What is the Cause of Low Birth Rates?

Updated 8/4/17: watch these first, it will become clear.


What is the Cause of Low Birth Rates?

by Baron Bodissey

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What causes low birth rates? I have debated this issue at some length with blogger Conservative Swede. Among the reasons frequently cited are the welfare state, feminism and secularism. However, if you look closely at the statistics from various countries, the picture gets quite complex, and there doesn’t appear to be an automatic correlation between low birth rates and any one of these factors.

The United States has the highest birth rates in the West, but this is largely due to ethnic minorities. If you compare white Americans to white Europeans, the American birth rate is somewhat higher than those of the Scandinavian nanny states, but still lower than replacement level. Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Sweden do have elaborate welfare states, high degrees of feminism and are not very religious, yet have some of the highest birth rates in the Western world (though still below replacement level.) They are certainly much higher than those in Catholic Poland, perhaps the most conservative religious country in Europe. And they are much higher than those of South Korea, which has more traditional sex roles and where Christianity is booming these days.

The gap between the Western world and the Islamic world in birth rates is clearly caused by religious factors, but the differences between industrialized nations are far more difficult to explain. If the cause is not welfarism, feminism or secularism, then what is it?

Making moms: Can we feed the need to breed? Canada has a baby deficit. Will paying women to have more kids help?

How strange, then, that just as the mommy industry is booming, we’re in the grips of a baby bust. Canada’s fertility rate has been in a free fall for decades. In recent years, though, it has hovered at an all-time low of roughly 1.5 children per woman (we need 2.1 if we’re going to replace ourselves). Social analysts pin it on some jumble of female education and fiscal autonomy, secularization, birth control, Sex and the City, a heightened desire for personal freedom, and increasing uncertainty about bringing a child into a world plagued by terrorism, global warming and Lindsay Lohan. In a hyper-individualistic, ultra-commodified culture like ours, motherhood, for better and worse, is less a fact of life than just another lifestyle choice.

All over the developed world, the same pattern is apparent. Russia, Britain, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Italy and dozens of other countries are contending with fertility rates well below replacement levels. Forty per cent of female university graduates in Germany are childless. In Japan, where the birth rate has sunk to a record low of 1.26, family planning groups are blaming the Internet, charging that fertile men and women are spending too much time online, and not enough having sex.

Making Kids Worthless: Social Security’s Contribution to the Fertility Crisis

Many people nowadays find it hard to see why anyone would have children for the sake of old-age security. Surely, they think, people have children just because they like it. Still, they often hear people say they would like to have more children, but they cannot afford it. Moreover, people in less developed countries seem to afford large families, even though their real incomes barely reach subsistence levels.

What can account for these seemingly conflicting observations? The fact that in the absence of social security, the extended family is an informal social insurance mechanism that renders childbearing economically beneficial. But in countries with large social security systems, people no longer have an old-age security motive for fertility, precisely because social security has made fertility economically unwise.

Of course, social security is not the only reason for declining fertility rates. For one thing, the welfare state undermines the family in many other ways too, such as compulsory public education that seeks to replace family loyalty with allegiance to the state. Moreover, the old-age security motive for fertility should become weaker when other ways of providing for old age become available…

One can also look at differences among the developed Western countries. Among these countries, there are practically no differences in infant mortality rates, female labor force participation rates, and other standard explanations of the fertility decline. Yet total fertility rates differ widely — and exactly in the way predicted by the size of social security systems. The United States has a fertility rate of 2.09, whereas the European Union has an average of 1.47.

Also within Europe, where social security benefits are dangerously generous, there are differences among countries. Some of the most generous schemes are found in Germany, France, and the Mediterranean countries — as are the lowest fertility rates in the region. On the surface, it is surprising to find this in countries that used to be family-oriented and fervently Catholic. However, economic incentives shape behavior, and behavior shapes culture…

The best solution is also the simplest: get the state out of the way.

Death by secularism: Some statistical evidence

Infertility is killing off the secular world, a number of writers have observed, including Phillip Longman, whose 1994 book The Empty Cradle I reviewed last year. In the former Soviet empire, where atheism reigned as state policy for generations, the United Nations forecasts extreme declines in population by 2050, ranging from 22% for the Russian Federation to nearly 50% for the Ukraine. Secular western Europe will lose 4% to 12% of its population, while the population of the churchgoing United States continues to grow. Is secularism at fault? The numbers do not suggest otherwise.

Humankind cannot abide the terror of mortality without the promise of immortality, I have argue in the past. In the absence of religion human society sinks into depressive torpor. Secular society therefore is an oxymoron, for the death of religion leads quickly enough to the death of society itself.

Why Europe chooses extinction
– – – – – – – – – –

Demographics is destiny. Never in recorded history have prosperous and peaceful nations chosen to disappear from the face of the earth. Yet that is what the Europeans have chosen to do. Back in 1348 Europe suffered the Black Death, a combination of bubonic plague and likely a form of mad cow disease, observes American Enterprise Institute scholar Ben Wattenberg. “The plague reduced the estimated European population by about a third. In the next 50 years, Europe’s population will relive — in slow motion — that plague demography, losing about a fifth of its population by 2050 and more as the decades roll on.”

Bring back that Old Time Religion

[S]ecularism promotes a more short term and hedonistic attitude towards life. Since secular people have little faith in God or an after life, the tendency is for them to adopt the attitude of “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die”. Of course, not all secular people are like that. But in general, secularism promotes such attitudes.

Their time horizon is therefore their own lifetime. Religious people on the other hand are more long term. Their eyes are on eternity. If you go to Europe, you will come across many Cathedrals that took centuries to build. For example, Cologne Cathedral took more than 300 years to complete.

Why did the Medieval Christians start a project that none of them would live to see its completion? The answer is that they look to the hereafter. Their desire was to please God and go to heaven. They say that faith can move mountains. Here a mountain of stone was literally moved to build the great Cathedrals of Europe.

But what of the secular people in now post-Christian Europe? What are the economic consequences of people whose time frame is simply the rest of their lives?

For a start, they (in general) want to enjoy their lives to the hilt. For some, this could mean early retirement with loss of still productive workers to the economy. For others, it could mean fewer or no children for children means responsibility and a tax on their resources which could be used to indulge themselves. Statistics from America have shown that regular church goers tend to have more children than those that seldom attend church.

updated AGAIN on 8/10/17

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Why is America so Receptive to Male Dissidence?


Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

If we consider the contemporary manosphere, it must be said that the United States is the Anglo-American nation most receptive to the ‘male dissidence’ message. This is not merely due to its size or ethnic diversity, but rather because America’s distinctive puritanical history coupled with sex-negative feminism have created a society uniquely hostile to men.

America was founded by religious fanatics – people who fled England in the Seventeenth Century because it wasn’t repressed enough.  It was said that English puritans wanted to ban bear baiting not because it gave pain to the bear, but because it gave too much pleasure to the spectators. Even today, the United States is the only Anglosphere nation with mass religious belief, high levels of church attendance, and so on. Although new cultural currents have arisen, these are still defined by sexual repression and institutionalized misandry (liberalism and feminism being good examples).

Because of its secular puritanism and a ‘mythical’ media which sets women on pedestals, the gap between male expectations and reality is greater in the United States than any equivalent nation. American men are conditioned by movies, rock music and TV shows to believe all women are slim, beautiful, articulate goddesses offering free sex to everybody. As children, they are led to think they will be sleeping with models and actresses the minute they hit sixteen. This makes the reality – obese, ugly, selfish, man-hating harridans exclusively obsessed by billionaires and mass murderers – all the harder to take. Instead of enjoying free sex with models every night, American men find themselves paying their hard-earned bucks to watch the few slim, attractive American women cavort in sordid strip clubs: so much for the ‘sexual revolution’.

Society works because its members are prepared to ‘take hits for the team’. For the past 50 years, men have been expected to take all the hits while women take none. Men do all the most dangerous jobs, get shafted in no-fault divorce settlements, are arbitrarily imprisoned in pseudo-correctional rape factories, have little control over their reproductive labour, live shorter and less healthy lives, are far more prone to suicide and homelessness – yet Anglo-American society still expects them to ‘man up’ and take all the hits while giving nothing back in return.

Well fuck that, Mr Han Man…

Relampago Furioso deftly describes the situation in words fit for the ages:

Traditionally, for our peaceful participation in society and going along with its schemes, men have been awarded control and decision-making status over women, family and society. This has been loosely defined as a social contract in civilized societies from Greece and Rome to present day Western society. The crucial part of this “social contract” that statists are so fond of referring to, was that for participating in society, being subjected to its legal demands, and supporting it, men received certain incentives. These incentives include:

  • Culturally and legally enforced female monogamy
  • Guaranteed paternity
  • Decision making authority as the head of the household
  • Exclusive sexual access to a wife, i.e. a virgin bride
  • As house-band (husband) culturally and legally enforced obligation for wives to remain in the relationship (i.e. no flightiness or “finding herself”)
  • Culturally and legally enforced responsibility for women to be good mothers
  • As defined in the Christian bible, the responsibility of a woman to respect and obey her husband

In exchange for these accommodations, men were expected to give their lives and their labor for the protection and benefit of their wives, families, and communities. However, since feminism the incentives for men to go along with the deal have been removed, while the demands for men to sacrifice their lives and their labor for the benefit of society have increased.

There it is, in a nutsack. And the key difference between the old social contract and the new is the presence/absence of religious belief. While the old religious Puritanism granted men a certain intrinsic status for being fashioned in God’s image, they have no standing at all in the new secular Puritanism. Anglo feminists expect men to accept their traditional obligations, even while they practice witchcraft, lust over criminal thugs and murder their own babies. Disney is the darkest embodiment of this new ideology – an endless celebration of asexual, pedestalized princesses in a homosocial, lesbian world of boundless ‘empowerment’. Similarly, the Roe-Wade case granted women omnipotent reproductive power while reducing men to ephemeral sperm doners and disposable ATM machines. Then there is America’s ongoing war against prostitution – transsexuals can ‘transition’ on the public purse but consenting adults exchanging sex for money are hunted like sick pariahs. But aside from secular Puritanism and its manifold evils, can any other factors explain America’s emerging ‘gender crisis’?

Over the past forty years, it seems that America has fallen into line with other industrial countries in terms of social inequality, intergenerational mobility and so on. Somehow, the American Dream has come undone and America now resembles ‘old’ countries like France or Britain, not the energetic America of the twenties, fifties or eighties. A socialist like Bernie Sanders would have been arrested for Un-American Activities a few generations ago; now he is hailed as a serious presidential candidate. Similarly, the plight of ‘the White Working Class’ is now a topic of mainstream political discussion – unthinkable in the Reagan era. Films like ‘Manchester by the Sea’ could have been shot in class-bound Britain – indeed, the film’s very title invokes the British working class and their lives of cheerless toil. In sum, American Exceptionalism has ground to a halt and Americans are behaving more like other peoples as a result.

This ‘Brazilification’ of American society during the 1980s granted a cartel of narcissistic oligarchs ever more wealth, status and power, while systematically shrinking the middle class. The halcyon post-War days when a factory worker could buy a house, run a car and send two kids to college are long gone. It is no surprise that feminism has waxed since Brazilification began, while male fortunes have waned. In simple terms, any elite has to keep women ‘onside’ in order for society to reproduce itself; but no such tender mercies are afforded low-status men, whom the elite see as dangerous fodder. And since Anglo-American Brazilification began in earnest, ordinary American males predictably find themselves enslaved by the divorce courts and the prison-industrial complex in unprecedented numbers. Of course, MGTOW and other forms of male dissidence represent the inevitable ‘fight-back’ against this gendercidal programme.

Another anti-male factor specific to the Anglosphere nations in general (and America in particular) is a dysfunctional, non-selective state education system. Most European countries have selective secondary education, which reduces the psychological and emotional damage done to clever children by jail-bound morons. In America, intelligent males typically emerge deeply alienated from the social order because of their school experiences – just consider Klebold and Harris, not to mention a host of other school shooters.

The foregoing discussion explains why the United States is ready for male revolt above all equivalent nations. Puritanical repression and male alienation are like nitric acid and glycerol – a lethal mix of discordant elements ready to explode.

Amidst all this woe, can we extract anything positive from America’s burgeoning male dissidence? Of course: America’s unique tradition of liberty gives American men greater psychological autonomy than men in other nations. Together with its rich entrepreneurial heritage, this thirst for freedom has already created an online resistance movement which the authorities hate and fear. In sum, the American male will never be wholly subdued by the Anglo-Feminist Matrix – many of the Founding Fathers were genuine radicals, and the ‘freedom memes’ they planted in their young nation will never perish. Similarly, American cultural pluralism presents an insurmountable problem for the Matrix: although the original Anglo-Puritan elite tried to define America in its own joyless, workaholic image, the alternative cultural traditions introduced by later migrants remain strong and resilient.

