known is that Arthur Andersen as auditors and consultants have had a client specialty, servicing enterprises run by prominent Catholics, particularly Irish Catholics. Traditionally, the senior partner running the law firm representing Arthur Andersen, has been R. Sargent Shriver, part of the Kennedy Family of Boston and Hyannisport.
So is it more than just a coincidence? That to divert attention from Bush/Cheney and their direct complicity with Enron, that a few Catholic priests are scandalized as having many years ago sexually molested choir boys? These sudden disclosures have targeted Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles, among others. Is it a coincidence, that these are centers of large numbers of voters for the Democrat Party and presidential candidates that are Democrats? The whispers about some priests have been going on for centuries. Why now? The monopoly press has trumpeted this story on signal. Such as Time Magazine’s cover story, “CAN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH SAVE ITSELF?” April 1, 2002. [Visit our website story on Enron, Part 6.]
10. Another attack against Section One of the Ruling Class caused the bankruptcy of Global Crossings, implicating Bush/Cheney. Is it a coincidence that Arthur Andersen is in the middle of that?
11. Another attack on the financial underpinnings of the Bush Crime Family is the sudden attack on General Electric, contending defective book-keeping. Until now, with one exception, G.E. has been a sacred cow, not to be disturbed. But see what the Gore Family did to General Electric, 1961, in getting the head of G.E. jailed for Anti-Trust violations in the Electric Conspiracy Cases. See our website item, Enron, Part 5. G.E. financed Ronald Reagan, Daddy Bush, and Bush the Younger. G.E., by the way, financed the rise of Adoph Hitler. See, “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” by Antony Sutton. Also, the Bush Family committed treason in America, World War Two, for Hitler. See, “George Bush the Unauthorized Biography” by Webster G. Tarpley et al., paperback, 1991.
12. The growing and evident split in the American aristocracy has to be considered from the historical standpoint of Protestant versus Catholic. A heavily documented recent book summarizes on its jacket, the work of the author “His labors have rewarded us with valuable new proofs of a vast Roman Catholic substratum to American history. Evidence suggests that Jesuits played eminent and under-appreciated roles in moving the complacent New Englanders to rebel against their mother country in 1776. Indeed, according to Saussy’s discoveries, the American Revolution and its resulting constitutional republic may have been largely the outworking of an ingenious Jesuit strategy single-handedly designed and supervised by a true founding father few Americans have ever heard of—Lorenzo Ricci. With Ricci comes a whole host of hitherto little-known names such as Robert Bellarmine, Joseph Amiot, the Dukes of Norfolk, Daniel Coxe, Sun-Tzu, Lord Bute, Francis Thorpe, Nikolaus von Hontheim, and the Carrolls, Daniel, Charles, and John. ‘In their way’, writes Saussy, ‘these men were as essential to our constitutional origins as Jefferson, Paine, Adams, Washington, Locke,and George III.” “Rulers of Evil—Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies”, by F. Tupper Saussy, Ospray Bookmakers, Reno, Nevada, 1999. As the book points out, for a hundred years before it became a “federal city” and then District of Columbia, the land there was called “Rome”. “Subdividing the federal city, or District of Columbia, into plats was the task of an artistic Parisian engineer named Pierre-Charles L’Enfant. According to Dr. James Walsh in his book ‘American Jesuits’, L’Enfant got the job through the intercession of his priest, John Carroll. L’Enfant was a Freemason. He subdivided the city in a brilliant array of cabalistic symbols and numerics.” After detailing L’Enfant’s cabalistic drawing of D.C. as an upside down pentagram, the book states “But L’Enfant’s pentagram points downward, forming the shape of Baphomet, the gnostic ‘absorption-into-wisdom’ goat’s-head icon of the Knights Templar. Gnostic historian Manly Hall says the upside-down pentagram ‘is used extensively in black magic’ and ‘always signifies a perverted power.’ The Baphomet imposed upon the federal city by Pierre-Charles L’Enfant puts the mouth of this ‘perverted power’ exactly at the White House.” Saussy’s book, pages 227-228.
13. Notice these details. A sizeable number of those occupying the World Trade Center towers on Black Tuesday, consisted of investment firms where the bulk of those working there were Irish Catholics and Jews. For example, the wholesale U.S. Treasury Security firm, Cantor Fitzgerald. Of the seven hundred there that morning, not a single one survived, primarily all Irish Catholics and Jews. Of the more than 300 New York firemen who died in the collapse of the towers, the bulk of them were Irish Catholics. Remember the Nazi-anti-Jewish background of the Bush Family. And the Bush Crime Family and their joint account for illicit purposes with the Queen of England. Do I have to re-invent the wheel of history, to prove the Queen is on the outs with the Irish Catholics?
14. Will the Split in the American Aristocracy become more and more evident? And will it be along religious lines, including Protestant versus Catholic?
More coming. Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 4/18/02

It is okay to mention efforts to overthrow an overseas government. The American monopoly press is not bashful to discuss that. Such as efforts by the military for a while to take over the Pakistan government.
Pakistan-born Chicagoans as cab-drivers, some of them who I talked to, for a while praised the overthrow by the military of the regime in their home country. One of the apparently good features? For the the first time in living memory there, the ultra-rich folks were forced to pay taxes. But it did not last.
We, by the way, on our public access Cable TV Program, cablecast within the city limits of Chicago, from time to time, have had guests as candidates for high state office. Guess what I as moderator dared ask them? “If you are elected Illinois Governor, would you do something about the American CIA flooding Illinois with dope, to raise funds separate from Congress for secret operations?” The candidate said, “Governor is a local office. I do not know anything about the CIA”. And I stated, “Really, that is all you have to say?” Candidate, “yes”.
And I also have asked, “if you are elected Governor, would you tax the ultra-rich who currently pay little if any taxes, such as the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the DuPonts, and the Marshall Fields?” The candidate usually refused to answer, or looked up at the tv studio ceiling. After the taping ended, I asked one campaign manager, why his candidate tolerates me at all. “Sherman, if they can handle your big mouth, they can handle any opponent. And you do have a big audience in this town.”
Since at least 1995, we have been writing about and also mentioning on talk radio, a few details about the small U.S. Military Group vowing to arrest at the time Clinton as their Commander-in-Chief,. the second hat Bill had as President. In simple terms, it was a real life version of the fictional book and movie, “Seven Days in May”. [Book by F. Knebel, HarperCollins, hardcover, 1988. Movie, 1964, with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas.]
If Clinton had them arrested for mutiny, they intended, if they were not assassinated, to defend themselves, showing that the person using the name “Clinton” has committed treason, such as with the Red Chinese Secret Police. [Elsewhere, we have discussed why we call him William ROCKEFELLER Clinton. See our website series,”Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police”.]
This small group of U.S. Admirals and Generals, called in the military trade, as flag officers, had repeatedly tried, to no avail, to remove Clinton while he was Commander-in-Chief.
April 19, 1995, occurred what some have described as the multiple bombings of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Details have come out through alternative media, that there was prior knowledge in the White House, just like Pearl Harbor, 1941. The bombings permitted “Clinton” to wrap himself in the flag and say he was going to combat the local Militias trying “to overthrow the government”. This helped Clinton divert attention from the defeat in 1994, with Congress getting a GOP majority in the Election.
April 17, 1995, two days prior to the bombings, a planeload of U.S. Military brass died when the military Lear jet, exploded in the air near Alexander City, Alabama. Thus snuffed out among the reputed coup plotters, were Clark G. Fiester, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for acquisitions, since previous May, when he was former vice president and general manager for the electronic defense sector of GTE Government Systems, in Mountain View, California and he had worked at GTE 36 years before joining the Defense Department; Air Force Major General Glenn A. Profitt II of West Layayette, Indiana, director of plans and operations for the Air Education and Training Command; Major Hubert B. Fisher who researched sensitive information technologies.
They had onboard with them a person not supposed to exist. Namely, a Prisoner of War from Viet Nam, knowledgeable as to why and how the Defense Department and the White House continues to cover up the POWs from the Viet Nam War. That is, those who were pushed into becoming “mules” for the Southeast Asia dope trafficking supervised by General Colin Powell and his crony Richard Armitage, and their illicit-dealings business partner, George Herbert Walker Bush. [On alternative media has been shown the video interview of a Burmese General describing how Powell, Armitage, and Bush are his dope trafficking business partners and arranged at U.S. government expense to build a highway into the jungle to facilitate the transporting of dope headed for the U.S. trade.]
Families of the victims of the airplane explosion were not permitted to retrieve any belongings nor be given any details of what happened. A heavily-censored story was given to the pressfakers to distribute. Such as, the Associate Press report, Washington Times, 4/19/95,”High Air Force official mourned after jet crash”[Washington Times is owned and operated by the Korean CIA and Rev. Moon]. Chicago Tribune, 4/18/95 [Tribune owned in large part by the Queen of England and British Monarchy. See our items about the British Monarch in business with the Bush Crime family.] Also, Washington Post, 4/18 and 4/19/95. [The Post and their CIA pals, see our item, “The Late Dragon of the Washington Post”.]
Later, we obtained exclusive details of how the U.S. Government was blocking an Alabama Federal Grand Jury probing the sabotaged crash linked to an attempt coup.
Originally, there were 24 flag officers who felt authorized under the Uniform Military Code to arrest Commander-in-Chief Clinton. If arrested on charges of mutiny, they were prepared to defend themselves with documented charges of treason against Clinton. Such as, that Clinton from time to time ate with and met with in the White House, the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun. The flag officers had proof that Clinton gave him as part of a sworn enemy of the United States,financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets of the U.S. Wang Jun has also been the head of Polytechnologies, a Red Chinese military owned business making and marketing AK-47 submachine guns intended for shipment to U.S. inner city narco-terrorist street gangs to cause havoc in shoot-em-ups with big city police.[Contending they are under-staffed, U.S. customs has been able to apprehend only SOME of these weapons into the U.S.] Kenneth W. Starr for four years as “Independent Counsel” ran after Bill and Hillary yet after expending some 50 million dollars came up only with the sex episode of Monica Lewinsky, used to amuse some on the television. Starr spent most of the time in PRIVATE law practice and who was his private law client? Why, Wang Jun. Furthermore, Starr was the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese Government at Bejing. So the whole situation was a joke. The Clinton Justice Department could have jailed Starr any time they wanted to. [Monica and Chandry Levy as foreign intelligence operatives, with Rahm Emanuel, visit our website two part series, “The Chandra Levy Affair”.]
The 24 flag officers, out of uniform, took up residence in a Paris suburb, under the protection of the French CIA who faulted Clinton for covering up the downing in 1996 of TWA Flight 800. The plane took off from New York destined for Paris, having onboard 60 French nationals, 8 of which were members of the French spy agency. Their team official, however, refused to board Flight 800 and took a later flight. The French contend that Clinton, to avoid problems with his 1996 re-election campaign, covered up that Flight 800 was downed by missiles.
Since 1995, ten of the original 24 flag officers as coup plotters were assassinated [that does NOT include those snuffed out April 17, 1995]. One of those murdered was General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District. Another one was Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, highest naval officer in uniform. [For some historical and traditional reasons, the U.S. Navy Officers and the Office of Naval Intelligence have to be at least in part, in charge of any attempt to arrest the Commander-in-Chief for treason.]
In Part 8 of this series, we mention the Split in the American aristocracy that has to be considered. Also to be figured into the equation, is a coup for public good or one for evil.
Prior “experiments”. U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff had a plan to instigate U.S. public commotions by way of instigating grounds to bomb and invade Cuba. This was in 1962, a year AFTER the CIA’s debacle being the aborted invasion at the Bay of Pigs. The top U.S. military were planning to arrange to bomb U.S. commercial air flights, immediately blaming Cuba. Also there was to be other bombings and violence in the United States, instigated by the highest level of the U.S. Military, and with the co-operation of the captive U.S. media, to blame it all on Cuba. All in all, it was to be a test on how to overthrow a regime.
The scheme was called “Operation Northwoods”. It is detailed in “Body of Secrets Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency—From the Cold War through the Dawn of A New Century”, by James Bamford, hardcover, 2001, pages 82-91, 300, 301.
In 1972, the CIA/Military think tank, Rand Corp., came out with their little-known report, “Operation Star”, at the behest of the Nixon White House. The document deals with how to persuade ordinary Americans that it is somehow okay to suspend the U.S. Constitution and call off if not terminate elections. That is, how to conduct a coup against the American Republic and the organic law, that is, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. By the fall of 1973, after “The Saturday Night Massacre” where Nixon lopped off those probing him and Watergate, the U.S. came very close to a test if not actual imposition of martial law.
Why prior coup attempts to do public good or evil have failed. [1] Other high military officers, because they were too “chicken” or simply wanted to be around to collect their pension, did not aid or join the original 24 flag officers. [2] The newfakers kept diverting public attention from Clinton’s treason. Such as, at key times when it might have been mentioned, Clinton ordered the bombing of Iraq. ]3] In 1999, Clinton’s treason was not part of the House Impeachment Resolutions. AND, the Senate considering whether to remove Clinton, had key members blackmailed. Such as then Senate Judiciary Chairman, Orrin G. Hatch (R., Utah) was subject himself to be federal criminally prosecuted for bribery charges relating to the downfall of Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI. Also, Hatch was subject to being prosecuted for bribery in the Salt Lake City Olympics bribery scandal. [4] Right after the Senate refused to remove Clinton on impeachment charges, Clinton ordered the bombing of Serbia. Yet, Yugoslavia never attacked or invaded another country in their history and was long-known as friendly to the U.S. In violation of the Geneva Conventions as to the international law of wars, to which the U.S. is a signatory, Clinton ordered the bombing in Yugoslavia of hospitals, schools, and churches. Clinton ordered the Red Chinese embassy in Belgrade to be bombed on the censored accusation that they were assisting the Serbs with U.S. military data. The Chinese anger was controlled, since they were part of Clinton’s previously mentioned treason.
In view of the earlier unsuccessful efforts within the U.S. to conduct an overthrow, whether for the public good or for power-grabbing evil, the Pro-Bush faction in the American CIA and U.S. Military decided to conduct an experiment in Venezuela, home of what once was called Creole Petroleum, set up and owned by the Rockefellers.
>From the standpoint of the Bush Crime family, Venezuela was ideal to figure out the best way to conduct a coup. Some years ago, Daddy Bush was a major owner of Texas Commerce Bank which had a unit in Venezuela. Daddy Bush installed there to head up that branch son Jeb Bush and his latino wife. They reportedly co-ordinated the huge proceeds from the dope trafficking from neighboring Colombia. Also, corrupt top officials of the American Drug Enforcement Administration shipped planeloads of dope to the U.S. from Venezuela on the excuse they were conducting a “sting”. Also to be considered is that Daddy Bush and his cronies in the American CIA spend a great deal of their efforts, worldwide, as the oilfields police, guarding the properties of the Oil Cartel.
The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press recently tried hard to explain away the coup and counter-coup experiment and testing in Venezuela. Reliable sources contend that Daddy Bush, supervising Bush, Jr., arranged for the CIA funding of military coup plotters to arrest Venezuela’s properly elected President. The New York Times seemed to reveal the most, in their story headlined “Bush Officials Met With Venezuelans Who Ousted Leader”, 4/16/2002. ” ‘We were not discouraging people’, the [Defense Department] official said. ‘We were sending informal, subtle signals that we don’t like this guy. [Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez]. We didn’t say, ‘No, don’t you dare’, and we weren’t advocating saying, ‘Here’s some arms; we’ll help you overthrow this guy.’ We were not doing that’ “. And the New York Times added, “The disclosures come as rights advocates, Latin American diplomats and others accuse the administration of having turned a blind eye to coup plotting activities, or even encouraging the people who temporarily removed Mr. Chavez. Such actions would place the United States at odds with its fellow members of the Organization of American States, whose charter condemns the overthrow of democratically elected governments.”
So, was the Venezuela coup and counter-coup an experiment how to do it in the United States, to Overthrow the American Republic? The coup plotters apparently started to arrest judges of the Venezuela high court, and other judicial, legislative, and executive officials.
Cynics claim many American do not know how to spell COUP. And that they would be helped by coo-coo clocks as follows
At 4 p.m., the coo-coo clock’s little doors would open and out would pop George W. Bush, proclaiming “I’m the occupant and resident of the White House!”. At 5 p.m., the clock doors would open on the coo-coo signal, and out would pop Jay Rockefeller [John D. Rockefeller 4th, (D., W.Va.)], a pretender to the throne waiting in the wings otherwise, stating, “I’m in charge here!”. At 6 p.m. out of the coo-coo clock pops Albert Gore, Jr., hollaring, “Down With Big Oil!”. [The clock has no provision to point out Gore won the popular vote in 2000; the high court in Washington, corruptly installed Bush as the resident and occupant of the White House. Hence, Gore is actually the elected president NOT INAUGURATED.]
Naturally, these coo-coo clocks are made by Coup D’Etat Manufacturing Company, in a suburb of Paris, France. Guess who owns THAT company?
[For background, visit our website item, “The American Troika”.]
More coming. Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 4/21/02

