The Reports Are In: AI and Robots Will Significantly Threaten Jobs in 5 Years

In Brief

A report suggests people only have five years before automation and AI threaten jobs and force them to learn new skills for the workforce. The firm PwC surveyed 10,000 people from around the world, revealing people are concerned about automation, but they’re also willing to learn.

The Robots Are Coming to Threaten Jobs

A study from Redwood Software and Sapio Research released October 4th revealed that IT leaders believe automation could impact 60% of businesses by 2022 and threaten jobs in the process. Now, a new, separate report from PwC, the second biggest professional services firm worldwide, suggests a similar timeline; one in which people may need to practice and learn new skills — or be left behind as automation takes over.

The report, titled Workforce of the Future, surveyed 10,000 people across China, India, Germany, the UK, and the U.S. to “better understand the future of work.” Of those, nearly 37% think artificial intelligence and robotics will put their jobs at risk; in 2014, 33% had a similar concern.

A startling scenario the report envisions for the future is one in which “typical” jobs — jobs people can steadily advance in through promotions — no longer exist, prompting the aforementioned move to develop new skills. Speaking with CNBC, PwC principal and U.S. people and organization co-leader Jeff Hesse says automation is already forcing people out, though it’s not consistent across every field.

“It varies a bit by industry,” explains Hesse, “but over the next five years we’re going to see the need for workers to change their skills at an accelerating pace.” If the report’s results are anything to go by, people are ready for change: 74% expressed a willingness to “learn new skills or completely retrain in order to remain employable in the future.”

As of March 2017, PwC reports about 38% of U.S. jobs are at risk of being affected by automation by the early 2030s, with Germany closely behind at 35%; the UK at 30%; and Japan at 21%.

Required Skills and Alternative Incomes

Last year, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates said there were three skills people would need to survive in a job market that continues to embrace technology: science, engineering and economics. They don’t need to be experts, but they need to understand what people in each field are capable of. In the case of robotics, those with knowledge about managing automatic software programs will be highly sought after. Hesse also suggests people research which skills their fields will be in need of.

You can’t talk about the rise of robotics and automation without asking about those unable to adjust or unwilling to learn a new skill. 56% of the people PwC surveyed think governments should take any steps necessary to protect jobs, presumably so people without technical prowess can continue to work and earn an income.

Universal Basic Income: UBI Pilot Programs Around the World
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Of course, the concept of a universal basic income has also been suggested as a possible step to offset automation’s potential to threaten jobs. The idea has been gaining a lot of support and is being talked about more, though there are still many who think there are better options. Gates, for example, believes the idea could work, but the world doesn’t have the means to pull it off just yet. Former Vice President Joe Biden believes a future that makes jobs and hard work a priority is better for everyone.

“While I appreciate concerns from Silicon Valley executives about what their innovations may do to American incomes, I believe they’re selling American workers short,” said Biden. “All of us together can make choices to shape a better future. Our workers, our businesses, our communities, and our nation deserves nothing less.”

Automation is happening more slowly than expected, but it’s a clear, impending challenge that needs to be prepared for. Whether the answer is a cash payment from governments, better job training, or other solutions, a decision needs to be made before we’re scrambling for short-term solutions.

Retards: 70% of Americans are Unaware Robots are Going to Take Their Jobs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2017

A staggering 70% of Americans are so uninformed and terminally stupid that they are unaware that robots are going to revolutionize the entire economy and take most of their jobs.

I have no idea who these retards are, but I am shocked to learn of their existence.

If I had to guess, they are minorities and women, who are the two stupidest groups in America.

And those numbers add up: whites are about 60% of the US population, and half of those are men.

As if we needed more reasons, this study alone is reason enough to completely remove all nonwhites from the country and relegate white women to the kitchen forever.


Most Americans fear robots taking jobs in industries such as construction and software development, but almost no-one seems to think their job is under threat.

That’s according to the latest survey from Pew Research, the non-partisan US think tank, that found almost a third of more than 4,000 respondents were unconcerned by the rise of automation, with 72 percent taking a more negative view.

Amazingly, only 30 percent of those surveyed believe their jobs are in jeopardy from the apparently relentless rise of the machines.

“Workers in certain industries (such as hospitality and service, or retail) are more likely to view their jobs as being at risk compared with those in others (such as education),” the report read.

“But across a range of occupations, majorities of workers anticipate that their jobs or professions will not be impacted by automation to a significant degree.”

The survey also revealed that 67 percent of people are worried about algorithms that can make hiring decisions without the involvement of a human supervisor.

There is, too, an even split between those who welcome self-driving cars and those who don’t.

The Pew poll comes amid a period of intense focus on the future of the jobs market in the US and around the world.

In August, research into machine learning revealed that programs are mimicking society’s inequality by discriminating against women and ethnic minorities.

And that right there is the best part of all of this.

“Equality” is nonscientific, based not simply on a misinterpretation of statistics, but an outright rejection of the concept of statistics.