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Muslim Leader Declares Whites Are Dying Off, and Anglo Women Need Muslims to “Fertilize” Them


This is what happens when women take power over nations. Family dies, ethnic groups die, conquerers move in, nations dissolve, and then civilizations die. But, there’s lots of shopping and eating out to go around. Just look at all the cheap Made in China crap littering shelves of big box stores and high calorie meals!

The West is a woman’s paradise, and a man’s hell. Women should be happy. But there are psychological voids consumerism and careerism can never fill.

Meantime, those who are demographically conquering the West, as effeminate men willingly yield territory to invaders, become bolder in their proclamations. Mohamed Elmouelhy, a Muslim leader in Australia just made this astonishing statement to the press.

According to the Hebrew University, Australian men sperm count has declined by 52% over the last 40 years so your men are a dying breed, Australian women need us to fertilize them and keep them surrounded by Muslim babies while beer swilling, cigarette smoking, drug injecting [white men] can only dream of what Muslim men are capable of.

Before you get mad, realize that in a lot of ways Elmouelhy is exactly right. Whites have been below replacement fertility for two generations. Women with tramp stamps and pink hair and YouGoGrrl narratives poisoning their minds wander about the landscape spitting hate and fury at men, with dying eggs in their wombs. The absence of posterity and the leadership of strong assholes drives them insane.

Adding insult to injury, TNMM regularly covers the Anglosphere Androgyny Agenda which has blurred the lines between male and female for a half century, starting as feminism and progressing to today’s LGBT bacon cheeseburger narrative and the mediaites’ transgender worship. The Anglosphere now tries to feminize men and masculinize women on a daily basis as a matter of normal business.

Why, just chop that dick off a man and sew it on a woman, and everything will be perfect. That’s literally how insane the Anglosphere has become.

But, there’s more. Just take a look at the average putz in America. Beer swilling, cigarette smoking, and drug injecting is exactly what many would-be fathers are doing in the wake of latent Puritanism turned secular feminism. A man’s reason for living (investing himself in a woman and family) has been taken away, as women either refuse to breed with weak, effeminate men or frivorce rape them after copulation and conception has occurred. So, the excommunicated male fills the void in his life with vices.

Childless and rudderless women (or women with bastard children) then proceed to run society right off the rails. Without strong men to control their emotional flailing and poor judgment, or children to give them the drama they innately crave, women cause civilization to crumble and society to devolve into a more primitive state. This process has been detailed by intellectuals for well over a century, including J.D. Unwin, Aldous Huxley, and even Sigmund Freud in Civilization and Its Discontents.

The insanity progresses. In the absence of babies, women start anthropomorphizing animals (literally putting dogs into baby carriages) to feed their starving maternal instincts, and shit tests reach a tangential crescendo as something deep inside the female mind cries out for male leadership. But, there’s none there. Eventually, women try to turn themselves into men as r-selection pressures take the place of the K-selection inherent in patriarchy.

Elmouelhy touches on the obvious, glaring unhappiness of manless, childless Anglo women in Australia and the rest of the Anglosphere, and offers a solution:

[Muslims] have a duty to make your [Australian] women happy.

Indeed, with children and the stability of a patriarch to invest their lives in, rather than a faceless, nameless GloboWorldCorp, a lot of the cultural insanity emanating from Anglobitches would be curtailed. As things stand, women aren’t happy, and men aren’t happy. But Western men might be wise to realize they should be doing the breeding rather than the conquerers of their nations.

Elmouelhy also says the whorishness of Western women will be curbed by a patriarchal culture, once the Islamic conquest of the West is complete.

It will be mandatory for all women to wear hijab or burka if they prefer, bikinis will be displayed in Museums but not on nubile bodies anymore.

And ironically, deranged Anglobitches celebrate the same type of “oppression” they decry from weakened Western men. The hijab is “multicultural” after all. Let’s try one on for size!

For those who know what’s happening in the grand scheme of things, a shit storm has descended on the West. And here’s why. Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times. We are currently at phase four of that four-step process.

When will strong men return to the West? Probably not before it’s too late. The white men of today are not the same men who conquered the world. I know this from looking around America as I drive coast to coast. We are in deep trouble. The only thing that can save us is a Renaissance of masculinity, not President Donald Trump and his cratering administration.

And of course, the latent Puritanism in Anglo society must be excised. Probably not going to happen, which is why Anglo America will soon be annexed by Latin America and Europe will see churches converted into mosques. Tamper with the patriarchal template that has governed the West for millenia and watch chaos ensue.

Undoubtedly, one of the most colossal mistakes in human history.

Begin Your Journey Outside The Matrix

Begin Your Journey Outside The Matrix


Articles about The Matrix

 7 The New Modern Man Articles to Kickstart Your Red Pill Journey

What the Real World Matrix Is
Censored: The Manosphere is the Modern Samizdat
Machiavellian Intelligence: Why Everything in the Blue Pill World is a Lie
J.D. Unwin Warned Feminism Would Destroy Culture 30 Years Before Women’s Lib
Society Has Awakened from the Collective Delusion of the Television Age
Self Interest Reigns Supreme on This Planet: The Need for White Identity
Is Genocide on the Elite Agenda?

Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?

The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

You are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.


Welcome to The New Modern Man, home of The Truth About Women and the World.

This blog, a humble contribution to  the rest of the manosphere exists to help men break out of the prison for their mind, also known as The Anglo-American Matrix. We are the modern day equivalent of the Soviet Samizdat, the self-publishing, politically incorrect defenders of free speech who were suppressed by another Marxist government in the days of the USSR.


This introductory page will help you get started if you are new to the concepts of The Matrix and Red Pill knowledge about women and the world. By virtue of your arrival on this page, chances are good you have noticed the ongoing Decline of the West predicted by Spengler over a century ago, and as a result a sexual market that has shifted towards The Law of the Jungle, as have many aspects of our society since decivilizing feminism was unleashed.

After reading a short primer on What the Real World Matrix Is, decide if you want to take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill. If you decide to take the Red Pill, prepare for a trip down the rabbit hole. There will be politically incorrect truths, status quo challenging thoughts, and ideology that goes against everything you have been told by society. Red Pill knowledge of both society and women is discussed here.

If you decide to take the Blue Pill, the manosphere is not for you. You can go back to your regular life believing the mythmakers as most people choose to do.