In the worst of all worlds or even the best of all worlds, there is always a reason for censorship. At the time of the Soviets and their dreaded secret political police, a few Soviet writers occasionally made a point with a supposedly fictional tale, actually true.
In current parlance, it would be called flying below the radar, or putting a wing on the buzz. Even so, some Soviet writers had to flee the country. A great fairy tale is that America is the land of the free. But, telling the truth can cost you your job, your career, your personal happiness and security. Living in a good style is not free. Americans who do not own their own digs, still call the owner collecting the rent, the LANDLORD. To many thoughtless renters, Old English fear-provoking putdowns do not seem to refer to great negatives. Who notices? Law books have a section on MASTER and SERVANT. Considering themselves “losers”, some call themselves wage slaves.
Close enough to the incandescent bulb of reality to sense both the light and the heat, an insider told us a story.
There once was a fellow with a famous father. Or was the elder, sinister and infamous? He wanted his oldest son to go in footsteps as planned by the Family. Sonny boy was selected to be the new head of the company, with worldwide business. The firm required someone to guide it who knew big business, politics, and how to be successful. How to influence if not bribe foreign potentates who were sources of company revenue—that had to be ingrained in the top executive.
Junior never was greatly interested in foreign business, the history of the world, even current affairs. But Daddy was in good health. And Daddy and his friends would tell him how to run the company, and avoid pitfalls. With the latest technology, Junior could get virtual face to face advice from Daddy, even if both were thousands of miles apart. Daddy would fill up the nearby executive offices with Daddy’s advisers. And Daddy’s circle would write the company statements for Junior to read.
As the designated head of the firm, Junior knew he had to play the part and be the front man. Yes, there were problems even being selected to be the head man. The Board of Directors, as Junior well knew, were Daddy’s fixers. The Directors had big investments in other companies.
The convoluted connections were such, that the Directors had to make unholy deals—get this—with a competing firm. This trick cost 40 million dollars of off-the-books funds. Of all things, a competitor knew some inside details that could have prevented the Board of Directors from accepting Junior as the new head man. And who started the vicious rumors, that Junior was a misfit and would steer the company into a wreck? Did these terrible stories some from competitors or from some old-timers inside Junior’s own company?
Junior took over as the head man in an off-year. Business was not good. The firm’s French unit was causing all kinds of business problems. The frogs, as Daddy called the Frenchies, had their own commercial intelligence unit that was, of all things, compiling dirt on Junior. The purpose? TO get better commissions and shipping terms for the Paris branch.
To show they are serious, the frogs instigated two highly skilled investigative reporters to come out with a book detailing crooked business deals that Junior’s home office had with their Mid-East affiliates. As the book pointed out, a top official in one of the company’s subsidiaries, resigned. Why? As quoted in the book, he claimed that Junior and Daddy told him to stop asking questions about a certain family of Mid-East swindlers who were secretly in business with Daddy and Junior, and with Daddy’s advisers and fixers.
In his first year on the job, Junior was told by Daddy’s advisers that the company was in big doo-doo. The company, they said, in fact may simply melt down, its stock go to hell, and the firm go bankrupt. The advisers told Daddy that Junior was, after all, a misfit, and not capable of guiding the firm through a financial storm. The company’s bankers wanted something done and Junior, they claimed, was not equipped to handle it.
Would the second in command of the firm agree to take over? The company doctor said the latest medical check-up showed a lot of negatives for that person.
The book circulated throughout Europe by the frogs was causing the company’s European customers to be greatly concerned. Would some European television network program put the whole mess on the air? Their documentary makers were quietly in the U.S. for some time now.
The parent company’s problems could spread throughout the subsidiaries. The various units of the firm have for some time been falsely showing huge profits by cooking their books. Junior was not interested to know about it. Problems like that, Daddy and his confidants would handle it.
Junior, after all, was not interested to study history. If he did, he would have known and understood Daddy’s answer to the problem. When the founder of the infamous Standard Oil Trust, old John D. Rockefeller, had a business problem, what would HE do? Typically, he would bomb some of his own buildings and immediately blame it on his competitors who thereafter were the target of a witch hunt.
The pressfakers always accepted Rockefeller’s version of what happened.
The higher ups in the government, those that knew about Rockefeller’s scheme ahead of time, would not interfere. Even with prior knowledge, they allowed it to happen. It was the way of the real world. As always, if you want a well-fixed future, telling the truth would cost you everything.
As the company headed for financial ruin, Junior sensed something was happening. He wrote a letter resigning as head of the company. The letter started out, Dear Daddy. It told how sorry Junior was that he cannot save the company from bankruptcy and the Family from scandal. A copy of the letter was also scheduled to be sent to the Board of Directors.
Before the letter was ever sent, two of the company’s buildings were mysteriously bombed. Lots of people died. Daddy arranged for the pressfakers to blame it on competitors of the company. Under the command of Daddy, Junior remained as head of the firm.
___________________________ This parable is circulating in the Washington, D.C. underground. Long-time capital reporters and editors understand it all, acknowledging it with a wink and a nod. “Henry, since you do not have a copy of the letter of resignation, our shop cannot go with this”, was the way a network boss, with a false rejection in his voice, dealt with his savvy White House correspondent, both of whom have to remain nameless.
More coming. Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 5/13/02

BLACK TUESDAY—The Big Lie and Dark Truth
It has taken the better part of sixty years for the truth about Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. It is now documented, beyond dispute. The White House had prior knowledge of the impending Japanese attack on a large group of our old battleships, not just coincidentally, conveniently moored, by White House orders, in the center of a harbor in Hawaii. Several thousand common Americans were bombed to their death.
For geopolitical reasons, the highest level of the American aristocracy, through its government puppets, felt it was a necessary “small price” to pay to have the U.S. forced at last into World War Two, against the Axis Powers. For among other reasons, it was to save Great Britain from being overwhelmed by the Nazis. The U.S. engaging in War with Japan, invoked the terms of the Axis pact, bringing Germany to declare War shortly thereafter on the U.S. On their own previously, the Germans had been greatly reluctant to start up with the huge industrial power, the United States.
[Read “Day of Deceit The Truth About Pearl Harbor” by Robert B. Stinnett, paperback, 2001. “Pearl Harbor Mother of All Conspiracies”, by Mark Emerson Willey, paperback, 2000.]
Ex-American soldiers that survived that war, if still living, have been too old, too tired, to join any protest that many of their age died because of treason. The American aristocracy had financed Hitler as a bulwark against the Soviets, and had profited all during World War II, in treasonous joint business with Nazi big business. Such as the Rockefellers and their Standard Oil. Such as General Electric. Such as Ford Motor Company. See, “Wall St. and the Rise of Hitler” by Antony Sutton. “Trading With the Enemy” by Charles Higham. Henry Ford and the Nazis, the Nation Magazine, “Ford and the Fuhrer”, January 24, 2000.
So, will it now take sixty years from the date of posting of this article, until all pertinent documents are released and undisputed, as to the American aristocracy, or at least a split portion of the same, and their prior knowledge with the Bush White House as to Black Tuesday? And how many now reading this will expect to still be around on September 11, 2061? Like Pearl Harbor, did a faction of the ultra rich consider it a “small price” to pay, for geopolitical purposes, that several thousand died in the smash down of the twin towers in lower Manhattan and crashing a portion of the Pentagon? And what were those geopolitical purposes?
America was accumulating too much population for the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be a valid form of organic law, in the view of a faction in the aristocracy, needlessly guaranteeing to “everyone” in this nation Equal Protection of the Laws and orderly processes of “Law”. From a heartless view of history, the United States is already an old Republic. From the beginning, the ultra rich wanted only a basic parliamentary type of frame work with no shield against a powerful American monarch and a omnipotent central Government. The Bill of Rights was FORCED to be added to the Constitution. Without it, the basic Constitution may never have been widely accepted by common Americans. Notice, that each provision of the Bill of Rights has a form of the word “NO”, a strong negative as a shield against a possible central tyranny.
The upper class in the colonies were simply on the outs with the King of England over mercantile issues. Excessive taxes, among them. They wanted to be separate and apart from the Crown in London. Yet, in the colonies, then as now, controlling the common people were the Judges and the Lawyers, who basically supported the Crown, the regime, the Establishment, then as now. The common colonists were deeply opposed to the colonial lawyers and judges whose chimneys were painted black as a warning. The lawyers and judges fled to Canada. With the coming of the Constitution, however, was an Establishment of elites, again calling themselves lawyers and judges, but actually pirates, determined to steal large blocs of land. One of those great thieves sat as the Chief Justice, John Marshall, of the U.S. Supreme Court. He made rulings enabling his own family to steal large pieces of land. No, he did not disqualify himself. A major law school honors this great swindler who ran the high court for some 35 years.[In Chicago, John Marshall Law School, wall to wall with the Chicago Bar Association Building.] A critic of the American class structure wrote a heavily documented, but hard to find book, “The History of the Supreme Court”, by Gustavus Myers. He also wrote “The History of the Great American Fortunes”, documenting how every one of them is based on massive treason, huge crimes, and theft of properties. Too bad Myers, long gone, is not here to write about Bush/Clinton,and their judges.
To this day, the lawyers and the judges, with very few exceptions, control, as from the beginning of this nation, the ordinary Americans. Lawyers are officers of the Court, pledged to support and not oppose the Crown, in current terms, the Establishment, the American aristocracy, Big Oil, Big Money. What lawyers DARES to confront the dictators, the Banker-Judges, as we do as non-lawyers? In the history of this nation, the bulk of the lawyers and judges sent to prison for high crimes, bribery, and such, have been in the forty years we as a group functioned as court-reformers. We have demonstrated endlessly that the law and the facts, promoted by the venal bar and the corrupt bench, do NOT make the deciding matter in some of the really important cases in Court. [See our website series, “Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts”.]
What lawyer in Court dares to point out that the important judges are banker-judges interwoven incestuously with the sinister PRIVATE central bank, the Federal Reserve, masquerading as a government entity? A private pirate ship and marauder. and man-of-war circulating their hot-air backed notes as if “U.S. Dollars” and controlling the financial destiny of common Americans.
So now, a portion of the American aristocracy having created an excuse, wants to cancel the Bill of Rights. They created an emergency event, allowed, permitted, and condoned it to occur, with their prior knowledge and blessing. Actually, a series of events, in which the “Arabs” are NOT the principal players, just patsies.
1. Bill of Rights, First Amendment. “Congress shall make NO LAW….abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press….” Since right after World War Two, the American CIA, then created, has dominated the American media. As we have over the years mentioned wherever we could be heard, that up to 1988, CBS News received a substantial secret subsidy from the spy agency used to insert intelligence gathering operatives and dirty tricksters in major domestic media market centers in the U.S. And the clandestine payments financed CBS’ overseas bureaus from which more intelligence was gathered than news was disseminated. All, for the purposes of acting as a vacuum pump, sucking up foreign and domestic intelligence and seeking to neutralize dissidents, in the U.S. and overseas. CIA media assets, such as during the Civil Rights and Peacenik periods. interviewed political activists, not for putting the film or tape on the air, but for selling the same to the American CIA and the FBI, helping compile dossiers on government critics. CBS’s overseas bureaus were also for CIA covert operatives to have a place to hang their hat.
[For background, read “Killing Hope U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II”, by William Blum, paperback, 1995.]
About 1989, the CIA news media subsidy was transferred to ABC Network. Supposed experts, actually from CIA Foundation funded groups, but never so identified, often appear on the “Nightline” ABC Program of Ted Koppel, a Canadian with an intelligence agency background. [Part of the recent ruckus to possibly replace the Nightline program is that the CIA is in the process of switching its media subsidy back to CBS.] In violation of the First Amendment, the central government has ordered the monopoly press not to discuss openly facts tending to show prior knowledge of Black Tuesday by the highest level of the central government as puppets for the aristocracy.[“Newsies'” rise to the top for helping cover up political assassinations. See our website story, “Liars and Whores of the Press.”]
An elite group in Congress, part of the American CIA, sit on the House and Senate Committees overseeing the intelligence community. Among other things, these committees decide much of the secret CIA/NSA and National Reconnaissance Office, NRO, budget goes to control the media. As we have many times pointed out, heading CIA’s “Black Budget” has been Congressman Henry Hyde [R.,Ill.] In violation of the Constitution’s mandate for “Separation of Powers”, Hyde sits in both the legislative and executive branches of government at the same time. Hyde in the 1980s, was in charge of Daddy Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ollie North, in the guns and dope transported through the CIA airport at Mena, Arkansas.
The First Amendment also provides “Congress shall make NO LAW….abridging…the right of the PEOPLE peaceably to assemble….” (Emphasis added.) Separate from Congress, the White House has created a Commissar of Homeland Security. So far, the dictator of that agency refuses to be questioned by Congress who does not use their power of the purse to cut him off.
Homeland Security has nameless, faceless operatives interfering with Freedom of Speech and the Press, but also the right of the people to peaceably assemble. And notice, the monopoly press does not dare use the term, as we do, of secret political police, to identify the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the NRO (which controls who, if anyone, is allowed to use the satellites in space.)
In current terms, the right of the people to peaceably assemble means the right to easily and quickly travel by plane across the country, for example, to attend and participate with other like-minded persons, such as criticizing the government. There are undisputed examples where dissidents, since Black Tuesday, have been, without explanation, delayed by nameless, faceless government operatives, from boarding an airplane flight. So that such activists missed their flight and could not arrive in time for a distant meeting of other political activists.
“Homeland Security” translated back to fit the Nazi era, 1933 to 1945, means the GESTAPO (pronounced in German, geh-SHTAP-o, that is Ge(heime) Sta(ats)po(lizei), secret state police). And translated back into the Soviet era, particularly 1954 to 1990, meaning the K.G.B., (pronounced in Russian as KAH-GAY-BEH, that is, Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnost’i, that is The Commission of State Security).
More on the First Amendment. “Congress shall make NO LAW…abridging…the right of the PEOPLE to PETITION the GOVERNMENT for a redress of grievances.” (Emphasis added.) Since Black Tuesday, the secret political police has interfered with the transmission of some e-mail, sabotaged the posting on some websites of items critical of the government, has interfered with some radio talk show broadcasts, and thus abridged the right of the PEOPLE to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Being able to petition the Government also means the right of access to public Courts, to open Court proceedings, to open court records. In too many instances, cowardly judges, cowed by the aristocracy that installed them on the throne of court power and permits them to continue there, are afraid of the right of access, open court hearings, and open court records.
2. Second Amendment. …the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear ARMS, SHALL NOT be infringed.” (Emphasis added.) What judges would block attempts to cancel such rights? Installed and controlled by the American aristocracy, members of the judiciary are NOT independent and are chicken-hearted generally. [We have to do a story one of these days of outspoken judges who were persecuted or assassinated.]
Upon consolidating his power in 1933, Adoiph Hitler, installed by the German aristocracy funded by American and British big business, proceeded to immeditately round up the guns of ordinary Germans. American gun control laws are generally, almost verbatim, patterned after the Nazi anti-gun laws. In a pinch, the only remedy ordinary Americans have against a central government tyranny comes out of the barrel of a gun. It is the very reason for the Second Amendment. Narco-terrorist street gangs shooting up the big city police and competing dope gangs cannot be used as an excuse to disarm the PEOPLE. [Who in power is doing ANYTHING effective against the American CIA, funding their covert activities, by flooding the U.S. with dope while the DEA bosses corruptly look the other way?]
3. Third Amendment. “NO SOLDIER shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.” (Emphasis added.) The purpose of this from the beginning of this nation, was to prohibit the mix of civilian and military, more or less under the same roof. On occasion, since Black Tuesday, the U.S. Military, through secret or other orders of Homeland Security, has been ordered to take over the airports, restricting who, if anyone, can travel quickly and easily. Such as the military blocking political activists from getting on a flight timely to a distant meeting of other political activists.
4. Fourth Amendment. “The right of the PEOPLE to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall NOT BE VIOLATED, and no WARRANTS shall issue, but upon probable cause…..” (Emphasis added.) Gross violations of this started before Black Tuesday and have escalated since. All that is necessary to invoke “Homeland Security” is for the Bush Justice Department, without public or legal formality, secretly to designate a person as a “domestic terrorist”. And the Fourth Amendment rights are cancelled. Here is an example from the Bush Crime Family crony, the Clinton Administration.
We taped a one-hour show for our public access Cable TV Program, “Broadsides”, entitled “Corruption from Chicago to the White House”. How the Clinton White House was tied to their corrupt surrogates in the Chicago-area, both Democrats and Republicans. Local cronies of Bill and Hillary, WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT, seized the master tape of the program and will not return it to us. We have received no remedyy although we have had litigation in ten different courts, state and federal. The cowardly judges will not order the return of our master tape. We had been put on a “domestic terrorist” and “enemies list” by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, without specifics or legal formality. As a reprisal for us seeking a remedy against Hillary who was NOT at the time a public official, the title “First Lady” not being a government position authorized by law; the Chief Judge of the Federal Appeals Court in Chicago, without legal formality or hearing, had me and a television assistant banished from all the federal courts in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Repeatedly refusing us a remedy, the U.S. Supreme Court is a dead letter.
So, the American Republic and its Bill of Rights is in the process of being overthrown. Our motto? Stop cursing the darkness. Light a candle.
More coming. Stay tuned