“Everyone is an individual, therefore patterns of behavior cannot exist.”

You tell that to a machine and it is going to say “lolwut.”

Trying to program a false Jewish reality into an AI is probably completely impossible.

At least, Jews are trying very hard to do it, and it appears to be impossible.


Artificial intelligence programs designed to assess candidates for university places and bank loans may be inherently racist and sexist, according to technology experts.

Researchers believe that machine-learning algorithms, far from making the world more equitable, are now mimicking society’s inequality by discriminating against women and ethnic minorities.

“This is beginning to come up a lot in areas like shortlisting people for jobs, insurance, loans – all those things,” Noel Sharkey, Co-Director of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, told the BBC’s Today program.

Sharkey cited the example of research from Boston University in which an AI was trained to read Google News. When asked during a word association game, “man is to computer programmer what woman is to x”, the computer replied “homemaker.”

In order to make this work, you would have to feed huge amounts of false data into the machine, to the point where it would be incapable of distinguishing reality from fantasy, at which point the machine would be useless for anything objective and would be simply an SJW hugbot.

So, if all of the progressive programmers hit the wall trying to design such a creature, I guess everyone’s job is safe.

Except manual laborers.

A self-driving truck or a box-stacking machine doesn’t need to know that negroes are violent, stupid thieves or that human females exist for the sole purpose of perpetuating the species through breeding children and serving men as slaves.

The End Of Women Has Arrived

The End Of Women Has Arrived

MGTOW understand the true nature of feminism, and for this reason, MGTOW are men going their own way. #MGTOW


The Uber For Men Has Arrived –


The firing of James Damore is increasingly starting to look like a bad move for Google. In fact it is starting to look like Gamergate 2.0, where the PC mob kept pushing and pushing until finally there was a massive backlash from gamers and others semi-autistic geeks and nerds that unleashed a firestorm that swept all before it and helped turbo-charge the Alt-Right.
Now, as a response to Damore’s firing and a range of other oppressive moves by politically correct tech corporate whores, a new movement has been born — the heroic Alt-Tech Alliance. As they say in their inaugural announcement:

“The Alt Tech Alliance is a passionate group of brave engineers, product managers, investors and others who are tired of the status quo in the technology industry. We are the defenders of free speech, individual liberty, and truth.”

Rather than Twitter, which is heavily compromised, the new group made its announcement on Gab, the frog-branded Twitter rival that is committed to free speech. The statement calls out the big tech companies for their Orwellian censorship and shines a beacon of freedom, hope, and friendship calling for others to join:

“We are seeking engineers and technology industry workers from around the world who recognize the problems in tech, media, and our culture. We are offering 100 spots in a private invite-only community on Gab to network, share information, and discuss the future of alternative technology platforms that defend the liberties we all love.”

Who says revolutions don’t happen any more? Who says shots that ring round the World are no longer fired? I predict that in the months and years ahead you are going to hear a lot more from the Alt-Tech Alliance, so remember that name, and remember that all mills grind the corn of the Alt-Right.

Read the full statement here or here:

If August 2017 has proven anything, it is that we are in a war to speak freely on the internet. The Alt Tech revolution has begun. There is no more dancing around this subject anymore. Silicon Valley companies are being propped up with billions of dollars from foreign interests. They are extraordinarily hostile to any form of conservatism, populism, and nationalism among other ideologies. Their employees, executives, and their users are all afraid to express themselves for fear of being fired or shamed by a dishonest and dsgusting establishment media oligarchy.

Over half of Google employees polled said that the company should not have fired James Damore for writing a manifesto on the ideological echo chamber that exists within Google. How many of the remaining 50% of the company felt that they could not share their true feelings on the subject out of fear of also being fired?

In the free market of ideas, the best ideas will always win. When those ideas start to rise and challenge the establishment, they have no choice but to silence and censor. They have no choice but to purge any ideology that does not conform to their own echo chamber bubble world. They do not and can not relate to the average middle class family that can barely put food on the table. They care only about three things: money, power, and control. Enough is enough. The time is now for patriots and free thinkers inside and outside of Silicon Valley to organize, communicate in a safe way, and start building.

We are seeking engineers and technology industry workers from around the world who recognize the problems in tech, media, and our culture. We are offering 100 spots in a private invite-only community on Gab to network, share information, and discuss the future of alternative technology platforms that defend the liberties we all love. In time we hope to expand this group and grow, but for now it is of critical importance that each member passes through several layers of extreme vetting to join. We want folks who are builders. We want folks who are brave. We want folks who understand the importance of what is going on.

The Alt Tech Alliance is a passionate group of brave engineers, product managers, investors and others who are tired of the status quo in the technology industry. We are the defenders of free speech, individual liberty, and truth

If that sounds like you, reach out to us on Gab at the Alt Tech Alliance account (@AltTech on Gab) and give the account a follow. Stay tuned for more information and our first round of applications.

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