You can peruse The Matrix articles for pieces revealing what we believe to be the truth about the world. Remember, all we are offering is knowledge, it is up to you whether you want to accept it. You can believe whatever you want to believe.


The Truth About Women

The goal of our publishing is to enlighten men to the Red Pill realities of women and the world. Men basically have two choices when attracting a mate. We can use either of the two following techniques:

  1. The 10 Laws of The Mating Game
  2. The 10 Laws of Hypergamy

Game uses the concepts of evolutionary psychology to turn men into successful PUAs or pick-up artists. Hypergamy is simply a female’s innate instinct to “marry up” in social status, financial resources, or power. Men can learn to use the hypergamous instinct to their advantage.

Building upon these ideas which provide short-term solutions to getting laid along with instilling lasting knowledge about how to deal with women, is the concept of returning order to society and man to a more civilized state. One of our main problems is finding a way to combat the Female Rationalization Hamster, as defined by Urban Dictionary:

The rationalization hamster is a legendary creature dwelling deep in the minds of the self-delusional, and is particularly common among young liberal women. From birth, the rationalization hamster enters a symbiotic relation with its host, whereby whenever the host feels a craving to do something completely insane and malicious that will have horrible consequences for everyone in the long run, the rationalization hamster will jump on its wheel and run really, really fast, getting the magical hamster wheel to spin out a long sheet of paper full of neat rationalizations for the ultimately devastating action.

Once becoming a pussy slayer who uses the Rationalization Hamster to his advantage, a newly christened New Modern Man must realize Game is only an adaptation to a drastically altered sexual market that does not offer a permanent solution for society to survive the jungle feminism has created, unless men are satisfied with hedonism alone.

As one piece of evidence that Game will not solve all the problems that have resulted from opening the Pandora’s box of feminism: Marriage is still a very risky proposition even if a man successfully uses Game to get a woman to take the vows and form a family. Why? Because it means he will be playing Russian roulette with a court system that stacks the deck against him, and can enslave him. This oppression of men and the nuclear family must end by men demanding the “reset” button be pressed when it comes to family law.

Exploiting the hypergamous instinct is generally a safer bet and feels more natural to most men. However in the modern age, thanks to the welfare state destroying men’s traditional role as provider, exploiting hypergamous instincts that means relocating to a nation that has not been subjected to Cultural Marxism as Anglo America has been for 50 years.

Finding a solution to all these problems will not be easy. But we must first discuss what is wrong and then find a way to restore traditional sex roles to Western civilization. If we fail, our civilization will also fail.


The Truth About The World

The Blue Pill world is based almost completely on mythmaking and lies designed to keep the average man “on course” for the human farmers who manage him. Whether it be little lies or big lies, almost everything a man hears from the Establishment is a falsehood intended to make him behave in a way that’s profitable for those promulgating the lie, while at the same time inflicting often enormous personal and psychological costs on the clueless men who do not question their masters.

The Blue Pill world is best defined by theologian Reinhold Niebuhr:

Rationality belongs to the cool observer, but because of the stupidity of the average man, he follows not reason, but faith, and the naive faith requires necessary illusion and emotionally potent oversimplifications which are provided by the mythmaker to keep ordinary person on course.

Regular articles elucidating the lies, lies, lies the Anglo-American Matrix uses to keep men “in their place” as human batteries powering a gynocentric, materialistic consumer waste machine are the other half of our endeavor.


Wake Up

Our mission is awakening men to The Truth About Women and the World.

The New Modern Man’s authors love and respect women, but we do not allow them to control our lives nor do we believe they should control society. We believe women and men are happiest and do best for society when they adhere to traditional gender roles that have been forged by societies across the world for thousands of generations. We believe family is the building block of civilization and without family man returns, over time, to an animalistic state.

Until the pendulum swings back and traditionalism returns, the awakened man is encouraged to live life in his own self-interest.

We discuss many topics here at The New Modern Man, everything from science to philosophy to feminism and we do it in a politically incorrect, Realtalk way. As Thomas Paine put it:

He who dares not offend cannot be honest.

Much of our writing is based on Spengler’s epic Civilization Model, as well as the scientific breakthroughs of anthropologist J.D. Unwin and psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. Another aspect of our mission is teaching men the principles of minimalism and sound financial decision making. Since money buys freedom, proper money management skills are essential to developing a fully Red Pill lifestyle.

We also encourage men to live their best lives without regard to what women or a system that caters to gynocentrism demands of them.

Welcome aboard. Feel free to post comments, share articles with other men who you think can be saved from a Blue Pill life, and see our links section for other awesome web sites about the Red Pill Hypothesis. You can also read more about our mission statement on the About page.


Machiavellian Intelligence: Why Everything in the Blue Pill World is A Lie

Sofia Vergara, Bruce Rosenblum

Telling the masses of men to put women on a pedestal is obviously a blue pill myth, designed to create a nation of supplicating, subservient Beta males. Why would self-described benevolent leadership tell men to do such a thing?

Taking the red pill often leads us to realizations we’d rather not have to face as awakened men continuing our journey down the rabbit hole of reality. Rather than running away from those unpleasant truths about women and the world, we face them. This is the essence of science and masculinity—openness to new ideas and ruthless scrutiny of old ideas, leaving emotional considerations aside.

The older I get and more truth-seeking I do, and I suspect many ROK readers will agree, the more I find everything we are told to believe and told to be believe in by society and the power structure is a lie. Especially if it comes from the government, the edumacation system, or Establishment media. After all, we have government selling people slavery to protect them, the edumacation system teaching people how to be obedient and follow orders rather than how to think critically, and the Establishment media deceiving the masses with corporate-government propaganda for over 50 years.

Generally, the lies we hear on a day in and day out basis are designed to maintain control over the populace (the necessary illusions detailed by Reinhold Niebuhr) and to keep money moving around at a sufficient enough rate to keep the economy moving.

But, why is everything necessarily a lie? Enter the concept of Machiavellian intelligence. This concept goes to the very heart of the organization of human society.

In cognitive science and evolutionary psychology, Machiavellian intelligence (also known as political intelligence or social intelligence) is the capacity of an entity to be in a successful political engagement with social groups.

The concept sounds benign enough on the surface. But far from it, Machiavellian intelligence explains why the masses have been conditioned to love their own slavery, to defend the shepherds who enslave them, and now in the 21st century to hate Marxism while embracing Cultural Marxism—i.e. the gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a Communist Utopia.