by Sherman H. Skolnick 5/16/02

Old-timers remember. Bad times have a positive good. They cause the real stuff to come out. Why? Well, a simple reason is that people in key managerial positions get laid off in a bad recession or full blown Depression. And if they cannot find good work, or any work suitable to their talent. Well, what more do they have to lose? They start talking. They put details into the ears of loudmouths. And so the common Americans find out what is really happening. The 1930s were such a period. So you do not know that. Well, maybe you forgot to talk to your elders.
Is now such a period? Details are beginning to circulate in higher and higher circles of the monopoly press. The liars and whores of the press are forced to deal with the growing understanding that there was prior knowledge, at the highest level, as to Black Tuesday. Maybe George W. Bush himself did not know all the details. But did Daddy Bush know? Some think so.
A fictional book (by Richard Condon) and movie was entitled “Winter Kills”. When it first came out as a movie, it was quickly withdrawn and suppressed. It was about an Irish patriarch who arranged with a criminal cabal to have his son as the President. Because of the conflicting forces at work, his son was assassinated, caused by his father. After all, the family boss was in with some really bad people.
The book and movie seemed to point in real life to John F. Kennedy and his gangster-CIA linked father, Joseph P. Kennedy. In the beginning, the Kennedy Family blocked the further presentation of the movie. Years later, it did finally get shown on television. We interviewed, on tape, the movie producer. He told us how the Kennedys set out to destroy him and his film production. We played a few minutes of the interview on our recorded phone message. At that time, it was the only outlet available to us and our reports. That was before public access Cable TV, before Internet, and before more open talk radio.
Now the monopoly press is laying off people. Their source of income, advertising, is way down. So stories are beginning to circulate, in and out of the mass media, even by the press fakers. Did not George W. Bush order the military stand-down on September 11, 2001? Or, was it Daddy Bush, former head of the secret political police?
Popular websites, like http://www.rense.com, are putting the terrible truth of high-level prior knowledge of Black Tuesday right on the screen, right into the face of millions of Americans (some of whom may have been previously naive or poorly informed). So now, with Jeff Rense doing his best to educate everyone, there is no reason not to be well-informed. And those devils in high places, wrapping themselves in the flag, will not make it all go away. As we have pointed out in prior website stories, there is a split in the American aristocracy. Part supports (for the moment) George W. Bush, the occupant and resident of the White House. The other candidate Albert Gore, Jr., some consider as the actually elected but NOT INAUGURATED President, having won the popular vote by 600,000. Some contend that a corrupt “Gang of Five” on the U.S. Supreme Court installed Bush. In Texas, they call Bush by his middle initial, said quickly, as “DUBYA”. His illegitimacy haunts even those who call themselves independent.
The opposing faction in the aristoracy, Establishment, Ruling Class, whatever you call them—-to put it, crudely, do NOT want to be forced to deal with him the way they dealt with President John F. Kennedy. Accused (falsely) by them of being soft on “Communists” and “in” with the Moscow government, JFK was the victim of a public execution by the ultra rich, right after high noon his brains being blown out in an open car, by military-style triangulating sniper fire. News fakers, key players in the “lone assassin” cover up story, were thereafter rewarded by being pushed right to the top of the monopoly press. [Examples of that, naming names, are in our website story, “Liars and Whores of the Press”.]
To temporarily sidestep some of the problems, the Federal Reserve has been secretly (or not so secretly for some) pumping up the stock market. Used, in part, have been billions and billions of dollars siphoned off (some call it embezzled) of Enron and multiplied through book-keeping hocus-pocus and derivatives, to create, on paper, trillions of dollars. [Study all the parts of our website series, “Enron Black Magic”.]
Because of economic dislocations, lay-offs, pocket-book worries, many Americans may be inclined to sweep the Democrats into a majority in the House and moreso in the Senate. [Because of antiquated State Laws and due to a “don’t give a damned” attitude of the U.S. Supreme Court, third parties in America are not given a good chance in elections. The monopoly press, in an unwritten policy, ignores third party efforts. In Europe, to their credit, without such hang-ups, third and fourth party persons sit in their Parliaments and have a fair chance at the instruments of Government.]
Sensing all this, the GOP makers and shakers are in favor of somehow, if possible, removing their own man, George W. Bush, and maybe Richard Cheney also, from the chair if not the spotlight. Could a land invasion by the U.S. of Iraq stop the U.S. Elections? [Saddam Hussein was in the 1980s a private business partner of Daddy Bush. See our website story, “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh”. And Osama bin Laden has been a business partner of George W. Bush as we have pointed out.]
The Republicans, as a front for a part of the aristocracy, fear a Democrat Congressional majority may find reasons to consider impeachment resolutions against George W. Bush.
Some supposedly “well-educated” persons often do not seem to understand any of this. What did they learn in University after all, at great expense to their elders? In bad economic times, can they truly expect to make PER YEAR in wages what it costs PER YEAR to go to a fancy private college or university? Some such university graduates in not comprehending any of this, would require that we re-invent the wheel of history for their quick benefit. I notice in reading some of the letters and e-mail, from apparent college-types, they spell coup as KOO, and spell the term “martial law” like describing a federal law man.
In 1999, I began to describe on radio talk shows and elsewhere, that the then upcoming year 2000 Presidential Election may not be conducted in a manner that we as ordinary Americans are accustomed to from past history. If necessary, was the monopoly press fully prepared to explain it away, if we had elections CANCELLED? In 1972, was a study made by a think tank, part of the American CIA and the Military, the Rand Corp. Their opus, “Project Star”, instigated by a would-be dictator, President Richard M. Nixon, laid out ways the press can persuade ordinary Americans to accept terminating elections and instituting martial law.
Have we all forgotten how close to martial law we came in the fall of 1973, when Nixon tried by extra-legal means to stop the Watergate investigations? [It was called “The Saturday Night Massacre” when he summarily axed the investigators.] In 1974, the aristocracy, having used Nixon enough as their punching bag, through their high court stooges in Washington, slapped down Nixon. A week before Nixon’s telecast tearful resignation in August, 1974, General Alexander Haig, then White House Chief of Staff, took away from President and Commander-in-Chief Nixon, the “football”, the term for the nuclear trigger code box that a Marine carries around while always right near the President.
And when the aristocracy through various snipers, in 1981, warned newly inaugurated President Ronald Reagan that they were aware of the “October Surprise” treason by which he was installed, General Alexander Haig came up from the White House situation room and proclaimed haughtily, “I’m in charge here!” In a national emergency, Haig, under martial law directives, would be correct. Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush, because Reagan was lazy, more or less ran the White House until Bush was himself elected President in 1988. Some contend Daddy Bush, in violation of the U.S. Constitution 22nd Amendment, actually served three terms as President. The attempt to warn or assassinate Reagan was falsely blamed on a “lone nut”. John Hinckley whose family while failing in the oil business, was bailed out by Daddy Bush.
And several weeks after this situation, there was an attempt by the American CIA (falsely blamed on the Bulgarians) to assassinate, in a related move, Pope John Paul 2nd. (His predecessor, Pope John Paul 1st, was murdered by being poisoned 33 days after becoming Pope. Details are in the book, “In God’s Name”, by David Yallop. Among other things, the pontiff wanted to stop the CIA and the gangsters from encroaching on the Continental Bank of Chicago, owned in part by the Vatican and the Queen of England. Now taken over by the Jesuits/French Rothschilds jointly with the Japanese underworld, the Yakuza, it is called a unit of Bank of America Chicago. Among other things, their specialty is judicial bribery funds offshore.] So, in the apparent plan by the GOP to remove their own man, George W. Bush, will it be just a big noise or the Big Truth?
The Bush White House contends that they had no specifics giving them prior knowledge of Black Tuesday. Up to about August, 2001, the leading expert on counter-terrorism of the Federal Establishment was John O’Neill, at the time, Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation. O’Neill was compiling and pursuing specific that there was an attack expected on the twin towers in lower Manhattan of the World Trade Center as well as on the Pentagon, using hi-jacked U.S. commercial airplanes as formsided missiles. Daddy Bush, as former head of the secret political police, on behalf of his son, George W. Bush, caused O’Neill to be commanded to cease and desist from O’Neill’s investigation of Osama bin Laden. Implicit in this order, according to O’Neill, describing the mannerisms and expressions by which the order was given to O’Neill, was that O’Neill’s investigations of Osama was intersecting if not actually running afoul of the Bush Family business dealings with the Carlyle Group and the financially powerful bin Laden Family, at the time headquartered, among other places, on the U.S. East Coast. Daddy Bush has been a heavily-paid Carlyle Group consultant to the bin Laden Family. Contrary to prior false reports in the monopoly press, the bin Laden Family was NOT on the outs with Osama. In fact, they reportedly were secretly funding him through Saudi banks including their correspondent accounts in major U.S. banks which Bush “Junior” failed and refused to freeze. Included were accounts in Citigroup as well as in Algemene Bank Nederland, ABN-AMRO, and their American flagship, La Salle National Bank of Chicago, a reputed bribery center for public officials such as Judges.
Through foundations and other financial devices, the bin Laden Family reportedly contributed heavily to Harvard University in joint espionage propaganda book publishing as well as Harvard University business received through U.S. national security contracts. Right after September 11, 2001, when most airplanes were grounded, the Bush White House ordered the FB I to arrange an airplane to whisk some 24 bin Laden family members out of the U.S.
In August, 2001, as a result of these commands and disgruntled at being hand-cuffed in his investigations of Osama, O’Neill resigned as FBI Deputy Director. He was appointed as the new security chief of the World Trade Center. His first day of work?September 11, 2001. He was somehow lured into going to the WTC offices of the FBI where he perished from what some firemen contend, were demolition devices in the FBI offfices separate and apart from the plane crashing into that tower. Was it a non-coincidence, that few if any FBI personnel reportedly were in the twin towers that day?
Several weeks before he died, O’Neill shared documents and details with seven French highly-skilled journalists. Two of them wrote a book, so far only available in French (an English language edition pending), referring to O’Neill and having interviewed him at length. “Bin Laden The Forbidden Truth” by Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie. Other of the French journalists have made the documents and details available to the French CIA. The French spy agency added them to their huge pile of documents and details which they have compiled to deter, if not blackmail, the American authorities. Why? For one thing, the U.S. Justice Department has sought to punish some 14 French nationals in the U.S. on charges they reportedly purloined U.S. industrial and financial secrets. Those and other complications have been side-tracked by what some Europeans label the French, the frogs. (1) The French CIA has audio and video tapes as well as eyewitnesses proving Daddy Bush, in the fall of 1980, near Paris arranged a treasonous deal with top functionaries of Iran. To help the Reagan/Bush ticket win the 1980 campaign, the Iranians would help Bush show incumbent Jimmy Carter, running for re-election, as a wimp, unable to get the release of the 52 U.S. hostages held by Iran. In return, Iran would be given huge amounts of weapons to pursue their war with Iraq, to keep oil prices up, a war started in September, 1980. The hostages were released in 1981, just as Reagan was being sworn in at high noon as the new President.. And (2) the French have proof that TWA Flight 800, while enroute from New York to Paris, in 1996, was downed by two missiles. All onboard perished including 60 French nationals, 8 of which were part of an elite unit of the French CIA. Their unit chief, however,survived by refusing to get onboard flight 800. He went on a later flight of Israel’s airline, El-Al.
The O’Neill Affair, and all that is involved, according to some of the foreign journalists and their documents, could put Daddy Bush in jail as an accomplice to huge numbers of murders, those who died Black Tuesday, and of course, the treason involved. George W. Bush would, according to this data, most likely be subject to being named as well as a federal criminal defendant or as an unindicted criminal co-conspirator with Daddy Bush.
According to network news personnel, the Bush White House has reportedly been threatening one TV network with serious sanctions, if they go too far with any of the French CIA details and those of the various European journalists with the O’Neill tapes and documents. Among the punishment threatened, the Bush White House seeks to have the U.S. Secret Service credentials lifted of certain Washington and White House reporters, thus forbidding them entry to federal government press conferences as well as White House press conferences and denying such reporters entry into the White House.
According to network news sources, the Bush White House is threatening to order the American CIA to cut off the clandestine subsidies given for decades to certain news networks to subsidize their overseas bureaus, not to gather news but to suck up intelligence information to convey to the American espionage community.
Some well-informed sources contend the FBI has been for some time now, without even legal formality of the secret court housed in the Justice Department (the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court) to seek to retrieve O’Neill’s documents and tapes in the U.S. and in France and elsewhere, by “black bag” jobs, that is break and entry, an FBI specialty going all the way back to the Bureau’s infamous origin early in the 20th Century.
More coming. Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 8/11/02