This benefits the Establishment and elite, of course, to the detriment of the well-being and happiness of the masses. The elite don’t come out and tell the masses what their plans are for them or elucidate how much of their humanity has already been stripped of them. They provide illusions and myths to keep the “commoners” on course.

Also known as Machiavellianism, it is the art of manipulation in which others are socially manipulated in a way that benefits the user.

Or, put in a more RealTalk sort of way:

Machiavellian intelligence is a component of human intelligence thought to be rooted in the Darwinian selection value of using cunning, cooperation, and deceit to manipulate others.

At every level of society, one will find cunning, coerced cooperation, and deceit manipulating those who have not awakened to the horrors of the system being used to exploit them. We see cunning and deceit all around us, whether it be Hollyweird actresses playing the victim card to regain lost notoriety or politicians using these concepts to maintain their power and authority.


The Deceiver Or The Deceived

What the concept of Machiavellian Intelligence boils down to is the fact humans have evolved to fall into one of two classes: the deceiver or the person being deceived. As explained in the excellent essay Machiavellian Intelligence: The Macro-Evolutionary Influence:

Humans did not learn to be manipulative of one another at a particular point in history; instead, they have always been that way, even before the transition from apes to a society of hunting and gathering.

The bottom line is it was easier to lie to competing tribes and convince them there were no food or other resources on a particular tract of land than it was to spill blood defending those resources. Call it an adaptation that decreased violence but led to the creation of a blue pill class in human societies.

If humans were not innately manipulative, they would have evolved to be completely reliant on physical strength; yet, that is not the micro-evolutionary path humans took. Physical dominance was not the only indication of leadership and power.

This adaptation also explains why weakling liars (i.e. Obama) often end up in positions of power rather than dominant Alpha males.

Leadership also depended on coalitions and acquiescence by those who are being dominated. In the case of the chimps, it was not always the most physically fit chimp who was the Alpha male; rather, it was the best deceiver of the group. In hunter-gatherer societies, this political rule of nature allowed non-dominant individuals to operate against the dominant by forming groups to oust the leader.

The translation goes like this. The best liar and deceiver often ends up at the highest level of business or government, not the strongest and definitely not the most honest man. Even two thousand years ago Aristotle knew all politics were based on the ability to deceive. This is true whether in petty office politics or politics on the national stage.

Machiavellian intelligence is evolutionary baggage hardwired into our species. It allows a small cabal of ruthless liars to maintain control over billions by selling them on fantasies most of them will never truly realize – like the “misplaced” American Dream.

This is why the Red Pill, truth-seeking men of the manosphere will always be marginalized and demonized by the Establishment. We are cutting into their game by telling the truth.

Equally important, but perhaps a topic for a separate article, human females are natural masters at Machiavellian intelligence. In other words, bitches gonna lie and deceive. It’s what they do – even more so than the males of our species. Arthur Schopenhauer wrote:

For as lions are furnished with claws and teeth, elephants with tusks, boars with fangs, bulls with horns, and the cuttlefish with its dark, inky fluid, so Nature has provided woman for her protection and defense with the faculty of dissimulation, and all the power which Nature has given to man in the form of bodily strength and reason has been conferred on woman in this form. Hence, dissimulation is innate in woman and almost as characteristic of the very stupid as of the clever. Accordingly, it is as natural for women to dissemble at every opportunity as it is for those animals to turn to their weapons when they are attacked; and they feel in doing so that in a certain measure they are only making use of their rights. Therefore a woman who is perfectly truthful and does not dissemble is perhaps an impossibility. This is why they see through dissimulation in others so easily; therefore it is not advisable to attempt it with them. From the fundamental defect that has been stated, and all that it involves, spring falseness, faithlessness, treachery, ungratefulness, and so on. In a court of justice women are more often found guilty of perjury than men. It is indeed to be generally questioned whether they should be allowed to take an oath at all. From time to time there are repeated cases everywhere of ladies, who want for nothing, secretly pocketing and taking away things from shop counters.

The Winona Ryder shoplifting incident certainly comes to mind with that closing sentence.

Incidentally, this is what makes the truth-telling mission of the manosphere such a noble venture. We are straying from the way humans have done business since the beginning by embarking on a mission to awaken men rather than to deceive them.

Only time will tell if we are able to bring a higher standard to the world by encouraging them to see the nature of the cages and the series of human farms (religious, political, economic) they were born into.

Top 3 Books to Begin Your Journey Outside The Matrix

Image result for the new modern man

Democracy Inc. By Sheldon Wolin The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler Manufacturing Consent by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky

66 thoughts on “What is the Cause of Low Birth Rates?

  1. Absolutely great statistical logic. The longevity of the cathedral project of medieval Europe is astounding. Indeed, without an eye toward eternity man is a befuddled animal.

  2. it is good finding realy i like to appriciate your/s effert but it have some limitation like time for sex and raring children limmit birth rate but you did,t include it.

  3. If you’re suggesting that lower population is caused by NO RELIGION, then I’m all for it. It’s about time that nations stopped having so many babies and start thinking about the fact that all these children make more and more trash in this world and if it continues, there won’t be a world to talk about anyway. So, I herald places like Italy and Japan. But, even though they have very low population gains, don’t worry, the other countries will more than make up the difference in the growth of population in the world.

    • wow you are dense. What about the fact that western nations are also disappearing?
      Western Nations becoming Islamic, and in the case of the US, part of latin America? What will be left when the people who created the west disappear and or are displaced by a hostile culture? What are you thinking? If you want to die, and lower the world population, do it now, don’t drag the rest of us with you!

      • Why does it matter if Western Nations are slowly displaced by Islamic Nations? Islam isn’t any more of less repugnant to me than Christianity.

    • Terry, There really is no such thing as “no religion.” One either has faith that there is an eternal state after this life, OR one has faith that there is nothing after this life. People have developed verious system to explain and govern their lives: Atheism- faith there is not a God, Agnostism- faith there is God but He cares less about what’s happening, Judeo-Christian- God got it started, cares and is working out His plan, Islam- Allah exists, and the current thinking everyone who doesn’t agree with us is an infidel, Secularism- who cares if there’s a God focus on the material now.
      And I have to say, if you are really concerned about the “trash” children generate, be it known that adults generate more. So you can strive to minimize your own trash and go into the recycling business.

      • Karen that is not what Agnosticism is. It means (in the original Greek) “don’t know” as in we admit we have no idea what or how the world came about. That is absolutely not a religion and therefore your comment that there is really no such thing as “no religion” is obviously incorrect. I am also pretty sure that Terry didn’t mean the trash children make to solely include chidlren, but all people.

        Whitelocust: who cares which religion takes over in the grand scheme of things? We’ll be dead and gone. And as an agnostic – I don’t really like any religions but my opinion is not going to prevent them from being formed and carrying on. I agree with Terry, people just make trash, no matter what race or religion.

        I like living being educated and having choices. If continuing the human race means women being forced to have children – then I have no problems saying bye bye to humanity.

      • Karen that is not what Agnosticism is. It means (in the original Greek) “don’t know” as in we admit we have no idea what or how the world came about. That is absolutely not a religion and therefore your comment that there is really no such thing as “no religion” is obviously incorrect. I am also pretty sure that Terry didn’t mean the trash children make to solely include children, but all people.

    • Terry, atheism/humanism/communism/socialism has contributed during the 20th century to lower&lower birth-rates in the west. Secular people have small numbers or no children at all. Femenist in which many are secular dont have many or no children. The only white people that are having large numbers of children are Christian religious like the Quiverful-movement, but they are a small number, and their numbers at least for now are not off-setting the drastic drop of white population throughout the world. Hedonism is another factor, I myself heard white people say that kids interfere with our freedom. Most of the ones I knew were non-religious, secular left leaning, and this goes back 40 years ago.

    • Please Terry do us all a favour and kill yourself thereby only leaving the TRASH of YOUR body to pollute this planet ! Those of your mentality should not breed !

    • You are correct but let me add more. The number one reason why the developed world is having low birth rates is simply economic. The cost of living is going up and the salaries are not catching up. There are more educated people in Europe and North America than 100 to 500 years ago. And they realize that they cannot afford to have more than one child. They do not want to bring a child into this world when there is no feasible future. It will not pay to be poor or have large families in 50 years or more especially for Muslim families. So atheism has nothing to do with it. Plus, marriage and parenthood is not for everybody. Also, the world is overpopulated and we need a human way to reduce the population to a controllable level – say at a conservative level of 2 billion. We just do not need so many people on this planet. If we do not do anything then nature will reduce the population to a near zero level in the most horrible way. So we are on the right track. Do not worry the developed world because they will not go extinct.

    • You should study the situation and the available information before you make a fool out of yourself and write things like you did.

  4. Unfortunately we live in the ME generation and having kids in the western world is considered a burden. Feminism has won the battle, women actually believe they can be men.

    I am surprised by Scandinavian countries and Europe having a low birth rate. Maybe life there is not so great after all.

    • You are right some women dont want kids I did want and I was fertile I met my first husband who was infertile(low sperm mobility) and he didnt want to adopt and I also met other men who didnt want kids how unfair life is. I love kids. I met my husband at 41 and I had a stillborn baby and after that I couldnt have another. I wanted babies at 23 or 25 but the men I met didnt want marriage Nobody says that they have been unlucky in love so no children are produced. they prefer to say other things or they never mention male infertility or male non commitment.

    • Uhhh chris – we don’t believe we ‘are men’ but we are pretty darn sure we are human beings and that we have the right to free choice and control over out own bodies. Ok with you? I guess not. Keep trying to control women – the smart ones will laugh at you.

  5. The way I see it as the white European population decreases&decreases in the west , so goes the west-(down the drain). These muslim&blacks,asians,ect will not keep up what has been the first world or west. Just looking at the islamic muslim situation alone, they will bring the whole west back down to a seventh century way of living. The black situation will eventually bring the powerty, violence, crime&corruption of sub-saharian Africa mainstream in the west when their numbers get to be a large minority let alone bigger. I see a decrease in science, medicine&invention in the west as the white population dwindles. Sorry the non-white population will not bring forth the same advances of the white west. Modernization will eventually slow down, stop, and then goe backwards.Eventually these muslims, blacks, asians,humanist/atheist/communist/socialist, non-white latins, mixed-race people will “Balkanize”, fighting each other bringing society down more&more probably totally destroying each other like 94 Rwanda. The west without white people will decend into the third, then to the forth world.

    • Im one of those you think “will not bring forth the same advances of the white west”, well I can tell you that the Romans think about your barbarians ancestors the same way you think about us …

      • You do realize that the Roman Empire fell because of decline in morality, ethics and values, high unemployment, high taxes, overspending on public/welfare programs, failing economy, influx of cheap and slave labor and natural disasters among other factors. Sound familiar? That’s what is going on today.

      • You can not fix your own country so you will come and ruin mine ? Thanks ! The reason whites have built the greatest civilisations the world has ever known are because they are the REAL Israelites of the Bible ! The reason the Jews and their helpers ( traitors and other races ) are destroying white countries is punishment from God for not following his laws ! You think I am wrong ? Then tell me why ONLY white country”s are being invaded by the other races ! Think about it people !

    • Ronnie Safreed – I am partly non-white and I agree with you. TROPICAL PEOPLE are unable to Maintain and Build upon what the White Western World has created. Almost ALL the Tech/Scientific progress was done by Whites. The Elites want a Latin America type of State, with a fractured (non-homogenous) society!

      • Its mainly in the genes. Just look at Non-White areas in the West, 90% are crap holes and dirty/poverty ridden. In the long run the folks pushing this WILL not benefit from all this “diversity” – Diversity is chaos. We need Unity and Cohesion.

  6. I don’t care how religious the society is. As long as there is social security, there will be no kids as some people decide to not have kids.
    I don’t care how secular the society is. If there is no social security, they will be forced to have kids. Or else they can look forward to a nasty life as elderly people. Since kids are their social security and medicare, they will take utmost care in instilling in their kids the same values that are so imprtant for civilization to endure. After all, it is kids with such values that will take care of their parents would they not? also you need to take care of your own parents as an example to your own kids. Thus civilization endures, secularism or religion to the contrary.

    People have kids for survival, period! stop trying to bring in religious arguments.

    • DoesNotMatter I guess that you are a skeptic of some type, agnostic/atheist/humanist. If Judeo-Christianity were stronger in the west as it once was, the birth-rates would be higher, and be replacing the whites that were dying out. A Christian revival in the white population in the west will be the only thing to save the white man from extinction.Of coarse you will most probably not accept this statement.BTW before social security, it was the sibblings who took care of their parents.

      • no Christianity is the problem, the foundation of the egalitarian system which now floods our collective nations was born from this accursed religion. no we need a new civilization which will protect its people and acknowledge the natural differences of the various human tribes which inhabit this planet. We must support a separation of tribes, linguistic, population, economic, militarily, scientifically, total separation. by this we will promote true diversity, and allow each tribe to develop on its own, to its full potential.