When the mass media all start hollaring about the same thing, at the same time, WATCH OUT! They would have you believe that one medical doctor/biomedical scientist is somehow the “lone assassin” in the anthrax deaths and illnesses following Black Tuesday. Despite his direct denials, carried by the American monopoly press, not just through his lawyer mouthpieces, Dr. Steven J. Hatfill is considered in the supposed “FBI investigation” as a “person of interest”.
Background and details.
Starting just before 9-11, Black Tuesday, already taking Cipro, the antibiotic useful against Anthrax, were top officials in the Bush White House, including apparently George W. Bush himself. This was several weeks BEFORE the newsfakers began to headline stories of death and illness from Anthrax arriving in the mail. The maker of Cipro is Bayer, A.G., a left-over of Nazi big business financially interwoven with elders of the Bush Family.
This one detail, by itself, tends to show prior Bush White House complicity and knowledge of what the Anthrax terrorism is all about. Further, to understand all this
[1] Right after 9-11 began were five or more mysterious murders, deaths, foul play, and strange disappearances, worldwide, of microbiologists, world-acclaimed researchers specializing in the field of infectious diseases and biological agents such as Anthrax, as well as DNA sequencing. The ones mentioning these suspicious situations were mostly in the alternative media, such as the popular website by Jeff Rense, http://www.rense.com. These happenings, according to some very savvy sources, were to cover up the role of the American CIA and the Bush Family in Anthrax terrorism.
[2] Daddy Bush and his cronies run Carlyle Group, a secretive zillion dollar enterprise that has quietly gobbled up struggling and other firms in defense contracting, telecommunications, and aerospace work. As we have pointed out in our website series on Greenspan and Bush, with documents attached there, the Bush Family, to launder illicit funds in the hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars, has a joint account with the Queen of England at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. “The Queen has a new bank manager, following the departure of Andrew Fisher, chief executive of Coutts, TO THE CARLYLE GROUP, the US private equity firm”. (Emphasis added.) Financial Times of London, 12/19/01.
The Carlyle Group reportedly have a financial interest in BioPort Corp., having been the sole Department of Defense contractor for supplying Anthrax vaccine. [Visit our web story, in this series on Overthrow, Part 3.] Carlyle Group is financially interwoven with the bin Laden Family which is NOT on the outs with Osama bin Laden. Carlyle is also financially interlocked with members of the Saudi Royals.
Among those who are or have been on the Board of Carlyle COLIN POWELL, once senior advisor at Carlyle, former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and currently (at least as of this date) Bush 2nd Secretary of State. FRANK CARLUCCI, implicated with the overthrow of the Portugal government in Lisbon, 1974, once a top official of the American CIA. JAMES BAKER 3rd, former U.S. Secretary of State in the Daddy Bush White House; Baker reportedly was implicated in the apparent massive bribery in the fall of 2000, of top DEMOCRAT Party officials in Southern Florida, to sabotage the recount of the presidential ballots to favor Bush. [See more details in Part 3 of this series. also our series on 2000 alleged “Election”.] Also, see Red Herring Magazine, #108, 12/01, “Carlyle’s Way”.
Just after the Anthrax terrorism stories first appeared in the monopoly press, the Bush White House ordered National Guard sentries to guard Carlyle’s property, the BioPort plant, Lansing, Michigan. (New York Times, 10/6/01, which, of course, omitted mentioning Carlyle Group.) The purpose, as we have pointed out, was to stop this privately held firm from their key people revealing to journalists the true ownership of BioPort. Nevertheless, we wrote about it in our website story, this series, Part 3, “The Anthrax Commissars”.
[3] The first death victim of Anthrax by mail was the layout/photoeditor, Bob Stevens, 63, of The Sun, a supermarket tabloid. American Media, Inc., has their headquarters building, Boca Raton, Florida. They are the publisher of The Sun, as well as other supermarket tabloids, including The National Enquirer, The Globe, and The Star. Their specialty is to publish eye-popping details of celebrities and politicos, and their sexmates, and the clothes they wear or do not wear.
Their strategist and general counsel has been David Kendall, the arm-twisting Washington, D.C. attorney, a close crony of Hillary Clinton. An example. In 1996, in the U.S. District Court in Chicago, we as television journalists sued Hillary Clinton, at the time “First Lady”, for unlawfully putting us on an “enemies list” and ordering the secret political police to hound us. Why? Because of a 1992 documentary we cablecast, proving Hillary’s business partner was in violation of export and other laws, was unlawfully supplying known worldwide terrorists with missile parts. We had their secret notebooks, telexes, and such, put up on the tv screen. The result? Right before the 1992 Presidential election, Hillary’s business partner, which we had fingered, was arrested.
DAVID KENDALL, as attorney for Hillary Rodham Clinton, as is clear from the circumstances, apparently blackmailed the U.S. District Judge, George Marovich. As shown by us in the undisputed court records, the Judge was the owner of a suburban shopping mall. His secret, silent business partners are/were mafioso jointly with top corrupt Chicago-based IRS officials.
Failing to disqualify himself, Judge Marovich made an unprecedented decision, dismissing our suit because he did not have the time or inclination to hear and consider all the highly specific dates, details, and circumstances involved in proving our claims. On appeal, as a further reprisal, the Federal Appeals Court in Chicago refused to consider our mandatory appeal and ordered that we be barred from all the Federal Courts in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to remedy this unlawful cancellation of our First Amendment rights.
The supermarket tabloids mentioned ostensibly either have years ago published and were about to repeat publishing, or were about to publish for the first time, the following Undisputed photos of George W. Bush, from the photos, witnesses, and circumstances, apparently highly drunk and/or stoned on some dope, dancing totally nude on the top of a tavern bar or table.
The layout/photo editor of the tabloids, Bob Stevens, being near-sighted, put the envelope addressed to him, containing Anthrax spores, up close to his face, thus directly getting the deadly, weapons-grade Anthrax into his nose.”Days later, spores were detected in the nasal cavity of Ernesto Blanco, a 73-year-old mail supervisor at The Sun….”….. “Health authorities also found anthrax on Mr. Stevens’ computer keyboard, prompting them to evacuate the offices on Monday and conduct tests on all employees and others who have been in the building over the last several weeks”. “Signs of Fear, but Not More Anthrax, in Florida”, New York Times, 10/10/2001.
The hundreds of workers in the building had to be kept elsewhere for quite a few weeks, as the building was kept empty.
Did American Media, Inc., publisher of the supermarket tabloids, get the message? Will they ever now publish the apparent photos and details scandalizing George W. Bush, White House resident and occupant? Probably not.
[4] In this series, we have mentioned that the British particularly relish attacking the U.S. Central Government with specific, truthful details as to prior knowledge of Bush as to Black Tuesday, and such. Obviously, sooner or later, this type of situation would lead, as we state, to “The Overthrow of the American Republic”. It is the truth. Unfortunately, the Brits are publicizing these details, not for the good of common Americans, but to further the British agenda, to revert us back to being subjects of the British Monarchy, and this continent returned to being British colonies.
The British Government owned and controlled British Broadcasting Company, put out on radio and television, and on-line, a blockbuster documentary. That is their hard-hitting on-line audio/video program series, “Newsnight”. As they describe it in their opening, “A Newsnight investigation raised the possiblity that there was a secret CIA project to investigate methods of sending anthrax through the mail which went madly out of control”. Contained apparently in their archives for their program, 3/14/02. Check out http://news.bbc.co.uk Their documentary had numerous interviews with experts on the subject.
Knowledgeable European sources contend, however, that BBC, as ordered by British Counter-Intelligence, apparently completely caused to be omitted from the BBC documentary, the role of Daddy Bush and his cohorts in the American CIA as to Anthrax. That is Bush complicity and prior knowledge. Now, the American pressfakers seek to blame the whole Anthrax matter on one “lone assassin” type medical doctor/biomedical scientist, Steven J. Hatfill who apparently did do some hush-hush covert operations for CIA, but is the patsy as to the Anthrax matter.
Also, note that the British have a way of in advance stopping printing, airing, or telecasting certain subjects. Called in their lingo, “D-Notice”, it means a notice that if they go on the air or in print with a subject they are informed is forbidden (such as fingering the Bush Family directly as to Anthrax/CIA/via Mail), that the London government, by such Notice, informs the media outlet all their facilities, presses, studios, transmission towers, and such, are subject to immediate seizure and no court can or will reverse that seizure.
More coming. Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 9/02/02

Do ordinary Americans understand espionage? Probably not. The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press are not about to explain such things. Spies and such pretty much keep such matters to their own circle. Often, to understand current events, you have to have a good handle on the techniques of Empire.
It is no longer disputed. The United States of America has become the only remaining world power. Our enemies, once headquartered in Berlin, Rome, and Tokyo, are now trading partners with Washington, D.C. If they once tried to penetrate our secrets, to crush us, they now use their central banks to try to level off big movements against the so-called U.S. Dollar. And the Moscow government, once the center of our U.S.-created enemy, are now U.S. trading partners, ready to greatly supply our oil needs.
[See our prior website details on the US/USSR related books by Antony Sutton,as to the Moscow government.] To the American aristocracy, the true enemy has always been, and still is, the American common people. Unlike those overseas, we ordinary folk have never had a real revolution. Yet, we tend to be rebellious. Any great American populist prairie fire, that would tend to engulf the Central Government, has to be turned around. So aristocracy-selected and government-paid provocateurs have always been put in place to blunt the effects, for examples, of the Black/White Equal Rights demands, called the Civil Rights Movement, and the Anti-Viet Nam War movement.
Such gathering firestorms had to be and have to be controlled. So as to never point the flaming finger at the “Powers That Be”:, the Establishment, the Ruling Class, or whatever else THEY are called.
In the years of those and related commotions, those of us who really understood, were heckled and kept from being widely heard. The doors of the monopoly press were closed to us. Or we were marginalized, as “conspiracy theorists”, paranoid nuts, or worse. And, if you had not been heard THERE, then to many fellow Americans, you have not truly arrived. Those who the ultra rich could not any longer ignore, well, let us face it—the truth of what happened to them. Such as Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and a list of others, had to be assassinated and the bloody deeds falsely blamed on patsies and lone nuts. And the scapegoats, blamed for the crimes, did not know they were operating on parallel tracks from the true aristocracy-arranged assassins.
In this series of website stories, we have tried to explain the reasons for what is happening. At the moment, there are certainly many poorly-informed who would dismiss these explanations as merely unfounded theories. How many years until the dark truth is no longer disputed and dismissed?
A device of high-level deception is the use of the parallel tracks. Carefully insulated from one another, like wires in a heavy-duty two-wire cable. Not to save money, using cheap wiring kept apart by paper thin covering.
The events known as 911, may in time be considered as the most treasonous and outrageous examples of this type of the craft of intelligence. On one track are the Arabs. Is that difficult to unearth an example of history, and somehow mobilize the Christian World against the Moslem World? Was it made clear to us in studying history in the more ordinary schools, that the Moslems were the winners in the Crusades? And which group were really the infidels?
Notice the spy tricks. Right after the political assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the mass media, the newsfakers, were handed from the American CIA, the whole alleged background of the aristorcracy-designated “lone assassin”, Lee Harvey Oswald. Similarly, right after 9-11, Black Tuesday, a portion of America’s secret political police, the FBI, released supposed pictures and details of the alleged Moslem hi-jackers. In round-the-clock coverage following the events, the press whores carefully ignored undisputed details. Namely, that at least seven of the so-called FBI-fingered plane-grabbers, were alive, according to their next of kin, and that such persons never left their overseas locations. And, that someone apparently duplicated or stole their identities.
Also suppressed have been details that some of the purported hi-jackers were stationed if not actually trained on U.S. Military air force bases,where they also resided.
After all, censorship often is simply not mentioning known facts when and where it would enlighten readers, viewers, and listeners. The four commercial airplanes involved in Black Tuesday, were Boeing aircraft of a type and model which are equipped with perfected computer hardware and software installed for emergency ground control. On the one hand, the cockpit crew can send a silent signal to the ground controllers of an attempted hi-jacking in progress. The ground crew can then over-ride the airplane on-board computer and remotely cause the plane to land at the nearest possible airport capable of handling such a plane.
On the other hand, on behalf of a group within the American aristocracy, some treasonous U.S. military and other officers and operatives, in and out of the government, used the built-in system, UNKNOWN TO THE COCKPIT CREW and commotion-makers onboard, to make the airplane’s onboard controls inoperative. So the planes were secretly controlled from the ground. Smashed up was the U.S. Constitution to promote a new Hitler, for America.
The airplanes’ black boxes either have not been publicly revealed or have been tampered with. This, was for the purpose of concealing that neither the so-called “hi-jackers” nor the cockpit crew knew the planes were remotely controlled. The Cockpit Voice Recorders as well as the Flight Recorders were tampered with, so as to conceal the parallel track deception.The “black boxes” if ever publicly disclosed, would show how the cockpit crews vainly tried to regain control of the planes, the onboard controls of which were secretly over-ridden from the ground.
[As to tampering with airplane “black boxes” after a sabotaged plane crash, visit our website series, “The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage”.]
There are substantial questions whether ANY of the Arabs as would-be hi-jackers were on those planes. If they were, they were told it would be a standard hi-jacking. That is, with the plane and passengers held hostage while the plane was forced to land and worldwide publicized demands were made by the hi-jackers.
Not detailed in the monopoly press, some fire-fighters who survived Black Tuesday, contend there were explosions in the buildings, in a portion of the twin World Trade Center towers, separate and apart from the impact of the planes hitting the buildings. Was it a mere coincidence, that a company specializing in demotion of old, no longer needed tall buildings , was in charge of clearing away the debris after the WTC disasters? Were within-the-buildings explosives remotely triggered off to collapse the towers like done with old buildings? And there are good reasons to believe that within-the-building explosives caused the mysterious collapse, late on the evening of Black Tuesday, of World Trade Center Building 7.
To explain away growing questions about a U.S. Military stand-down the morning of Black Tuesday, the press whores are circulating stories. a year later, that only four un-armed military aircraft were available to guard the whole domestic Northeast section of the U.S. And that some of those pilots understood, or so they now say, that if necessary, they were to ram the airplanes in-flight, thus sacrificing their own lives.
In exclusive stories since 1995, we have told about the small group of flag officers, U.S. Admirals and Generals, who, invoking the Uniform Military Code, vowed to arrest Commander-in-Chief Clinton for treasonous dealings with Red China and others. If he had them arrested for mutiny, if they were not thereafter assassinated, they intended to defend themselves with documented charges of his treachery. Of the twenty-four so dedicated to trying to save the nation, several have been murdered, including Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, highest naval officer in uniform, and General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District. [Details are embedded in various of our prior website items.William Colby, former Director of Central Intelligence, assisting this group, was himself assassinated.]
Surviving flag officers, aware of the specific treason of 9-11, have made some details known to more independent-minded journalists. Like they vowed to do with Bush Crime Family crony, Bill Clinton, they would like to arrest Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush, and Daddy Bush, for the most infamous bloody crime against the American common people.
Who in the monopoly press dares ask a list of pointy questions? Why was the evidence, the metal parts of the collapsed towers, not kept to be analyzed? Why was the metal hauled away, with the aid of reputed underworld truckers, and then sold overseas to those nations pledging absolute secrecy of the contents? Certain flag officers contend their treasonous Commander-in-Chief, supervised by Daddy, ordered this to be done
Time will tell, whether we have a Congressional election in the usual manner. If confronted by a new, rebellious Congress, would Bushfraud (that is what we call the usurper), close down the U.S. parliament? He apparently has that power, referred to by a little known term, namely, to prorogue, that is, to order the discontinuance of a session of parliament.
More coming. Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 9/5/02