    • I agree. Your point also dovetails into homosexuality. I’ll never know for sure, but when people say they “just know” that they are attracted to the same sex, I belive they are being honest, because I “just know” I’m attracted to the opposite sex and I also “just know” that I’m not attracted to the same sex. If I “just know,” I must therefore conclude that gay people also “just know.” Having said that, being gay means no children. I’ve heard gay people wonder “who will take care of me when I am old?” Therefore gay people have a strong incentive to advocate a socialized welfare state to take care of them. In practice, this means you and I pay for their retirement in lieu of the children they didn’t have. Hence the religious discouragement of homosexuality and advocacy of marriage and children. I’m not religious by any stretch of the imagination, but religion is dead-on-balls right when it comes to elevating parenthood to a moral obligation. It’s nobody else’s obligation but your own to bring into this world the means by which you will be cared for when you are too old and weak to care for yourself. I have no obligation to care for anybody other than my forebearers.

      • You’ve never volunteered for meals on wheels. Elderly people, trapped in their homes with children who doesn’t visit and don’t take care of them. Having children has jack to do with them taking care of you. And even if it did, I disagree with having children for the purpose of someone to take care of you in old age on principle. You should only have children if you actually want to have them.

    • I didn’t have children for them to take care of me and neither did my parents. That’s what retirement savings are for. Old Age Security is a back up plan. Check out a few old folks homes, or volunteer for Meals on Wheels or spend some time in a dr’s office weekdays and check out some of these elderly who have children that don’t care. You don’t have children to hold them emotional hostage to take care of you some day.

  7. Whitelocust there is another aspect of religion in the Bible, that is older than either Judaism or Christianity. It is referred to as General Revelation or a folk religion of General Revelation. This religion excisted in various cultures into the 19th even 20th century. First in the Bible, this was the religion before Abraham, going back to Adam. Job in the book of Job was neither a Jew or Christian but had this aspect. In the book of Acts, there is mentioned the devout men in which Corneilius was one&God anwsered his prayer. In Burma-(Myammar) there are a people, the Karen who had this religion until a little less than 200 years ago, today many are protestant christians.In Ethiopia, there are a people, the Geddeo who had this religion until 1948. It was like a watered down version of Judaism being monothestic, having no images or idols,beleiving in the shedding of blood for the remission of sins&their leasders acting like the high priest in Judaism, offering an animal sacrifice for the remission of sins.The Karen in Burma had one of the most pure aspects of this religion. Whitelocust this was in all cultures at one-time and all other religions are a falling away from this General Revelation The more origional pure General Revelation in a culture, a more positive responce to the Gospel by missionaries. The lesser, a rejecting to the Gospel of Christ. These Karen in Burma were literally looking for the Bible&when they first saw the Bible, they very positively accepted the Gospel. While the Burmese were mostly Bhuddist, they were not that acceptive to the Christianity being presented to them back in that time. From my study cultures that have had a lot of religion changes over the centuries, this has resulted in a lesser conversion rate to Christianity..

  8. A site I ran in to makes more sense, then any christian book I have ever read, the church of the eternal creator, whose main focus is on race, protecting the white race, the creators of white civilization from non white culture. Where Race becomes the new religion, and the focus of balancing and controlling the non white cultures.

    • Fascism is a religion now? Just face it, you are albino mutant recessives. Color + white = color. If the Creator wanted you to survive beyond this aberrant, artificial lab creation you call white supremacy he would have made your genes dominant for skin color. Yet HE didn’t. White supremacy is a way to prop up and keep your race going, I get that. The irony is that while you seek to ‘control’ & exterminate non-white cutures, you are dying out without a shot fired. Karma.

  9. all of this makes me sad. I’m actually of mixed race, though I look white. However, I like diversity in the world, and if it were the other way around, and white people were out breeding the other races while also moving into their countries and out breeding them there, then I would still feel sad, just that the tables would be turned. I hope that there will always be large amounts of each race in this world, because the races are beautiful,,,, it is just troubling to think of a world where the white population in a few generations will be almost nothing compared to the other populations,,,, that is, if these trends continue. Oh well

    • These trends cannot continue, because its the white populations that maintain civilization, every where we are moved our or exterminated, those places slowly return to what they once were. Non whites (except Asians) cannot maintain advanced civilization for very long, they do not have the “knowledge base,” as someone once said.

      • Lol…you really do need to stay off stormfront and crack a book. Or even google something. What was Egypt & Moorish Spain? Give me a break. If you are as superior as you like to believe, then you should have no problem making white skin dominant as opposed to what GOD made it–genetically recessive.

  10. White people are such ARROGANT f-cks. Like we need them to survive. Advanced civilizations my azz. If white people are so “advanced” then why can’t they get their low birth rates up. Whites have been talking about creating a “master race” for the past 80 years and where is that master race.

    Whites are simply arrogant, delusional creatures on a major ego trip. The only thing they are superior at is destruction of the planet and they do a d-mn good job at that!

      • Never as much as you apparently fear us. We see thru that bs. Major overcompensation & a God-complex to boot. People of color make up over 90% of the earth’s inhabitants. If God wanted it to be another way, HE would have made white skin genetically dominant. HE apparently did not. Black people can create all colors, including white. White can only replicate itself. So much for being superior. Btw, if you want to see where you really come from, check out the Bhatti Tribe in Pakistan & their albinos. Curiously they look just like Europeans.

    • Arrogant and delusional? Look at the long list of financial, scientific, medical, artistic accomplishments attributed to whites. People are living longer because of white scientific advances. The richest and most successful people of color tend to live in white societies. It is whites who are doing what they can to save the planets. Also, if you look at non-white societies, there have been far more genocides caused by non-white warlords (especially in Africa). Face reality already, you are the one who is arrogant and delusional.

  11. To be honest, I don’t know why white folks sell themselves out(stupidity).
    First to the native indians(white folks are slave to them so to live on the “their land”), then open border to the immigrants while providing tax funded abortions. I don’t know how it was back then, but I know white folk are disloyal to their race, and they will deny it to kingdom come. As far as I know I don’t think other races to that to themselves. I’m white, I just don’t understand how this came about, but I feel like I’ve been betrayed.