Is the U.S. Presidency cursed? Or, are the American people cursed? Which is it? Judge for yourself.
Early in the 19th Century, as a result of White House ordered violent mistreatment of American Indians and violation by the White House of solemn Treaties with the Indian tribe leaders, the Indians put a curse on the U.S. Presidency. Every President, starting with 1840, so the curse goes, elected in a year ending in zero, will either die in office, or be assassinated or removed. Ronald Reagan, elected in 1980, is not really an exception. In 1981, he survived an attempted political assassination, falsely blamed on a lone nut gunman whose family was in business with then Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush. Take your pick. It was either a scheme to blackmail Daddy Bush or to shove him by murder into the Oval Office.
Seldom mentioned. In the U.S., reporters have to get press credentials from the U.S. Secret Service who checks out their background, not permitting outspoken types to have the same.Without such press passes, the journalists cannot attend important press conferences. To avoid becoming unemployable, no paid press correspondents have dared to criticize those who guard the President and have other duties, such as checking for counterfeit currency and stolen credit cards.
We are not regular, paid journalists, rather, I head a court reform group founded by me in 1963. I would rather not use the whole story to tell all of our travails with the Secret Service. But a few examples.
Prior to Internet, and public access Cable TV, and more widespread talk radio, our only way to “broadcast” our findings was through a bank of thirty telephones hooked together playing a 5-minute recorded message of our work. (We got that bunch of phones in a cheap deal with the phone company using our own phone answering devices.)
In 1975, we began “broadcasting” exclusive details of the suppressed story of three or more genuine plots to assassinate President Gerald Ford, installed, not elected, in the downfall by Watergate charges of President Richard M. Nixon. Itching to be president by such political murder was Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller who was not elected but installed by operation of the 25th Amendment, added to the U.S. Constitution eight years prior by a stealthy campaign by the Rockefeller Family.
In 1975, for a period of time, all of our phones were blocked, without court orders or legal formality, by the Secret Service that did not like our candid details and about their duplicitous cover-up, on behalf of the American aristocracy, of the plots against Ford.
In 1985, two Secret Service agents tried to directly scare us. Without a court order or search warrant, they tried to force their way into my private residence. This was ten days before the second Inauguration of Ronald Reagan. They did not like our outspoken exclusive stories about the criminality of Ronnie and his sidekick, George Herbert Walker Bush.
Standing defiantly at my door on my braces and crutches as a paraplegic, I told them I did not accept the validity of their “Commission Books” (how they describe their credentials) and that false ones were used as part of the trick in 1963 in Dealey Plaza. Further, I said “The only way you are getting in, is to knock me down, break in the door, or use a ‘black bag job’ (secret break & entry).”
As an alternative to the stand-off, they finally agreed to sit in the back of a car while I and a pal sat in the front. Using a small flashlight, they pointed to an alleged letter they received threatening harm against me. “Look, I am not a candidate for President. Hence, you have no jurisdiction to being supposedly guarding me.” They asked, “Who do you think sent this letter to us threatening you?” Sarcastically, I replied, “Oh stop this. You sent it to yourself as an excuse to come here to heckle me.”
While I had their attention, I pointed out how agents of their service violated all kinds of their own regulations, failing to inspect and guard while President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade slowed down to a crawl while navigating a fatal hairpin turn in Dallas.
Then, I dared tell them, “Look, throughout history, to kill the King you need the aid of the Palace Guard. That is YOU and your agency who have been complicit in every political murder of a President in U.S. history.”
So, bet on it. This story is not going to sit well with the U.S. Secret Service.
Since he went to University, George W. Bush has reportedly had sexual liasons with a homosexual pal. This ostensibly went on, for example, all during the years Dubya as he is called (his middle initial, pronounced quickly, Texas-style) he supposedly was in the Reserves; and when he was a business partner with Osama bin Laden’s older brother, the enterprise being Arbusto Energy; and when Dubya was Texas Governor; and continues as Dubya is the occupant and resident of the Oval Office. According to some, he was an installed usurper, not elected, who needs some kind of a war to cover up the on-coming financial meltdown.
In its simplest terms, 9-11, Black Tuesday, with the prior knowledge of Daddy Bush a given, was simply a diversion from an expected financial disaster in America in 2001.
Bush’s reputed male sex-mate is the local government head in a sizeable venue. Some reporters that travel with Bush and report on his sayings and doings, contend the person in question has often traveled with Bush and has repeatedly stayed at Bush’s Texas ranch. The reporters do not find any of this unusual. George W. Bush’s father has been accused of being part of a Washington, D.C. pedophile ring operating also through Chicago. Some details started with accusations in a book called “The Franklin Cover Up” by John DeCamp. In the beginning of the book, the author, a Lincoln, Nebraska lawyer, praises his mentor, William Colby once Director of Central Intelligence.
DeCamp asserts he was an assistant to Colby when Colby headed the CIA’s “Phoenix Assassination” Program in Viet Nam, for the benefit of the U.S. Military, murdering men, women, and children supposedly part of the Viet Cong infrastructure.
I was on a radio talk show with DeCamp who in answer to my question, Was Colby murdered? DeCamp said he and other close friends of Colby know Colby was murdered and made to look like a canoe accident. As we have pointed out in previous website stories, Colby was the General Counsel of the CIA’s worldwide money laundry for covert operations including political murders, the Nugan Hand Bank. [See the book, “The Crimes of Patriots” by Jonathan Kwitny. Up to the time he was snuffed out, Colby was the unlisted General Counsel of Household International and Household Bank, successors and alter ego of Nugan Hand Bank. Household is headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Prospect Heights.]
At the time of his death, Colby’s wife held a top position in an enterprise like the World Bank. As former Director of Central Intelligence, prior to his demise, Colby joined with the former head of the Soviet Secret Political Police, the K.G.B., in a business venture to market an espionage board game.
Also, as we have pointed out, Colby since about 1993, was assisting 24 highly patriotic flag officers, Admirals and Generals, who felt authorized and justified, under the Uniform Military Code, in seeking to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Clinton. If he had them arrested for mutiny, they planned, if not assassinated, to defend themselves with documented proof of Clinton’s reputed treason giving U.S. industrial, financial, and military secrets reportedly to the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun, who often ate with Clinton from time to time in the White House.
Note these conflicts of interest. Supposed “Independent Counsel” Kenneth W. Starr ran after Bill and Hillary Clinton for four years using up 50 million dollars of taxpayers funds and coming up only with the Monica Lewinsky Affair. Starr had as a PRIVATE law client, Wang Jun. Also, Starr was the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese government in Beijing. Thus, Starr was subject at any time to be arrested by the Clinton Justice Department. Hence, a stand-off..
The Secret Service is puzzled by George W. Bush’s reputed male sex-mate. Several times when that person was talking to Bush, that person would start crying hysterically like a woman, apparently beset by some deep dark medical secret threatening his very existence. As the Secret Service and some White House reporters are fully aware, Bush’s reputed sex-mate has AIDS. And Bush reportedly has the onset of AIDS in a terminal form not yet fully seen on his face and skin.
Foreign journalists stationed in the U.S., working on their own on this story, contend the story is quite correct. Some of their news editors, however, out of an over-abundance of caution if not chicken-heartedness, demand documents and proof and witnesses that are obviously not at this point public records. Disregarding the known undisputed circumsances, they try to dismiss this all by waving their hands and proclaiming as if they were know-nothings, “How do we know this is not a black ops item?”
The news bosses are not persuaded when someone mentions that criminal defendants have been sentenced to the electric chair on undisputed circumstancial proof, with no actual witnesses.
Notice this Washington byline item. ” ‘We’ve got to do whatever it takes if it takes sending SWAT teams into journalists homes to stop these leaks’, admonished James B. Bruce, vice chairman of the CIA’s Foreign Denial and Deception Committee.” NewsMax.com 7/28/2.
And notice this opening paragraph in an alternative magazine.
“He wasn’t the first choice to rule, and he seemed ill suited to his political position. His awkwardness in public speaking often gave the impression that he was slow and poorly educated. From early in his reign,he seemed determined to repeat and magnify the mistakes of his father, who had governed before him. With his nation facing threats from foreign powers, he insisted on expanding his executive powers, and created special tribunals to try and punish enemies, both foreign and domestic. By doing so he precipitated a conflict—and ultimately civil war—with his government’s legislative branch, eventually leading to his trial and execution as a trraitor”. New American Magazine, 9/9/02, page 25.
Who are they talking about? Why British King Charles I, hundreds of years ago. Right next to this paragraph they have a picture of the King along side George W. Bush. The King set up the infamous Star Chamber Court where the accused had no rights and was dealt with in secret.
King Charles I, unhappy with the legislative branch, dissolved the Parliament. Does George W. Bush, if faced with a rebellious Congress, have the power to shut them down? The answer seems to be yes, the little-known power called to prorogue, that is to discontinue or suspend a session of a legislative body.
Some months ago, I made the highly controversial statement that Bush, faced with the truth of prior knowledge of Black Tuesday and other matters, would seek to compromise the situation by having Albert Gore, Jr., made an interim emergency administrator of the U.S. Central government. True, there is no provision in the U.S. Constitution for the emergency that some suspect is soon upon us.
What may be coming?
1. That three Electors, members in Tennesse of the “Electoral College”, those who on behalf of the voters cast the vote as to who would get that State’s presidential Electoral vote; that they have been reportedly fingered that they accepted bribes, knowing that Gore won his home-state presidential vote but they voted the State’s Electoral Vote for Bush. With those Electoral votes, it would make no difference what the outcome of the Florida Electoral vote mess was about. Gore would have more than enough Electoral votes, which would include those of his home state, to be declared the winner, Gore having already nationwide won the popular vote by a 600,000 vote plurality.
2. George W. Bush’s reputed male sex-mate is reportedly implicated if not directly knowledgeable how the GOP reputed bagmen, James A. Baker 3rd, former Daddy Bush Secretary of State, and Marc Racicot, once Montana Governor now head of the Republican National Committee and once Enron lobbyist/attorney; how they ostensibly heavily bribed DEMOCRAT officials in Southern Florida, to stop at a crucial point, the recount of the Florida vote, thus fraudulently arranging a Bush/Gore stand-off.
3. Bush’s male sex-mate reportedly has IRS tax problems arranged to be disappeared by Bush.
4. The tv networks in New York have an almost-secret private huge computer for voting results. Get this. THEY supply the vote totals to the local and state boards of Election Commissioners, rather than the local officials supplying the figures to New York. Thus, opened up is the way for the networks to falsify, for example, presidential voting totals. In Tennessee, by corrupt means, some 300,000 presidential election votes were falsely switched from Gore to Bush, making Bush corruptly the winner in Gore home-state where Gore most always won.
Time will tell, whether George W. Bush will proceed further down the road like a similar apparent misfit, British King Charles I.
More coming…. Stay tuned.

by Sherman H. Skolnick 9/9/02

For more than ten years, we have mentioned that up to 1988-89, CBS Network received the American CIA subsidy. CBS used those clandestine funds to finance and staff their overseas bureaus. Not that much actual news to go-on-the-air was filed from this expensive set-up. CBS News overseas bureaus were used as a “vacuum pump”, to gather up useful intelligence for the American spy agencies.
After 1989, the CIA secret subsidy was transferred to ABC Network News. For example, ABC’s “Nightline” Program with Ted Koppel often had on as guests and experts, CIA operatives, not identified as such, who worked for CIA-funded Foundations.
[Identifying CIA Foundations has been one of our specialties since 1968. 1969-70, I taught a 16-week course including such at a Chicago-based broadcast school. I conducted 10-week seminars on such at the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois. Scroll all the way down our website to “A Short History of CIA Fronts”.]
Following our part 15 of this “Overthrow” series, some network and foreign correspondents apparently confronted the reputed male sex-mate of George W. Bush who has stayed with the same on his ranch and on occasion travels with him.. The person in question did not ostensibly deny what is in our Part 15 story but put off any denial by simply referring to our story as “a smear job”.
This reputed arrangement with George W. Bush and his male sex-mate is not a private matter. It has great national security ramifications.
A coincidence? Reportedly financially failing MSNBC ran on-line a review of a new book about the super-secret Skull & Bones Society. “Secrets of the Tomb—Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power” , by Alexandra Robbins, MSNBC 9/4/2. A more detailed book is the earlier one about “Skull and Bones” by Antony Sutton.
Mentioned in these books is that persons at Yale University have been selected to be pushed to the top by the American Aristocracy, including members of the Bush Family. To be initiated, they are forced to divulge their entire sex life and other deep personal details. These satanic rituals are carried out in a window-less building at Yale, known as The Tomb.
New members engage in homosexual acts while they lay in a coffin.
[A recent scheduled documentary by Connie Chung of CNN on the Bush Family and Skull & Bones, was cancelled after CNN heavily promoted the same. Was it just a warning to George W. Bush, or blackmail, typical of the press-fakers?]
Two important reputed pictures of George W. Bush were in the custody of American Media, Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. publisher of several supermarket tabloids including National Enquirer. One was an authenticated one of George W. Bush, laying in the satanic ritual coffin while engaging in homosexual acts with his male sex-mate who was later to engage in such over later years and traveled with Bush and reportedly on occasion stayed at Bush’s Texas ranch. The other picture was mentioned in Part 13 of this “Overthrow” series.
To obstruct the use of these two reputedly authentic pictures, the America Media picture editor, Bob Stevens, was snuffed out by way of anthrax-by-mail. [See pt 13 of this series.]
In October, 2001, after the death (murder) of Bob Stevens, the FBI caused the closing and sealing of the entire American Media building in Boca Raton. Some months later, the FBI refused to reportedly permit officials of the publisher to retrieve important pictures inside the building in a database. Some familiar with the situation, contend it was the two mentioned pictures.
If you understand how the American monopoly press is the best in the world on propaganda, and side-stepping revealing items, you would smile to yourself at the following.
White House correspondents as well as foreign journalists are well aware of the correctness and validity of the matters as in Part 15 as to George W. Bush and his male sex-mate. So far, CIA-funded ABC Network News, seems to be engaging in a stealthy type of counter-attack and diversion.
As of this date, ABC is planning to air a segment of their “Prime Time” program. In advance blurbs, ABC contends they have interviewed the purported mistress of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. His reputed mistress, says ABC, contends that in their sexual encounters, Saddam uses Viagra.
Of course, ABC is not prepared to discuss that the Bush Family wants to assassinate Saddam Hussein. Why? Because Saddam has direct testimony and proof that Daddy Bush engaged in a treasonous deal. First, the elder Bush instigated Saddam to want to go to war against neighbor Iran. Little known, religious objects deeply important to Iran are actually located in Iraq. Saddam was to block Iranians from visiting these religious sites in Iraq. The Iranians were stirred up about this by Daddy Bush. The result? In September. 1980 began the Iraq-Iran war which went on until 1988.
In October, 1980, Daddy Bush reportedly paid forty million dollars to the top mullahs of Iran, at a meeting secretly filmed by the French CIA in a Paris suburb. The Iranians received many millions of dollars worth of weapons later also. trans-shipped via Portugal and Israel. As we mentioned, Daddy Bush, to cover this up in part arranged the sabotaged air crash to murder the Prime Minister of Portugal. The purpose? The Iranians were to reject all deals by incumbent President Jimmy Carter running for re-election; deals prior to the November, 1980 election to release the 52 U.S. Embassy hostages in Teheran.The treasonous arrangement by Daddy Bush was called “The October Surprise”, an event feared by the Reagan/Bush ticket. Carter thus shown as a wimp, the Reagan/Bush ticket won. The 52 U.S. Embassy Hostages were released at the very moment in January, 1981, as Reagan/Bush were being inaugurated. By this treason, the Americans had not been released prior to the Election. Saddam also participated in this arrangement having been promised certain geopolitical benefits.
[The private business partnership between Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein. Subject of a little-known Chicago federal suit. Visit our website story, “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh.]
Saddam Hussein is so far a living direct witness who, in addition, has documents supporting his testimony, of treason committed against the American people by Daddy Bush, father of George W.
More coming…. Stay tuned.

Part 16
by Sherman H. Skolnick 9/10/02

If the American monopoly press told the truth, which they cannot do, what might the headlines be? Such as
In exclusive stories since 1995, we have told of a group of highly patriotic Admirals and Generals, in military jargon called flag officers, who opposed Commander-in-Chief Clinton. Under the Uniform Military Code, they felt authorized to arrest their Commander-in-Chief.
If Clinton arrested them for mutiny, they would, if not assassinated, defend themselves with their documented charges of treason by him. For example, that Clinton reportedly gave U.S. industrial, financial, and military secrets to the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun, who met Clinton from time to time in the White House.
The U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3, provides
“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” (Emphasis added.)
As we have shown in our website series, “Red Chinese Secret Police in the United States”, they are sworn enemies of the U.S. and have committed unpublicized murder and mayhem on U.S. soil and dominate the markets in Chicago while laundering the illicit proceeds of harvesting human organs from political dissidents for U.S. shipment and dope shipments through Chicago.
Of the original group of 24 such flag officers, ten have been assassinated, including some in a sabotaged military aircraft, near Alexander City, Alabama, April 17, 1995 (two days before the Clinton White House prior knowledge multiple bombings of a Federal Office building in Oklahoma City). And likewise murdered have been the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jeremy Boorda, highest naval officer in uniform, and Gen. David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District. Also snuffed out was former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby, assisting this group in their planned arrest of Commander-in-Chief Clinton.
The group, subsequently enlarged, vows to arrest Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush. If Bush has them arrested for mutiny, they intend, if not assassinated, to defend themselves with their several documented charges of his treason. Included are
[1] Bush’s acts of treachery against the American people, in secret deals he made with the Red Chinese, giving them U.S. financial, industrial, and military secrets.
[2] George W. Bush and Daddy Bush profitting from secret business deals with the bin Laden Family, in the U.S. and overseas, with them not on the outs with Osama, he and his CIA-trained out-of-uniform army being at war against the United States and being a sworn enemy of the United States; within the meaning of the U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3.
[3] Bush Family, including George W., Jeb, Neil, and Daddy Bush, profitting from treasonous secret business deals with some in the Saudi Royal Family, who are sworn enemies of the United States and financing secretly Osama bin Laden; within the meaning of the U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3.
[4] Acts by Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush, as supervised by his father, with prior knowledge of 9-11 incidents. [5] Acts by Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush, as supervised by Daddy Bush, ordering and authorizing a military stand-down on the morning of September 11, 2001, aiding and abetting the murder of some three thousands persons, most of them U.S. citizens, within the United States of America.
[ 6] George W. Bush, as Commander-in-Chief, as supervised by Daddy Bush formerly head of the secret political police the CIA, authorizing and ordering the American CIA, in combination with other Americans and others, to allow, permit, and condone, and procure to be done, and acquiesce in the same, of the escape from being captured and brought to the U.S. for criminal trial, of Osama bin Laden, both prior to Black Tuesday and thereafter. Including but not limited to the time in the summer of 2001, when Osama was in the custody and control of an American CIA hospital in the Persian Gulf, and also in December, 2001, when the American CIA in combination with the CIA-created and subsidized Pakistan Secret Political Police permitted Osama to escape to refuge in a zone between Afghanistan and Pakistan and for a while into a moslem province of Red China.
The escape of Osama bin Laden was thus permitted and condoned, for among other purposes, as in documented charges by the top U.S. Military flag officers, to preclude the testimony of Osama in an American tribunal of he and his family’s secret private business relations profitting the Bush Family.
Some top U.S. military flag officers are aware of the correctness and validity of our exclusive stories of George W. Bush and his male sex-mate since University and Skull & Bones initiation and up to date. These flag officers are gravely concerned with the national security ramifications of this relationship which is not a private and personal matter. The situation has caused the murder of a magazine photo editor as well as causing George W. Bush to be subject to blackmail and compromise of Bush resulting in his conveyance to sworn enemies of the United States, and giving them aid and comfort, of U.S. financial, industrial, and military secrets.
These flag officers are not the only ones that have confirmed that Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush, as supervised by his father, was in a position to have prior knowledge of 9-11, resulting in the murder of some three thousand persons on U.S. soil, most of them U.S. citizens. At the behest of Daddy Bush and his son George, no prior warning was given to the American people.
Two major foreign news organizations, on their own, using their own investigative journalists, have verified to their satisfaction, the validity and correctness of our stories about the Skull & Bones initiation pictures, about the national security breaches caused by George W.’s relationship with his male sex-mate, and related details. The news groups, for the moment, have not yet publicized this situation. The White House has offered the respective governments where the news organizations are located, certain financial and other geopolitical benefits to have such governments invoke Official Secrets Acts type laws to deter going on the air or publishing the details as of now. Including but not limited to Canadian Broadcasting Company and British Broadcasting Company, London.
The French CIA, on occasion jointly with The Mossad, Israeli intelligence, are using their verification of the above for geopolitical and other purposes. For example, the French for some time have been interested in deterring the U.S. Justice Department in seeking to criminally prosecute fourteen French nationals reportedly involved in the theft, on U.S. soil, of U.S. industrial and financial secrets. The French hold the same cards as to the attack by missiles that brought down TWA Flight 800 taking off from New York for Paris. Among the 60 French nationals who perished, 8 were members of a super-elite group within the French CIA. Their team leader, however, refused to get onboard Flight 800 and thus survived. Israel, on the other hand, uses this data to blackmail funds out of the Bush White House. Surviving as a small nation perceived as being surrounded by religious enemies, Israel, in a real world, does what other nations do; they use blackmail to finance their survival and existence.
These major news outlets are aware that to preclude the use of Skull & Bones and other revealing pictures of George W. Bush, the photo editor was murdered, of American Media, Inc. Since that happening in October, 2001, the American Secret Political Police, including the FBI, closed indefinitely the supermarket tabloids’ building in Boca Raton, Florida, the American Gestapo thus denying access to a database which reportedly has the pictures and authentication supporting the same.
To counter the possibility of a flag officers’ coup against the Bush White House, a faction in the Aristocracy that supports and installed George W. Bush as a usurper of the Presidency, has certain plans to divert attention from the items mentioned herein. Their options include to allow, permit, condone, procure to be done, and acquiesce in, the bombing of U.S. Embassies and other overseas U.S. facilities, to be falsely blamed onto so-called “Arabs”.
Another violent option is the setting off of already wired-with-explosives oil wells and oil pumping machinery, to cause a U.S. oil crisis, to divert attention from George W. Bush’s national security violations and treasonous acts and doings as documented by the dissident flag officers. Vying to be again a major oil pumper, the Moscow government hopes to take advantage of such situation. As a former official of their Secret Political Police, Putin has an understanding with former Secret Political Police head Daddy Bush and his son George W., the occupant and resident of the Oval Office.
So, which will it be? Coup? Or, Counter-Coup?
More coming…. Stay tuned.

Part 17
by Sherman H. Skolnick 9/11/02

White House and network reporters as well as U.S.-based foreign journalists are using national security leaks to pursue proposed stories about George W. Bush’s reputed relationship with a male sex-mate since his college days up to now. So contends the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in a Justice Department request to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act secret court that met in sound-proof facilities in the Justice Department Building, Washington, D.C.
The Bush reputed male sex-mate details have enabled Red China, perceived by some as a sworn enemy of the U.S., and others reportedly to blackmail or otherwise unlawfully compromise the current occupant and resident of the White House, causing the disclosure of U.S. industrial, financial, and military secrets. Various reporters, including those of British Broadcasting Company, BBC, and Canadian Broadcasting Company, CBC, have, on their own, verified and corroborated the exclusive stories by this reporter as to the Bush relationship causing a breach itself by Bush of national security.
The FBI/Justice requests to the secret court acting as a type of U.S. District Court under FISA, included
[1] that the FBI/Justice Department be empowered and authorized to use all means necessary to surveil the reporters, foreign and domestic, working on the story;
[2] that the FBI/Justice Department be authorized and empowered as to the War Powers, or similar provisions, to forcibly or otherwise stop the publishing and electronic transmission of any stories or pictures relating to George W. Bush in a Skull & Bones Society satanic ritual coffin engaging in homosexual acts with his reputed male sex-mate.
The controller of satellites, the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office, NRO, to be ordered to block and obstruct all satellite transmissions of related news and pictures and graphics.
[3] That the FBI/Justice Department be authorized and empowered to block by forcible and other means any print or electronic news dissemination mentioning of the photo editor, Robert Stevens, of American Media, Inc., Boca Raton, Florida; of Stevens having been murdered by anthrax-by-mail, on or about September, 2001, through the aid, complicity, and connivance of U.S. Government civil/military covert operatives. And any mentioning or dissemination by news and other outlets, that the FBI by closing down the American Media, Inc. headquarters up to date, was thus blocking retrieval of reported pictures and supporting authentication as to George W. Bush in a coffin engaging as a proposed new member of the Skull & Bones Society, in a satanic ritual, in homosexual acts with his reputed male sex-mate who has numerous times visited Bush since that time; such rituals having been conducted at a building called “The Tomb”, at Yale University.
[4] That the FBI/Justice Department be authorized and empowered to block phone, wire and wireless data, and other transmissions including microwave, between U.S.-based foreign journalists and their out-of-U.S. offices. And to block and obstruct, by means not disclosed to persons involved, of phone calls, data transmissions, and such, from such out-of-U.S. offices into the U.S. And to block phone calls, data transmission, and such, from outside the U.S. to U.S. phones and instruments used by reputed sources of data as to the Bush male sex-mate stories and pictures and authentications, and their national security implications.
[5] That the FBI/Justice Department, without such authorizations to be disclosed, to be authorized and empowered to shut down websites and other computer-linked and computer-generated means, used to disseminate such stories and exchanges of data, pictures, and graphics.
The secret court, as a form of U.S. District Court, under FISA, granted such requests by the FBI/Justice Department. The orders of the secret court went into effect on September 9 and 10, 2002. Thereafter, however, their Court orders were in part affirmed and in part reversed and/or vacated, by the secret Appeals Court provided for under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The secret Appeals Court meets in sound-proof facilities in Baltimore, Maryland and their appeals decision was not publicly disclosed.
Who says there is no secret political police, no Gestapo, in the United States?
More coming…. Stay tuned.