    • When you look at the history of Native Americans/American Indians as well as Africa and Asia, you will see that there was a lot of oppression and slavery in these societies (and still is in many cases); yet, everyone focuses on white oppression. Too many believe that whites should feel guilty and provide “reparations.” Well, white people created affluent, democratic societies laden with opportunities for all. That constitutes reparations. Why doesn’t anyone demand that the Native Americans/American Indians, Africans and Asians provide reparations for their past and current oppressive practices?

  12. I guess the solution is for white smart men mate with white smart women, and the stupid white male will eventually become extinct you know the ones that support tax funded abortions.

  13. A simple question: what do you plan on doing about it?

    Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik actually proposed a solution. To boost Norwegian fertility rates, true Norwegians should be rounded up and put in “breeding reservations”. I’d just call it a government run rape camp, but that’s just me.

    I’m a 25-year-old male, and I’m childfree. I had my vasectomy last year. Short of Breivik’s solution, what do you propose to convince me to have kids. I’ll save you some breath. You can’t.

  14. hello, i would love to tell you about how i got pregnant and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, it all happened through a tradomedicaldoctor from malaysia.. he made some portions for me, said some incantations and spell , then told me to make passionate love to my spouse on a particular date, i did and weeks later, i was doing pregnancy tests.. POSITIVE… Thanks to him. check malaysiafertilitydoctor.webs.com or mail him on doctorfertilitymalaysia yahoo.com… GodBless

  15. Wow… this sounds like a race war… did anyone stop to think about the fact that the world population in general could use a slim down? We’re crowding the planet as it is… destroying natural landscapes and endangering countless species. Quite frankly, keep your paws off my uterus. I’ll reproduce when I wish. Even though I technically make far more money than someone in a developing country, I can barely take care of myself… I make more but I have to spend more as well since that’s the nature of the economical system I live in. I grew up quite poor, if I do manage to have children, I’d like them to live in a more stable environment than I did.

  16. By the way… here in the USA we refer to this rather large group of people who are aging, retiring, and eventually dying off as the “Baby Boomers”. You see there was this event called World World II, and after that, when the soldiers came home, lots and lots and lots of babies were born. I’m pretty certain the same thing happened in Europe as well. The population we are seeing dying off right now were the product of this “birth boom” due to such a deeply catastrophic event in human history. While the birth rates do seem a bit low, we should maybe think about what they are low in comparison to… pre-baby boom numbers or the currently aging baby boom population? I would wonder how much lower we may be in comparison to before either of the World Wars…

  17. Wow. There are a lot of people on here with some clearly open racist views who don’t seem to have any shame.

    Almost feels like Christian extremism if there is such a thing.

    I’ve never seen or heard of Christians who are so narrow minded and pushy with their views. Seems lot a lot of anger built up somewhere.

    If people don’t want large numbers of children and wish to live a different way of life then let them. As long as they strive to be good people that is all that matters.

    Population decline won’t be an issue anytime soon. Numbers will decline over time, equilibrium will follow and the cycle will repeat itself.

    Anyway, people believe in a god then surely this is all part of his plan so what’s with all the insults and defensiveness…

  18. Do you suppose that as religious families have more children than secular families, our population demographics may swing toward religion becoming popular again? Or could the children born to religious families secularize themselves?

  19. All of this declining population talk is a means to try to subjugate women, get them out of schools and the workforce and reduce them to sex slaves. All this white-pride chatter when the only purpose is to enslave white women.

  20. Pingback: What Is A Survivalist Micro Enterprise | survival guide

  21. i urge all the european coutrie goverments and north american countries specailly america and cannada goverments to stop immigiration from africa asia and middle east as immigiration or other wise the whites will become miniority and they will get a similar treatment as there community men are getting in many african countries
    so wake up white people and produce more babies

  22. I love your logic. It’s refreshing. But I have one contention. You suggest the inevitable result of the recognition of death, our mortality, and the change in our sense of time is a depressive torpor. I would argue, that such a state is only temporary and is the result of the individual being requested to carry a societal and moral weight that is out of proportion to his strength as an individual – a weight which previously was only maintained by the delicate balance of punishment and reinforcement that has since been upset by recent changes in civilization: death of religion, feminism, secularism, nanny state, etc.

    Once the individual casts of societal baggage, which appears to inevitable as the scar created by mentioned recent changes prevent reinstating the previous equilibrium, their will be a radical shift in the activity of society. But society itself will survive. Albeit changed and in a new form.

  23. Low birth rates as such re not necessarily a problem. large populations create pollution and crowding, greater density in cities, smog and so on.

    The countries with high birth rates are those that can least afford to have them. If low birth rates were universal it would be a good thing fr the world. We are seeing Brazilian rain forests disappear and many mammal secies facing extinction because of the demand for resources that thei habitats are sitting on. Encouragement should be given for birth control programs in the Third World as the population growth in those countries keeps living standards down. It is vicious circle as lower birth rates are associated with greater affluence. The planet would benefit from a population reduction to a quarter of its existing population.

    The Western countries problem is that low birth rates are contrasted with high birth rates in the Third World which leads to calls for more immigration from those areas and a threat to the existing culture and way of life.

  24. You are correct but let me add more. The number one reason why the developed world is having low birth rates is simply economic. The cost of living is going up and the salaries are not catching up. There are more educated people in Europe and North America than 100 to 500 years ago. And they realize that they cannot afford to have more than one child. They do not want to bring a child into this world when there is no feasible future. It will not pay to be poor or have large families in 50 years or more especially for Muslim families. So atheism has nothing to do with it. Plus, marriage and parenthood is not for everybody. Also, the world is overpopulated and we need a human way to reduce the population to a controllable level – say at a conservative level of 2 billion. We just do not need so many people on this planet. If we do not do anything then nature will reduce the population to a near zero level in the most horrible way. So we are on the right track. Do not worry the developed world because they will not go extinct.

  25. When l graduated from university in 1998, the fertility rate was 1.7 and has been falling steadily since. One of the reasons is that there is no encouragement for families to reproduce. Add to that, the economic stability of Canada, and regardless of many people would like to believe, is not great. And it doesn’t help that many people in Canada feel there is no future…………..

  26. What is ironic though, is that such hedonistic attitudes result in significantly less happiness when compared to more traditional people of a similar age and socioeconomic status

  27. Believe it or not. Low birth rate is consequence of hate. Races that hate or that use fear to control others, usually suffer from low birth rates. Like my from Mexico says,”More babies, more love.” If you work, build, and make love, you find no time to hate skin color or religion. Some people spend their day writing hate filled rhetoric instead of loving. Sad.

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