Part 18
by Sherman H. Skolnick 10/8/02

According to a major British newspaper, the Irish Republican Army, the IRA, has penetrated the American/British high government secrets.
In their internet website version, the London Telegraph, under a headline “Bush-Blair transcript ‘seized by IRA spies’ “, by Thomas Harding, Ireland correspondent, filed October 8, 2002, stated
“Secret documents obtained by an IRA spy network included transcripts of telephone conversations between Tony Blair and President Bush, security sources confirmed yesterday….The disclosure that terrorists gained access to confidential information is likely to provoke FURIOUS REACTION IN AMERICA. David Trimble, Northern Ireland’s First Minister and leader of the Ulster Unionists, compared the republican espionage as ’10 TIMES WORSE THAN WATERGATE’, WHICH LED TO THE RESIGNATION OF PRESIDENT NIXON.” (Emphasis added.)
The details between the lines and left out of the story, read like from an-edge-of-the-cliff spy novel. Various foreign journalists, working on the story, are aware their editors deleted revealing details reportedly contained in the secret transcripts and other documents purloined by the IRA.
Some background necessary to understand the nature of the happening..
The IRA are reportedly in a position, among other things, to blackmail certain concessions out of the London government, in respect to the long-standing Irish Catholic grievances against the British domination/occupation forces in Northern Ireland. The British contend, however, they need to be in Northern Ireland to prevent violence between the Unionists/Loyalists, that is the Orangemen the Irish Protestants, and the Irish Catholics.
Scholars of British/Irish history contend that the true rulers of Great Britain were the Royal House of Stuart, Catholics, of which Princess Diana was a direct descendent. The House of Windsor, the purported current monarchy, have been basically German and are perceived by some as usurpers and pretenders, not a genuine British monarchy. A profound understanding of this would help explain why some continue to firmly believe Diana was murdered by British Intelligence on orders of the House of Windsor.
On several of our television shows, we had experts who demonstrated documented studies showing the British Military, about 1840, conducted genocide against the Irish Catholics, falsely described by pro-British historians as merely “The Potato Famine”. [On our website home page, click the red-marked portion for tv segments.] Such matters are rare, if ever, discussed on the American monopoly press which is heavily pro-British and anti-Irish.
The secret transcripts and other high-level documents grabbed by the IRA reportedly prove the following, according to those familiar with them
[1] In discussions with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, George W. Bush admits he is greatly troubled by suppressed documents of the American CIA proving there is no danger by Saddam Hussein and no basis for a pre-emptive military attack by the U.S. aided by the British on Iraq. Blair and Bush discuss the oil question. Namely, that in several years Saudi oil reserves will have passed their peak. On the other hand, Iraq has huge untapped oil reserves.
In the past, Texaco got a lof of their crude oil from Iraq. As a result of a bankruptcy situation caused by a monstrous court judgment against Texaco by Pennzoil, that Pennzoil has a great financial interest in Texaco. The Bush Family historically have been financially interwoven with the founders of Pennzoil. Texas state high court judges, beholden to the Bush Family, reportedly were corrupted to nail down the largest court judgment in U.S. history, eleven billion dollar verdict by Pennzoil against Texaco, causing Texaco to petition the bankruptcy court for protection. The U.S. Supreme Court, beholden to the Reagan/Bush Administration, refused to grant a remedy to Texaco.
[2] As apparently shown by the secret transcripts and other stolen documents, George W. Bush expressed his concern to Blair who agreed that Saddam Hussein, if left in power, and alive, is in a position to blackmail the Bush Family and the Queen of England.
In our website series, “Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush”, we attached documents of secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, showing the Bush Family, through their investment front Martwell, have a joint account with the Queen of England at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. The documents show the secret authorization code of Alan Greenspan, Fed Chief. One of the documents, showing the secret password used, listed the ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS transaction, shared by the British Monarch and the Bush Family, stemming from a clandestine private partnership of Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein. [Subject of an unpublicized federal court case. See our website story, “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh”.]
The Queen ordered a top official of her private bank to become an official of the Bush Crime Family-linked Carlyle Group where Daddy Bush has been a paid consultant to the bin Laden Family who are NOT on the outs with Osama bin Laden. “The Queen has a new bank manager, following the departure of Andrew Fisher, chief executive of Coutts, TO THE CARLYLE GROUP, the US private equity firm”. Financial Times of London, December 19, 2001. (Emphasis added.)
The Bush/Blair discussions and related documents, referred to Daddy Bush, as former head of the American CIA, helping by arranging political murders, to put Saddam Hussein in as Iraqi strongman in the late 1970s.
Both George W. Bush and Tony Blair, according to the secret transcripts and related documents,are concerned that Saddam Hussein, as a living witness, can give personal direct testimony, as to the treason by Daddy Bush in setting Iraq against Iran, and Iran against Iraq, resulting in the huge bloodshed in the Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988. Used against Iran by Iraq was poison gas from ingredients reportedly supplied by a unit of a French firm, American LaFarge, of which Daddy Bush was a substantial owner and Hillary Rodham Clinton was a Director. [Related document is on the website http://www.gulfwarvets.com] One of the purposes Daddy Bush fulfilled instigating the eight year conflict was to aid his pals, American/British financial interests, continue to control Persian Gulf Oil reserves and by bombings and fires, interfering with oil production in the gulf thus keeping up the price of oil.
[3] By their discussions, Bush/Blair show they understand that a full inquiry into the Iraq matter, will be detrimental, in that it would show that the Daddy Bush Administration, aided by the London government, supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical/biological weapons and elements toward a nuclear device, that were destroyed by the U.N. Inspection teams. [See documented study in the book “Spider’s Web—The secret history of how the White House illegally armed Iraq”, by Alan Friedman (journalist with the Financial Times of London), Bantam Books, 1993.]
Note Daddy Bush, because of the aborted assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, 1981; that Daddy Bush was actually acting as President for three terms, running the Presidency, 1981 to January 1993, in violation of the 22nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution
[4] As shown by the secret transcripts and stolen records, George W. Bush shared with Tony Blair, Bush’s complaint that the Israeli intelligence agency, The Mossad, was blackmailing Bush by letting it be known that The Mossad gave the White House, the American CIA, and the Justice Department specific advance warning that there would be the events of Black Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Blair tells Bush that Blair was likewise put in a position of prior knowledge but was forbidden to take action by certain business interests. Both Bush and Blair, according to the secret transcripts, cursed “The Jews” for interfering with the Bush/Blair agenda.
The secret transcripts and documents and the reference to the same in the London Telegraph opens up several strange turns in the situation. On the one hand, the London Telegraph has been known all the years as the Queen of England’s newspaper. For a period of years their investigative reporter, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, was stationed in the U.S. In his book he routinely refers to the newspaper as being tight with the Queen of England. “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton the unreported stories”, Regnery Publishing, Inc., 1997.
British journalists familiar with the details of the secret transcripts and swiped documents show their editors/publishers have an excuse not to publish the details, whether in print, on the air, or on a website. It is called for short in British media slang, “D-Notice”, a notice delivered to them from the London government having found out they are about to publish or go on the air with some highly troublesome details. The notice is a way of invoking the provisions of the British Official Secrets Act. Under that law, if the notice is violated or about to be violated, the London government can seize the printing machinery, electronic broadcasting or internet website facilities, offices, vehicles, and related items, to absolutely stop such stories from being made public.
Off the record, such journalists believe that on behalf of the Queen and her banking links to the Bush Family, that Prime Minister Tony Blair himself caused the leak of the story about IRA seizing the secret transcripts and documents of the Bush/Blair discussions, with the actual details not to be released. Blair is under extreme pressure from certain members of Parliament, labor union bosses, and business tycoons, demanding that he oppose the Bush plan to make a pre-emptive military attack on Iraq. A vote of no confidence in the British Parliament can cause a quick election and thus Blair moved out of Ten Downing Street shortly thereafter.
Blair also reportedly on behalf of the Queen and the London government, instigated the “D-Notice” to stop United Kingdom newspapers, radio, television, and websites, from circulating the actual details contained in the secret transcripts and documents of the Bush/Blair discussions. Also, the British Monarchy has been repeatedly threatened with financial cut-backs of the government subsidy to Buckingham Palace.
Although there is no Official Secrets Act in the U.S., the Bush White House nevertheless has threatened various reprisals against the monopoly press if they publish or otherwise circulate the details of the secret transcripts. Off the record American lap-dog reporters divide into two positions Some challenge the validity of the London Telegraph story about the IRA spy group having seized the secret transcripts and documents. Others more or less confirm they know the details but are not going to risk their jobs in an off year to even start working to add to the story
More coming…. Stay tuned..

Part 19
by Sherman H. Skolnick 10/12/02

Is there an American Gestapo? And are there subjects forbidden to be discussed in print and on the air in U.S.? Judge for yourself from the facts and circumstances.
[1] Widely known and confirmed, separate from us, are the details of the sordid personal life of George W. Bush, current resident and occupant of the White House. In view of the extraordinary manner he was installed by a five-person, Military-style Junta of the U.S. Supreme Court, I do refer to him simply as the “occupant and resident of the White House”, not as elected “president”. [His opponent won the popular vote nationwide and had the Electoral Vote stolen in Florida as outlined in previous of our website stories.]
Read Parts 14 through 17 inclusive of this series, to understand how George W. Bush is being blackmailed by the Red Chinese using him to get U.S. military secrets.
And read how the secret court and secret appeals court dealt with this issue, to obstruct some websites carrying the story.
[2] Some weeks prior to the posting of this story, I discussed on a major Canadian radio talk show the following topics [thereafter, the secret court ordered that voice and data transmission be blocked between U.S. and Canadian media outlets and similar obstructions. See part 17.]
That the Bush White House was negotiating with Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. He is reportedly being offered Two Hundred Billion Dollars to find an acceptable excuse to leave his position in Baghdad and go into exile in Portugal. To understand the situation, you have to know a lot of related facts.
You have to understand the ins and outs of “The October Surprise”. Daddy Bush running for Vice President on the Reagan/Bush ticket in 1980, feared that incumbent Jimmy Carter, running for re-election, would pull off an “October Surprise” (the term apparently originates with Daddy Bush). Namely, that Carter would show he is not a wimp and was able to get the release of the 52 U.S. hostages held by the Iranians. Getting their release in October, 1980, just before the November, 1980 Presidential Election, would, Daddy Bush thought, give Carter an edge to win.
Late in October, 1980, in a Paris suburb, Daddy Bush arranged to bribe top officials of the Teheran government (a) with 40 million dollars Bush had siphoned off the GOP National Committee when Bush held a key position and (b) with guarantees of supplying weapons to Iran in the war Iran was having with Iraq, that started in September, 1980. (The French CIA secretly taped the treasonous dealings and has been ever since, blackmailing certain advantages out of the Bush Crime Family.)
In return for these pay-offs, the Teheran government agreed to keep the 52 U.S. hostages as prisoners until the Reagan/Bush team was successfully inaugurated. This arrangement by Daddy Bush constituted treason pursuant to the U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3, “in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort”.
In January, 1981, just as Reagan raised his hand to be sworn in as the new President, the 52 U.S. hostages were released by Iran. The promised weapons shipments, which began in November, 1980, promised and guaranteed to the Iranians by Daddy Bush, were sent as follows
U.S. arranged ships, with false shipping documents, carrying the weapons, stopped first in Portugal to pick up more items. From there, they went to Israel which, in turn, agreed to trans-ship the same to Iran. [From time to time, thereafter, when Israel needed to blackmail funds out of the White House, whether under Daddy Bush running the Presidency actually from 1981 to 1993, or through Bush pal Bill Clinton, Israel referred to their direct knowledge of the Daddy Bush treason.]
Knowing about this arrangement was the Prime Minister of Portugal and other top Portuguese officials who very reluctantly went along. With all his links to the American CIA, Daddy Bush later reportedly arranged to have the Prime Minister and another official snuffed out, by way of a sabotaged airplane crash.
[To understand how this method has been used historically, visit our website series, “The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage”.]
In the Spring of 2002, details of the assassination of Portugal’s Prime Minister and related matters came up in their Legislature in Lisbon. The sizeable news outlets in Portugal, to their credit, carried the details how Daddy Bush assassinated the top officials. Naturally, the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press and their lap-dogs were silent.
[3] Some weeks ago, I mentioned details of the 200 Billion Dollar Saddam Hussein exile deal on a major Canadian radio talk show. Thereafter, was the action of the secret court and secret appeals court mentioned in Part 17 of this series.
[4] As a result of his secret private business partnership with Daddy Bush, Saddam Hussein become one of the richest men on the planet. Saddam owns, among other things, a sizeable portion of MATRA, the French, Paris-based firm that through a satellite arrangement, operates at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, the People Mover System. That Matra-controlled system on a light railway, moves people and baggage from the terminals to the airplanes.
On tape, I interviewed the woman city official, in the City of Chicago agency that supervises O’Hare Airport. Here is a summary of the dialogue
Skolnick I understand your agency is greatly concerned about possible terrorism at O’Hare Airport.
City Official Yes, we certainly are.
Skolnick And because of your title and position, you are authorized to comment on this?
City Official Yes
Skolnick Iraqi strongman, Saddam Hussein, is a major owner of Matra that runs the People Mover System. The Washington government describes Saddam as a “terrorist”, or assisting terrorists. Then how come you do not inquire in respect to the People Mover System being owned and operated by Saddam Hussein at O’Hare Airport?
City Official The subject does not interest us. We are not concerned.
Skolnick So you and your city government agency do not intend to do anything about this?
City official We are not concerned.
Saddam Hussein owns a whole host of other companies operating in the United States. For example, he reportedly has been a major owner of Hachette, the firm that owns and ran GEORGE MAGAZINE, of which John F. Kennedy, Jr., was the Editor. Hachette for some time prior to July, 1999, was planning to shut down the magazine, and JFK, Jr., vigorously opposed the shut-down, claiming it violated his contractual understanding with Hachette. Was this an additional reason for killing JFK, Jr. by bombing his airplane?
[See our website series, “What Happened to America’s Golden Boy?”. Part 4 of that has the details of a secret FBI report of the bombing of JFK Jr.’s airplane; details that were not to have been made public for 30 years.]
Saddam Hussein also owns a substantial financial interest in an American missile production firm, Fairchild, through their Italian subsidiary. Saddam’s personal testimony, if ever elicted in a proper tribunal, could put Daddy Bush and other members of the Bush Crime Family in federal prison for treason and other high crimes.
[Details of Saddam Hussein’s ownership of various U.S. enterprises are contained, in part, in articles in the Wall Street Journal, 1991, and were compiled by a New York investigation firm, Jules Kroll & Associates, commissioned by the ruling Al Sabah Family of Kuwait.]
[5] Two-faced hotshots of the Democrat Party, and their financial kingpins, have reportedly agreed to go along with George W. Bush, in a deal offering 200 BILLION dollars to Saddam Hussein to find an acceptable excuse for him o go into exile in Portugal. BUT, will there be a series of strange, unexplained events before, during, and after the 2002 Election? [Are the sniper killings in the District of Columbia-area one such group of strange events?That is, weird happenings calculated to divert attention? Is a secret NSA U.S. government unit involved in the D.C. sniper murders? And do state and federal authorities already know about this but are powerless to stop it? ]
Cowards high up in the Democrat Party have reportedly informed Bush that they would quietly go along with the Saddam pay-off. Likewise reportedly spineless are Holywood money bags of the Democrat Party, such as David Geffen and others.
[6] For some years now, one of Saddam Hussein’s relatives in Switzerland has threatened to scandalize the Bush Family if any physical harm befell Saddam at the hands of Daddy Bush and the American CIA.
To show he is serious, this Swiss-based relative has already released the first batch of some 300 authentic secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records. They have been examined and scrutinized by wire transfer experts who say the records are legitimate. The records prove that the Bush Crime Family, through their secret 25 worldwide accounts, launder the illicit proceeds of various treasons and crimes, such as the secret business partnership between Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein.
[Some of these records are attached to our website series, “Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush”.]
These clandestine transactions involve HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. For example, one of the documents shows the joint account of Daddy Bush and his sons, with the Queen of England, at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. As authorized by Greenspan, one of the documents, through Martwell as a front for Bush Family, shows they shared ONE HUNDRED BILLIONS DOLLARS through the joint account with the Queen of England.
Other of the documents show the wire transfers of bribery funds to influence public officials to turn loose Daddy Bush’s son Neil who faced hundreds of millions of dollars of federal civil and criminal charges. Neil reportedly stole and misapplied hundreds of millions of dollars when he was Director of a federally-insured financial enterprise, Silverado Savings. About the time that a Denver U.S. District Judge, Richard Matsch, turned loose Neil from the various charges, the Judge’s daughter was mysteriously murdered. Did the Judge get the message? Was the same Judge reminded about his daughter when he got the Timothy McVeigh case? [Visit our website story, “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh” as well as earlier items about fraud upon the court and McVeigh.]
If Saddam rejects the exile deal, will his Swiss-based relative release another batch of secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, showing the money laundering and treason of the Bush Crime Family? Or, have some of those other records been already released and are in the process of being authenticated by some independent-minded journalist?
As I started to discuss the Saddam Hussein exile deal on a radio talk show, a mysterious power surge conked out the radio station and all their phone lines. Later, the radio station engineer told me that these mysterious power surges seem to occur whenever they have a popular and controversial radio broadcast.
So, is there a nameless, faceless Gestapo in the United States?
More coming…. Stay tuned.

Part 20
by Sherman H. Skolnick 10/23/02

For many months prior to the year 2000 Presidential Election, I mentioned on various radio talk shows, that we may not have an election in the usual manner. Those who called in to the programs, asked “What do you mean? Emergency proclamations? What?” I simply answered we may be surprised.
George W. Bush was installed as the resident and occupant of the Oval Office by the strangest means. A military style Junta of 5 persons on the U.S. Supreme Court installed him. In the process, they said that their ruling on the 14th Amendment’s guarant ee of Equal Protection of the Laws is NOT to be a precedent in any other case, which was a great oddity.
This is being written and posted two weeks before the year 2002 Congressional Elections. Like for the 2000 Presidential Election, I have stated on various radio talk shows that we may not have an Election in 2002, in the manner that we ordinary American s have become accustomed to.
Some strange events
[1} About the time U.S. Senator Robert Byrd (R., W. Va.) made statements opposing a land invasion of Iraq. began the Beltway Assassinations.
[2] The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press would have us believe that maybe the Beltway murders are by some misguided crackpot. Notes have supposedly shown up, that the purported assassin states “I am God”. supposedly on a Tarot Card. Another suppos ed note contains a demand for huge money, and that no children will be safe, and so on. Someone claiming to be the “assassin”, in a muffled voice, not easily understood, says certain things to a phone purportedly in some ways hooked into the police and/ or other local authorities in the Beltway.
[3] There are those in the White House and other Washington, D.C., press corps, who are in a position to know of past “programs” of the American CIA. One such is the senior CBS supervising correspondent in the White House Press Corps, John Roberts. He reportedly has an extensive type of background apparently with the spy agency. Perhaps he knows about two programs of what some consider a bloody series of covert doings OPERATION WHITE STAR, a little known program apparently in Laos and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, in the 1960s, to spread terror by way of carrying out a certain agenda of American imperialism. And then there is the program of the American CIA, called the PHOENIX ASSASSINATION PROGRAM. In that, upwards of sixty thousand men, women, and children were slaughtered because they were purportedly part of the Viet Cong or other opposition infrastructure.
Supervising the Phoenix Assassination Program was William Colby who somewhere in the same period or later, was Director of Central Intelligence. He was also General Counsel to the CIA’s funding operation for murder, laundering Southeast Asia dope funds, and smuggling operations, namely, the NUGAN HAND BANK. Colby’s business card was found on the body of a murdered founder of the purported “bank”. [Details are in the book, “The Crimes of Patriots”, by Jonathan Kwitny. A successor to that “bank” and the ir alter ego is and has been since the early 1980s, Household International, Household Bank, and Household Finance, all headquartered now in the Chicago suburb of Prospect Heights, Illinois.]
The purposes of both WHITE STAR and PHOENIX ASSASSINATION PROGRAM, were to spread terror by murders. WHITE STAR, however, was a broader, lesser known bloody series of events. A good web search engine would turn up various published accounts of the Phoe nix Assassination Program. But probably not so as to White Star.
Off the record interviews with those in the U.S. Military who participated in WHITE STAR, show in knowledgeable analyses of the Beltway Assassin, that he is NOT a crackpot, serial killer, or deranged person. But rather, a highly-skilled cold killer who will be rewarded with offshore money. Such a killer is no doubt supervised by a retired military or CIA covert operations agent. A retired FBI “profiler”, knowledgeable persons assert, would NOT be in a position to figure out much about the Beltway Ass assin. Further, despite their expertise in localized crimes and criminality, local police and other local authorities in the areas around the nation’s capital, would not ordinarily be in a position to know or comprehend the mindset of a WHITE STAR or PH OENIX ASSASSINATION type covert operator.
Savvy retired operatives contend that such a highly-skilled assassin would do some of the following He would not leave any written paper or card as to himself. He would not call the local authorities. He would know better than to suggest a large sum of money be wired, for his use, to a certain financial intermediary. He would, former covert agents contend, use a different deception and procedure for each “hit”. He might, for example, take-apart his especially made weapon, put it in his overcoat or ha rmless appearing attache case, and walk right into the gas station, fast food joint, or other popular public place, and pretend to be a customer, blending in with the surroundings. This, right after he had slaughtered someone right in front of said esta blishment. He would not have a “white van” to be identified as his manner of “escape”. [As to the plans of such an assassin, see the book “The Day of the Jackal”, a supposedly fictional account, although actually following known e! vents, of the attempts to assassinate French strongman Charles DeGaulle.]
One method of deception would be to use a cel phone call, pretending to be from the dispatcher of a delivery or repair service to their driver of a “White Van”. Namely, that the driver is to immediately make a stop at such and such address. When the ass assin sees the white van arrive, he shoots someone right in front of that well-attended business, and then quickly again pretending to be the “dispatcher”, tells the driver, “You came to the wrong address. They need you RIGHT NOW, at such and such addre ss.” By this deception, any would-be witnesses would report to the police that they thought the assassin escaped in the “White van”.
A workable understanding of what all is involved in the terror created by the Beltway Assassin is that it was done so an Emergency mindset was created in the general public. Some believe that Daddy Bush is actually running the White House. European dipl omats as well as well-informed journalists, off the record, express the opinion that George W. Bush, unlike his father, is incompetent and “pisses on his own shoes”, and similar highly negative observations.
Further, that the war against Afghanistan was reportedly quietly announced by George W. Bush to certain European and other leaders, IN JULY, 2001, months before Black Tuesday, September 11, 2001. And that Black Tuesday was in its simplest form, a way of temporarily sidestepping an impending financial collapse of the United States.
One of the purposes for the War against Afghanistan is to promote the plan by Union Oil of California, known as UNOCAL, to build a pipeline using a shortcut south across Afghanistan to Pakistan, India, eventually Red China and for easy transport to Japa n. This was based on the estimates of oil and natural gas reserves to be used. It now appears that these estimates were either erroneous or fraudulent, misguiding other investors in the proposed pipeline deal. One of the biggies in the deal have been th e Bush Family. The pipeline is now, by some, deemed not workable, in that the more current estimates of the energy reserves are only forty per cent of the original publicly mentioned amounts.
On the other hand, in the planning stages for some time, has been the Siberia pipeline, through Red China, to North Korea. And, by easy transport to energy hungry Japan, to make Japan again a low-cost industrial giant, using easily available oil/natural gas. The Russians apparently have far more actual reserves to support their pipeline. The project is headed by GAZPROM, a major world energy company, headquartered in Moscow and elsewhere. The head of it, an apparent former Israeli, has been described in some press accounts as being reportedly thick with the Russian underworld, known there as the MAFIYA. And who is the principal partner in the GAZPROM pipeline project? Why none other than Richard Cheney, of FRENCH descent. Formerly CEO of Halliburtt on, oil machinery suppliers, Cheney has a large investment in Halliburton. Note, seldom mentioned in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press is that France, for many years, has been omitted from many of the Mideast oil deals do! minated by U.S./United Kingdom.
What seems to be related to this are the details, told off the record, by former U.S. Secret Service agents knowledgeable about the White House. [For some mysterious, not adequately explained reasons, quite a number of Secret Service Agents have in rece nt times resigned.] According to these sources, as repeated to Washington, D.C. journalists, there was much more to the “Pretzel Affair”. That was when George W. Bush announced he was watching the TV while chomping on a pretzel, choked, and fell off his chair, resulting in bruises on his face. The former White House guards tell a different version. Namely, that Cheney and Bush had a heated argument over how Cheney’s Siberia pipeline deal unfairly competes with the Afghanistan pipeline plans of Daddy B ush and Bush, Jr. And Cheney purportedly landed some blows on Bush’s face. But that Bush, acting woman-like, scratched the face of Cheney. This version fits with the items of George W. Bush having since he was 12 years old, cavort! ed with his male sex-mate, who is now the Mayor of a sizeable southern city. [See earlier parts of this series.]
Recently, the White House apparently announced, that because of the murders in the area of the District of Columbia, that the President is considering calling out the NATIONAL GUARD to supervise the Election. Will this be only for the District of Columb ia, Maryland, and Virginia, or might the Beltway Assassin create a terror atmosphere requiring the National Guard ELSEWHERE int he U.S.? Does Bush and the GOP worry about the Democrats somehow ending up dominating both houses of Congress, thus being in a position to torment George W. Bush on a number of issues. Such as, why was their a MIlitary Stand-Down on Black Tuesday? Why were most of the metal parts from the fallen twin towers of the World Trade Center quickly removed and sold to South Korea as scrap, instead of being kept as EVIDENCE, to be analyzed as to what exactly caused the towers to collapse? Were the towers brought down actually by internal explosives, which might be revealed in analyzing the metal parts?
Will there be a national emergency, real or created, AFTER the Election?
More coming… Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “What is “Political Correctness”? AND THE OVERTHROW OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC

  1. You are so right, Mr Lind.
    I am suffering those outrages in Australia where a government minister announced that she & her “partner” (girldfriend) had a baby with the use of a mystery man’s sperm!

    You are so lucky to live where you can say almost anything you want. In my tyranny I cannot critizice abortion, homosexuality, “affirmative action” the euphemism “gay”, etc., etc.

    My emails to talk radio shows are not read on air except for one show late at night. The emails contain no offensive language, but everybody is so intimidated by legislation prohibiting words that special victims might find offensive that they just omit any criticism of such subjects.

    A huge proportion of the leftist government is comprised of feminists that have devoted their lifes to ensure that all areas of life are altered to suit only females. They even had giant posters depicting female gender signs in government departments for special workshops!

    The feminist-led government, together with anti-traditionallists “greens” are attempting to pass legislation legalizing “same sex marriage” in conjunction with a propaganda blitz in the establishment degenerate media.

    If they are successful I expect them to immediately pass criminal vilification laws penalizing criticism of S S M & homosexuality. The wording will include terms that will leave no room for discretion. Mere offence FELT by the perceived “victim” will be enough to call for the arrest of the “blasphemer”. This is evident from anyti-discrimination & “hate crime” legislation. (where there are special hates).

    I will be needing asylum in USA soon. Seriously.

    I have been disseminating your opinions here to try to rescue my society, but it seems virtually impossible. They have a generation of dumbed down young people they created over the last 2 decades, with more to come. A young womman recently told me the need to not offend people was more important than the TRUTH in response to my questioning.

    It is just disgraceful & astonishing.

    Do you have any advice for an Australian of European descent needing to escape?

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.” – C.S. Lewis

    “The worst form of tyranny the world has ever known is the tyranny of the weak over the strong. It is the only tyranny that lasts.” – Oscar Wilde

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.” – Plato

    • As long as we don’t need to be politically correct about the rampant bronze age mind viral infections of religion, which is a complete perversion of reality as we know it, Seeing Sacrifice as a valid solution, ignorance as bliss and negating the products that scientific understanding and the values it brings our world. Just don’t try to have your cake and eat it too!

    • Fellow Aussie, You might want to reconsider going to the USA. Georg Hegel said that the “process” cannot be successful unless it is ensured no one can escape from it. They have the whole world in this process now, made easier through mass media.
      We are just going to have to exercise some backbone where we are else you will find you are jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

  2. Hi there I am so delighted I found your blog page, I really found you by error, while I was searching on Bing for something else, Regardless I am here now and would just like to say cheers for a tremendous post and a all round exciting blog (I also love the theme/design), I
    don’t have time to look over it all at the minute but I have saved it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have
    time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up
    the great work.

  3. I recently attended a course which had no connection with politics.
    One of the first things that the tutor said, was that we must all agree to the ‘ground rules’ for the course, which were, no racism, sexism or homophobia allowed!
    My immediate reaction was –
    ‘Is there a word for ‘Fear of Political Correctness?’
    I’m surprised there isn’t one –
    It would help to counter pc.
    Any suggestions?

  4. This is a good piece, but can I encourage you to not write essays and instead stand on it as your position, your thesis.
    The very topic you are writing on leads us back to Georg Hegel and formation of the dialectical methods that went before him even to Gnosticism.
    Dialectical meaning two or more like in dialogue is counter to being didactic. Thus dialectic is moving from authority or conscience (the fathers voice inside you) to consensus (the groups voice justifying you) via confusion. (JL Moreno’s suicide zone) Bethel main training labs.
    Essays are opinions which hold no authority (sifting sands – I think, i feel). Move to solid ground and makes your thesis(I know).

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